Sunday School, Illmotion Style

Near the end of summer, a couple of friends and I embarked on a short road trip from Edmonton to Calgary to check out the annual Illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine.

It was our first time visiting this event, and we were excited to see some of Calgary’s builds. A wide variety of cars were in attendance, from Euros to imports to domestics, and they were done in many different styles. It was nice to be able to see some of the cars that I’d previously only admired on social media.

Equipped with two film cameras, I set out to shoot some of the cars that stood out to me.


Starting off, this lime green G-nose converted Datsun 240Z was a build that I was keen on seeing in person. Recently repainted in its original color, the almost complete build was overflowing with details. The more I looked, the more I discovered. Of course, this was true to many of the cars that were present at the show.

Parked beside it was a Lamborghini Huracán Performante in a similar hue. Who wore it better?


Some purists may wince, but this Porsche 964 C4 and Ferrari F355 were well done in my opinion. They may no longer be the best driver cars, but the style and build quality was all there.


There were also a few very tastefully modified Toyota AE86s, both right-hand drive and left-hand drive examples. One of them even featured an F20C engine swap from a Honda S2000.


Speaking of Hondas, Calgary’s Honda scene was well represented at the Illmotion show, from S2000s to Civics to Integras.


One of my personal favorites was this Spoon-themed DC2 Type R.

This genuine Nismo 400R, which was casually parked amongst the other cars, was also local to Calgary. My inner Nissan fanboy screamed a little.


It’s not a show without Volk Racing TE37s, right? This whole row of Toyota 4Runners was sporting RAYS’ iconic wheel. They aren’t just for show either, these guys go off-roading with their SUVs.

Often the spectator parking lot is just as good as the show itself, and I spotted many interesting cars as they arrived and left, including Calgary’s own RWB Porsche. Some of the cars I wanted to shoot were gone by the time I returned to the lot, but I managed to capture this Suzuki Alto Works and Lancia Delta Integrale, both of which are uncommon here in Canada.


The Illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine was full of quality builds. There were many more cars that I wish I could have captured, but I only had a limited amount of film. I really hope to visit this show again in the future.

Javin Wong
Instagram: jeeeevz


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YES! Nice to see Calgary on Speedhunters! Well done!


Yay for Calgary!!...and YAY for my fender and front end for being in the first pic hahaha!!....Thanks for the picture Javin!!!


Thanks for getting a shot of the alto! Great photos!


Love seeing some western Canada content, those Hondas are fierce!


Great photos man, very good composition and feel to all of them. PS, that lime Z is @lonelydrivercompany on instagram, and if anyone is a Z enthusiast, I'd highly encourage following him. the dude has some seriously epic and rare parts on that g nose build!


I was born in Calgary :DDDD!!!


What a brilliant IATS. I love the film features and the quality of cars I see, just wow. Good work!


For some reason didn't imagine the Calgary scene to be like this lolol lots of quality builds looks like. Really dig the film look too (y)


I love seeing Canadian content. I have always wanted to go to the shows in Calgary and stuff like this makes it seem like a good idea for next year.


Nice one! Shooting it all in film too! *bows*


Every time I think that digital is just the way it has to be, decent film just slaps it around with it's flavor and atmosphere. Lovely work and great looking cars.


403/yyc represent!! Well done all!!


Here's that RWB Porsche


i guess the pic didnt show up


nice 2009 tire paints


That yellow plastic/glass cover for toyota by trd looks great. It need some front view photo of it.


I believe his instagram is 77toycelica if you would like to see more pictures


SPEEDHUNTERS I LOVE THIS WEBSITEEEEEEEEEEE thank you for all your hard work for keeping this going strong i enjoy browsing thru the whole website dont ever change it its veryyyy suiting


This was a great show! Much better location from the max bell arena for the past few years. Great to see this on SH!!


#IAMTHEDOGHUNTER keep it up ;)


hahaha ;)


Thank you everyone for the kind words! Glad to see that my article was enjoyed!


What film did you use?


I used kodak gold 200 on my canon ae1 and fujifilm superia 400 on my konica c35


Great job!

I am in Calgary and will check this out next year!