A Chance Encounter With The GT-R50

Last weekend I had what I’m sure will be one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

No, it wasn’t getting married or buying a house. Instead, it was an event that happened to take place by simply being at the right place, at the right time. As I’m sure many of you of have been reading my good friend Trevor’s numerous articles on Monterey Car Week , I too was attending the event. It is one of the most prestigious car events that happens anywhere in the world, and it takes place right in my backyard.

This year, for the first time ever, Nissan was the chosen marque, meaning they were headlining most of the shows and races that took place, so I knew I had to be there.

2018 Italdesign GT-R Speedhunters by Naveed Yousufzai-03

I’ve been frequenting this event for the past four years and each year it never fails to amaze me with regards the type of things I encounter. You can literally stand on the side of the road all week long and gaze at hundreds of millions of dollars worth of cars being driven around the small coastal city. I remember the first time I attended, my girlfriend and I were pulling up to our Airbnb just a couple of miles north of the Quail golf course, and a random caravan of eight Pagani Huayras flew past us like it was the thing to do. Man, did I ever feel so broke.

2018 Italdesign GT-R Speedhunters by Naveed Yousufzai-04

This year something special also occurred. I had just finished wrapping up a shoot that will be on here shortly, and a few friends and I were cruising down to their home just off the iconic 17-Mile drive. It was right about sunset and things were winding down from a hectic day, as we crested over a small hill, low and behold, the GT-R50 was parked on the side of the road. Now, I’m not sure how many people here know, but I’m a huge Nissan enthusiast, and I happen to own a couple of them myself, so for me it was like seeing a mountain of gold on the side of the road.

The PR representative took one glance at me, and I saw the smile on his face grow. He knew exactly what I was driving and quickly flagged me down to come hang out with them. For me, it was so surreal that I couldn’t even wrap my head around what was going on. I mean, I knew things could quickly escalate during car week, but holy shit was this a dream! As I exited my car, he came over and shook my hand and invited me to sit in the car, and proceeded to tell me everything about the GT-R50 and what made it so special, including the million-dollar price tag. I couldn’t help but fanboy all over this thing. If you’ve read my other articles, you probably know I’m pretty focused on attention to detail, whether it be someone’s build or something straight from the factory such as this car, and I’m happy to say that it lived up to my expectations.

2018 Italdesign GT-R Speedhunters by Naveed Yousufzai-09

Everything from the carbon accents to the buttons on the dash showed signs of thorough design and functionality. Italdesign, who are the builders alongside Nissan simply knocked this car out of the park. If you’re not familiar with the story behind the GT-R50, well, I encourage you to do some research and see the rational behind everything. From my understanding, the way the car is designed, the whole look of it is essentially to exhibit an R35 with its skin being pulled off to reveal the upcoming R36 platform, hence the two tone paint and touches of the concept R36 style tail lights and front end. There will be 50 of these made, all starting at $1,000,000USD and each will boast an incredible Nismo tuned motor with 720hp and Nismo carbon ceramic brakes.

Needless to say, my encounter with this special car is one that is going to be held dear in my heart forever. The fact that Nissan and other manufacturers are making special cars like this is what keeps us enthusiasts interested in the culture, and I can say from first hand experience that I am genuinely proud to be a part of such an incredible brand through my own ownership.

Naveed Yousufzai 
Instagram: eatwithnaveed


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you own that r32???my 7 year old and I almost shat our pants when we seen that. he told me to chase you down to get a picture lol.


haha! thank you, i wish you flagged me down, would've given him a ride!


That car is so nice and so clean it feels like you should be wearing gloves just to look at it!


Leave the GTR boxy like it should be. Its a hurled brick.


Why? the gtr is supposed to be the fastest car it can. GT-Race. Not pure driving experience. FAST driving experience.
again they called the og gtr a playstation on wheels. Same as the new one.


Because nothing says "it's made to go as fast as physically possible" like a car with a back seat.


One Million (1'000'000) USD for this abomination..


