The Testarossa Of Wekfest Japan

If you spend any amount online checking out pictures of modified cars, then this particular Testarossa from the Okayama region of Japan will likely have popped up in your feeds at some time.

Whatever you think about a slammed collectable Ferrari on air suspension is totally up to you – I’m not even going to go there – but what I will touch on is just how well this build has been executed.


It’s precisely why I chose it as the first car to open my coverage from this week’s Wekfest Japan. The event was once again held at Port Messe in Nagoya, a dome-like exhibition center that was supposed to have been torn down years ago. Obviously, it never happened.


This isn’t the first crazy-low Ferrari we’ve seen on Speedhunters, and I don’t think anyone could forget that 348 featured last year. I see this Testarossa in a very positive light; it’s a car built by an owner who obviously wants to use it and flaunt it. He’s given it a very unique look by only addressing the suspension and wheels and letting the wedge profile of this iconic ’80 supercar to do the rest.

The car sits on airbags, a solution that offers the best of both worlds. It can be driven on the street with no problems and then dumped to the ground at shows with the wheels tucked tightly up inside the rolled stock fenders. Very few Ferraris have a stance like this.


The wide, deep-dish five-spoke wheels are a nod to Maranello cars of the period, and in staggered 18 and 19-inch sizes work a treat.


It should be noted too that everything that’s been done to the car is reversible, so the ‘ruined’ argument doesn’t really apply here.


As you can see above, the owner has even attempted to make the old flat-12 breathe better with two big BMC carbon air-box canisters, which would surely liberate at least a couple of horses.

Every time I walked past the car at Wekfest I had to stop for another look. Aside from the fact that the Testarossa has, in my eyes, never looked better than it does right now (what is it with fashions and designs cycling back into vogue?), I enjoyed checking out this particular example and just imagining at all the haters losing it.

Now it’s over to you. What do you think – yah or nay?

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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I remember the last one being a waste. I'm assuming this one has better build quality? Considering everything is 'reversible', I'd hope so.
I'd also agree that the tr looks great right now. That 488 is also quite good looking.

Anthony Chang

I Like it because the owner didn't ruin it with a set of silly bolt on over fenders...
(Maybe adding a Hamann rear spoiler will be good as well?)

Justin Jadunath

I. Love. This. Car. Haters are gonna hate it, this we know. But maaaaaan. I have to give my respects to the owner and whomever built it for it is so wild, and so... "out there," yet so clean and trim, that I just have to admire it.


I don't really like Ferraris but the Testarossa is an exception - and this is the nicest one I've seen to date.

Props to the owner for doing what they like!

If only it was white...


I honestly thought this was the 348 featured hahahaha

Looks mad. Idk why "purists" get so mad with a car like this. He didnt chop it up for wider fenders, just slammed it. Plus he could always put standard suspension back in, swap for more track-oriented wheels and tires and its all good.


PLEASE feature that OSAKA JDM EA seen next to the Ferrari

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I'm due for a trip down south...

Miles Hayler-MacMillan

I quite like it. The fact it's on air makes a difference. I'd like some more sidewall though!


The world could use more modified "unicorns" in my opinion

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Certainly gets people talking that's for sure


Stance isn't my thing but I kinda like this... *ducks for cover


Ditto, it's well-executed and (hopefully) driven often. Since everything is reversible, more power to the owner!

Rich E Wavy Kariuki

Holy Sh!t, you win!! Would love to see another one in white.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

White would be perfection! #miamivice


Absolute yah. Nothing bad about taking on such an iconic car. Just don't make changes that you can't turn back. That's exactly what the owner has done. So applause.

Jordan Butters

Every Ferrari should be red.

Except this one, for some reason, it really should be white.

Dino Dalle Carbonare



Love that opening shot, Dino! That square rear end is perfect. Are they stock taillights or have they been given an old school mini truck trick with the grill extending over where the lights would normally be?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

That and I'd guess they've been blacked out too as you can't see the red/white/orange of the lights at all. Transforms the back of the car doesn't it


I love it. Really understand what you mean with the Testarossa looking better than ever nowadays!


I think it looks cool and you don't see stuff like that everyday, now would i ever do that if i could? hell no

David Hasan-lichtenstein

I'm really not a fan, but I'm not gonna tell someone what to do with their car. Trends get set by going out of the box

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Very true

Chris Colouryum

A car I know pictures will not do it justice to seeing it in person. This looks loooow and wide. Must have such a sick presence when you see it!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Much presence!


