Take The Long Way Home: BMW M4 Versus DTLA

‘Life is an aimless drive that ya take alone, might as well enjoy the ride take the long way home.’

So often, I think that we forget to really appreciate the simple act of driving or even the privilege of owning a car. Not necessarily driving fast, and the car itself doesn’t have to be anything special either, but the freedom that we have when behind the wheel is unparalleled.

Daniel Covarrubias has been flying the Speedhunters flag for several years. Recently, he collaborated with filmmaker Jaycray, to showcase the latest iteration of his BMW M4. A short film which, for me, celebrates this aforementioned feeling of freedom.

When a city sleeps, everything changes. Streets that are usually congested are completely free to be explored.

I know that I can come up with a thousand excuses not to go for a drive, but I know that the one reason that I should go is the only one that matters. There’s very few experiences in life, for an automotive enthusiast anyways, than sitting into your car in the middle of the night, cranking a cold engine over and hearing it come to life on a high idle. Rolling out of a residential area, short shifting, keeping noise down as the temperature gauges slowly rise. No radio on, no intended destination, just driving for driving’s sake.

If it happens to be a cool night and you have a turbocharged car, the experience is only improved. Even at part throttle, the sound of the turbocharger building boost through an open air intake is one of life’s greatest pleasures. An added squirt of the throttle here, a blip there. Bliss.

While this is a video of Daniel’s Air Lift Performance equipped M4, complete with subtle PSM Dynamic carbon fibre additions and Avant Garde wheels, it really could be any of us. I guess that’s what I enjoyed so much about it.

The key to enjoying a video like this is taking the time to watch it properly. Big screen, good sound and setting aside the two or so minutes to watch it distraction free. To be honest, it’s the only to watch most videos in order to appreciate the craft that has gone into making it.

Ultimately, there’s no logical point to what we do as it’s purely an emotional pursuit of happiness. We often over-think things, and forget about the simple pleasures that cars bring us while forgetting that cars exist in the real world, and not within the confines of the internet.

Regardless of what you’re into, automotively speaking, we’re all in it for the same reasons and experiences. We just go about achieving them in different ways.

Paddy McGrath
Instagram: pmcgphotos
Twitter: pmcgphotos

Photos by Daniel Covarrubias
Instagram: killagram

Video by Jaycray
Instagram: jaycraaay

The F82 BMW M4 on Speedhunters



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well, that was 2 minutes ill never get back.


thats the crappy thing about time, can't get it back....unless you are rockin a Delorean at 88 mph with a flux capacitor

Stefan Daniël Kotzé

Cool video, but ouch that left rear fender looks so chowed.


Brilliant choice of words and top notch video!
I thank God everyday for having a night shift work, the journey there is always a tonic, either driving slow or full throtlle, enjoying an almost empty city and just the pleasure of driving at night.
One thing i also love is to drive at night on a hard rainy one, there's something nostalgic about it every single time. The sound of the wiper blades and the water on the windshield.


many drama so much low wububububub roll cage!

hits vape/ so dope brah.

Charles William Montgomery III

2 minutes wasn't merely long enough to do this car justice.


Isn't the whole point of air ride to get good fitment combined with drivability? Could have been done with a lot less mexipoke and tire rubbing in the rear. The video was not spectacular.


Can't believe the early hate for this vid! Anyone throwing shade post your ride and an exhaust clip. It made me want to go out and drive.


It's hard to enjoy cruising the city in the middle of the night in my area. When you're the only one on the road, you're the only one the cops have to watch, and they're still all over the place.

The trade-off is that I'm ten minutes from good canyon roads, and cops are rarely out there even in the daytime.


Guess I will never understand mixing roll cage with bagged suspension, especially in performance car. But not my car so idgf. I'm all in #getoutanddrive philosophy, but video isn't much impressive tho.


Am usually not a BMW guy (here in Sweden they tend to get bad rep, with good reason.) but damn that looks good..