Building A Community & An Acura NSX

Welcome to Guam, a territory of the United States, situated four hours from where this story was written – the Philippines.

Guam and the Philippines are very much alike; they both enjoy crystal-clear beaches, barbeque parties, and a close-knit car community. As the connected global car culture is often talked about on Speedhunters, the story of Tom Akigami and his 1991 Acura NSX just seems right.


As the man behind UpShift Ent., Tom has been bringing automotive events to Guam for the past 13 years. They’ve included Cross Five, Battle Showcase, the Proline Drifting Championship, and the Offset Kings and Slammed Society shows – the latter being where I met Tom.


The story of this NSX starts when Tom purchased it from Honda’s Guam dealership back in 2005. As one of around six NA1/NA2s on the island, Tom wasted no time making it his own by changing the wheels, dropping the ride height, and fitting a new exhaust system. This was just the beginning, although it wasn’t an easy process given that aftermarket parts for the NSX don’t exist in Guam. Everything had to be brought in from overseas.


Back in a time when internet auctions weren’t anywhere as big as they are now and social media was in its formative years, Tom took the traditional route and sourced parts through meeting different people within the global community. During a trip to Osaka, Japan for a Cross Five Event, connections were established with the help of Hiroshi Sawada of Art Factory Graphics (AFG). This particular trip introduced Tom to the world of Inoue-san, the man behind Sorcery Design Creation International.


To start the Sorcery wide-body conversion, the NA1’s pop-up headlamps were first face-lifted with 2002 NA2 equivalents. To match the modern update, NSX Type R parts, including taillights, door handles and garnish plates, were also installed. With the 10-piece Sorcery CFRP kit focusing on GT style, Tom changed things up a bit by highlighting the NSX’s timeless design with a sophisticated Do-Luck rear ducktail, while infusing parts from Sorcery’s V2 kit into the V1.


Now on its third set of wheels, the car features one-off, powder-coated matte bronze Seiken NKBs – 18×9.5-inch -19 in the front and 19×12-inch -6 at the rear – with custom polished/liquid bronze coated lips. With the help of Wheel Flip, the set is finished off with gold hardware from SSR. As for the tire spec, Tom’s fitted 225/35R18 Bridgestone Potenza S001s and 295/30R19 Bridgestone Potenza S-04s feature front and rear respectively.


Engine upgrades haven’t been overlooked either. There’s a Taitec straight-pipe exhaust system finished off with a Sorcery GT muffler, plus a range of Science of Speed parts including coolant tanks, catch cans, and valve covers. Tom recently got his hands on a set of Science of Speed ITBs and and a rare NSX Ikeya Formula sequential shifter, so those parts will really solidify the build when they’re added.


The NSX rides on BC Racing coilovers with a retrofitted cup kit from Umbrella Auto Designs in Seattle. Stopping power comes from Endless 6-piston calipers with Endless 2-piece slotted rotors up front, and Endless 4-piston calipers with Endless 2-piece slotted rotors out back.


As Tom wanted the interior to match its full custom Alcantara dashboard, headliner and trims, small details such as the visors are now black thanks to the Acura’s JDM Honda counterpart. The seats are Recaro Pole Positions.


Tom admits that finishing off the NSX was quite a challenge. During the process, the car was simultaneously built together with five different projects, including two Rocket Bunny builds, an LS3 180SX and a Sileighty – all before TRA Kyoto’s global expansion.


With the NSX now reaching a whole new dimension in terms of value and collectability, Tom reflects that the time and effort invested into the car was significantly worth it. Today, with over a decade of ownership, the end goal of bringing enthusiasts together in Guam has been achieved. The car is just a bonus.

Kevin Carlos
Instagram: kevcarlos

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Daniel P Huneault

So much right with this car!!!!


I prefer lesser yellow/gold interior.


Great NSX here folks, way to rep 671!


That interior is absolutely GORGEOUS. One of my favourite discoveries with any modified vehicle is to find that they've treated the place you spend the most time with the same care and consideration as the rest of the car. Just stunning.




So, how do you drive a car like that? Is there no suspension travel? Don't the tires rub on the fender whenever you turn or hit a bump? I'm not hating on it, I really just don't understand.


The article says it has BC coilovers plus an cup kit. This allows for the ride height to be adjusted on the fly, so the owner can hit a button and lift the car to a more easily driveable height. Dino has the KW version of a cup kit (called HLS) on his R34.


Thanks for the info Andy. I have been aware of air suspension systems that use "bags" but had not been aware of the cups. After looking them up, it looks like they must offer a smaller range of adjustment compared to the traditional "bags."


First of all be aware than any criticism of stance or suspension here is going to result in you being flamed.

To answer your question though, it certainly doesn't look like this car has any travel and yes travel is incredibly important despite what the donuts on this site will tell you.

Fenders might not rub, but that is completely independent of suspension travel. Wheel travel is also important. This car isn't anything to gawk at or marvel at. It's a lowered NSX that probably handles pretty poorly on the limit (based on wheel travel and tire choice), but that's not what the speed hunters audience is.

The audience here is more interested in how things look than how they perform, trends over setup and not paying any mind to geometry. Would take those questions and look elsewhere if you want good answers. You won't find many here.


two people got super butt hurt by the truth ^^


I'm probably the only one here who thinks the fixed headlights for the NSX NEVER looked right compared to the good ol' pop ups. This is a car to me, that would never go the fixed routes, and keep it 90s with the popups. It just looks.....great with em.


But don't get me wrong, this is a nicely built car, and I like everything else done to it, but the fixed lights reeeeeeally ain't doing it for me.


honestly just looks like any other rice rocket. nsx is just an ugly vehicle supported by fan boys. just say no to asian cars...


What’s with purple Diablo at the back though?


hands down the cleanest sexiest NSX I have ever seen...... good lord


thats a real beautiful car right there , well done to the man


Best by a country mile that I have seen to date for me. Great work.


Wow nice looking car


The "baddest" NSX I've EVER seen! Just nasty! And I mean that in a "good" way! Yow!