The Best Show I’ve Never Been To: Players Select

That’s likely as strange a title as I’ll ever have to write, but let me explain.

I love cars, as I’m certain you do, too. Why would you be here otherwise?

I would, however, consider myself to be more open minded than most when it comes to cars and car culture. I do have my preferences, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate how others approach and present their passion for cars. I also have my dislikes, too, but I tend to not dwell on them. What’s the point? It’s just wasted energy that could otherwise be used for something positive.

As I’ve transitioned this last year from contributor to a more administrative role, it has meant that I don’t get to spend nearly as much time shooting and experiencing car culture in person as I previously would have done. So, just like you, I experience the majority of significant automotive happenings vicariously through the other contributors here on Speedhunters and elsewhere.


For most of us, I think Tokyo Auto Salon and SEMA are two particular highlights of the aftermarket’s calendar year. These two shows, on opposite sides of the Pacific, do generally tend to be a strong representation of the sharp end of current car culture. They’re not the whole picture, by any means, but they are significant events in the Speedhunters world.

As such, they’re very popular. If you’ve ever attended either in person, I’m sure you can attest to how tiring it can be as you shuffle along amidst a seemingly never ending crowd, hoping to at least catch a glimpse of the cars you really want to see. From a photographer’s point of view, these big events are a nightmare to photograph. There are exceptions to this, but in order to frame something nicely or create an interesting perspective that’s more than just a snapshot, you are required to have a level of patience that would send even the Dalai Lama storming out of a room.


This is what makes the CSF X Players Show collaboration so good. There’s no attempt to reinvent the wheel here, they just gather some of the best cars from SEMA and debut them in public for the first time. Simple.

That they have so much room so that the venue doesn’t feel overloaded? It looks like heaven.


This was the second year of Players Select, and also the second time I’ve missed it in person. The only positive I can really take from this is that I didn’t have to share a long haul flight with Ben to get there, but even now I’m starting to wonder if that amount of torture is worth it? Perhaps.

I guess we’ll see in 2019.

Paddy McGrath
Instagram: pmcgphotos
Twitter: pmcgphotos

Photography by Mark Riccioni
Instagram: mark_scenemedia
Twitter: markriccioni



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SICK!! I'll be there next year.


Meh, was boring - most people were standing around not really interacting with the cars just snapping phone pics. I've been to better cars and coffee days.


got. damn. so many beautiful cars there!


This Mark, is a goldmine of wallpapers!


A lot very beautiful cars there. I think I fell in love with the blue paint on the e46 <3. Although there are also a handful of examples showing that money can buy you everything except a good taste


Some nice stuff there red supra and the old merc estate are pretty sweet. Havent much time for the rest. Bolt on arches and bags dont really do it for me


Some of the cars can also be found on LA Auto Show at the moment. But only in the ugly underground room. Which is a bit sad though :/


That white Celica!


First time in a long time I've seen a G37 pop up on Speedhunters, and I didn't expect to see it here - almost outclassed by some top-notch vehicles. That purple Mustang and the Vellfire are quite something.


Wow, I think I was one hideous wide body kit away from throwing up, perfect show for people who buy cars to with the sole intention of running their dynamics with baffling suspension geometry, it was pretty much a fashion show, not impressed, and I bet it was boring as all holy hell, much prefer walking round at a track day and talking about set-up, not sure what you would talk about here, what kind of self tapping screws and silicone did you use to mackle that fibreglass bath tub to your car?


I had a great time and it was great to see some of the SEMA cars get driven on the street. I appreciate cars that are built for shows and cars that are built for the track. 100% it was a fashion show. Honestly, I spent some time talking about supercharged R8s and Hurancans... then getting a passenger ride in said 800hp charged R8. It was a fun day. If you want to see cars that are driven at the Nordschleife, then we'll be bringing you stories from there in the next few weeks. Or you can use the search button.

Siobhan-Elizabeth O'flaherty

Agreed. However, we were proud to be able to supply a team of highly trained silicone retouchers on the day. As temps were so high it was inevitable that there would be some sagging and shrinkage on the more 'bolt-on' vehicles. The team used a semi-rigid but smooth textured gap filler for those awkward gaping panel fits seen on many of the display vehicles.
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Seeing more than ONE UCF20 ls400 on speedhunters is the treat i needed today. Also that E39 M5 is looking miiiiiiiighty fine sitting at that height.

also, a widebody es300? that's something i've never seen done before. interesting. maybe a spotlight on it?


That teal or whatever color Ferrari is bonkers


The M3 CSL Wagon looks incredible! So is the Pandem E30.


Sensory overload.


Glad they figured out the parking this time for the loading bays. All same direction. Good job.

But missing the pic of it.

I like the m4 outside.


Brilliant writing Paddy


Столько секса, годно однако.