Appreciate The Process; Enjoy The Result

Since I was in high school, I always dreamed of owning an Evo.

It didn’t matter which version, I just told myself that I needed to get one. But I never thought that dream would actually become a reality.


I got Veena, my Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, in 2015. She only had 10 miles on her, and I knew she was destined for great things. I named her Veena after my first performance car named Vee, which was a 2014 Lancer Ralliart. I wanted to continue the name in some way, but it had to be a bit different, simply because it was a new project.


Veena left the Mitsubishi factory painted in Wicked White with every option ticked, although I ended up swapping out the heated leather seats for cloth Recaros. The fact that she was a newer Evo at the time, and hadn’t been played with was important to me.

I really wanted to create something unique; the streets didn’t need another Stormtrooper roaming them.


My inspiration for the car’s current color came from the Evo VIII. Since the Evo X was never offered in yellow, I asked the dealership if they could wrap the vehicle for me, and this is the result.


I’d have to say that my favorite thing about the car is the fact that it’s modified to be unique to my taste. She is my very own personalized ride, but I’m not done yet.

At the top of the windshield is a red banner that reads: Project プロジェクト V. Project V stands for Project Vision. Think of a goal: you set it, do what it takes to reach it, accomplish it, and then move to create a new goal and repeat. To me, a vision is a never-ending goal, something you will continue to strive to better, to create the perfect version of you, the perfect machine, or simply just the perfect version of whatever it is in your eyes.

I have learned a lot with Veena, and I will continue to learn more as time goes on.

To some it may sound a bit lame, but to me Veena is more than just a car, she is more than just a hobby. What I do with her is like my passion, or rather an extension of myself.

People think a car is just a machine that gets you from point A to point B, but the fact is they can be so much more that that. Think of the relationship between two people; you bond with each other by doing various things together, talking together, as well as just being in each other’s company.

To bond with something does not mean that what you bond with needs to be a living, breathing creature. It can be something that you are always with, something that makes you smile, and makes you want to look back every time you walk away. Something that just makes you happy.

My car is one of the biggest things that makes me happy, and that makes me very ambitious.

Robby Pham  
Instagram: veena_evox

Photos by Tim Jarvis
Instagram: photosbytrj


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Absolutely hideous. But enjoy!


ironically, the same thing everyone said to your mother when you were born. :P


Wow dude sickburn bro


Lol, going straight for a personal comment, not even article related, thumbs up to you buddy.

I got to agree with Jerry, not my style. Good job for making your dream and enjoying that, I won't ever hate on that. Just style wise... ehhh.
The video was good though (more car sounds vs song maybe?) Who knows maybe this would grow on me if I looked at it every day?


Pretty much any color, except yellow or green, would have made this project look great. And get rid of the useless wing that does nothing on the street, that just shows the driver is desperate for attention.


I agree that the yellow color is a bit over the top.
But telling him to get rid of his useless wing on the street is the same thing as telling everybody to get rid of their useless sport cars on the street and buy Corollas.
Come on man. I know you love your VANs and SUVs. Just let people enjoy their useless Sport car. They let you enjoy your useless VAN/SUV too in return. hahaha
I am just kidding man LoL


oh come on. since when have yo mumma jokes ever been a serious burn. particularly with a ' :-P ' face after it.
not everything needs to be keyboard warrior material.


But considering this is a international site it is also easy to get misunderstood, that's all.


Looks like a hotwheels (thats a compliment), sounds nice too.


Minneapolis hell ya (Grain Belt!). Solid color choice, diggin the yellow.


rice car man


Man some people have just lost the ability to be cordial.

Clean execution and very clean EVO.

Much respect for the effort put into the car and the enjoyment you got out of it.

Remember this though, as much as we like automobiles and the experience there in of the so called "bonding" experience, they are just a machine and don't ever let it consume all of you. Once it becomes an idol it is time to let it go.


Great looking car. Liking the yellow a lot.


really COOL project man, ignore the negative people.


All that I understand from this article is that this car is named Veena, it's yellow and it's super unique(according to the owner). Pretty useless and uninformative article, but at least pictures are nice.
Thanks for sharing!


I agree. I see an article about a mans dream, a little on his vision... but no meat. Whats been done to the car, what lies under the hood...


I recognize my place of work!