How To Slam A Ferrari
Sacrilegious Or Simply Awesome?

Warning: Anyone who considers themselves an automotive purist might want to hit the back button at the top left of the screen before you become irate with what you’re about to see. I’m not even going to try and defend it, because this 1991 Ferrari 348 TS is absolutely nuts.

Ginpei Yamaguchi is the man behind this one-of-a-kind onikyan-style 348, and over the past couple of days I’ve been able to spend some time with him in Hokkaido, the northernmost of Japan’s main islands.


My mission, to figure out why on earth anyone would dare to take a Pininfarina-designed stallion and modify it in such a controversial way.

SH_Ginpei_Ferrari_Image 2

For as long as Ginpei-san can remember, he has loved three things in the automotive world: drifting, stance and classic cars. As his company Slacker’s Haunt has grown, it’s allowed him to indulge in these three loves, and over the years he’s purchased a fleet of Silvias, JZXs, Supras, air-cooled 911s and even a couple of 1600 GTs. However, the one car that always eluded him was a Ferrari.


Ginpei-san had no interest in newer Ferraris – to him they’ve just lost too much of their driving purity to an overabundance electronic driver aids.


So when a stock 348 TS popped up on his radar three years ago, he knew he couldn’t let the opportunity to purchase the car pass him by. But not even a few months into ownership, Ginpei-san became bored with the car’s stock looks and decided it was time to go wild.

The first thing that Ginpei-san wanted to change was the exhaust. As a workshop owner, it was no problem for him to fabricate a one-off x-pipe system for the 348, and the custom exhaust not only allows the 3.4-liter V8 to breathe better, but it’s also raised the noise to extraordinary levels. Check out the video below and you’ll see what I’m getting at…

Everything remains calm and reasonably civilized up to 3,000rpm, but as the revs rise beyond there all hell begins to break loose.

SH_Ginpei_Ferrari_Image 6

From 5,000rpm the unmistakeable sound of a Ferrari F1 V8 erupts from the quad-tip exhaust, with the sole purpose of destroying ear drums. Every day Ginpei-san picked me up from my hotel, I could hear the car coming from the 5th floor while he was still a good couple of minutes away.

As you’d expect, the Ferrari’s noise hasn’t gone down well with Ginpei-san’s neighbors or the local police, so he’s added a valve system to quieten the car down when it needs to be. Similar to the cable brake system on a bicycle, with a quick pull, the exhaust is partially silenced.


With that taken care of, it was time to fix the stock ride height of the 348.


Since there really isn’t an aftermarket suspension kit on the market that would take the Ferrari down to the height Ginpei-san wanted it to be (and let’s face it, why would there be?), he decided the quickest way to get the desired result was to go old school and just cut the springs. This was a decision he instantly regretted though, as the ride quality turn to absolute garbage.

SH_Ginpei_Ferrari_Image 12

Desperate to rectify the situation, he borrowed the suspension from a JZX Toyota sitting outside his shop and shockingly rode around for two years with the temporary fix.

SH_Ginpei_Ferrari_Image 14

But last December he decided to finally get things sorted by adapting an hydraulic system.

Stupid Low
SH_Ginpei_Ferrari_Image 13

Ginpei-san’s 348 is stupid low. There is simply no other way to accurately describe it. When it is completely slammed, the subframe which protects the engine block and transmission is only a few millimeters away from touching the ground.


Even at driving height the 348 is still incredibly low, which means you have to always be on the look out for anything resembling a dip or bump in the road. Miss one and you’ll be met with the loudest bang as the subframe smacks the pavement.


The next item on the agenda was widening the rear fenders to tightly accommodate a set of 19×12.5-inch Work Wheels VS-XXs – Ginpei-san’s all-time favorite wheel.


Wanting to keep the body lines of the 348 as natural looking as possible, he took the car to the workshop of a friend with several years’ experience cutting and widening fenders.

This is the last chance for you to hit the back button…


After marking the fender into eight equal sections, the lower part of the fender was cut and then split in half, making it easier to pull away. Then, with the fender cuts made, it was simply a case of bashing the metal into shape.


By attaching the VS-XX wheels, they could then visually see how far the fenders needed to be massaged outwards for the perfect fitment. In total, around 20mm of extra width was gained at each side.


From the first cuts to the final finishing, the entire process took around five months. For how reckless the process sounded, I have to say that the end result is absolutely stunning in person.

The interior remains mostly in stock condition and is still in the process of being restored, which explains why some of the switches don’t work correctly or are not in their proper places. A Nardi Classic steering wheel replaces the Ferrari original.

SH_Ginpei_Ferrari_Image 22

Nothing beats a gated shifter, as every time you shift from 1st to 2nd gear, you are rewarded with the most satisfying of mechanical clunks. Combined with the F1-esque sounds coming out of the exhaust, you have yourself one hell of a fun car to drive.

