Editorial: The March Is On

November. Blink. December. Blink. January. Blink. February. Blink.

That’s pretty much an accurate summary of the last four months here, from my perspective at least. While things are moving at a frightening pace, I do hope that you’ve appreciated a noticeable increase in speed related content on the site over the last month. That’s not to say we’re killing off other aspects of car culture, far from it, but we do want to keep focussed on what’s making it through to the front page. In February, we had an RB26-swapped Subaru, a VTEC Golf, an abandoned Ferrari, and an 800hp Mustang. That’s a pretty good month, all things considered.

We also had the relaunch of IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER, which has already resulted in some stunning stories coming through, with even more on the way. I can’t thank those of you who have given your time and effort for this enough; we are truly grateful that you’ve allowed us the honour of sharing your stories.


Despite the unexpected snowfall outside, the off season is just about over here in the Northern Hemisphere. In saying that, it never really felt like the off season in the first place; I can’t recall a busier winter period in all my years involved with Speedhunters. There’s lots of new content coming in March, including one particular story which I never thought we would be able to tell.


There’s also the rest of some epic time attack content to come from Tsukuba last weekend, which Dino has been working on non-stop since. I’ve seen it already, and you’re definitely going to want to see it too.


Meanwhile in Australia, Matthew has been documenting some very Australian things while also trying his hand at drifting. May Tom Cruise help the instructor who had to cope with our angriest Speedhunter.


Our other Australian, who doesn’t live in Australia, recently spent some time not in Australia. There, he found a non Australian car with an even less Australian engine. This, you will also want to see.

That’s not to forget our US contributors, who are still combing the West Coast and beyond for the best they can find while we’re still trying to get through the backlog of awesome SEMA Show builds from last year. Not to mention that we challenged Larry to shoot Matt Farah’s ’80s-tastic Fox Body Mustang using only camera equipment from the same decade. Of course, he nailed it.

2018 Project GTI Volk Racing TE37 Saga Unboxing Speedhunters by Paddy McGrath-5

You can expect updates on even more of our Speedhunters Project Cars this month including Projects GTI, NSX and RS4 amongst others. I’ll confess that progress has been slow with my own car over the last few months, mostly because I haven’t felt the need to change anything. However, I’ve always had an end goal in mind, and it’s about time that I got working on it. Could it be first finished project car in the history of the world? Maybe.

As always, we’re keen to hear your feedback in the comments below. What do you want to see more or less of? What events should we be covering this year? Which LS motor should Dino swap into his GT-R? Let us know.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

Paddy McGrath
Instagram: pmcgphotos
Twitter: pmcgphotos



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If I have a request, it would be a post on smaller japanese cars, like the Nissan March or Mazda Demio (which I own, maybe you see me coming :) ).
I saw a Demio in the recent Spoon S660 article, a blue one in the background, and it got me think how are they modified in Japan ?
Maybe a car feature would be too much on a low budget car like this, but maybe a gathering of different cars on several events could do a good page for us less fortunate car guys.


I agree, though, Im cooking up a nice plan with my Chevy, so if Im featured, make sure to look for a "hatching" pun in the title somewhere!


I think we can hunt out some of the smaller stuff, good shout that.


I have driven extensively the last Nismo March: It sucks... its terrible! No steering feel, the shifting is dull, the seats are awfully uncomfortable and the car is just freaking slow... Chassis is pretty god though, Ill give it that... But yeah, terrible car.

Mark Joseph I. Argoso

Flavien on Speedhunters? Or have I been away for too long?


More daily driver stuff than shop built toys. Not to say that shop toys are not badass. O and less Porsche stuff. Just my 2c


There's no reason why we can't do more daily driver stuff without doing less Porsche stuff. More of everything would be the best outcome!


I’d like to maybe see some East Coast articles, I know the automotive scene isnt as large here as in California but it would make for a nice change in pace.


Forget the coasts.

We've got almost 3.8 MILLION square miles here in America and I'm sure there're some pretty sweet cars in Idaho, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma and Kentucky.

Speedhunters has done enough stories in California to stock the archives until the heat death of the universe.

Try the heartland instead.


So much this. A lot of Speedhunters coverage is very basic, They're doing a lot better than they were as far as getting more American content in, but there's still a lot of Japan, a lot of California, a lot of stance-type and tuner-type builds, and a lot of Porsches. Grassroots car culture exists outside the main "trendy" areas. I'll give you a tip to get you started - someone here in Alaska has what appears to be a legitimate George Barris car, well maintained and registered to drive on the street. It's the Glasshorse and your best bet for finding it it probably one of the bigger (though certainly not big by lower-48 standards) Valley-area shows.


