Wider Is Better: TRD’s 3000GT
Finding a Unicorn

The Supra is all we will soon be talking about.

When Toyota puts the new generation car on sale it will have quite the impact on the tuning scene around the world, and I’m sure I’m not the only one eagerly anticipating to see how it will all unfold. Last week we looked at a car designer’s interpretation of what the 21st Century Supra should have been according to him, this week we take things back the other way and look back at a car that possibly was the most visually enticing expression of the JZA80: TRD’s 3000GT.

I came across this car after looking through a small garage in Yokohama filled up with some mouthwatering modern day classics, and there next to a one-owner NA1 NSX-R it sat in all its widened beauty. This was one of only a handful of cars that TRD built in house, transformed visually with the 3000GT conversion.


The idea behind this aesthetic kit was to celebrate Toyota’s success in JGTC and give owners the chance to sport an authentic GT car look on their very own street cars.


This particular car is currently on sale, but before someone out there snaps it up I was given a chance to shoot it in all its glory.


Some may say the JZA80 Supra was probably the last car that needed to be widened, but when it’s done in an official and authentic way through Toyota’s own motorsports division, well, it just makes total sense. The 3000GT kit was conservative, it boosted front and rear width by 50mm by pumping out the car’s natural curves.


As much as this may sound like a contradiction, it’s as much aggressive as it is subtle, especially presented in black as you see here.


The transformation begins up front with the bumper, an all new taller piece with an integrated finned lip spoiler and a far bigger gaping grille to feed more air to the intercooler and radiator behind it. It arcs out on the corners to line up with the wider front fenders giving an already totally different look compared to a stock car.

An optional piece and one we’ve seen countless times fitted on even “narrow body” Supras is the instantly recognizable TRD hood with its four iconic grilled openings. This was a special order piece, one I always assumed was made in carbon fiber but was actually rather thick FRP. Hardly any stock was kept and you’d have to usually wait a good month for it.


The next piece of the puzzle were the wider front fenders.

Again these were made in FRP like the rest of the 3000GT conversion and featured rounded off triangular openings similar to the ones on the bonnet.

Baby got back

To help fill up the generous space now freed up under the wheel arches Toyota had their 18-inch two-piece five-spoke wheels fitted, 9.5-inches wide for the front and 10.5-inches wide for the rears. They could probably do with a bit more width and offset to really give the car the modern day stance it deserves. But then again those were the nineties and a tight wheel fitment wasn’t really much of a priority, especially from the manufacturer’s own tuning arms. Nothing a spacer at each corner wouldn’t fix, though.


I’ll let you in on a little secret. You’ll probably hate me in about three seconds but hey, at least I’m being honest.

I never liked the JZA80. There, I said it. That was my opinion for a good 20 years, up until recently where I’ve actually cultured quite an affliction with the car. I don’t know what it was that didn’t make me like the car initially, maybe that bulbous design, the big headlights, or the plain and uninspiring interior.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate it, I was just more about the Skyline GT-R. I respected its mechanicals, except for the inherent lack of traction its FR layout gave it, but yeah, it just didn’t inspire me. Now, I want one bad, I want to build one up and do silly things with it. A 3000GT would be a true dream as I’m all about the GT look on this car, something I really became aware of when featuring this particular example.


I just love how cleanly TRD executed the rear end too; pumping those arches, no overfenders, no screws nor rivets, all super clean as it should be.

The setting sun over the Tokyo Bay that late summer afternoon really highlighted the car’s newfound rear girth. Just look at those hips.


Part of the conversion was also a set of skirts which tied the front and rear ends together beautifully, even adding larger rear side intakes into the mix for more presence.


The rear bumper was not touched or restyled, it probably didn’t really need to anyways, the kit just flowed nicely all around the car without interruptions.


There were then two types of rear spoilers to choose from; the Type-S you see here and which allows for some adjustments in the rake of the main wing element, and a Type-R which was of a totally different design, was not adjustable but had a centre wing stay.


The latter would have been my choice, it was just absolute nineties and fitted the car so well. The little carbon covers for the wing adjusters are aftermarket and are pretty much the only non-TRD detail on the car’s exterior.


On the handful of cars that TRD built officially, they never touched any of the engines. That was left for the owners to do…

2JZ = fun

Lifting the TRD vented hood it quickly becomes obvious that whoever owned this car originally couldn’t possibly live with a strangled stock 2JZ-GTE.


