The Wingless S2000 Warrior

Earning the title ‘Wingless Warrior’ after his debut at Winton Raceway in Victoria, Australia, Dustin Wong’s AP2 is no average Honda.

It’s the epitome of styling, form and function.

Carving up mountain roads from the land down under in Melbourne’s east, this UK-spec Honda and its driver often enters Mt. Dandenong from the unconventional back-end route for more of a challenge, because Mountain Highway’s corner speeds and bends have been committed to memory. You’ll rarely view this AP2 from this angle up in the mountains – unless you’re me hanging out through the tiny sunroof of a Honda Civic for a rolling shot. For everybody else, there’s a loud echo of a laughable four-cylinder engine – before you stop laughing as the taillights disappear at the first corner.

2018 Honda S2000 Vinh Mangalino IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER-02
2018 Honda S2000 Vinh Mangalino IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER-01

It may be one’s familiarity with one’s own backyard that inspires confidence, but the narrow roads, cliff faces and unadulterated greenery is reminiscent of Dustin’s time around Hakone, Japan driving a highly modified S2000 alongside an NA1 Honda NSX and FD3S Mazda RX-7. He brought back a token of his time in Japan in the form of Defi BF gauges and Spoon parts. Like every story, a bittersweet farewell should not discount the memories shared in this vehicle, namely the enthusiast culture that bred cars of this stature. If you stare close enough at the polished metallic paint you may catch a glimpse of what Dustin has in store next…

But for now, let us appreciate a quality build with the best parts one can find, producing a sleek, hard to come by UKDM AP2.

2018 Honda S2000 Vinh Mangalino IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER-10
2018 Honda S2000 Vinh Mangalino IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER-12
2018 Honda S2000 Vinh Mangalino IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER-13
2018 Honda S2000 Vinh Mangalino IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER-20
2018 Honda S2000 Vinh Mangalino IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER-29
2018 Honda S2000 Vinh Mangalino IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER-36

Vinh Mangalino

Instagram: vinhmanphoto

2004 Honda S2000 (AP2)

Honda F20C DOHC VTEC, J’s Racing headers, J’s Racing FX Pro 70RS titanium exhaust, Invidia 70mm test pipe, K&N intake, Greddy sandwich plate, Toda lightweight flywheel, Cusco cooling plate, Cusco oil catch can, Koyorad aluminium radiator, Spoon radiator hoses, Spoon thermostat, Spoon fan switch, Spoon radiator cap, Tegiwa sump baffle plate, J’s Racing magnetic sump bolt, air pump delete kit, MSC timing chain tensioner, custom oil filter stopper

Factory 6-speed manual gearbox, Exedy heavy-duty clutch, Hardrace driveshaft spacers, Hasport 70A differential mounts

Öhlins DFV Street & Track coilovers, upgraded Swift Springs (front 12kg, rear 10kg), J’s Racing S2 front camber ball joints, J’s Racing rear toe arms, Cusco front strut brace, Cusco brake stopper, Spoon front bump steer kit, Spoon rigid collars, adjustable sway bar end links, slotted front/rear rotors, Project Mu Club Racer RC09 front pads, Project Mu HC800 rear pads, HEL stainless steel braided brake lines

RAYS Volk Racing CE28N 18×10-inch +45 Titanium Silver forged wheels, Yokohama Advan AD08R 265/35R18 tyres, Project Mu wheel nuts

Genuine Honda OEM hardtop, Genuine Honda OEM AP2 front lip, Crafts Square carbon fibre side mirrors (blue mirror option), carbon fibre side splitters, custom flared front/rear fenders, badge delete, boot lock barrel delete, 30% tinted windows including hardtop & softtop, LED white number plate/park lights, 5000K white HID headlight bulbs, stubby antenna

Recaro RSG GK fixed-back bucket seat, Recaro seat rails, Recaro side bolster protector, ASM seat belt protector, ASM Zoom Engineering carbon fibre rear-view mirror, Defi BF gauges & control unit (oil pressure, oil temperature & water temperature), Spoon leather steering wheel, Works Bell Rapfix 2 quick release, Works Bell short hub for Rapfix 2, Ecliptech shift light, Genuine Honda OEM Access extended floor mats, LED white interior lights


How To join the IATS program: We have always welcomed readers to contact us with examples of their work and believe that the best Speedhunter is always the person closest to the culture itself, right there on the street or local parking lot. If you think you have what it takes and would like to share your work with us then you should apply to become part of the IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER program. Read how to get involved here.



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5000K white HID headlight bulbs
Hope they were Osram CBI bulbs (or Philips equivalent), otherwise a downgrade.


Refreshing to see this. Thanks gents.


Don't change a thing. This is superb.


Not bad at all. Thing probably moves well thanks to those Ohlins. Very unassuming car. I like this.


I really think the AP2 S2000 aged better than any sports car from its era. Tie that with tasteful mods like this example and i'm a huge fan


I have a theory for this – the AP2 was the final S2000. Unlike many of its kinfolk (MX-5, 350Z, Boxster, Z4, etc) which all received newer or face-lifted models, the S2000 was never redesigned, and I think this helps hugely with how well a car ages (along good design to begin with).

As soon as that facelifted model is launched, the current or outgoing model instantly looks old.


Remember it was the under pinnings of the suspension that made the AP2 different from the AP1.

AP1 had less than desired suspension geometry which is one of the first things any AP1 owner should correct. It doesnt matter if you put penskes or lighten a car with expensive carbon fiber. Leaving that un touched kills the 1st gen.

Some articles go into it if you do some digging on the internet.


FYI AP1's do not have a "less than desired suspension geometry" they actually have a more sports oriented geometry. Rear subframe, and steering rack were revised on AP2's to make the cars less prone to lift-off oversteer; which is not necessarily a bad handling characteristic, just more dangerous for inexperienced drivers. AP2 is actually faster mostly because of increased torque, revised trans, and wheel + tire setup. Not trying to sound like a know it all, but I've been driving and reading about both AP1's and AP2's for the past ten years so It's exciting to have that knowledge become relevant. lmao


Ur a dip shit.


You obviously have never driven an AP1 S2000


Its not an AP2 :(


S2000 just simply cannot age! Espacially when such simple and clean mods are applied to the car. All I wish for is to change 1 of the seats, go full race spec or return to stock.


I'm a simple man, i see an S2K, i click on it


Incredible shots. What program do you use to edit?

Vinh Mangalino

Thanks Reece, just used a bit of Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop. There's plenty of nifty tutorials online to get you started!


Wow, it's been so long since I've seen a nice looking S2000. I commend the driver for not following the tacking rear GT wing on the street car trend.


Lol gt wing is a dangerous move in victoria. Youll get labelled as a 'hoon' and defected or some bs. youtube tracey grimshaw on hoons


Cool. I never knew they made all red interiors for AP2s.


It's technically an AP1.


Yeah, it's sad Europe got screwed out of the F22C.


needs an s54 and te37 fronts and bbs rs rears.


Was his goal to garner "Likes" from the bros on social media? I missed that part of the article...


That fender work is beautiful! Interested to know what the rev limit on this car is since it's an AP2 with the f20c, and if it got the upgraded AP2 trans? 04's are the best year because they still have a mechanical throttle and no traction control!


This is a really nice car.

Cohen Baggerly

I love the interior of your car, it looks super mean! Keep up the good work!