Celebrating The Hachiroku In Hong Kong

Organised by the AE86 Club HK, 86 Day 2018 in Hong Kong also marked the 8th anniversary of the group.

The club members first gathered in a parking area early in the morning for a quick chat and even a monsoon season heatwave couldn’t stop local Hachiroku enthusiasts driving their beloved AE86s, a couple of them even running without A/C.


The group then conveyed to the Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel near the airport where we stopped for brunch.


Similar to the United Kingdom, we had the AE86 Corolla delivered to Hong Kong as a new car back in the ’80s, but now, thanks to the local 20-year-old classic car import policy, we can easily source JDM Hachirokus – Corolla Levins and Sprinter Truenos – directly from the Land of the Rising Sun.


Although values of original AE86s in Japan and other countries are rapidly rising, it’s not stopping Hong Kong owners modifying their cars. The modification style here is heavily based on JDM, as parts can be easily sourced from Japan.


In total, 21 AE86s showed up, the star of the meet this TRD N2-kitted zenki Trueno running a 16-valve 7A-GE (1.8L 7A-FE block with a 4A-GE head) with Weber side-draught carbs.


The Hong Kong ’86 Day 2018 ended with a further drive to a remote location north in the New Territories for photo and video shoot (see above), where we all ended up with brand new club t-shirts and smiles on our faces.

Words & Photos by Derek Fong
Instagram: derek_fong
Hella Rough Facebook: hellaroughhk

Video by Billy Tang
Hella Rough YouTube: Hella Rough


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Daniel P Huneault

i want that cutout!


I've been looking for a car meet or event in Hong Kong this coming September (20th to 30th), does anyone know of any?


Me too. I'll be there then also.


The AE86 got me thinking about guns.

It's common for gun manufacturers to keep a design in production for as long as there's a market for it. Decades, at times. Hell, the 1911 is in its 117th of production and still going strong.

Often, you'll see upgrades of existing weapons that will keep the basic rifle or pistol the same, but add accessory rails or a folding stock.

Sometimes, a manufacturer will even bring back a discontinued gun because enough people said they'd buy one new.

The AE86 is a perfect city car. Small, light, fast, simple, cheap to run, easy to work on. There's no GOOD reason - other than legislative, of course - that this car couldn't be the answer to a lot of personal transportation concerns in our increasingly-urbanized world.

Especially when fitted with a modern, power-dense engine. There's no need for society to come up with bizarre, expensive, complicated transport schemes when the answer's out back by the dumpster - so to speak.

Besides, how long's the Honda Super Cub been in production? 60 years? This idea isn't without precedent.


sucks for NVH, safety, seat comfort
no one ganna buy


So they add some sound deadening, some stitch welding, a few airbags and some better seats.

Way cheaper than designing a whole new car.


There is also no need for the world to full of garbage mountains and oceans and islands littered with trash. Not to mention there is not reason that millions of cars should end up in junk yards all over the world.. but we have this thing call Capitalism and corporate greed/hustle.

Chance Krawchuk

A bit of a leap, topic-wise, but I see where you're coming from and I agree with you. It is likely that we have either hit or surpassed the point where legislation has served as a way to improve cars. Instead, it is limiting the group of people that can afford to buy new cars while the quality of those cars progress at a diminishing rate.


What now with the guns!!!!??? You’re making me nervous.


How can I get one of those AE86 Club HK shirts?! I'll be in HK in December!