Who would right? Look closer and you’ll see there’s a TRD chassis plate to warrant the fact that this was 3000GT car number 15 ,officially built at Techno Craft, something collectors froth at the mouth upon seeing.


Stock 2Js have been proven many times around pretty much every corner of the world to be bulletproof up to some really fun power levels.

So this RZ spec Supra was dropped off at a tuning shop, stripped of its sequential turbo set up in favour of a HKS T04Z, along with all the supporting modifications that would allow the mid-sized single to reach its maximum potential. So that means an upgraded fuel system, a pair of hotter cams, a VVTi controller and a HKS F-Con V Pro ECU to control it all.


Taking advantage of the TRD 3000GT’s front air dam, a massive Trust intercooler has been dropped right behind it. The car is set up to run two preset boost settings, a normal 1.4-bar setting which gives a reliable 600hp and a 1.7-bar ‘fun’ setting to scare yourself which throws an additional 100hp into the mix.


Joining the TRD strut tower brace are some select suspension goodies, starting off with Zeal adjustable coilovers at each corner and a six-point roll cage which we’ll see shortly in the cabin.


The drainpipe angled exhaust silencer is a must on any Supra and here it pours out that sweet, unmistakable deep growl that the 2JZ is loved for.

The Perfect Collectable

There’s something so special about looking at a car that you know backs up its looks with adequate power, and here there are 700 horses worth of adequacy.


The bolt-in six-point cage is the first thing you’ll notice when swinging the long and heavy driver’s side door. What you’ll also notice is the fact that it’s totally removable and it hasn’t caused any damage to any interior pieces and nothing had to be cut out to fit it. When I noticed this I let out a deep sigh of relief, as you know what I mean, on special cars like this, the more preserved the car is, the better!

TRD gauges join some auxiliary Trust clocks, something that adds so much ’90s nostalgia inside.


The rest of the cabin, steering wheel included, has been left untouched. Even the seats with their mid-nineties Toyota funky design fabric.


The passenger side airbag cover has been removed and replaced with that looks like a Top Secret carbon instrument cluster, sporting three more gauges from the Trust catalogue.


The car has obviously been cared for, there’s hardly any wear and tear anywhere in the cabin and even the steering wheel and shifter looked practically new, hinting that they were probably removed and replaced with something aftermarket and then refitted when put on the market.


We can safely call this quite the unicorns of JZA80s; the looks, the TRD plaque, the performance, the condition.


It’s a car that will no doubt end up in the hands of someone that is looking for pretty much the perfect collectable Supra.


It’s a car that I’m glad I got the chance to immortalize against one of my favorite shooting locations in Japan.


However I am quite interested to hear about people’s opinions on this car and the TRD aero conversion. I do wonder if others like me have discovered a newfound love for the JZA80 and if so just what is it that makes this car so damn attractive?

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Sorry, but this is miles beyond that RWB crap. This is how you wide body properly. Beautiful car.


They're both cool in their own way. Although I'm partial to OEM style widebodies too. The TRD2000 MR-2 and Impreza 22B also had a similar treatment.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

RWB has a style, Toyota has another


what defines one as "crap" and one as "proper"
one might not be to your taste, but that doesn't make a product inferior.

Bolt on fender flares dates back so many years, as does the stretched styles.
Give it a rest. Kind of sick of hearing all the negative crap.


Two words: english wheel.

Your homework is to come back and tell the class what you learned.


Ok John, done my homework...

strangely after doing homework, there are still bolt on flares in existence and turns out you are just a negative muppet that has his blinders on.

condescending son-of-a-bitch


Well, sorry about that Simon. Sometimes when you do research and you find out something is contrary to what you blurted out in ignorance it can be normal to feel really angry at the person who corrected you.

This is called your ego. It's something we all deal with on a day to day basis and can be a real challenge in life: especially for guys who are into cars.

Call me whatever you like. English wheel is a ludicrously harder principle to master and you're wrong. Have a good one dude!


Here you go!


.....Fuchs. Really? Wow. You're on a whole new level

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Well said Sir


Nice package; more technical details would be enjoyable. Photos look like they’re all instagram posts with the Reyes filter.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

That's as technical as the mods are, stock engine with mid sized turbo and upgraded fuel system. That's as easy as it is to get 600 HP on a 2J


Nicely done factory style,,,,,,bang on trend......a bit F40 from the side....


