No Holding Back: Pro Shop Screen’s Wild ZN6

When hunting for spotlight-worthy cars, I usually go through a mental checklist to decide whether a build deserves a closer look. At Fuji 86 Style with BRZ, I was spoiled for choice walking around the parking lots and paddocks of Fuji Speedway, which made selecting just a handful of cars a difficult proposition.

This time around though, the car came to me; as soon as I saw the bright pink ZN6 and heard its turbo flat-four engine, I knew I had to check it out in more detail.

This particular 86 came all the way from the city of Sendai in the Miyagi Prefecture, and is the work of tuning garage Pro Shop Screen. If that name sounds familiar, it could have something to do with the shop’s impressive line-up at the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon.

To say there’s a lot is going on with this 86 would be an understatement. Beyond the bright pink exterior, the ZN6 is cloaked in Varis’ wild wide-body ‘Kit D’.


With all the carbon fiber aero on this thing, you’d almost be expecting it to cut sub-1-minute laps around Tsukuba, but as I’m sure you can tell, this is a street-registered show piece through and through.


The visual aggression continues with Yokohama Advan Racing GT wheels in Racing Titanium Blue, the five-spoke design revealing a D2 big brake kit featuring neochrome 8-pot monoblock calipers with 356mm rotors at the front end.

With so much going on at the event, I unfortunately wasn’t able to get a look under the hood, but as I alluded to in the beginning of this story, the 4U-GSE breathes boost. In fact, it’s a pretty serious setup with an HKS 2.1-liter stroker kit and Trust T620Z-based turbo kit that together is good for more than 400hp.


In full show car style, when it comes to the interior there’s not much that hasn’t been touched. Alcantara features heavily, as do gauges and a substantial AV system with multiple screens and speakers. I like how there was even a color-matched Recaro seat for the owner’s son who rode shotgun.


Sometimes, you just have to forget your mental checklist and go with your gut when selecting spotlights, and I’m glad I took a closer look at this one.

I’m really curious to know what everyone thinks about it though: would you guys drive it, or is it just a bit too wild?

Ron Celestine
Instagram: celestinephotography

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Ye, the true successor of the AE86. Not.


Pink is a bit agressive for my eyes, but still, car seems to be fun for a ride or two.


I would have the bottom half of the car, it would look nice all in one colour.


Too wild for me personally but it looks well executed.


Too wild imo, BUT I'm assuming most people don't purchase the entire kit with all the useless bolt on carbon parts. I mean, that piece that goes on the fender over the 86/boxer vent thing is just pretentious.

It's cool that it's actually driven, must break some necks.


I'm infatuated with the color of the other 86 next to it tbh.


Damn shame to go to all that effort to tack on all those bits and even as a road car to not get a lap time. Not to scared to show off so vulgar mods but to scared to use the car for the purpose it waseems built to mimic.


Reminds me of...


Car seat in the front? Truly a form over function guy...


Time attack aero is fugly, at least on the track it serves a purpose. But on the street forget it, just going to make it impractical to drive.


Don't know why but the D2 just bugs me.
I know this is not the same brand sponsored Mercedes-Benz DTM team but the logo's similarity really is confusing...


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Oh look... a spambot. KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!


Kinda neat. Very Japanese way of doing things. Interior is wild LOL

Jose Manuel Suarez

This is a perfect example how a Toyota 86 looked in a early 2000s car show...