Speedhunters Live To Hit Australian Shores

Australian fans of Speedhunters, consider this your call to action.

Prepare yourselves to join Dino, Blake and myself as we invade Meguiar’s MotorEx at Melbourne Showgrounds on May 11th and 12th.

Our follow-up to our first successful Speedhunters Live show in Japan last year, will see Australia’s finest cars mix it up in a dedicated Speedhunters zone at Australia’s premier car show.

SpeedhuntersLive_Melbourne_2019_Announcement (1)

MotorEx is not only the largest, but also the most widely respected car show in Australia. The event has had a heavy focus on classic Australian, American muscle and hot rods, but never reached out strongly to the Euro and JDM markets. Until now, that is.


The partnership between MotorEx and Speedhunters is guaranteed to result in one of the most diverse collection of modified cars at one venue. Meguiar’s MotorEx is now complete, making it the ultimate car festival, irrespective of your niche and passion.

Melbourne, and greater Australia, you are invited to bring your own pride and joy to partake in Australia’s first ever Speedhunters event.

We’re looking to showcase a total of 300 vehicles that embody what ‘Speedhunters’ is all about. Irrespective of where your car fits within the automotive spectrum, we’d like to see you at the showgrounds.

Whether it’s JDM, Euro, supercar, track car or race car – not to mention drifters and time attackers –  we want to see them featured across the massive two-day show. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled and selecting our favourite cars for the ‘Top Picks’ awards.

SpeedhuntersLive_Melbourne_2019_Announcement (20)

‘But my car isn’t a typical MotorEx car,’ I hear you say. So what? With the inclusion of Speedhunters Live, all models are welcome to Meguiar’s MotorEx. In true Speedhunters fashion, we’ll be looking for style and attention to detail, and not deciding by make or model. We are looking forward to being impressed.

Expect competitions, car awards, Q&A sessions and we’ve got a couple of surprises to announce as we get closer to the date. Of course, we’ll be using the opportunity to find the next wave of Australian builds for future feature stories.

Enter and purchase your ticket below. Entrants will also receive a limited edition Speedhunters t-shirt, designed to commemorate the occasion. Spectators and Car Entrants CLICK HERE or share THIS LINK with friends!

We will see you soon, Melbourne.

The Speedhunters

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Matthew Everingham



Been waiting forever for this!

Matthew Everingham

Me toooooooo!


Literally saw the title and knew I was going to come, Can't wait!!

Matthew Everingham

See you there!


Will there be AU Falcons?

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

Pretty damn sure they are guaranteed to be there. LOL! XD

Matthew Everingham

Better be at least one.


God bless the Aussies!
The land of the Commodores and Falcons

Matthew Everingham

And also snakes, spiders, cork hats, drop bears and burnouts.


Where can we watch this (if we can)? Like a YouTube link or something

Matthew Everingham

We'll be creating a video (or two) to publish after the event right here on Speedhunters.


Cool! I thought there would be a livestream or something due to the name

Matthew Everingham

I'm sure we'll have a few live stories on Instagram



Is there any requirements/scrutineering before cars are accepted?

I have an Evo 8, built motor, splitter, gram lights and a few other mods but nothing too crazy in terms of wide body, bags etc.

Matthew Everingham

Everyone is invited to enter and submit some info/pics on their car. We'll be manually confirming each entry. Those that don't make it will get an instant refund.

Your Evo sounds good to me. We're not ONLY on the hunt for purely wild builds, modified street is also welcome, too.


Sounds good to me! Gotta keep some sort of regulation to make sure the cars capture the Speedhunters ideals.

Mines definitely a street/track set up. I have a few dress up parts waiting to be painted and installed, do I just list them in the description?

Matthew Everingham

Yep. Mention your name on here to somewhere so we know its you.


Alright sounds like a plan!

So glad Speedhunters is having a proper meet and with 300 cars its HUGE! So so keen!

Matthew Everingham

To be clear, it's 150 cars each day and a two-day event.
Either way, that's a LOT of metal for one Aussie city!


Ohh okay, still a lot of cars for sure!

Last year was my first MotorEx and I loved it! Way bigger than I thought it would be too. My only critique with it would of been that there wasn't enough Jap or Euro cars. This should easily fill that void and then some haha