Most of these shots are PERFECTION... apart the unfortunate plastic subject. I get this supra is rare and serious kudos to previous owners/mechanics/etc that keep these gems real for the future, but please try to retake these pictures with a real JGTC car made “stradale” (we know there are Japaense w the cheddar to pull Glickenhaus antics on JDM stuff). We will download them, and buy prints. Beautiful work... imperfect where it can be, in focus where it should be, and the colors feel solid and ethereal at the same time. Awesome.


You do know that "carbon fiber" parts are actually plastic, too? CFRP, aka Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic is the technical name, a thermoplastic (sometimes thermoset, but that's expensive and rare) epoxy matrixed with carbon fibers for reinforcement. "FRP" in cars is usually fiberglass, or Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic.


This site definitely needs to get some more prints up! This car is totally garage wall worthy, too, haha. Simply gorgeous, and I'm not even that big on Supras.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Cheers David, we are definitely considering doing more with prints, we should have some news on all of this relatively soon! Thanks for the positivity :)

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Thanks man :)


i had no idea this was a option....perfect supra. my jdm dream garage just got a little bigger

Dino Dalle Carbonare

We it was something you got after market from TRD. But then on top of that TRD built something like 30 cars with all the TRD catalogue thrown onto them. This is one of them, and currently up for sale


can you tell me which website this car is up for sale on or post the link to it


This thing has wangan written all over it.

Conservatively styled cars like this age much better than more extreme things like Liberty Walk.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Nah needs about double the HP for proper Wangan action haha


I thought no one raced on the Wangan anymore (smirk).


For many of us, our first exposure to the TRD 3000GT was likely getting a grey one as a prize car for getting all golds on the A License tests in the original Gran Turismo! Even back then it was quickly overshadowed by the Nismo 400R you got for perfecting the International A tests, so my 11 year old self from back then sort of understands what Dino means with holding the Skyline GT-R in a higher regard.
That said, I always loved the shape of the Supra and TRD 3000GT, and it's great to see the real deal in high resolution all these years later. Thanks for the feature, Dino!


There was also a race event that gave either this or a 30th Anniversary Camaro every time you won. That's how I got mine, since I was a terrible driver back then.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

My pleasure. I still can't put my finger on why I exactly started liking the JZA80 so much lately. Might need to scratch that itch soon lol


Cool car and a nice feature, Dino.
I would agree with EVERYTHING you wrote and posted here, especially the comment regarding correct body widening and the entire presentation that TRD pulled off here.
NEVER been a Supra fan and although like all Japanese cars of the 90's Supras look great and play well with the others at car shows and such, I always went Z32 or NSX...but this car changes that assessment. I'd own it in a heartbeat if I could afford it, and like you, find ways to make it my own with NO problem!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Ah don't get me started on the Z32! That's one I've always likes, my love for it as only grown over time. NSX...superb and all that but the craziness with the prices will put anyone off. Except our very own Blake that is :)


Yeah, Mr. Blake definitely has my interest and is a focus of jealousy for me owning my #2 favorite car, and doing well with it so far IMO. Damn things are WELL over 4X the cost of a great condition Z32 around here, and VERY few up for sale to choose from normally, if any.
They say the Z32 is expensive to build and maintain, I'd hate to see what the NSX would do to a bank account when going for a Full Build.

John Krzeminski

3000GT is an odd name to choose for a kit. Looks like every other modded Supra, though.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Well the engine is a 3L and Toyota used to make the 2000GT and this was a kit made to celebrate the car's successes in GT racing.


At first glance at the headline i thought it was an article on a Mitsubishi 3000gt. Then saw a pic of a supra and thought it was an engine swap..


At first glance i thought it was a Mitsubishi 3000GT with a supra body kit. Because that would really make sense..:)


Beautiful light, and very well shot Dino....

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Thanks man! Playing around with some color grading lately


I was under the same impression as you Dino, i have been GTR man since the days of Gran Turismo as a youngster and as i grew older i have had the great opportunity of building and owning a few nice GTR's. Ranging from R32, R33, R34 at various power levels up to 1200hp, but recently a couple of years ago i became a proud owner of a 1998 RZS Toyota Supra with all the supporting mods similar to the car in this article. I was never much of a fan with the curvy supra exterior i much preferred the aggressive styling of the GTR's but it too has grow on me and with the right combination of body parts it to can look just as aggressive. The driving experience is much more daily driver friendly with the more torquey 3L Vvt-i 2JZ mated to the 6 speed Getrag it is very economical on fuel and the ride is nice and comfortable. I am a happy new found Supra owner and will probably keep it for a very long time, but at the end of the day which car would i rather have...... a mint midnight purple R33 GTR preferably a 400R.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Sounds like you built up a superb all rounder! Post some pix!