Rough Riding

This is probably the part of the story where I should ask you to stay open-minded and just appreciate the hard work and gumption that it took for Ginpei-san to do what he has with his 348, but to be frank, this car has some real shortcomings.


For starters, the ride quality is just plain horrible. I spent a few days riding around in the 348, but I could never get use to the scraping and banging as the subframe duked it out with the pavement. It was mechanical torture.

And then there’s the noise. Even with the valves in quiet mode, it’s just too loud. In fact, my ears still hurt!


But with that all said, I have never had so much fun in a sports car in my entire life. I’ve been blessed to ride in and drive a laundry list of cars, and I can tell you that nothing has put a bigger smile on my face than Ginpei-san’s onikyan Ferrari.


Driving around in the 348 is like being the main star in The Truman Show. Everywhere you go, people stop in their tracks and stare, give thumbs ups, and take pictures and shoot videos. In fact, I lost track of how many times I waved back to bystanders when Ginpei-san revved the Ferrari V8 up to 6,000rpm at the lights.

SH_Ginpei_Ferrari_Image 31

It may not be to everyone’s liking, and as I’ve said, it’s far from perfect, but when riding in this 348, you can’t help but laugh and smile. And that’s exactly how a sports car is supposed to make you feel, right?

Ron Celestine
Instagram: celestinephotography

Slacker’s Haunt 1991 Ferrari 348 TS

Max Power: 300hp, Max Torque: 235 ft-lb

Ferrari 3.4-liter V8, Slacker’s Haunt custom x-pipe exahust system, valve-actuated silencer

5-speed transverse manual gearbox

Slacker’s Haunt custom hydraulic system

Work Wheels VS-XX 19×10-inch (front), 19×12.5-inch (rear)

Factory Ferrari 348 TS, custom widened rear fenders

Factory Ferarri 348 TS, Nardi Classic steering wheel

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Great Article I Love It


RoughIdea thank you ! I appreciate it!


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I'm no purist, and so I love these kind of cars, but really, that's tool low. Would do much better (inmy taste) with less negative camber and a bit higher (but still sitting low, of course). Great article :) Btw, any idea of how much time his tires last? haha


ruining a classic for a passing trend but those with more money than sense will always exist... I do like seeing the way the work is carried out though, more pictures of the process would be cool :)  

also what`s the deal with all this current clickbait s**t on every SH comment section lately?


Esawo hahah Thank you and a bit higher would do wonders! Well luckily, this is just one of the many cars he owns so they last a long time. After we finished driving around and taking pictures, we promptly switched cars to something much more comfortable and quite


[Message to the extremely butthurt people] If all you're going to say is negative stuff like "What a dumb car". Can you just leave please, that'd be much appreciated thanks. Just say some constructive criticism on how it's not to your tastes instead of a swear filled comment.


.... I'm not a purist. I own a subaru outback lol. This however is where I draw the line. The owner must have a throbbing erection when people don't like his car, which is alarming and as gross as the car. 

Should have published this on the old hellaflush blog..
sorry, i'll be back for the next gallery lol.


This makes me uncomfortable. I fear it's going to scrape a bump and then fester with rust.


Mitsuru The only type of criticism on a vehicle like this is constructive...


@mememe Yeah. When we were looking for pictures, that's all Ginpei-San had that he could find. So we made it work ^_^
Also, I also have no idea..We are currently looking into it and trying to solve it as soon as possible!


Archer: "Testa-gross-a"
Boom! phrasing.


Being a dogleg, I doubt the 1-2 gearshift is the most satisfying


johnbezt haha one would think that right?? When I was with Ginpei-San and told him the amount of flak that was coming his way, he just laughed and said it was ok. He combined two things he loved and that was that. Cant argue with logic right ^_^?


I feel conflicted.
One one hand I love the work that's been done on the fenders and the wheels suit the car perfectly.
One the other I really wish he'd thought the suspension setup through better - it seems half-assed compared to the wheels/bodywork. A new air setup and he could have the scope for slamming it right down and still be able to raise it high enough to drive it like a Ferrari should be driven. Something which I imagine he struggles with currently.
Great images Ron - love the bridge location!


Mitsuru Constructive criticism? Fair enough.

He should put the stock suspension back in and upgrade it with new bushings and coilovers, thus regaining actual driveability. Since the factory fenders are junk at this point, get some overfenders. 

And remember, you want the wheels and tires as close to perpendicular to the road surface as possible at all times. The point is to put as much tread in contact with the road as you can to maximize grip.

A few more power upgrades wouldn't hurt either, because 235 lb-ft is pretty limp-wristed.


There's a detailed progress gallery somewhere in the depths of Facebook. I'll be back should I find it and not get ambushed by cat memes.