+1 to this, the grassroots drifting scene in North Carolina and the entire east coast is thriving.


We've struggled to find someone on the East Coast for years, but maybe IATS might fill that gap. Thanks for the suggestion.


"We've struggled to find someone on the East Coast for years, but maybe IATS might fill that gap."

If you're interested in some NY stuff, I'll be at the Syracuse Nationals this year. Biggest show in the NE, around 8k cars.
Plus the Buffalo Motorama, and Bonneville Salt Flats (speed week) in August.

Shoot an email if you'd be interested in some coverage.



Seconded. At least if someone has a layover in DC on a Saturday, swing by Katie's CnC for a couple hours! I know there are lots of cool shows up and down the coast in the summer. H2O (and the myriad VW events out there) and TROG are two that spring to mind.


this month will be exciting.


"Our other Australian, who doesn’t live in Australia, recently spent some time not in Australia. There, he found a non Australian car with an even less Australian engine. This, you will also want to see." - This made my day!


More speedhunters staff projects, and build stories. What ever happened to the KM4SH Golf project car?

Also, you need a full time Canadian Speedhunter :)


KM4SH Golf project is dead, sadly. Definitely need more Canada on the site.


Dead as in never completed, or staff no longer with us?
I liked it because it was a build featured right from scratch as opposed to modifying existing projects.

Canada’s west coast would only be a quick little flight for Dino. Send him over.


Never completed, I believe it might have just got to a point where it wasn't viable to finish it. It was a cool concept for sure.


Agreed! Canadian hunter! More Canada, especially western!


Rich, I think it's time we get an update on how the Coyote swap is going in your SN95....


Well... not much to update yet, but hopefully soon! The engine bay is stripped and I have all the Maximum Motorsports goodies for the front suspension. Haven't gotten much further than that, hoping to get cracking on it this spring.
We have the engine, trans and a ton of other parts from a salvage - that kit will be going to my dads 56 ford, but we will first test fit in my car and then I'll order everything I need. :)


Indeed we Canadians are friends :)


What on earth is that Hakosuka looking car? It looks almost identical but I have never seen those tail lights and the rear quarter in front of the wheel arch doesn't look like a Hak either. Very intrigued!



1966 Dodge Dart


I'd love to see some attention on less-common platforms. Porsches, S-chassis, Z-cars, RX-7s, NSX's, GT-Rs, BMWs are all nice, and it's great to see them. But I am kind of tired of the constant influx. Mix in some less-loved cars for flavor! Maybe the Demio mentioned below, or some other cheaper econobox cars that nobody thinks about until that one guy builds a crazy example! Or some lesser-known supercars (TVR, Vector, etc.)



Although at first I thought you meant that the Porsches, S-chassis' etc. were the less common platforms you wanted to see more of!


Matt Farah? ON Speedhunters?? WOOOOOOO

and would love to see more e39 m5s featured on SH. That car is a performance prize, and it's rarely been seen on site, and it kind of saddens me.


You've no idea of my love for E39 M5s.


Feature some PLEASE? This place has a dearth supply of M5s and its begging to be seen on here.


"a non Australian car with an even less Australian engine"
Now this, I really wanna see it... I spot Indonesia plate, too.


I'm pretty sure it's a 64 Dodge Dart...


I did look it up, should be '66 because of the headlights & front fender.


Yeah, you're right. Tail lights and rear bumper. Good job. I was just going off memory.


I think with return of IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER you guys should feature a guy from Canada, he is known on youtube as KingsMustRise and he has a sick FRS, it might be stock but it is absolutely beautiful


Isn't IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER done by submission? You could try reaching out to KingsMustRise and let him know about it and see if he wants to do it.


Had to google him to see who he is.

He's put a lot of effort into that car, but it would be a sh*tstorm in the comments section with the hate a lot of people on here seem to have for 'ricer crap'.


Keen to see more car meet coverage from Japan, car spotting in Japan, grass roots stuff, and always more Porsche features. Thanks!


We've a series of really nice features from Japan in the works, which look at varying aspects of their car culture which I'm quite excited about.


Very excited to see that Fox article with Larry's 80's pictures. Your guys' variety and quality of content is always superb, keep doing what you're doing! If I had anything on my wish list, it would be more USA/Canada domestics.


You need to cover DGRR http://www.dealsgaprotaryrally.com.

One of the largets and most diverse Mazda Rotary meets east of the Mississippi. Its coming in April, so maybe too soon for this year but plan on it for next.


