The Apocalypse-Proof Odyssey

If there’s one thing you can expect to find at a Mooneyes event like the annual Street Car Nationals in Odaiba, Tokyo, it’s cars built with a rather evident sense of humor. We’ve seen all manner of stuff at previous events; you might even remember the Hako-kei-tora that stopped me in my tracks last year.

This year there was one crazy build that stood out above all others, this Honda Odyssey from U8 Works.


Maybe if you were alive in a post-apocalyptic world or one where zombies roamed free, this is the sort of vehicle you’d consider putting together.


The snow plough front end is meant to scoop up miscellaneous junk, cars, corpses, and push them out of the way. I love how the whole thing has articulation and a pair of dampers to soften blows.


And you couldn’t possibly build such a contraption without giving it a menacing presence, something the custom fender flares and stretched tires help to achieve.


And because comfort wouldn’t be a priority any longer, you wouldn’t even mind that every time you drove the thing it would cut your hands and give you tetanus.

Here’s a closer look at the steel fender flarings. Maybe Fictitious Messiah is that the name of the project. I’m scared already…


If you’re driving around an abandoned city eliminating zombies and happen across a gas station, you could even stock up on some fuel by storing it in the roof-mounted 55-gallon drum.


We’ve seen a ton of modified and customized Odyssey vans in Japan over the years, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be forgetting this one any time soon.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Is that a rubber chicken? I love everything about this.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Dipped in tar lol


Is it the horn?


Holy WTF, Dino!
This is easily the strangest, most bizarre....creation? (Ficticious Messiah explained?)...I've ever seen, and around here there are a few of them so that's saying something. I'm not into these at all, but this thing is pretty freakin' hilarious!

Blake E. Barnwell

For the dad who wants to be ready foe the post Trump future.

im not even american so dont come with the HURR TRUMP SUPPORTER

that was probably the dumbest thing you've ever said


You can still support Trump regardless of if you're American or not - the two are not mutually exclusive. But well done on mashing the keyboard anyway.

Does it really matter

Honestly, I'm a Republican, and I'm sick and tired of all of this. At this point I'm ready to impeach Trump just to have the wonderful Femnazis at my school stop yelling at me, accusing me of being a racist, bigoted misogynist. But hey, I'm just a high schooler what do I know?


This thing looks great pumped out like this. I'm imagining the oddyseey could actually go well in a '70s or '80s panel van style. These same the rear flares and fat '80s style street machine wheels and tyres as on this beast, but in another nice example painted in solid acrylic brown with burnt orange, red and yellow pin stripes and the rear windows welded over with port holes!


That steering wheel probably isn't too safe... what's wrong with getting a Sparco and stripping the rubber off?


Too mainstream yo

Khyzyl Saleem

Holy crap!!!

Christian Clark

It's one of your artworks come to reality!!


Well my post apocalyptic car wouldn't be slammed, but that doesn't stop this car from being absolutely the dogs bollocks! Love it!


So awesome, reminds me of the Mightycarmods Mod Max S15


According to The Walking dead series.. that gas reserve on the roof is a baaaaaaaad idea...

Anthony Chang

Honda Odyssey "Death Race" version. Holy cow. (O_O)!!


Love it. Art even. To me the wierdest part is the rear wheels are 6 lug and the front are 5..


I love this entire thing!!!

Christian Clark

Pretty goddamn cool. Willing to bet this guy has wallpapers on his computer of Khyzyl Saleem's cars. Epic result!


It's not going to be apocalypse-proof for long with that shit ground clearance. Cool build, though.


Ruined a perfectly good odyssey! Blasphemy!


This certainly makes up for the perceived lack of machismo minivans allegedly suffer from.


He should probably have triangulated the mount for the splitter suspension struts up front. I wonder what that chain is for? As well as that large stamped-steel piece protruding from the hood.

Did you take any detail shots of the madness going on up front?

MPistol HVBullets

absolute fan of this