Ron Celestine johnbezt So any criticism, no matter how legitimate or well-thought-out, gets brushed off as "haters gonna hate," huh?

Please don't let this guy near a Testarossa or an F40.


Jordan_Butters Thank you Jordan. Coming from you that means a lot to me!
Honestly, he was thinking of doing an air setup but he said he couldn't figure out a way to get it to work without having to hack a lot of stuff up (more than they already did lol)


Ice Age Ron Celestine johnbezt Nope not at all lol. I even said I'm not gonna defend it. It is what it is. Hate it or love it, it's just what one guy decided to do with his Ferrari :)


Mitsuru  "For starters, the ride quality is just plain horrible. I spent a few days riding around in the 348, but I could never get used to the scraping and banging as the subframe duked it out with the pavement. It was mechanical torture." Meaning the car is basically only good when it's parked ... That has to be the definition of a dumb car and I nonetheless respect the owner's take on what a car should be like.


DaveT If you find it by all means upload it! We had went through his profile together and could only find this one. Doesn't mean it doesnt exit ;)


Ron Celestine Ice Age johnbezt I'm gonna go ahead and say most people aren't gonna like it. Also we don't snap photos of cars for a living, so to us this is just one of many posts about stupid cars that you guys had fun taking pictures of.


I think it looks amazing. There's something just...
It's the contrast between the stanced look and the classic car. Where the rims meet the fenders is like a magical spot where your brain is trying to figure out what on earth is going on. 
And of course the sheer audacity has me metaphorically clapping, too! 
Great angles on those bridge shots btw :)


johnbezt Ice Age Oh I already knew that most people aren't going to like it. Makes not defending it a lot easier lol.


e_alex Thank you !! It does leave the brain wondering what on earth is going on. I thought that everyday I woke up and went for a drive lol


Some of that radiation leakage must have gotten into this guys brain. He could have made the car good and low, really low, without all that stupid negative camber on the rear, he just doesn't know how to do so seemingly.
This car has double wishbones front and rear and can have a much more normal, acceptable, rational camber angles (and still be LOW) than a strut equipped car. And why have it so low that its scraping stuff while driving? Raise it up just an inch and it would still look killer and be much more functional.
This seems like one of those Junkyard TV show builds.


Well...this looks very strange to me. I am a purist, i find 348 very beautiful in it's original condition. The specific car though it is not so 'bad' and i will explain the reason. Ok, it is a little bit wide (!) and the ride height is ridiculous low BUT i am really happy to see it on the road and not in a garage sitting and waiting a car show to be in static position.

However i really don't see the reason on doing such a thing in a Ferrari.

The article, the pictures and the feauture in general is tunning and well written. I like it!


Ron Celestine johnbezt Ice Age Should have just not posted it.


GregoryS Thank you, I really appreciate it ^_^ And I can totally get with that. One would think a Ferrari is designed for one thing and one thing only. However, it's always interesting (to me anyways) to see why people decide to do what they have done. Sometimes, the reasoning is as simple as "I just wanted to do it" and that's good enough for me !


johnbezt Ice Age Oh but where is the fun in that ^__^?


But that "Ferrari F1" engine sound!


Right ?! (≧▽≦)


I dig the car but i prefer much less camber and a slight lift in height. Wonder how many people smashed their screens and grit their teeth reading this?


"How not to slam a car" is a better title for this article. Looks so stupid.


Lol I think a great deal of people to be honest


Well ... it IS a 348.  So for all we know it could actually handle BETTER now.   Good for Ginpei, looks like he's having fun.


"How to de-value a Ferrari"


It's just a Ferrari guys, it's not like it's a proper Ferrari either, in its usual guise it's an expensive lawn ornament, at least this way it's getting driven.
More of this lunacy!
(Also where was all this hate when the heart of a stallion was ripped from its chest and thrown into a Toyota.... or is that acceptable because the engine means less then the body?)


Drive it off the parking lot?


i like the looks a lot. nice written article. only one thing, that camber looks way more than -2 degrees on the back. I am sure he cant go full throttle with that thing let alone hit 6000rpm. That car would spin instantly expecially on rainy weather.


"Some of that radiation leakage must have gotten into this guys brain"
Wow dude.
Just.... wow.


Not my thing but I have to admit, those fitment shots are really satisfying


I hate the concept of this car. The base vehicle is not attractive to me (though I'd struggle to call it ugly,) the ride height hurts my brain, the camber is something I generally find stupid.

... and yet, I love that this was done. Screw the purists, it's not a rare Ferrari. Screw the haters, they don't have to suffer the spinal compression from hitting a bump. If it makes Ginpei-san happy, then it's a wonderful car.


Japanese really are crazy, not into slammed cars but this guys likes it and his car, he's got my respect for that! :)


Does anybody else find it really ironic that he won't buy a modern Ferrari because the electronics ruin the driving purity, and then modifies it to the point it can't be driven hard anyway? I don't mean that as a knock against the build, I just found it amusing.


