Letting Your Creative Mind Wander…

Much like the Volkswagen Type 2 Bus replica I featured last week, this Type 3 Squareback I found at Kustomfest has been built with ingenuity and a creative mindset, resulting in a one-of-a-kind vehicle.

Where the two Indonesia builds differ vastly is in their philosophical approach to customization.


While the Bus builder set out to create his dream machine as close as possible to factory specifications, the goal with this Squareback, aka Woody Squarebagged, was to build something completely original and unique.


The main standout feature of the exterior is the Teak woodwork, which pretty covers the entire vehicle from the front fenders back.


A native to Indonesia, Teak is commonly used in furniture, exterior construction, and even as a boat building material thanks to its waterproof properties. Being able to handle Indonesia’s harsh tropical climate made it the perfect choice for the Type 3.


Don’t go thinking it’s just a thin veneer though; it completely replaces the original sheet metal. Looking at this shot of the door, you can see just how thick the Teak is.

The customization doesn’t stop there either. The car boasts a variety of copper and metal artwork engravings, which draw you in for a closer look.

I found the carriage-esque tail lamps and vintage turn signals to be the most interesting additions to the exterior.


A custom air suspension kit ensures that this rolling masterpiece sits just right, too.


Opening the driver’s door – which required pressing a special hidden button – revealed one of the craziest interiors I have ever seen.

The interior was also custom made by the owner, employing more bespoke metalwork and also showcasing his upholstery skills.


The handcrafted pedals, which are made from a combination of steel and copper, are pure perfection. I must have a set for my own car…


There are so many aspects of this build that amaze me, but to think that it was all completed in a timeframe of just 12 months blows my mind.

Stay tuned for more from Indonesia, with a wider look at Kustomfest 2017 coming up very soon.

Ron Celestine
Instagram: celestinephotography



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this is fine art!

Richard H Napitupulu

The Woody Squarebagged if I'm not mistaken, was already showcased at the Yogyakarta VW festival 2 years ago.
But I didn't know how long did it take for them to make the car though. But in that 2 years, the woner surely perfected his creation. You should see the wooden VW thing! that's also 90% (or more) made of wood.


hello mr. richard,
it already showcased at Jogjakarta Volkswagen Festival 2015..At that time, the performance has still 50% progress. Hope you could find the difference between this woody 2 years ago with the one that show in kustomfest 2017. Will appear the perfectness from the car art aspect also originality of the custom idea..
This Type 3 has been developed within 3 years until now.
The process is still continue and thank you very much

Richard H Napitupulu

Hello too Mr.Fahmi,
I admire the work that has been done to the car, I hoped that I could see the car in person so that I could see the whole car and the extensive customization done to the car. It's truly an amazing piece of artwork and I support the idea of the continuing to customize more of the car. loving the details you've done all over the car!


fkn sexy


This....I need it. I can honestly say I've not seen engraved wheels on a car before, something the lambretta and vespa boys seemed to do quite often. Looks great but what a pita to keep clean eh!


Lowrider guys engrave their wheels somewhat often as well.

This is pretty cool those pedals are sweet.


thank you
woody in one song..."don't give a damn"..


Great details. Made by a true artist. Won't need much wax, just a gallon of teak oil.


WOW !! thats crazy i love how much detail is in this, proper work of art


Yeah,this kustomfest 2017. Indonesian kustom cultures, #noboundaries


Thank you Ron for your report. it's true " letting your creative mind wander"...
I hope we will see each other in the near future at Jogjakarta Volkswagen Festival (Nov 2017)...don't miss it coz there will be another shot from woody..


Yet another recent jaw-dropping article. I would put this on par with "El Rey". Yes I know El Rey is etched down to the calipers, disks, undercarriage and suspension arms but this has more originality and it's still driveable. Utterly wonderful work and imagination to make this car a coherent whole of it's own flavor. *applause*