Win The Content Of This Box…

It’s always exciting when we receive a special delivery from our good friends at RAYS, and if you’re a fan of the Japanese wheel maker, this one could be for you.

Earlier this summer we gave away a limited edition RAYS Volk Racing cap, but now it’s time for something we’re sure everyone would love to have as part of their collection, or better still wear on a daily basis.


Last year’s RAYS x Casio G-Shock collaboration was black, but for 2017 they’ve gone for a white and blue combination based around a totally different G-Shock model. The watch features a chrome inner face and a single LCD display that’s illuminated by pressing the gold button.

Here’s the watch out of the box and in more detail. We especially dig the RAYS logo running down the lower strap section.


So what do you have to do to be in with a chance of winning it? We’ve got a bit of a nostalgic feel going on this month, so what we’d like to see are your original images of vintage RAYS wheels, posted on Instagram with the following three hashtags: #SHxRAYS #RAYS #VINTAGERAYS. 

You have from now until 10:00pm Friday October 6th, 2017 (PST) to get your entries in.


In particular, we’ll be looking at overall image quality, originality and composition. Once a winner has been selected, their name will be announced on the Speedhunters Instagram account, on Monday October 9th, 2017 (PST).

Now, show us what you’ve got!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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This is instagramsuprematicy! what if you don't have have IG? How about we change the rule....first one to comment wins....which will be me!


It's free, so you can just make an account specifically for this if you like. Same deal with Twitter.


about to see so many varrstoen's and rota's


MIght have to open my first Instagram account just for this. Let me take a snap of the Silvia.


Shhhhhhh! Underneath the watch, there is a decent sized bag of blow. For obvious reasons, it couldn't be mentioned by the writers.

I may or may not be kidding.


only if your picture features a testarossa


Do my Works count? lol they are not vintage either, just old.


i mean i have a set of ray bans but...


I kinda like the face of the watch, but a Casio g-shock? I can’t imagine anyone who has an interest in watches would want this. They just look like children’s watches to me, except the mechanical ones are nice.


Thank you for taking the time to comment on something you are not planning on participating in.


Unfair! Nobody has any RAYS wheels around here. Nobody.


lol i feel ya...not sure i've seen a set of Rays in the country...vintage or otherwise


Well yet another giveaway i wont be winning lol


My name is Maddy PcGrath, can I enter please?


how old does a wheel have to be, to be considered vintage?

Christopher Aquino

Yes, good question. I hope early 2000s lol


I was hoping the TE37V's would count haha


But I don't own any Rays wheels :(


Have a car so fast u can't even see it.. .. lol.
Real don't have a picture. But I do Believe in g shock watches they are the best of the best out there.. Thank for putting a Dependable product . My hat's off to you all the G shock team. Thank you again. Sam


Image quality is going to be difficult since Instagram has it's autocompress thing when you post a photo, unless you compress the file size down to fit the 1:1 square or the horizontal & vertical ones.


Eh, the last person who won one of these contests didn't even take a very good photo, so I doubt the technical beauty of the photo is worth the most points. Sucks it has to be a picture of Rays wheels, though, not something I see often around my area... in Fall no less.


This is burrshit, who even has old Rays wheels in good enough condition to take a ponzy Insta pic....I have old photos of my mint KE70 on Work Equips but that's as close as I can get :/ jumping on the "unfair" bandwagon right about nnnnow hahah


These won't fit on my car.


Dam. Why do I have to ride on reps


Hello. My name is Valentin ))


2 days passed the announcement date and they still haven't announced the winner lol


I guess their going to act like this contest never happened.. 3 days and still no announcement.