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NicholasMaher "STOP LIKING WHAT I DON'T!" the post


NicholasMaher "STOP LIKING WHAT I DON'T!" the post


johnbezt Ha, that also translates to "Big head" in


johnbezt Ron Celestine Ice Age Should've just not clicked on the link. But you just HAD to write your opinion down, because you crave the attention huh..


Touché !
That's any car. Although, ferrari (any model) are limited production and are unique in there options. They don't necessarily degrade in value. (That's per Ferrari of Palm Beach.)


Good thing 348s are "cheap" because he will never get his money back. Good on him for doing something different and I am not hating on the trying part, but it honestly looks bad. It just doesn't look right that low.


The local Ferrari dealerships second hand models are definitely cheaper then the new ones, however the really special ones do tend to accumulate I agree.
I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself.


I might sign up for a second account so I can like that again. F#%k yes man, F#%k yes.


I prefer doing a slammed look with full coilovers or a restructured suspension layout or just airbags. However, Ginpei-san killed it with the hydraulic suspension.


Sure, mileage dependent.
A Ford Mustand with 250,000 miles has lost significant value. A Ferrari with 10,000 miles is similar.
A Toyota Corolla off the lot could lose 10% of its value. A Ferrari won't because someone can buy the Ferrari off the owner MUCH easier than from the dealership. It's actually difficult to buy a Ferrari from the dealership, even with the funds. If I could buy a new 488gtb now, I can sell in a month for the same or more. Im sure you knew that, you seem to know a lot on this topic.


Hell breaks loose when you slam that into a corner and the wheels come off/CV joints lock up


its a 348, one of the most crapped on Ferraris, but then some ppl suddenly get upset when it gets done up...


very good feeling , good job


The only thing I don't like about this car is the dapper sticker! I still can not grasp what this is. It seems to just pop up on cars and for me it ruins them, I'm not sure why, but it does. Otherwise, very cool car and a brave man....some great work went into those fenders and the wheels suit perfectly.


Because never the less it's still a Ferrari.. *sigh* lol


Right?! And that is truly the most important thing ^^


Haha best comment yet!


Lucky it wasn't wet when we redlined it ;)


See there you go lol. I just asked him and he didn't know about it lol.. good look!


This is so stupid lol


I spent the last two years driving a stupidly low car and almost all non car people love them, kids especially.

It taught me to read the road surface even more than riding a motorcycle did and it also taught me to appreciate stock ride height cars! The only problem is that you really can't push the car on anything but a circuit.

I normally wouldn't pay any attention to a 348 but this thing would definitely make me late for whatever I was supposed to be doing. Great project, well executed, love it!


I like cars. I like when people modify cars. I'm no purist. Engine swaps, lowering suspension, fender flares and aero bits on your body, on and on, I really enjoy the wide variety of genres of modifying. I come to speedhunters to enjoy all of it. There is an amazing amount of skilled and wild creations out there and I respect and appreciate all of them. Except this. Bending the wheels like that is sad on any car, more so on a Ferrari.


I usually don't comment but man oh man...The opening picture instantly grabbed my attention. I also usually don't care about stanced cars but this one...It just looks soooooooo good! I am not sure what it is but fuck this thing LOOKS GOOD. Perfect wheel choice and the gold face matches perfectly with the yellow emblem and the red color. I love it. Let the haters hate, this car is amazing, at least in the looks department.


@funyboyke you the real mvp


I actually like the way car looks and sounds. I think if he owner added that wing on the chaser with the missing bumper it would add to the no fuk's given attitude he's already started. This car is so bonkers. Thanks for the find! I really can't wait to see what else Japan's hiding from radar!


>they’ve just lost too much of their driving purity 

The irony is palpable.


Stupid low, yes. But then this really makes the car stand out. How many slammed Ferraris exist in this world? Exactly!


People threat Ferrari's like they are deities and the greatest things on earth and they are Not, And talk about Enzo like if he was Gandhi. And he wasn't he was a Big Douche im sure Ferruccio will agree.
As for the article itself: Ron set out, to figure out why on earth anyone would dare to take a Pininfarina-designed stallion and modify it in such a controversial way.?
The answer is pretty simple really. Because they are just Cars, no matter if it is a ferrari, lambo, pagani, alfa, merc, jag its just a dam car. Even if it is sign and bless by the pope it means nothing and would not make any difference or drive any diferent. Might as well get it bless by Burt Reynolds. Regardless it will still be a Car.
Personally I don't like the Camber thing swag...but is not my car. Even so I found it super yes scrape the frame chip the paint, be loud and ride it hard...its just a car and is nice to see someone who dares to be diferrent.


I don't care if it was a Ferrari or a Daewoo, that looks awful.


