Priorities & Paganis

My two great passions are photography and cars.

After spending way too much time watching the work of other automotive photographers I started shooting my own stuff; one thing led to another and, well, now I shoot cars for a living. Not bad for a car enthusiast, huh?

But even if shooting cars takes up to 90% of my time, I still very much enjoy going to car shows. Without anyone else telling you how to take the pictures, I feel the freedom that every photographer desperately seeks. Plus, living near Modena and Bologna in Italy, home of the so-called ‘Motor Valley,’ it’s quite easy to find car-related events here and there.

So, what better way to spend a rare free weekend than go to the track and shoot some rare cars.


Every year, Top Gear magazine organizes a few car shows at race tracks in Italy. The latest one was held at Autodromo di Modena, not a particularly famous track, but in Modena even grandmas love fast cars.

I was so pumped to get out to the event; I heard that Horacio Pagani himself was bringing along some cars (and I’m a sucker for Pagani) and Top Gear was also celebrating its anniversary. It was shaping up to be the perfect day.


As soon as I arrived at the track I was welcomed by the sight of two Huayras – a BC and a Roadster – parked in the middle of the lot just outside the pitlane. Along with Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porsches, American classics (why not?), French hatchbacks and even a few Mazda RX-7s, it was an amazing sight.


But something was odd. I had this strange feeling like I was forgetting something really important, like when you’re about to board a plane and you just know that you left something important at home. Never mind, I’ll remember eventually… But more important stuff was going on: the two Paganis had been fired up and they were approaching the track entrance. It was a sound I won’t easily forget.


In the middle of the afternoon the bomb dropped on me – I had completely forgotten I had a date with a girl in the evening, something planned days before. Of course, there was plenty of time to go home, change and meet her. The Huayras were about to enter the track; what petrol-head could resist? Ten more minutes and I would be on my way, right?

Wrong. The hours flew by, I was still shooting pictures with one hand and texting a lame excuse with the other.


Long story short, eventually I felt guilty and the next day I told her the truth. She kindly told me to f**k off. And yes, I’m still single. But hey, I got some sweet pictures of, not one, but two Paganis.

Andrea Panisi
Instagram: andrea_panisi

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Some of the photos look a bit dull or dark. Maybe it's just my phone. But you do seem to have a great eye for where and how to position the camera; there are a lot of beautiful shots in there!


It's kind of a popular style right now, and easy to obtain an interesting effect with DSLRs, to underexpose photos severely by "stopping" them down in camera using exposure settings. This lets you shoot raw and edit in light later. It's especially useful when shooting in very harsh sunlight (like it looks like these were shot in) as you can avoid blowout even in extreme light situations.

I do find his use of clarity interesting. Despite the lifted shadows, he's left clarity high which creates a really interesting (and I think kind of cool) effect on clothing and hair...


Agree. Were you going for some sort of vintage look Andrea? Looks like there was a lot of air pollution.


Thaks for all the positive comments! Yes, the light was VERY harsh that day, and that gave me some dull pictures, so thank God for post-production! About the look I gave to the pictures, I kinda wanted to emulate that feeling of hot and polluted air you see in some 80-90s movies set in LA.


Well in that case (I can definitely understand the harsh lighting), I reckon you did quite well :)


NEVER thought I'd see one Pagani, let alone two, next to a camaro of all things. A second gen at that! Back to Pagani, performance wise amazing, sound amazing, the one thing I love most...the interior design is beautiful.


The Pagani probably costs 30 times what that Camaro does, but is it 30 times better?

Ever notice how car reviews will call a particular car a bargain, no matter how expensive it is?

The 2019 ZR1, for example, starts at just under $120,000, and "it's a bargain."


Because there are other cars out there that cost eight or ten times as much, but they're no faster or agile. So the Vette must be a bargain because of course, there's no such thing as an "overpriced" exotic.

Just once, I'd like to read a review of some new hyper-dollar hyper car where the reviewer ends the test by rolling up next to the factory rep, handing him the keys and disgustedly scowling, "A million five? Really?"


Ur talking all kinds of shit that the people on this site are going to flip out over. No car can be good for a given price point unless it has over fenders or stance bro. what is ackerman or why would you even want it over bumps? I have no idea. I'm so clueless I just read the press release and hope the photos are enough to keep things going.


I'd like to drive the Pagani one time, on a racetrack. I would drive the Camaro every day and did daily one for years. Sadly, the ZR1 may as well be a Pagani as I will never spend that much on a car. For 40k I probably could have built up my camaro to hang with the zr1 on a racetrack.


Amen to that. I'd love to take one around a track, too.

Daniel P Huneault

if she didn't care for your car hobby she's not worth it ;)


The Bible says that when seeking a mate, the faithful should not interact with unbelievers.

That's pretty good advice for car guys, too.


That just sounds incredibly closed-minded. I thought the faithful were supposed to be open, accepting people, all 'judge not lest ye be judged yourself'?


Not that this conversation is at all relevant to Paganis, but the Bible is saying not to interact with unbelievers solely when searching for a mate. This is because once you are married, your mate will be the closest and most influential person in your life. In that case, it only makes sense that that person should have beliefs that align with yours, no? It would be awfully hard to build a lasting marriage or raise a family with somebody who disagrees with your fundamental worldview and way of life. In an everyday setting, you are correct. It does teach to be loving and accepting to all and leave judgement to God.


Pictures look great to me, not dark like others have stated. Maybe a problem with their monitors. Loved the write up, great car to feature. Outstanding work.


Thank you! Much appreciated!

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

"The hours flew by, I was still shooting pictures with one hand and texting a lame excuse with the other."

Car guy priorities. LOL!


Female < Pagani


Except for the ones that're worth it which - statistically - don't exist anyway.


For me, Pagani cars are the perfect example of zero f*cks given design, in the sense of if it makes the car fasterit’s good even if it isn’t that good-looking. In the end, I find them awesome anyway.
Btw, nice to see an Italian like me featured on IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER. Complimenti, bravo!


I believe Dr. Peter Venkman put it best:

"No job is too big! No fee is too big!"




Wow. Just wow. Thank you guys! This was amazing! It is such a honour to be published here on Speedhunters. Thanks again!


man choosing cars over a person, that sucks but I'm with you on that. I'll always choose cars LOL


For one thing, cars don't disappoint you and then act like you're the asshole for getting angry at them.


“I had completely forgotten I had a date with a girl in the evening, something planned days before.” “The Huayras were about to enter the track; what petrol-head could resist?”
And so the awful dilemma; should I shoot the Huayras in color, or the classic simplicity of black and white?


Have to say as much as I love Pagani I am falling out of love with the brand for one reason: they are slow.

Honestly speaking, these cars are porkers when it comes to on track performance compared to their rivals. Huayra was pitifully slow at a shootout on YouTube someone held at a track between a bunch of hyper cars.

Outside they look astounding and inside as well, but the performance just isn't there for the price you pay and that is a major problem to me from a marketing perspective. These pictures are astounding as always despite the lackluster lap times of the star.


I think you chose wisely! Have to say though, in the aerial shot of the two Paganis with the Camaro in the background, it’s really the Camaro that interests me. In Italy! Very cool.


You took pictures of the famous “figa-porcodi...” car. I Rode in it during a parade in Torino. nice pics you took congrats on reaching your dream.


Girls come and go but moments and memories like this last a lifetime. Great shots and even better decision.
Be honest up front and maybe they will be more understanding.


It's amazing just how many exotics look incomplete without a big rear wing.

The Huayra finally looks finished.


Don't forget the front splitter, the standard Huayra looks like its trying to suck up dirt.