A Finely-Fitted Civic, Indonesian Style

It’s not everyday that a slammed Honda Civic graces the front cover of Speedhunters, but I felt like I should include this car as my final spotlight from Indonesia’s recent Speed Matsuri event.

So why this particular FB2 you may ask? Well, Hondas are extremely popular in the Indonesian tuning scene – something to do with their relative low cost and huge aftermarket support –  and walking through the Offset Kings side of the event, this car stood out to me for its perfect balance of stance and style.


I wasn’t alone either; aired out and kissing the ground, the FB2 sedan commanded the attention of anyone who came in shouting distance of it.


Besides the beautiful red and black-detailed paint scheme, the two-piece 326 Power Yabaking Spoke wheels help pull off the overall visual aspect of the late-model four-door.

Image 4

Besides looking pretty bad ass, they also perfectly frame the Altech brake kit up front, which feature dual calipers and drilled and slotted rotors.

Image 5

Now that’s some pretty aggressive fitment!

Image 6

The FB2 was just dripping with details, and it was fun to walk around and try to spot them all.


Nothing was over-the-top though, so it comes together cohesively. I don’t thing there’s a bad angle for this car either.


GoodRides’ Speed Matsuri was a real eye-opener for me; I wasn’t sure what to expect from this event, but I came away inspired by what I found. That is, cool and interesting cars, and owners enjoying them to the fullest.

Ron Celestine
Instagram: celestinephotography



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look pretty, love it


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Is that glass moon roof an option on those cars? Or was that added on? Not a HUGE fan of the stance, but the wheels are pretty kick ass & the car is VERY clean


Nice wheels.

I guess we're foregoing springs on this build, eh?


Here we go again...


Mook Genius LOL!


is that an aftermarket sunroof or is it factory? if it's factory, that's quite surprising since even USDM civics don't have the option, don't quote me on that though.


What a strangely arousing vehicle =)


Damn good looking FD2, though I just am not a fan of when someone has uneven camber front/back. Makes a car look, I dunno, like its dragging ass. Other than that minor detail, the car is incredibly clean and well done.


Not an insult but that is stupid. Indonesian roads are third world and in no time at all it will destroy the suspension. Yeah someone may say it has adjustable air but when you drive in the dark and hit that man swallowing pothole then you are screwed. Style over substance, all show NO go.


The titles of these articles are misleading. There is nothing "Indonesian" about this car, except maybe the owner is an Indonesian. The car is a Japanese make and model. The slammed and negative cambered stance is obviously also a Japanese style. A more fitting title would be "A Japanese-styled car IN Indonesia."


daddy's money


If you take a look at the main coverage. I address this point as well ^^


LOL!! Well it was a series set from the stance portion of the event. I'm sure the next few post will be less stance orientated :)


Man I hate stanced cars that have the paint chipping off the wheel arches.
3rd pic, the close up of the brakes. Amateur stuff.

I get stance and #getlow etc but have some basic pride in your car ffs.


Ron Celestine In the article you raise the issue of how hard it is to get parts into the country, yet I'm seeing absolutely no shortage of parts or the big brands. Is it a matter of he who has the most money wins(and by that I mean anyone with some decent amount of money can bypass the governments rules and just import whatever parts they want), or he who is somewhat corrupt wins(as you stated by saying something along the lines of knowing people on the inside to bypass the rules)? I tend to agree with the above comment though about the misleading title of this being Indonesian style....JDM or USDM style if anything, but I now get what you meant.


While I get that small/stock brakes look average at best behind nice wheels, the upgrade on this car actually looks worse IMO as it's absolute overkill for no reason what-so-ever. Unless this car has 500hp+, why the silly BBK, looks only?


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I think unfortunately for the time being it is a little of both. You need to have huge capital to get these kind of parts unless they already have some factory or distribution system setup within the country. With regards to getting the big brands in, again an absurd amount of money is required or the connection skills to get what you need in...


car is good but i hate that stance. I'm Indonesian and it should need adjustable suspension or it'll be ruined. but yeah i love that car but no stance, for me


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That negative camber in the rear is stupid. The fact that you like the car of course is your opinion. I would put negative camber in the rear but not that much and if anything put more negative camber in the front.


I'm a long time import enthusiast - I even still have a 95 Civic that's supercharged, thati bought new in 95. I used to autocross it - it has a legitimate performance suspension.
Two points:
1) This car is WAY after Honda removed the formerly awesome dual unequal length A-arm suspension (similar to supercars) and replaced it with the lowly strut suspension of every other econobox out there.
2) that absolutely abhorrent "look, my car is broken" rear camber angle is caused by - and embarrassingly exposes - point 1 above.
I'd give engineering credit if you could raise and lower the car and have it legitimately drivable (with a correct camber angle) at any height. This is not only NOT what you have here, but you have a stupid looking exposure of exactly that fact.
And at car shows, it's tiring (and another objective sign of failure) when more than every other person who walks by comments "you can't even drive that car", into the ear of a friend who agrees wholeheartedly with them.
As Bill Engvall said "...there's your sign."


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that's fucking disgusting.


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Dual calipers, cool stuff thought I dont know why put them.


Mechanophile Started as a drift car thing AFAIK, makes for a stronger e-brake.


Maybe if they were on the back...


TimBurton1 Yes. Obviously that's not the case here, probably done for "style" like every other part of this car.
It looks to me like the owner pulled some inspiration and influence from 326 Power/Haraguchi. Many of their cars sport dual calipers.