This is a show case how to look insane of what people can do
to get attention and pleasure to doing it but in fact, we cannot be pleased of driving
it especially Ferrari. I have a car with too damn low and became to pleases my
eyes only, not to driving it.


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No one gave a shit what car your uncle got. Only idiots brags about what other people have.
Seriously why Speedhunters is allowing this Scam propaganda? This section is to positively comment on the articles not to adverice Scams.


Sounds like its struggling to keep in that curry it had last night... ;-)


"Speed" Hunters...


I'm afraid you are replying to a spam bot


I know...still feels good to do it.
The point is that is gettibg annoying and they should be block.


If you like onikyan style I think it looks better with same size wheels on 4 corners


I live in an area where super cars are dailys for some and hyper cars are kind of common too.
For instance I'm sat here on the high street currently, happily drinking my coffee, eating a breakfast of doughnut and a Noble just pulled into a disabled spot.
First world problems eh?


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Lol right??


Here here!!


Haha yea that would make - fuks to give if he put that wing on. No problem! Finding rare and bazaar things is what I love to do in Japan ^^


The fact that it got you to comment on the post is great! Truly appreciate it! m(_ _)m




EliThanos  Preach!


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The title should be: How to ruin a Ferrari. What a shame change the beautiful car for ugly cr.. :x


The wheels are perfect but the camber/suspension setup is hideous and not functional.


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How To Torture A Ferrari Purist Without Fitting Liberty Walk Body-Kit.


I'm not a purist, far from it, and I would be completely okay with this if it was done properly and tastefully. I've seen more effort put into Golf Mk1s.


If there's anything you need, I can... google it for you :p


Oooooaaaarrrrrr Sweeeeeet it bess. I would drive it everyday with a huge smile on my face great article.


Not for me I'm afraid, a lot of work has gone into it and I do appreciate that,b but no...


Appreciating is a step above the rest! I'll take that :)


Hahaha i wouldn't everyday but it def does put a smile on your face. I love this thing! Thank you btw!


Hahahaha that's a good one ^=^


Because I will never get to drive it, I am just going to comment on what I can see. It looks epic, I get nothing but unadulterated joy looking at this. A Ferrari, as described by a kid.


I'll keep that next time when I'm writhing an article ;) thanks !


Mmmmm... add the stickers from the red motor bike on the Akira movie then it's perfect! Love the craziness. Variety is the spice of life people


can you guys post another gallery...


Would be nice if he fixed the camber.


Ron Celestine johnbezt Ice Age so... you have an erection too?


@Dom johnbezt Ron Celestine Ice Age I like to at least take a look at the things I see here and then comment. I can comment just like Mr Celestine can post the gallery. Nobody is losing sleep here.


@Tqmm stancehunters


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fajiteyub Ujean Word? Really? But i'm about dat GT3 money doe, so i'ma have to pass on that, but thanx


GT3 Money, that's a major key.


I normally don't post negative comments, but man I really dislike this car! I am not against modifying Ferraris or anything, it just looks crap.


late to party - will be cool in year 2006


I like the wheels, but the suspension setup is just idiotic. I can appreciate the idea of wanting it to be as low as possible, but taking a car known for it's handling and throwing it's engineering out in favour of backyard style stance mods just seems counterproductive.
 A decent set of coilovers replacing the hydraulic set up and a bit more common sense with the camber and exhaust would make this car amazing IMO.


NickGalea Same as SUVs, SUVs are known for it's off road capability, but people still buy SUV for carrying a lot of groceries and never took the car off roading.


I wouldn't want to drive it but I am glad that someone does.  This is hilarious.  It's so absurd.  I love it.


Smiggins The excessive camber is the only thing I don't like about these type of builds. Ground scrapping height on a ferrari doesn't bother me at all, I just can't stand the wheel angles.

I cringe just thinking about the noises that would be coming from scrapping down the road driving these type of cars.


its a disgrace to the marque...


People here are complaining about the suspension setup not being functional as if the guy who built it isn't aware of this... I'm pretty sure he knows, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't care that you guys are pointing it out :) If you want a slammed and functional Ferrari, Liberty Walk has your back. This isn't one of those.

It's a mind boggling build, and I love it. I'm glad the Japanese shops don't read or act based on the comments on automotive websites; otherwise, there wouldn't be any originality or absurdity in their builds :)


EliThanos It is a car by definition, but by no means is it just a car.  To make your point of view make sense, you have to qualify that rationale by either being rich enough to buy a Ferrari and fuck it up like old boy did, or you have no concept of reality...basically you're talking out the side of your neck.  

Would you by that for your kid as their first car, or drive that to a park and ride to catch a train for work, or would you lend it to a friend who's in town because it was your "extra" car?  Probably not.  A Ferrari may not be the greatest thing on Earth, and who gives a shit if "Enzo" was a douche?  What does that have to do with your point?