I currently have a Ridox front bar getting painted and the TE37's getting restored with a fresh coat of white and new sticker kit. Engine is almost complete just needs a set of cams, has HKS T04Z Turbo kit with all the supporting mods making 450hp to the rears on 1.1-1.2Bar of boost. Will be raising the boost soon.


Awesome Supra! Love the Amuse lip.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Clean and functional, the only way! Did you ceramic coat the T04Z?


Ceramic coated Turbine Housing and Exhaust Manifold, Hi Temp Engine Paint on the Compressor Housing


"...plain and uninspiring interior"
Aw Dino! You cut me deep! haha.

The pilot cockpit feel and the 2JZ is Fighter-Jet-Mode engaged! :)

This is a great article and amazing photos as usual.
Also, I found is it's actually really surprising to a lot of Supra fans as it's uncommon knowledge to know that there were official TRD plaque Supra's!

Looking forward, if it's anything the 86's, the Supra's future is looking very exciting. Your nostalgic post here has perfect timing :)

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I mean it with the upmost respect haha I get the whole orientation was towards the driver and all of that, nothing wrong with that, it's just the layout of the instrumentation and the flat plastic surfaces never really make it feel special. There are some nice aftermarket options out there to make it look a little better though


Saying that the hood is "not carbon fiber" but is "FRP" doesn't actually say anything.

What we all usually call "carbon fiber" is really CFRP, Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic. I'm assuming the hood and other parts are Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic, what we usually call "fiberglass", or GFRP.

FRP encompasses many composites, including "carbon fiber" and fiberglass.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I think what we usually call carbon fiber is called dry carbon, at least in Japan. There's no FRP backing to it like on "wet carbon" which is what's usually the cheaper variety of carbon fiber (ie a couple of layers to look good and fiberglass underneath to create the structure. For me carbon is proper pre-preg stuff, molded (usually around a carbon fiber mold), vacuum sealed and cooked under pressure in an autoclave. FYI TRD referred to it's own 3000GT kit as FRP: http://trdparts.jp/english/parts_aero-supra.html


TRD AlumiK's look a lot like Work Equip 5 spokes

Dino Dalle Carbonare

They do a bit yes


So many Gran turismo 2 memories.... i think ill be digging my PS1 out later


I actually have to agree with not really being on the JZA80 bandwagon. I don't dislike the cars at all but I don't really see the infatuation with them either. I've driven 3-4 of them over the years in both modified and stock forms and it just doesn't click for me for some reason.


Absolutely gorgeous. As far as looks I still prefer the angular previous generation. I was an 80s kid, after all. The 80 has always looked bulbous and fat, somehow, though fatter, the TRD kit looks great.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

70s I like too!


I own No.26 , ironically my Birthday was August 26th

Have the car about 12 years

Project Thread

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Very cool we found an owner of these, what was it, 35 cars or something? Thanks for posting the pix and the link to the build thread, that's one clean car you have there and I actually know the shop you got it from in Chiba haha!!


35 is based off the TRD2000GT, I tried to establish the actual number but TRD could not confirm, in Europe there is 4 I know of including mine, white manual car in Sweden, another white manual in Denmark, a navy blue auto in the UK

I get it from Miguel in Newera Imports, I think you know well

I will post up the pics of the others


See below - car # 21


No.8 in Sweden as far as I know


No. 13 Auto in the uk


As you see below i posted # 21 i Denmark


Growing up I was the same: no love for the Supra, all love for the GTR. As I've matured though the Supra has gradually grown on me so that I could no longer choose between the two. Must be an age thing! That Supra however looks seriously good.

Although given the choice of 90's JDM, it'd be an NSX or an FD RX7, draw your own conclusions from that as you will!!!


Can not get over the fact that every time I read 3000GT I'm thinking Mitsubishi. My mind is confused right now.


I do have a TRD 3000 GT car by TRD #21 of 35 - all original!


I do have a TRD 3000 GT build by TRD, car # 21 of 35 build - all original


Hey look! Smooth fenders! What a revelation!


Hey look! Smooth fenders! Amazing, right?


JZA80 in GT300 started out with a 4-cylinder supercharged 2090 cm3 Toyota 4T-GTE. Equipped with a KKK / K27 turbine, electronic injection and double spark ignition.The power generated could vary from 360 to 500 horsepower. The little 4T-GTE must need a rebuild every race weekend , highly strung! First time I came across this info, I always taught they only ran the 3SG