GRC 2016: Fires, Crashes, Jumps & Drama
The Beginning Of The End

It’s the time of year that many of us dread the most – the end of an amazing racing season. The months of October and November are when racing series like the WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, WEC, NASCAR Sprint Cup, and Red Bull Global Rallycross usually finish up for the season.

It’s sad to say, but we’re all going to have to wait until around April for most of these series to kick off their new seasons. So what are we going to do during the dreaded winter off-season? Well, since I follow the Red Bull GRC series, I thought I’d take a look back at all the awesomeness.


I’m going to start right where I left off with my GRC season halfway post and share my favorite images from the second half of the year.


With traditional sports car racing, there’s normally not too much carnage on the racetrack, but with a motorsport like rallycross a minor heat race that lasts around three minutes often sees bumpers, wheels, doors, and various other car parts flying off. This all makes for some exciting moments in time that I try my best to capture.


Subaru Rally Team USA have been making many changes within the team this year, experimenting with new crew, drivers and cars. I last saw Bucky Lasek drive in Atlantic City, but he’s been doing pretty well in stage rally of late so maybe he’ll be making the shift over to that side with Higgins and Pastrana in the future.


Honda’s new Civic GRC machine is really photogenic; I don’t think there is a single bad angle to this car.

I do wonder what Honda will do once the new Civic Type R comes onto the market. An all-wheel drive Civic Type R GRC race car? I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that! I don’t know the actual dimensions, but the new car looks like it may have a slightly shorter wheelbase than the current Civic Coupe used in GRC.


Nelson Piquet Jr. has had some bad luck during the races that he’s competed in this season. That’s his car in the opening image, from when it randomly burst into flames during a heat race in Seattle.


The Los Angeles stop is always fun. The 2014 and 2015 layouts of the track seemed to be hard on tires, but this year’s setup was almost perfect.


I love capturing images of drivers when they’re not in their cars on grid; it’s a welcome change from every other shot of them inside or near their cars.


I don’t think I’ve been to a single race this season that hasn’t featured curb-hopping by the drivers. They hop every other corner and it makes for really easy – and beautiful – high-shutter images.


I’ve said it multiple times and I’ll say it again: Steve Arpin’s car just knows how to smile at the camera.

One thing I like about GRC is that race control is usually a three-story-tall temporary building. They always provide a good vantage point for a variety of shots.


David Higgins is an extremely talented driver – the way he can maneuver his stage rally STI is insane – so I always get excited when Subaru brings him in for a few GRC races.


Like his Chip Ganassi Racing teammate’s Ford Fiesta, Brian Deegan’s car is also one of the better looking machines on grid. The savage and monstrous-looking fangs on the sides of the car are intimidating.


While on the topic of Brian Deegan, this year marked his return to a full GRC season. That’s pretty convenient because it provides me with more opportunities to get cool shots of his car!

He spent the entire season being the bridesmaid but never the bride until the very last round when he made a triple car pass on his Joker Lap and snagged first place with a lap and a half left.


Tanner Whitten was one of two drivers to graduate from the GRC Lites class into the Supercar class this season. He drove for the SH Racing guys in Los Angeles and managed to pilot the car from dead last (12th) to 6th in the final race. To be able to do that on his first time out in an unfamiliar car that pushes twice the amount of power than what he’s used to required some scary talent.


Because Tanner was in the Supercar, his Dreyer & Reinbold teammate, Alex Keyes, piloted his car to win in Los Angeles in the Lites class.


Kevin ‘Around the Outside’ Eriksson changed the game last week at World RX Germany by making the greatest racing pass of the year (according to Jalopnik). I really want to see more of him in GRC than just one race out of the season.

The Volkswagen Andretti duo of Scott Speed and Tanner Foust were unstoppable last season and were even more unstoppable this year. It came down to a mere six points in the driver’s standings at the last race. Basically, whoever crossed the line first would take the championship; Scott won and became GRC’s second back-to-back champion, the first being Foust.


I find that shots of team members and mechanics usually turn out pretty good, because these guys and girls are not expecting to have their pictures taken. Usually, I’ll get a more candid-type shot as opposed to drivers who give me their best Blue Steel and the occasional Magnum.




How often can you watch a race from a decommissioned battleship?


Squatting down has proved to be successful in getting decent shots at rallycross events this year. Source: I squatted down to get these shots.


Very rarely will GRC run during the sunrise and sunset hours, so when they do I try to make the most of it and shoot as much as possible.


Little known fact: the driver’s are caged up when they aren’t driving. This is 100 per cent true because you read it on the internet!