I loved that 348 and I love this too, great personal touches without butchering a timeless car. Beautiful wheels too. I happened to see a Testarossa steaming down the A303 a few weeks back. They really do sound awesome! Thanks for the share Dino


Probably handles better now. Those were always pigs so they are hard to "ruin".


Most likely it's making it even worse.

Lowering it solves nothing in regards to the CG position (which as Dino says is way too high) and probably places the roll centre even further down, making it roll even more.

Not much short of messing with suspension geometry will solve that car's handling issues.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yes because the engine was mounted way too high, on top of the gearbox. Should handle like a peach now haha


yay for the slammed ferrari

Carlos Malfitani

This is the definitive proof that money does not bring good taste and knowledge.... This asshole transform a piece of art above wheels into a big piece of shit... congratulation for your dumbass attitude!


Look pal, if you don't like what you're seeing, either take your hate elsewhere, or log off your computer and get out of your mom's basement. Thank you.

Christian Gonzalez

It truly is a beautiful car i love Ferrari but those classics are amazing the are a dream and you turned it into something better something downright gorgeous love the engine the stance is epic and it really is a cool car and your the lucky one who owns it


Pure. Hot. Garbage.

Christian Clark

My opinion? I like the front half, and absolutely hate the back. Especially aired out. I didn't mind the bags, but dat camber yo looks hella stoopit in da rear.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I'd assume that when it's set to drive height that camber lol

Christian Clark

It's the rear quarter. It's just so awkward with the upswept edge.


I'm in between on these cars...I applaud someone doing what they want and especially if it's clean as this car is, but on the other hand the stance and cambering fads of the day confound me as they look cartoonish, and obviously would not work well mechanically if run that way which obviously they don' why even do this craziness?
Anyway, I hate nothing but if I had this car, I would not do this type of thing to it for sure...but then again, what else would/could you do with a frickin' Testarossa????

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Why? To get attention :)


So, you're saying driving up in a Testarossa isn't gonna get you enough attention?
SOMEONE needs a big hug then, because nothing will satisfy...ha ha.


dope, very dope. now i just have to save enough money to give my eighties wedge( mk2 supra) the stance it deserves to look even better than factory :)

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Oh they had a stunning one at the show on 17-inch BBS. I'll add a shot in for you on the last post I'll do, the event round up. Keep an eye out for it ;)


I don't remember anyone complaining that Ferraris weren't low enough, but hey, no hate. Great job!


It's bagged, so just raise it up and it won't look like trendy shit anymore. Save the terrible stance for clapped-out VWs.


IF I HAD A TESTAROSSA, I SURE AS HELL........yes mom, the pancakes with Nutella, yes I'm almost done with my homework, one moment.


How to ruin a beautiful car. Should put to jail person who do things like that.


Honest to God, enough - this is grotesque. The Testarossa's stock ride height is fine.

I'm starting to think of slamming a car as the vehicular equivalent of a beautiful girl getting tattoos - she looked great the way she was, but she's gone and fucked herself up for the sake of some atrocious fad.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Sorry to say, but there is nothing "fine" with a Testarossa's stock ride height. And that goes for most Ferraris, they all ride way too high, pitch and roll excessively. They owner addressed the problem in his unique way


This world is full of close minded guys that think they are "true car guys". They think they are. And building shit. I give this thumbs up! Fck yeah I say! Do it as you will, who gives a shit what people think.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Loving your take on it :)


Thanks Dino. When we've been building cars for a long time, we just do it quietly; our own way.


Im not a fan of airride but everyone should know for themselfs what to do with their ride,but on such a high end car like a Testarossa you may expect a fancier Airbox setup it looks so cheap ass,to use these items


So when i got this right, he just lowered his Testarossa and put some other wheels on it and everyone says "wow!". I did change my wheels too and my exhaust is a Blitz Nür Spec but let me tell you, no person on earth said "wow!". Whats the point here? i dont get it.


It's a nice looking car, but it isn't anymore of a build than the kid that shows up to your local meet in a Jetta on air with 3 piece wheels and an intake with a Heineken mini keg for a heat shield.