Street/Drag Style: An R33 GT-R By Garage Saurus

In my main HKS Premium Day coverage post I paused for a quick look at a legendary metallic orange GT-R. Garage Saurus is a well-regarded name in the Japanese tuning scene; the company was a big player in the drag days, and then had a few stabs at time attack in the early 2000s with an S14 and the aforementioned Skyline.

While it might seem like all has gone quiet from the Saitama Prefecture-based shop, Garage Saurus has actually never stopped doing what it does best. And that’s building some of the cleanest and most powerful street/drag GT-Rs in the country.

This Midnight Purple BCNR33 was on display in the paddock in front of the Saurus pit garage, and I just couldn’t pass up the chance to grab a few quick pictures for a spotlight.


Having built so many of these cars, Garage Saurus has a tuning recipe that works: a beefed-up RB26 mated to either a Trust T88, HKS T04Z or T51R. The RB responds well to these turbos, changing the engine’s character and adding personality.


A T04Z like this would guarantee a useable 650hp and a good spread of torque, thanks in part to the engine’s slight increase in capacity to 2.8L.

The RB26 in the R33 even featured HKS’s V-Cam system, so with proper ECU mapping you would have decent pull from as low as 3,000rpm. How cool is the machined Saurus logo on the pulley cover?!


The paint really popped under the morning sunlight, hinting that the R33’s exterior had probably been enhanced with a few coats of purple pearl.


The drag wing, however, was the piece that really made the whole car that little bit more special. It’s an unmistakable Garage Saurus upgrade.


Along with the R32, it was this generation of Skyline GT-R that I remember the most from old Option drag videos from back in the mid-to-late ’90s. So for me, the street/drag look just suits an R33 perfectly, this being one of the best examples I’ve ever come across.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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That Saurus logo is so cool!


Hey Dino, something i have long wondered, how many '33' or whatever plates are available in Japan and is that something you have to pay for like a personalised plate?


Multiply it by number of hiragana, then multyply it by amount of combinations in upper "classification number". It can has 2 or 3 digits, but always with 3 as first digit (over 2000cc)
Serious numbers I think....
I've found something about "lottery plate" years ago. Like above: - - 33 for R33, - 5 55 for subaru etc. but as you see- too many cars have them, looks like it works like "personalised plate" in other countries.


Thing looks like a blast from the past. I love it.


johnbezt Yahoo Auctions?


Gareth36 Yeah it's a personal plate, depending if the number is available it costs 2,500 yen or thereabouts


DinoSawr You would say that lol


speedhunters_dino DinoSawr hahaha


Great sleeper. I know its setup for drag but I can't imagine the noise it would make in one of the tunnels in a low gear. I can't wait for the r33 to be legal for import in the US =)


That purple!!


Damn, now how am I going to meet sexy girls in my local area or earn thousands whist working from home?!

Thanks for getting the spam bots sorted out guys, it was a real pain in the ass.

That midnight purple is beautiful. It's pretty much the quintessential R33 hue.


Verdigrie The fix is only being implemented today and tomorrow, I don't think it's in place yet. It's suspiciously quiet...


Lооkіпg fог sех foг a siпglе пight?
Seе hегe


d_rav sleeper? wtf dude


Top drawer!!
Love it.....This is how it should be done :)


just R33-me and leave me alone

Gianluca FairladyZ

Does Anyone know the colour code of this Midnight Purple? This is absolutly fantastic.. !


Gianluca FairladyZ I was curious of this as well. Preferably the R34 revision (MPIII)


This is a great feature Dino. I have an R33 built by Garage Saurus with a very similar setup but didn't realize until now that the 2.8L / T88 combination was a standard formula they use. Keep up the good work.


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karikaturisti17 d_rav Yes a sleeper. Is the term sleeper used differently where your from? People in my area refer to a sleeper cars in 2 ways. For example a stock looking 00 integra with a k-swap and long list of of mods and spanks you. The other example are are other cars regardless of make that look stock and have a long list of mods... like a mustang gt with nitrous hiding in a tool box bolted in the trunk and other mods.


one of d best sophisticated  R33 GTR of all time frm saurus......with a kickass paint job


DAT PAINT  ..i need to know something speedhunters..ask saurus, i'll buy you beers )


Curious to to why Japanese tuners still use outdated turbocharger designs? Borg Warner, Garrett, Precision, Turbonetics, etc all have been releasing modern turbine ad compressor housings that best all the aforementioned Turbos in the article. Curious to hear your thoughts Dino.


I'm loving the Blue Hino in the reflection :)


What wheels are those?