Personally, (I might just be the only one who thinks this) I would love to see a few more American events covered. I've seen the old dirt track coverage and NASCAR, but I wanna see more of it, even if just once. Another great thing to see would be more endurance racing coverage, particularly IMSA.


Oh and one other thing; maybe another corvette/camaro or two ;)


I really think you guys have been heading in the right direction lately. (less overfender stancenation stuff) loving all the grassroots track cars, etc.

My big request would be to cover more classic/ vintage racers that actually competed (Or at least were meant to compete). I realize this is a tall order as these are probably the hardest cars to get a hold of. But I simply love the articles that cover real, classic race cars.

Otherwise, keep up the good work!


I vote a 4.7 ls for Dino’s gtr


I think I spy a pair of Lotus Carltons, and if so I literally cannot wait for whatever piece that picture accompanies!


I have really been enjoying Trevor Yale Ryan's content recently so keep up the good work.


That 64 Dart is sick! I thought about doing a Hakosuka-styled 64 Chevelle. The proportions of a Chevelle are close to the Nissan, but the 64 Dart, albeit ugly to start with, seems a better match. Great job, whomever...I can't wait to see it.

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

"Which LS motor should Dino swap into his GT-R?"

RIP Paddy. I hope your death at the hands of Project GT-R's owner is a swift and non-painful one. LOL! XD


what's the smallest LS out? like a 4.3? I say we steal the GT-R and put a completely stock one in, then hide the RB26


Id love to see an "obscure-hunters" feature a bit.
Feature the cars that shouldn't work...but somehow do.
ls1 swapped Lada Neva or the even more random.
the coolest car i've ever seen as a kid was a rear mounted V8 in a Hillman Imp kicking wheelies up a hill climb event.

Matthew Everingham

Simon Higgs, I've got your covered. Stay tuned... :D


I think content mix is fantastic. No complaints at all.

If I had one request to be filled, it would be adding captions to the images. Sometimes I want just a bit of information about what's shown since the images don't strictly line up with whatever copy might be above or below.

Keep up the excellent work!


Dino swapping an LS7 into his prized GT-R!!! Boy, that would be a world event titled, “The beginning of the end.......... of Dino Dalle Carbonare!!”


leadfoot festival didnt make it this year? next year hopefully huh! :). I love CFS, KW, Work wheels, but its becoming a bit predictable, variety is the spice of life!!


More grassroots track cars from America. You can go to any Track Night in America (or any other SCCA event), National Auto Sport Association, BMWCCA, Porsche Club of America, Sports Car Driving Association, or countless other track organizers and find amazing builds from people who actually drive their cars instead of just slamming them to the ground. You are hunting speed, right?


How about more grass roots race cars from all over the world :), loads of cars built in sheds all over the planet that have unique style and unique engineering sweated into every panel! maybe have a submit your home built project/racecar/carhole(shed) page or something??


I always enjoy the shop tours of Japanese tuners, and Dino hasn't visited Nakai-san or Miura-san in a while....

And the coverage of random meets (cars and coffee/daikoku) are always good too.


Some more motorcycle related articles would be awesome! Like In Aus there was the Mudgee Meltdown, a huge celebration of choppers and dirt racing. Or some of the Bozu bikes out of japan!


Can't wait to see those Carltons and the Fox


For now I don't think there is anything I'm missing here on SH. I'm just very happy there is a website like this, to inspire, educate and entertain. So yeah, THANK YOU SH!

There’s lots of new content coming in March, including one particular story which I never thought we would be able to tell.

One word. Mid Night. Pleeeaase let it be about Mid Night!


Please try to keep going like the last 3 months. It is awesome to see this mixed kind of stuff. It would be nice if you spend some time with Noriyaro-san.
Can´t wait to see the 2018 Season of FD and FD Japan.

Tryon Lippincott

I really did not like Matt Farah when I met him. I really felt is was just a giant tool.


more of those lotus carltons please!!

Rafał Szulejko

I know I'm kind of late, but can we expect a feature of that blue Re-Amemiya RX-7 (x-response-7 is a name of the car I think) from this year's TAS?


Can you guys do the TX2K event that occurs every year in Texas? It's the cream of the crop for street racing. Not that I condone that, but there are some seriously awesome builds that come to it every year.

I mean, it's the origin of SUPRA/GTR nationals and people come from all over the nation for "Street racing nationals" every year!


That picture of Farah with his Fox Body is fantastic. I'm personally not a fan of his build, but that faded out vintage look in that shot makes it look really, really good.


I would love to see more east coast stuff



Rikki Tikki Tavi

Anything is possible with a trust fund!


Blake Jones' photo of that silver car. What is it? At first glance I thought that it was a Valiant. It is not. Any clues?