I don't get all this purist chatter around here lately...

But before I get to that, does anyone else here think that was the weakest drive by ever???

Why does someone have to be labeled a purist if they hate the mods done to a car?  If they don't improve the car, or sacrifice the whole point of the car in the first place, then it's a failure.

The car looks juvenile and rides like shit, as stated above.  The best feature was the seamless fender flares.  If RC never highlighted that it was done, I would have never picked up on it.  They were so subtle and clean.  Good job on that Mr. Yamaguchi...but then there's that other thing...


Oh yeah, that other thing...

"Ginpei-san had no interest in newer Ferraris – to him they’ve just lost too much of their driving purity to an overabundance electronic driver aids."

Why bother writing that...? Because that car's "driving purity" does not exist whatsoever...


I guess I can entertain the notion for fun and try to answer some of the questions:)
1) The car was cold and he didn't want to run it to hard till it warmed up. Running on a tight schedule, I forgot to get one of us blasting around. My bad .
2) the whole thing of a purist basically can have a wide range of interpretation right? Your definition of what a purist could be different than a lot of people's here which is totally cool and fine. It is what it is but one definition would be since it's a Ferrari (yes not the better ones but never the less) it should never be modified. Only restored and be driving on a beautiful Sunday morning.
3) Because it is what he told me lol. Just after a while, he got bored with it just stock so... What you see is what happens when Ginpei-San gets bored with one of his cars ;)
Hope that helps!


Lol right?? One of the many things I love living here. They do what ever they want to because it makes them happy! Nothing wrong with that right(^^)?


Lol this is very true. I appreciate the formality in Mr. And to answer the erection question, No, I do not lol.


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To be fair, it's a 348. No-one likes the 348.
So if he made it more interesting, fair play to him.


Why in the living...
This whole slammed thing is really getting out of hand! 
I know it's his car and all but c'mon!

Ugly, ridiculous and above all ruined!


Ugly AF


Roman64 EliThanos
It's all perspective isn't it? Lets say cars start at a few hundred dollars. tuner cars a few thousand for a cheap one, 20k plus if you buy new. Spend twice that on mods as many (cars on this site) do.. In the U.S, 348's are 65K. New super cars maybe 10 times, Hyper cars 20?
So where does it really sit on the scale then?
Also, the specs -

!400kg (3100 lb)
300 HP
Fiberglass and Alu' body over perimeter chassis.
Fiat (Italy's GM) switch gear etc
It'd have a hard time taking the fight to an STI or decent EVO, and whilst the construction method is more "exoctic" the quality is actually lower.
My point, the styling is something special, and the brand has some mystique. But it actually is "just a car".
I'd go as far as to say that what it's really built for, is posing, and it probably does an even better job of that now than it did stock.


Just came back again to say how much I love this and how much I adore the absurdity.  It can only be absurd for a certain amount of time before there is a certain acclimatization to the absurdity that renders it more mundane, so while the absurdity is in full effect I will rejoice in it.  Blessed be the absurd.


As per one of the titles, it is STUPID low. But yeah, its certainly not a practical height. Looks great for static shows but it wouldn't survive more than 200yds on some of the roads arouns good ol Surrey!

I always loved the 348 and being the car that preceded the 355 it shares a lot of characteristics. I think the F355 was Ferraris way of addressing all of the short-comings of the 348. but hey, lovely car.

Reason I like them so much is on my paper rounds as a snotty nosed 14 year old back in the early 90's, a bungalow I used to deliver to had 2 parked out the front!!! Yes 2 dark blue 348tb! Owned by a father and son they could occasionally be heard ragging them during the early hours of a Sunday morning around our local village. Best alarm clock ever! My point being that even with standard pipes these things are quite loud, sheesh


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Ron Celestine @  I agree with Ginpei-san, newer Ferraris are awful, but I guess the electronic driver aid thing can be so for pretty much all modern cars. That being said I personally think all new Ferraris with the exception of maybe the 458 are just ugly!!! What were they thinking with the La Ferrari! La Stupid more like, looks like a beached sunseaker yacht!!

At least this car has some presence about it, even when it was standard

but yeah, thats just my opinion right???


I can't argue with this logic lol


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I'm all for modifying anything, but this isn't proper stance.
Stance = correct fitment of wheels/adjusting of suspension so you have a wheel CENTERED in the wheel arch, with minimal/even wheel gap.
This cambered out look just looks like some 17 year old kid rolling around in a rusty econobox, screaming for attention.  The wheels are too big.  The car is too low.  There is too much camber.
The sad thing is if he had done the exact same build with smaller wheels, and focused on getting the wheel to sit FLUSH with the bodywork and have an even wheel gap, it would have looked amazing.


EliThanos It looks dumb.  The wheels are not centered, they do not sit flush with the bodywork.


