A Boosted LM-Style R8 For The Street

Ah yes, the race car look for the street. It’s what we all dream about, that goal of fitting as many race-derived components to your car as possible.

It’s hard not to fantasize about having the same look, the same brakes or the same suspension as the race version of your car, but we all know most of the time it’s just that – a fantasy.

But not for the owner of this Audi R8.


As I stood in the Yokohama Wheels booth, mesmerized by the Audi’s vast swathes of carbon fiber, Ravi Kumar of Umbrella Auto Design (UAD), the brains behind the build, came over to tell me that what I was somewhat inappropriately fondling was indeed the real deal – dry carbon panels from Audi Motorsport, as used on their race cars.


The motorsport-grade modifications continue over to the suspension where competition-spec JRZ dampers offer up track-focused handling. But that’s not all; at the press of a button it can all be lifted to a more street-friendly height thanks to UAD’s own variable ride height lift system.


From the panel gaps to the constant curves flowing over the arches, the fit and finish of the lightweight composite panels really impressed.


Although the 4.2-liter V8 R8 is no slouch in stock standard form, a little bit of extra power never hurts, right? But while a GT3-type race car may have to run performance-dulling air restrictors for competition, this street car generates more power with a CFi Designs turbo kit.


The bolt-on upgrade is a very nice piece of hardware, and includes twin Precision turbochargers with TiAL MV-R wastegates, dual CFi air-to-water intercoolers, and Turbosmart RacePort blow-off valves among many other things.


At the rear, the turbos dump spent gasses into a stunning custom 2-into-1 center-exit exhaust that’s polished to perfection. Actually, it probably doesn’t even qualify as an exhaust as it’s way too short; if you look up the pipes you’d probably almost see the turbine blades! You can check out how it sounds here.


Since turbocharging a mid-engined car will almost always create issues with heat, UAD has mounted a pair of heat exchangers up front in a v-mount configuration with a PWR radiator. This required cutting of the R8’s frame, but Ravi got it to fit.


The fact that this car is driven on the street just blows my mind. I want to, no make that need to, hear this thing at full RPM shooting up a highway on ramp.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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A little sidewall wouldn't hurt. The BMW next to it looks interesting.


Am I the only one broken hearted after find it's the V8 variant?


Vittorio Jano  Yeah, those wheels look far too big


rally2727 Same dude, same


What's the point of having both wastegates and blow off valves? I always thought it was one or the other


Höly crap.


189021 Nope, in most cases both are needed. Simple explanation: If you open a bov and don't have a wastegate (or do and just keep it closed) you can overspeed the turbos. Opening a wastegate doesn't instantly stop the turbo from spinning, so it doesn't actually depressurize the plenum instantly, which could be a very bad thing depending on the situation and how high strung the engine is.

(Yes, I know there's a school of thought saying you don't need BOVs. I disagree.


189021 A waste gate controls how much boost a turbo makes, a blow off valve discharges excess pressure from the charge system.


Bastard stole my idea. I've wanted to do an R8 LMS-style build ever since the new car came out. Throw a UG TT kit on there.

Then again, I don't have the money, so......


Looks amazing, I'm dead keen on doing this type of build in the future, just with not quite so flashy a base car unfortunately... On the plus side, I make my own carbon parts, so at least I've got that side covered!


UncleStasiu listen to zapsnyder, he knows how it works.


JonathanW Not sure why I'm getting called out here. His explanation is more simple, but that doesn't mean I don't know how or why it works...


Umbrella Auto Design delivers once again.  Phenomenal work Ravi!


pretty, but a lousy street car.


189021 one blows hot air, the other blows cold


Elonexx Vittorio Jano Nooooo it's a Hot Wheels wet dream incarnate


Frisky_Dingo Can't be too cheap lol!


toddwithrow9 rally2727 LOL come on, it's a decent engine!


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The Audi V8 found in the RS4 and the earlier R8 is, in my personal opinion, one of the best sounding modern production engines: I actually prefer it to the V10 rally2727!


Far from being "for the street". More like for showing off in car parks. Yeah has a "wow that cool look" but far from being drive-able on any street. Those that would love it as a poster "pinned on their walls" will scoff at me for saying this, but what a shame it's for "looks" and cruises.


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Rims too big, and non upgraded brakes???


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I want air-to-water intercoolers...


Love it. Second place for me at sema 2016.


Wow that car sounds good


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TSM did this a few years ago and it got no coverage because it was built for OneLap and not for SEMA.


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AradOnRadar Also stock interior, no buckets etc. But hey, I'm sure he's onto it. Looks amazing as it is so far.


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