This grows on me every time I see it. Obviously the cosmetic value of the car is the first thing everyone notices. The front fender differences excite me. It looks like the panels are very tidy, fastened, functional by the looks of it. The changes remind me a more lean/aggressive gtr like your r32 pictured above or really any of the previous generations.

I also like how it looks like its long nose is eating the sidewalk in the opening shot.


agreed! i personally think it looks great! though it seems to be a "love it or hate it" type ordeal with everyone.


$1,000,000 for a car with 700bhp.

There's a sucker born every second.


"There's a sucker born every second."

Woah, look at this edgy cool guy on liner. You must've either been waiting centuries to use that one or you've already ran that phrase so dry it's like a worn out #1 hit on the pop charts and everyone around you is sooo tired of you using it.

IMHO it's the latter.


That or I'm just really educated and you're a moron who is in awe at someone else's ability to use the English language.

Pretty sure it's actually that Allen. You're just really insecure.


" I'm just really educated and you're a moron who is in awe at someone else's ability to use the English language. "

lol it's definitely not that


I'm pretty sure that would actually be the case. I have an extremely high IQ and would definitely drive circles around you with my eyes closed.


It's an investment. Not everyone will sell theirs but the owners that do will be making bank in the following years. Those people are not suckers lol


Dammit, I deleted my own comment (invisible buttons I'm not seeing on my phone?). Anyway, I was saying it's a million-dollar car with exclusivity that you can't get with any other 700hp (or more) GT-R.... or many other $1m hypercars, for that matter.


You're not the target market. Not like you could afford one anyway....


David- yeah if you get off on that kind of BS at the golf course I guess it's the car for you.

3nigm4 - pretty foolish statement as it applies to 99% of the population including you and more than likely everyone reading this post, so thank you for showing us your lack of understanding with regards to elementary mathematics. I'm sure your parents are really proud.

Aside from that, I suppose when you start thinking opinions don't matter unless money is attached to them you are pretty much proof of a failing education system in whatever part of the world you're from.

Not like you know the difference anyway though.


What are you on about?

You specifically said only suckers will pay $1000000 for a 700hp supercar. This car is marketed to super rich collectors (hence only 50 being made). How does that apply to 99% of the population? How does this relate to my understanding of elementary level maths?

You're trying to act smart, but make no sense. Can you explain your thinking to me in a more basic way? My lack of education needs things spelt out in simple words.


Enigma can't read.


I can read perfectly fine. I just can't understand how saying "$1000000 for 700hp... There's a sucker born every second." Is a witty insight into 99% of the population and how selling a limited edition collector's car has an impact on the general car buying public.

But if I have failed read that 12 word critique properly please enlighten me.


You discredit the OP by saying he can't afford the car to which he replies neither can 99% of the population. ur atempt to insult him basically was a blanket statement about his wealth which applies to you and everyone else. thats why we were saying you need reading comprehension.


So what if 99% of the population can't afford it? 99% of the population didn't claim only suckers will buy this car.

My reading comprehesion doesn't need improvement, shitty attitudes towards cars being made for collectors do.

I still stand furmly behind my statement. You're not the target market, so don't go claiming people who will buy this are suckers.


JFC, ur the one who made the insult about not being able to afford to car. You're actually that dumb. Amazing. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt at first, but God damn...dude...

Yeah you're reading comprehension needs to improve when you don't even comprehend your own comments. I'm not the target market at all. I'm way too educated to spend any money on this piece of shit.

Hey, you know what. Let's just agree to disagree. This is the greatest car ever made and there is nothing wrong with it. Ur right ace. They should appoint you to lead every racing team on the planet because you just know quality when you see it.



That comment explains everything I need to know about you. Get lost squid.




Wow it is good to see the R32 and the GTR50 next to each other like grandfather and grandson.
I think the GTR50 is the car of the century so far


I think the Veyron, as little as I care for it personally, was more monumental. The R35 in general is definitely up there, though; it's a true giant killer, and for relatively little money.