Don't like the car (Some modded Ferrari's are very cool, but this is too far and it has too little workmanship to be appreciated). But I love reading this article, thanks Ron for bringing the oddballs to SH, it's very entertaining to read and look at sometimes.


Looks like Pistorius walking without the blades


Haha no problem (^^) Glad you could at least enjoy the article!


DecMcClure I like the 348... not this one, but I like other ones.


Seems like a lazy build. Over the years he's done a lot to it and kudos for that, but he kept messing up on the road to the final product. Cutting springs, mock JZX suspension. Lack of focus. Even the wheel choice looks like it's missing something from it.


ADDvanced Is there a rulebook for ruining a car with "stance"...?  Or is there a pamphlet that is handed out to new VW owners?  Who made these rules, and therefore whose opinion do these rules reflect?


@Fabrik8 ADDvanced Yes, actually there is.  Go to school for industrial design.  Learn proportions, learn how to sketch.  Often times the initial concept sketches of the car are most true to the designers vision.  This is why concept sketches look great, but the actual production car never looks as good.  Wheel diameter is compromised for ride comfort and cost, same with the stance of the car itself.  
Almost EVERY automotive designer sketches cars with the lip of the wheel FLUSH with the bodywork, vertical (no dumb amount of camber), and the wheel centered in the wheel arches.  This is the original intent of that vehicle.  Through production, many compromises are made for various reasons.  
This car, however, does not reflect any of that.  Instead it takes cues from race cars, but exaggerates every aspect to the point of absurdity because the owner is obviously an attention whore.


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bold move to create an art piece out of a driving machine, that's all I can say...


This dude should sell bandaids for all the booboos the haters get when they see this car. Could probably buy another car from the bandaids for booboos funds.
Sick car, love it.


if we were all purists all cars would be basically the same. and therefore boring as hell and there would be no car culture just people driving in the same "purist" car. i love the 1 of a kind cars because it keeps car culture a culture not a copy and paste club.


ReeceMann to slam a car for looks has become copy and paste in my eyes. insert car A + slam said car = instagram famous/internet famous. Engineered to slide has a gorgeous toyota ute that is soooo complex in it's formula that you can't just call it slammed. That car is culture, that's refinement, that's some hard shit to pull off. This car is simple addition.


I'm not even gonna scroll through the comments, It's not worth it but with that said keep up the good work


@Fabrik8 Ain't that the truth !!!!


I'm all for the new overly stance theme, but i draw the line for when it comes to this ferrari, there are just some you do not do. Plus it doesn't even look good,


Its ugly but its still interesting to see how it was done.


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**I get to say that every single mistake I made modifying my car at 16, became desirable to everyone else in my 40's**........... strange place to be


STUPID LOW is the new cool!


@Fabrik8 I lol'ed at "Or is there a pamphlet that is handed out to new VW owners?"


I'm surprised that anyone can get paid $4128 in 1 month on the internet


I'm no purist.I put rims and lower most cars I own. I also get parking hard and looking good slammed. 
However, I don't get the point of putting hydraulics to raise it to "driving height" yet still having to dodge imperfections and ride like shit. Sounds like it was poorly thought out.


DecMcClure Do you even know what's the retail on one of those?  :P
tbh, I always loved the 348. Classic Ferrari, it looks better than F40 to me.


Nice fender work! And to hell with anyone who thinks fezzas should be treated as sacrosanct.
But, why does anyone think this level of negative camber looks good?


This article should be called 'The Most Complicated Way to Slam a Ferrari Like Shit'...


What a piece of shit. The sad thing now in the automotive world is anything that is "different" gets attention and you can't knock it because it's "different" and everyone is entitled to do whatever they want. Piece of shit. Send it to the scrap yard and donate the parts to someone who actually wants to use this car for what it was made to do. The automotive equivalent of throwing trash in a public park and calling it "modern art."


Oh, the irony. A disabled driver in his "supercar" (if you consider a Noble a supercar). I think it earns the title.
I can second your empathy. I see more exotics than I care to these days. I get more excited about an old, clean R33 or NSX. The snow birds come here to use their Lambos and Ferraris for a week or a month, then store them away.
Although, there is one man who uses the shit out of his 360 Modena. He is my hero.


@Cityworker u must be fun at parties


Nah a noble is clearly a sports car, a great one (well, for me it is, as it's a less seen one for me...) but a sports car none the less. It being in a disabled spot didn't bother me, i own performance cars and am disabled too but it was the ridiculousness of it when it was pointed out to me.
And I totally agree - I'm more impressed by the rare to me then the rare to the world. I realised this when i was on a bus once (broken leg) and was stuck behind a black on black Zonda who had taken a wrong turn and found itself inside a housing estate with speed humps.... all I could think was "I hope this doesn't make me late for my appointment"


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@Cityworker You're trolling, right?


