The 2-Door Evo: Time Attack Style For The Street

In Dino’s recent spotlight on the Umbrella Auto Design twin turbo Audi R8, he talked about the dream of owning a street car with racing looks and motorsport-grade modifications. I couldn’t agree more with him; but he was also quick to point out that it’s merely a fantasy for most of us. But does it have to be? Maybe not…

I decided to challenge myself by walking the aisles of SEMA’s Central Hall – where the LM-style R8 was being displayed – to see if I could find a build with a similar ethos, but more attainable for the Average Joe. Most SEMA cars are built by companies who want to break through the noise, and that usually means dialing things right up with new or very late model cars that require bags of cash to be thrown at them, so it wasn’t easy. But finally, after a few hours on the floor, I found exactly what I was looking for in a Mitsubishi Mirage.

Yes, a Mirage.


In a scenario that many of us can surely relate to, the Mirage’s owner, Archie Concon, used to daily the car. He started with the basics – wheels and suspension – but instead of stopping there he just kept going. Then an idea…

Why not use the Mirage base to build a 2-door Lancer Evolution coupe? Well, that’s exactly what he did, and as I’m sure you’ll agree, the end result is pretty spectacular.


Not only did Archie want the full Evolution look for his Mirage coupe, he decided to take things to the next level with the sort of exterior upgrades you’d normally find on a Lancer attacking Tsukuba Circuit. On top of the front end’s Evo V/VI conversion, there’s a Varis bumper with carbon fiber splitter and canards, and a Varis carbon hood.


At the rear end, custom-integrated wide fenders were added to match the front’s width, and a huge 1700mm Voltex wing bolted to the carbon trunk. A carbon diffuser then pulls the whole look together, those splashes of dark composite around the car providing a nice contrast against custom Kandy Oak Burgundy paint, which really shows off the Mirage’s aggressive new lines.

To dial in the ride height and improve the car’s handling abilities, Öhlins DFV coilovers keep the Mitsubishi mash-up planted on the most iconic time attack wheels of them all – RAYS Volk Racing TE37SLs in an 18-inch fitment.

Nothing has been left untouched, and moving from outside to indoors you get a look at the 4-point roll cage from Merrill Performance and Evo VI.5 Tommi Mäkinen Edition Recaro seats with Takata Racing belts.


While this car certainly has the look of a hard-tuned Evo coupe, don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s all cosmetic stuff. Because not only does the Mirage have an Evo IV gearbox, Evo VIII rear subframe and suspension, and a Evo VII rear LSD stuck up underneath it, but up front is an Evo VII 4G63 engine running on ethanol and pumping out 700hp.

It’s obvious that this conversion wouldn’t have been cheap, but in going back to my original point about race-style cars for the road, I think Archie’s Mirage proves that you don’t necessarily need to start with a late-model sports car and throw crazy amounts of money at it to create something great. A late ’90s Mitsubishi will do just fine.

Arslan Golic
Instagram: arslangolic



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Love tommi Mäkinen seat sooooo much


Cute! Now I want to see it destroy a hillclimb. A few years back Norris Designs in the UK also built a SWB evo. Looked incredible as I remember, think It was a smidge longer than this though!


Delta_s4 The ND car was almost certainly shorter with a lower roof line too. That was a genuine Evo IX chopped too. I fucking loved that thing.


Paddy McGrath Delta_s4  Yeah! Still looks like it wants a fight, awesome. Not ashamed to admit I read about it in Max Power circa early-ish Y2K


Delta_s4 Paddy McGrath Same here, think it was in Redline around the same time too. I took those photos at the D1GP Exhibition at Silverstone in 2006, probably my all time favourite tuner car.


Paddy McGrath Delta_s4 True story


Kitch Paddy McGrath Delta_s4 550hp and a CA tends not to end well.


how come i've never seen a pic of evo 5/6 in US? can anybody tell me why? is it had the same problem as GTR's?


I have seen a Mirage with Evo conversion mod in real life and it make me scratch my head when I see it.


HafidzMiftahul We did not get EVOs until the EVO 8 in 2003. Seeing an EVO 1-7 in the states is like seeing a unicorn.


This thing already in the net for quite sometimes... and finally got posted here.. nice car for sure...old evos 1-6 are the best evo IMHO... timeless


Too Sexy! Oh wait, this isnt 2sexy.


Sean Glaser out of Germantown MD (I think it was Germantown) built something similar to this over 15 years ago (IE: Mirage with EVO trans axle - certainly not a build of this quality but fast)........ but I'm old.... and nobody seems to care about Sport Compact drag racing history


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My brain is still having trouble reconciling the proportions on this car...props to the builder for MASSIVELY fucking with my head lol. This thing is a serious piece of kit.


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It's like looking at an EVO reflection in a fun-house mirror...kinda stumpy...kinda cool.


Yeahhh.....I just don't like mazda....I know far to many people with them...well, they HAD-them...they all broke and/or fell apart. Cool cars, just to prone to issues like high-end exotics...erum...just, not high-end...or exotic.


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No one in Aus would pour that much money into a base model Lancer (Mirages here are hatches). But I guess not having CP9A Evos in America would make you do that. Awesome build!


Here is no mod neededReal Mirage without body convert with rare wing spoiler HKS Kansai


Very cool car, I spent more than a few minutes looking it over and chatting with Zbigniew (Z), owner of Zeitronix. He said Archie is constantly changing and improving things on the car, which is pretty rad since it speaks directly to the idea of the EVO in the first place!


DinoSawr You most certainly are wrong here. There a quite a few evo swapped lancers in Australia, a few Mirages too. Also more than a couple of AWD swapped coupes/hatches. Someone even managed to put a Mitsubishi 380 motor into a CE Coupe.


Turbology  Agree Turbology!


RGPdualapan  At least few mods are always needed. ;)


Delta_s4 Paddy McGrath DUDE... fucking MAXPower. I forgot that was ever even a thing! MAN! I used to by those religiously back in the day... from Barnes and Noble. 

Yep, buying magazines, AT.A.BOOKSTORE!! It happened, I did that. lol


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arslangolic You're right, the owner actually do a swa engine for this car


Put it on the Wangan end of story


arslangolic some guys local to me have a real EVO VI TME for sale, and though it will not be federally-legal for several more years, it has piqued my interest mightily, especially after seeing Archie's car!


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Did I mention I really like this
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