I'll take the R32


Same. The R50's interior is gorgeous, but the exterior looks terrible to me.


Well everyone has their own opinions but I think the GTR50 is gorgeous by today's standard
Like this GTR looked so unreal especially as an actual car from a rendering by Italdesign


If the GTR-50 replaced all those gold panels with carbon fiber ones, it will definitely look much better.
(I would still take the R32 though. XD)


Not biased toward either, but the more i look at this, the more i prefer the shape and size of the r32.

Daniel P Huneault

not one shot of the front????!!! for shame naveed, for shame.


agh i know! honestly i was so excited that i only took these photos and left the rest out. not to mention the crowd growing around the two was becoming overwhelming and people kept asking to sit in my car and all that, which i gladly allowed but it prevented me from taking more photos lol. next time there will be more! i promise!


I wish that manufactures would remake their most popular sports car, keep the engine, gear box and drive line the same, tweak the design ever so slightly and maybe make the emissions better. But not as extreme as this thing is looks too 'futuristicy' for a skyline.


RB's would never pass current day emissions.


@angus - well, on the contrary, some manufacturers are actually doing this, including Nissan's sub division Infiniti - with the Project 9. But these types of examples are done more so with the thought of "because we can". When looking at newer cars, you kind of have to look at it like music. its a progression over time, and its aimed to get "better" - which is also subjective. you may see inspiration from the past, but you cant live in the past forever.

@browncoat - i beg to differ, my car passes California emissions just fine =)


Dude I’m the guy from Italdesign driving the GT-R 50 who stopped you! When I saw you were driving the R32 I thought “wow right place at the right time!” Thanks for the amazing article!


No way! Man, thank you for that opportunity! Really appreciate everything you did that day brother! As I mentioned in the article, it's a day thats going in the books forever! Thank you!


Nice r32 , but it will be nicer if its deep blue.LOL


Nice r32


THAT, is one FUGLY GTR. sorry. but the R32 looks tits tho. lol


R32 for me...


That R32 tho... Nice...


I Came for the R32, only a quick glimpse.... so sad. hahaha gt-r50 is very cool but i did want to see your R32. I had an r33 and i miss it. My RX7 helped, but another R33 is needed soon.


Great article, i love chance encounters like this! The R32 is absolutely perfect also!

I had a similar chance encounter at Oulton Park a few years ago, one of the very few events I took my old ae86 levin to. Just by chance I drove through the show area to go to the toilets (couldnt be bothered walking) to my complete surprise Toyota GB had brought a fleet of GT86s and their own BTCC ae86. Right place at the right time, i still look at the photos from that day and smile :)

Paul M Skelly Jr.

Not a big fan of it, but that R32 though.......


I have a hard time liking this. Im not a GTR purist by any mean, im chopping up parts of one right now, making a bastard of a child of that and a m35 Stagea. Problem is this; I like all the modifications as separate parts on the GT-R50, but as a whole it just doesnt work for me. In a picture that is, it all could work very well IRL without me actually knowing.


Man you have a really nice r32, hope to see a ful feature of it here in speedhunters.


My first thought at the first pic was "How did they get teh R32 so right and the R35 so, so wrong?"
So good to so incredibly bad aesthetically.
Im unsure how the allure of exclusivity somehow allows a car to made significantly uglier, with a worse paint scheme than the average
r35 somehow equates to 10 times what its actually worth.


As they say, the R32 will always look good, the R50 is more of an acquired taste. Maybe when they roll out the R70 the R50 will look good...? that rear window sure is weird, but usually most Japanese cars have been about the technology within to increase their performance not so much about their style.


Beautiful car, no question, but $1 million for a car based on a vehicle that has been on the market for ten years? Sure, its got exclusivity, a better engine, and "Nismo carbon ceramic brakes" but non of that hardly justifies the price.

Nissan as a whole has lost its way. They now build rental cars and the GTR.