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It'd look amazing if the wheels werent so tilty.... the rolling shots look better for that reason. I think it's pretty cool.



Well, let me just clarify. There is two kinds of disabled people in my opinion.

1) Someone who suffered a severe accident and has lost mental and/or physical ability, war Vet who suffers from PTSD or a combination of the both, etc. Two of my good friends fall into each category. One who has a 600-700 blown hemi in a Dodge Dart.

2) A old fuck who can't see 2 feet in front of them and still insists on operating a motor vehicle. Usually this type can't see over the steering wheel and drives around in a long-wheel-base S-Class Mercedes. They tend to block passing lanes and stop in the middle of the road where one should never do so. Those types are usually the majority of super-car owners where I live.

Do you catch my drift? That's what comes to mind when you mentioned the Noble. They are a safety hazard to other motorist. As well as the teen's and their smart-phones.

1, I'm okay with. They don't tend to cause harm on the motorways.

2, Well...I worry for my safety.

LOL The Zonda encounter.


I think it's wonderful to see people doing pretty extreme stuff to high-end cars these days, but this is bringing arguably the worst part of car culture to too good a car. Sure, it may not be the best Ferrari (I still think it looks great), but it's not an MR2. I'm sorry, but I just see "more money than sense" here.


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Ugh. They even put the f****ing dapper sticker on her. Poor poor car. I
wonder if the owner understands the irony of proclaiming to have
preferred an older Ferrari versus the newer models for reasons of
driving purity, and then completely f***ing it up to the point of
undriveable. I wasted the few minutes of my life to read the article on
it... the kid actually started off with cutting the f***ing springs, and
when that revealed itself as a bad idea to him, he went and bolted on a
suspension out of a Toyota midsize sedan as a holdover to putting in
the bags. WTF? 
That poor rear frame area and supporting structure to the
bodywork is so fragile to those sorts of impacts from smacking off the
pavement to the driver's amusement, I'm sure his bodywork around the back end where the buttresses
meet quarter panel and rear of the engine lid is completely cracked
from fatiguing the steel skin, and tweaking all of the small gauge
welded tube structure. I would have been better off drinking bleach for
those few minutes of reading time.


@Cityworker Don't worry, slamming that rear frame off the pavement will soon have the small gauge steel tube body structure effed, and roof buttress/quarter panel/tail skins completely fatigued and cracked through. The poor car will be scrap metal soon enough. It deserved better.


ReeceMann You know that there are so many other, more creative, more talent-demanding, yielding more automotive significance and progress, that actually enhance aesthetic, a function, and a pedigree, than destroying (literally, physically) the car with cut springs or some half-baked adaptation out of a Toyota family mid-size or to the final point of laying it out with bags and a setup destined to abuse it to scrap before long.

Not stance or doriftbro does not = purist.


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What are you on about? 348 is a GREAT Ferrari. Last of the old school analogs from before the old man died, and LdM changed direction.




Bandaids? More like Blandaids for his lack of imagination.


Welcome to the real world, snowflake. U0001f627U0001f627


348 is great. Fantastic old school exotic.


pretty awesome car, i bet its amazing to see in person.  Japanese people don't care what other people think, they put their passion first and build cars the way they personally want to.  you can bitch all day, but this ferarri gives its owner a big ass smile, and thats what really matters


I found a Ferrari on a while back for stu[id cheap. My girlfriend begged me not to get it but i did! These mods are sweet but I caould never afford them lol


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@F40nut Couldn't agree with you more. RIP Ferrari.


This may be the first time I have actually wanted someone's car to get stolen.





@Cityworker Agreed.


@Deep Dishin It Could he use those bandaids to save the chassis from structural damage?


i can dig everything, but that fucking dapper decal lol


Man, I can dig everything. I can also say that with confidence. But, that being said, I am for the very first time, speechless. I don't know if I hate it or love it or if I feel anything at all really. I blame 2016.


It's a whole lot of irony, since the owner doesn't care for newer Ferraris since they have a plethora of driver assistant wizardry, leads me to believe he has an affinity for a more analogue driving experience, which roughly translates to track day type of driving. But he can't really have that experience with a setup like this? 
I'm still scratching my head.


my buddy just bought a hella haggard 240 that is probably the scariest thing to drive over 60 mph. it bounces becuase its on coilovers that have also been cut and every tiny bump feels like your ass end is gonna go sideways. its loud in the cab, smells like unburnt fuel and you constantly think it may be your casket any second. easily the funnest thing ive ever drove.


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Is this thing still on the road, or already rusting in a scrapyard?


More like how to ruin a Ferrari.




Hydraulics in a Ferrari? That's an interesting approach. Everyone has different taste. Wouldn't have been my choice but it does look cool


I'm surprised Ferrari hasn't sued them, love it when people rebel with their cars!