Assembling Art: Touring Pagani’s Production Line
It’s Hard To Keep Away

This isn’t the first time Pagani’s production line has featured on Speedhunters. I came here at the end of 2013 to take a first look at what would allow the Italian hypercar maker to boost production to meet demand. But not boost it by much, just enough to keep it the premium product it is.

It was such a special place the first time I was let loose in here, that I couldn’t possibly pass up the opportunity to have another wander around.


My last visit and the resulting pictures you see here were taken back in January, but I wasn’t able to share them with you until after this year’s Geneva Motor Show, where some of the cars – including this wild yellow Huayra – were scheduled to be shown.


Aside from the unique colour choice, this car was being fitted with the Pacchetto Tempesta (or the Storm Package), which is a combination of aerodynamic additions as well as some mechanical updates and interior refreshes. When I grabbed these shots the car was only wearing the front lip spoiler and had yet to receive the rear treatment which introduces a pretty serious rear finned diffuser.


The stock exhaust also gets replaced with the same lightweight system as fitted to the Huayra BC (again something that needed to be done to this car).


This new package, which Pagani says has been popular with the 100 Huayra owners out there, was being unveiled at Geneva alongside the BC.


At the time of my visit there were three Huayras approaching the final stages of production…


And a fourth very much at the initial stage. It’s always amazing to see a Pagani at this point; the attention to detail is amazing. Regardless of whether you’re talking about an exterior part or a little titanium bolt that nobody would ever see, it’s always perfection.


That’s what makes a Pagani a Pagani, and very little else out there comes close.


A typical Huayra build takes anywhere from four to six months depending on the amount of customization that the client requests. And as you can imagine, at this sort of price level, everyone who buys one wants to make sure their car is totally unique.


Production of the 100 coupes is almost finished now and very soon Pagani will be onto the 25 Huayra BCs. After that it’s the next evolution of the Huayra – the Roadster – which begins production next year.

The Next Step Is Almost Here

It will be strange seeing a Huayra without gull-wing doors, but the removable rooftop will no doubt bring a whole new look and character to the car.


This particular Huayra was being built to US specifications, hence side reflectors being required front and back. But it was more the colour that I couldn’t get enough of. How good would this look parked next to a Bayside Blue BNR34 GT-R?! Of course, Pagani paintwork is on another level compared to what Nissan was able to do 17 years ago with the san-yons, but the hue similarity did make me feel all nerdy inside.


A lot of it comes down to the finishing; any imperfections, webbing or dull spots are compounded away before the paint is sealed.


Something bothered me when looking at this particular car from the front though…

Yes, it’s another requirement to pass stringent US homologation – not counting the ridiculous number of cars Pagani needed to crash test. I’m talking about the side mirrors. Those fitted to the yellow car are exactly what the teardrop form should look like, and just how Horacio envisioned and penned them. Now compare that shape to the massively stretched US version. Pagani even had to add the ‘objects appear closer than they actually are’ message.


People are so confused about the Zonda, and to be completely honest – so am I. Technically speaking, the car is officially out of production, but given there were a few remaining AMG engines, some of Pagani’s best customers have been able to order one-off examples of the much sought after, naturally aspirated model.


The Zonda may have been designed back in the early ’90s, but it’s a look that will never age. It has a presence that very few cars are able to generate.


The factory area also doubles up as a maintenance center, and cars can be brought in for TLC or repairs.

A Surprise In The Maintenance Bay

One of the five Zonda Revolucions was in for a scheduled visit and I managed to get a glimpse of it just as the lightweight carbon cowls were removed.


This is automotive perfection in its purest form. There isn’t much anyone can add on top of this, or am I mistaken?


The rear cowl was carefully positioned on a purpose-designed rack to hold it safely in a vertical position.


Likewise, the front end was also sat on a special stand. That’s another masterpiece of carbon art right there.


Before the Huayra and the last few Zondas can be put together there is of course the need to actually make the parts.


You will have seen in my tour of the new Pagani HQ that the composites department will be moved to the second floor of the new building, but for the time being the moulds are prepped and baked at the old factory down the road, before being brought here. This is a Huayra’s roof section being bonded into position using a jig.


And this is the end result.

The tub then gets prepared, by hand of course, ready to accept the top which will then form the rigid center section.


This is the same procedure that Pagani developed for the Zonda, but these final cars benefit from technology and knowhow that’s come about since development of the Huayra. So things like carbotanium are now used for construction of the monocoque.


While painting is outsourced to a specialist in the Modena area, the cowls and other sections that make up the body are prepared and laid out beforehand to ensure that panel alignment is spot on.


Then it’s all taken apart and the body sent off for numerous coats of paint and clear.


You might remember in my other story that I was blown away by the way parts are stored and then automatically picked by this massive robot when they’re required. It cuts down on time immensely, keeps a track of all the inventory and only one person is needed to operate it.


The specially built 6.0-litre twin-turbo V12 engines from AMG arrive in these crates, ready to be dropped into the center of the Huayra with a single-clutch, automated Xtrac transmission.

