One Man’s Dream Lancia Delta Integrale HF Evoluzione

What is a dream car?

In simple terms, a dream car is a car that satisfies your want, need and anything you could possibly desire in a car. Sometimes, it’s a little more than that.

You can almost say that there is an aura or a presence that impacts and attracts you to said vehicle, and makes you think that “one day, somehow, I will find a means to have that car.”

For David Ying, that car was the Lancia Delta Integrale HF Evoluzione.

2019 Lancia Delta by JP Mata Leon Speedhunters-02

His love for the car started when he was just a kid growing up in Hong Kong. He would always watch the WRC, and that’s where he first laid eyes on the Delta Integrale.

Like most kids who didn’t have the money to simply go buy their dream car, let alone had a license, he did the next best thing and collected 1/24 scale model cars.

2019 Lancia Delta by JP Mata Leon Speedhunters-14

Fast forward to 2008; David has moved to Canada and has been running his successful race shop, Evo Garage, for about five years.

It was around 2008 when he put his then latest track car on the market; a White Acura RSX Type S which had been previously featured in Honda Tuning Magazine. It was filled with goodies including, but not limited to, a JDM K20 Type R swap, Brembo Monoblock Brakes, Mugen N1 coilovers. The list goes on.

Finally, David parts his car out and is stuck figuring out what to build next. He had been considering building an E36 M3 as his next track car but, it just didn’t feel quite right. After a few months he finds an ad for a 1992 Delta Integrale Evoluzione located in Japan and immediately pounced on it.

2019 Lancia Delta by JP Mata Leon Speedhunters-27

While the car was being shipped over to Canada, David’s next task was to stockpile as many parts as he could for his newly acquired car as Lancia never really ventured worldwide, especially not the ‘Great White North’.

2019 Lancia Delta by JP Mata Leon Speedhunters-16

It required him to search all over Japan, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands to achieve a decent collection of parts. Once the car landed, David got to work bringing the car up to snuff which included rebuilding the engine, upgrading the turbo to a Garrett ball bearing GT2860RS with a custom fabricated exhaust manifold and header back exhaust, upgraded radiator, oil cooler and front mount intercooler.

As far as suspension and wheels, he went with LEDA Coilovers, 17-inch Speedline Montecarlo magnesium wheels as well as upgraded engine mounts and full suspension bushings which he found in the UK. To top it all off, he also added a HKS boost controller, knock monitor and Defi gauges that were all custom fitted.

2019 Lancia Delta by JP Mata Leon Speedhunters-15
2019 Lancia Delta by JP Mata Leon Speedhunters-35

Of course, not all of this came easy.

The Integrale taught David a lesson one summer when he put a little too much boost through it and blew a head gasket. The car was finally put back together and road ready in the summer of 2017.

If David’s story is anything to go by, with enough patience and hard work, you too could own your very own dream car.

Jean-Paul Mata Leon
Instagram: vancouver.jpeg


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This little thing is TOUGH!! Dig THAT! Refreshing to see something a bit different. Take care!


Legend status achieved


someday ill get there, love the article its nice to see a little tidbit from my home country Canada. Much love from the us to my fellow Canadians!


Nice Car


This is like my favourite Lancia
This street build almost looks like a rally racer


I love the Delta Integrale


Why not to search directly in Italy for parts? If you are scared to deal with non English speaking Italians I can help :)


No engine bay pics?


JP, I am so happy to see you and your killer photography here!!! Congratulations on this stellar work!


Ah yes, I remember the Honda Tuning article with the note about how his shop was named after this dream car. I'll have to dig through my issues to revisit that RSX. It's awesome that he was actually able to obtain the dream Evo. Beautiful machine, and the mods look tasteful.


Always loved the way these looked. Drove one once and it was a great disappointment. Maybe it was not a very well looked after example...... anything you touched in the interior just falls off.


Always surprised at how little love the integrale gets compared to other cars on Speedhunters so I'm happy to see this feature. Guess as Americans discover 'grales we'll see more and more.


Would love to have one, just for the choo-choo noises. There is a handfull of small, 4wd vehicles that are scary fun to drive!
Can't compain too much, current daily is a mk3 golf (2.9L vr6 syncro) :)


This spotlight deserves a bonus gallery!


Damn a Delta Evo 2 has been my dream car since i was 16 and i always vowed that i will have one. Problem is that was 20 years ago and i still don't have one :( We are pretty lucky here in Melbourne, Australia as there are quite a few floating about that ive lusted after at car shows. Giallo Evo 2 still has the be my all time fav