4 Videos We’ve Watched This Week

We’re about to welcome in another new week of Speedhunting, but before we get into that, it’s time to take a quick look at some of the videos we’ve been checking out over the past seven days.

Let’s kick things off with a new clip from Chris Petruccio, aka Krispy Media…

Clean Culture’s ‘SoCal Season Closer’ held at Dodger Stadium back at the end of November attracted a huge turnout of cars – 4,000 the number being floated. In this slick, 20-minute 4K production, Krispy and his collaborators take a look at the event in between featurettes of a few standout LA builds, some of which Speedhunters regulars will surely be familiar with.

Next up, it’s an onboard ride around Fuji Speedway in the 1968 Japan Grand Prix-winning ‘Monster Bird’ at the recent 2016 Nismo Festival. A defining detail of the 5.5L Chevrolet V8-powered Nissan R381 was its huge ‘aero stabilizers’ rear wing, in which two blades move independently each other, and although the car is not being driven anywhere near race pace in this clip, it’s still a very cool ride-along – especially with a couple of GT500 and GT3-spec R35 GT-R flybys in the mix.

We’re used to seeing EKanoo Racing rewrite the drag racing record books, but the Bahrain-based team have just racked another – and it’s a biggie. Yes, the Door Slammer ET record now has EKanoo’s name next to it too, a 5.44-second pass – made on a 273mph (440km/h) run by Khalid Mohamed – the new ET (elapsed time) to beat. EKanoo’s Lexus RC F Pro-Mod runs a Proline Racing Hemi V8 with twin 94mm turbos and MoTec M150 engine management tuned by Shane Tecklenburg.

Finally this week, it’s the official trailer for the long-awaited Roger Donaldson film, McLaren. From his humble beginnings in a small garage in New Zealand, Bruce McLaren’s story is an inspirational one, and if this sneak peek is anything to go by, the forthcoming movie on his life will be a superb watch.

That’s all for now, but as always, if you’ve caught a cool car related video in the last week, go ahead and share it in the comments section below.

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I wonder why no one comments on these.


I usually do.


Honest to GOD I've NEVER been more ashamed of being a car enthusiast than I have while watching that "Clean Culture" video. I've obviously prematurely aged out of this demographic. I don't EVER want to be associated with such vapid, soullessness.

The video starts with a CVT Lexus with a roll cage on airbags. Yeah, there's no way it's gonna get better from there. Then progresses (or regresses) through all the "scene" cliches from the predictable camerawork, imagery and modded cars. Of course it wouldn't be complete without douches, bad music, stupid stickers...and a pit bull.

I gotta get the hell outta this country until the fallout from these nuclear numbskulls disapates. Feel free to flame on about how I shouldn't judge, it's SOOO rad, etc, etc. Frankly, I couldn't care less and won't rebuttal. I've never been so disgusted and ashamed of both myself and my peers.

If you want a video time capsule of EVERYTHING that's wrong with the hobby today...that's the perfect video.


I dig the production of the video, had some nice shots in there IMO. But agree that the car show "scene" is not anything Im a fan of. I would like to see more focus on cars that are built with a purpose over purely style.


Not a fan of the scene but I'm glad it exists. Seeing the evolution of car modification expand and grow is awesome to witness, even if I don't "get" this style.


It sounds quite gay :) ... please SHOW the world how it should be


Couldn't agree with you more.

The cars that have character are ignored. It is all about who can buy the most expensive parts over the Internet and bolt them on.

I still appreciate this site and the culture, but I fell in love with this site when they would feature interesting builds, built by real people, over years of blood sweat and tears. More and more it seems that the industry and culture is being pushed to advertise expensive parts and cars. I don't want to see cars built by a bunch of kids with endless pockets and an Internet connection.

I want to see cars that were built because they love the car and not Instagram fame. Wrong motives here IMO and it is a big turn-off.

Get off my lawn, btw.


I actually enjoyed the video production, and like most of the cars in it, but I have a similarly negative attitude towards today's import scene. Imports are my main interest right now (I've got two Honda projects going), but a lot of what's popular these days among the average-Joe modifiers (the 'Instagram trends' - not that I'm on social media) makes me cringe. I go to Concours d' Elegance, to Goodguys Rod & Custom, to Cars & Coffee, to Pikes Peak International Hill Climb some years, but feel so out of place walking through a tuner meet/show. It's where I should feel most at home, since these people are building on the same cars I am, but I almost feel embarrassed being there. Or I'll see some modded import in traffic, and more often than not try to distance myself from them so people don't think we're associated, either because of the way they're driving or how the car looks. Afterward, it always saddens me that I feel this way.

I would think interest in the McLaren film is a given for most Speedhunters followers.


Your Loss.


Yikes, man. If something as minor as cars gets you this riled up, I feel sorry for the people who have to be around you.

In the interest of keeping things more positive, can I ask if there were any videos this week that you did like? I imagine that every gearhead can find something to love about the McLaren vid.


The forthcoming McLaren film looks like it will be very good!


Confused. There is Donut Media. There is Krispy Media. Krispy Media uses a donut in their logo.
I liked the music at the end of the car show video. Anyone know the name of the song?

Brandom Anthony

There is always going to be something in the car scene that you'll dislike, whether it's American muscle, import, exotic, euro whatever. Anybody that pays enough energy and attention to things that disinterest them shouldn't be in it from the beginning. I loved all these videos and it shows every aspect of being an enthusiast. 10/10 would do it again.


I cannot wait for that Mclaren film! Tbh I've seen enough EKanoo world record attempts to last me a life time, cool as their achievements are (hats off to them).

The video I really like here is the one of the Nissan R381, aside from being a cool piece of Nissan Motorsport history I love what they do on these Japanese showcase days! A bus of tourists going round the track whilst super GT and other awesome racers fly past! YEAH! F1 take note, so cool!