Going back to the whole race tower vantage point thing, it just never gets old. If only they had the tower in the center of the track.


Have you ever gone Subaru-ing before? If you haven’t, this gives you an idea of what to expect. Toshi Arai and David Higgins know a thing or two about it.


Well, that’s it from this season. I have a ton of bonus images to share with you, so keep scrolling down for those.

Louis Yio
Instagram: lusciousy

Cutting Room Floor


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Civic, Beetle, Fiesta.. Where are the really badass machines


Ford Fiesta kit car with bespoke AWD chassis costing over $500k… vs a $40k Subaru with some stickers on it. Without homologation rules, it's just another pay2win scenario. I wish speed hunters would support homologation..


Where is the 40K Subaru in the GRC? bakayaru...


That's them. If you don't think that these cars are some of the most badass ones out there, you're wrong. Tiny 4-cylinders pushing V8 levels of power, wicked AWD systems, and the ability to bumper car your way around the track? I'll probably take this over whatever you feel is "cooler"


bakayaru Wtf are you talking about ???


bakayaru Those Subarus are FAR from $40k...


bakayaru Wait you actually think that Subaru is off the lot? LOL


I can't address individual parts of this statement because of how wrong it all is.


birelmotosport bakayaru No to defend bakayaror, but what I think he meant is: A stock STI costs roughly $35K, plus the cage, suspension, electronics, engine mods carbon shit...maybe $100K? which is A LOT less than a Ford Fiesta developed for world-championship rally


As in WRC, small short wheelbase cars have an advantage. I hope one day this will result in small 2door turbo awd units on a dealer lot... pls.   And under 3000 lbs (no TT or Mini).  Which leaves nothing except Impreza 2.5 rs or unicorn Mazda 323.  Someone stuff an RS drivetrain into a Fiesta.


Nissan Pulsar GTI-R - sr20det, 2690 lbs of winning.


My Uncle Isaac got a nearly new Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe 

from only workin part-time on a home pc... 


bluestreaksti If Ford produced an AWD Fiesta RS for the showroom I would defect from Subaru!


tbtstt bluestreaksti Early this year i visited Shelby factory in Vegas and suggested them, they should stuff Focus RS drivetrain inside a Fiesta and call it Ford Fiesta RS Shelby. They thought i was joking


Alex Butti birelmotosport bakayaru RX grids would be full of Subarus if that were the case. M-Sport Fiesta may be expensive but most Fiestas are developed by Olsbergs or other teams and cost significantly less than 500K. They start with a bare shell anyway and use basically no stock parts so the extra chassis work isn't such a major cost. Many drivers don't have manufacturer backing them and still choose to run Fiestas etc. Explain that please


Vittorio Jano Alex Butti birelmotosport bakayaru Shorter wheelbase cars are currently in favour in rallycross and, pre-GRC, Fords were heavily utilized in European rallycross, so for many its an easier starting point than Subaru as a lot of the groundwork has already been done. 
The Fiesta is now a proven chassis in both the US and Europe, so it's an even more obvious choice if you want to jump straight in and be competitive. As said OMSE are the source of a lot of Fiestas in the US (they got an early foothold with US rallycross thanks to X-Games) and more recently M-Sport have been supplying several teams. The M-Sport car is VERY expensive (approaching £500K the last time I saw pricing), with the OMSE cars costing less.
I do agree with the original post to a certain extent: I would love to see models in the showroom in the same configuration as the rally/rallycross cars (i.e. AWD), but to think that the Subaru used in the GRC is a showroom model with stickers applied is, frankly, delusional. A quick skim through the component listing for the car shows you that, even though the drivetrain configuration is broadly similar, very little of the original car remains!


TPLC2 You've absolutely nailed this point for me. I'm smitten with rallycross Supercars and, if I ever win the lottery, I'm going to have at least one sitting in my garage! They may look like hatchbacks with wide arch kits, but they are absolute weapons. 
I have watched a lot of motorsport over the years and, for me, nothing compares to the sight and sound of a pack of rallycross Supercars leaving the line.


tbtstt Vittorio Jano Alex Butti birelmotosport bakayaru Amen!


Vittorio Jano tbtstt bluestreaksti Haha! The Fiesta RS has been the subject of so many rumours here in Europe over the last few years, but it has never happened.
Still, Ford said they would never do another AWD Focus RS years ago and now we have the Mk.III Focus RS. Given the streak Ford are on at the moment, I hope something similar will happen with the Fiesta RS!


There's some amazing shots in here Louis! Awesome work man!


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23 rx footage from the craziest rx overtakes ever