It’s a tremendously complex process to build these cars to the level of quality and perfection that Horacio demands, but thanks to some amazing staff, a top-of-the-line facility and a hell of a lot of passion, the Paganis that come out of this small factory in Modena have made a real name for themselves in the hypercar world. It’s defintely not hard to see why either.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino

Cutting Room Floor


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Such mechanical beauty. These cars really are on a tier of their own in the supercar world. I love looking to these cars as inspiration while dreaming up ideas I would do to the plethora of cars id love to own. One day ill have a shop and plenty of toys to play with to hopefully create something 1/100 as beautiful as these. Great read as usual Dino, I always appreciate your take on things because we seem to have a love for the same types of machines. Weather they be obnoxiously low or obnoxiously expensive haha.


Attention to detail and artwork I alone in feeling these Pagani's always have odd wheel designs? Like it just looks out of place?  *crickets*


Hey Dino I heard you're the new PR guy for Pagani in Asia. Is that true? You might want to disclose that in all these Pagani articles...


@SW1 same here.. those cars are absolutely beautiful, but the wheels are not really satisfactory to me. (hope my english makes some sense - no native speaker)


Personally, I think a Bayside Blue R34 looks a damn sight better than that blue Huayra, and in all honesty I'd prefer an R34. Each to their own I guess


I need a game dev company with some 3D scanners.Also... goddamnit I need to be richer. Or more evil. Either or.


FrankensteinConnelly But that's so the point right, we look at them to learn and get an inspiration for what we may be able to do with some details of our own cars. Lots of inspiration here as always!


these cars are amazing to look at and to see how they are put together BUT I'd much rather build something that could out run these cars. The thought of building something that is faster that any of these cars to me is more exciting. however I still think these cars are super cool and I probably will never see one on the streets but still they are really nice.


LukeEVOVIII Well I got one, gotta work on the other haha


Mechanical porn. Great read and photos. I found the US specifications interesting, curious what modifications would be needed for Canada... maybe I'll win tonight's lotto and let you know. The blue on the Huayra is very nice, but I'm really loving the blue on the Zonda! I'd love to learn more about their composite production.

Gianluca FairladyZ

Awesome Review, Grazie Dino. I like the Zonda so much more than the Huyair.. Huiar.. Huayra.. Damn that's complicated..


Gianluca FairladyZ Two very different cars :)


Even the jack stands are fancy.


Oh how I dream of a collaboration car combining the best elements of Pagani and Koenigsegg. That would be automotive perfection.





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one of the best pictured proofs, why  languages like french, italian, german,etc. do more justice to companies like Pagani ,with their direct translation for manufacturer than english


LukeEVOVIII Why not choose the Pagani? For the price of a Huayra($1,314,000), you can get 26 R34s if they were to cost $50,000 each. It would make sense to choose the Pagani(assuming you were in a position where you could take either car for absolutely free), drive it, sell it, then buy a few Evos and a few GTRs and a giant garage. Boom! You'll be set for life!


Yay, more Pagani factory :)

Thanks, Dino!


LouisYio LukeEVOVIII Now that's a plan right there!


Dino's amazing photos only go so far- you need to see these cars first hand!
A tour the old factory is something I'll never forget with the "6:30" Revolucion in the showroom, then off to the facility where assembly and prep was being done. Seeing the chassis detail, suspension linkages, engraved bolts and cars in various states of completion made me a huge fan of the brand. If you're in the Modena area it must be on the list to visit

Do I like the styling of the Huayra? No
Do I love the detail and dedication? Yes


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I don't see why you wouldn't like the styling..


"This is automotive perfection in its purest form. There isn’t much anyone can add on top of this, or am I mistaken?"
Nah, any LM Prototype is in a totally different league

On another note, massive respect for the attention to detail on these cars.


What I am wondering is, how come they are making US spec Huayras? Since they aren't making more than 500 of them, i dont see why they are making US spec Huayras.


I normally don't pay much attention to hypercar posts since I couldn't even afford one if I did win the lottery, but these behind-the-curtain posts are a different story.  I'm totally blown away by the aesthetics of the whole place, the layout and interior design is amazing.  That's the kind of place where working probably doesn't feel like work.

Its also mind blowing to think these cars are glued together, much like aircraft and helicopter airframes.


what i really payed attention was the coated exhaust manifolds and that titanium exhaust .. I always like the level of details of these cars have everything is wonderfully executed to the T.


SOS Bro 2 Some of those 500 people DO live in the states. Shocking, huh?


So, I saw today that Keiichi Tsuchiya will be taking a Pagani Huayra BC on a few laps at WTAC this year. Suprised you haven't aired that piece of laundry yet Dino! I'm extremely curious how a hypercar compares to a TA car.


Are you freaking serious?! Dori-Dori in a Huayra BC? That is amazing! That man is my automotive idol.. He seems like such a humble man, yet can tame just about any car on any track and drive like a complete animal..


Completely flabbergasting, right?!


@Nick hes not the only one not digging the styling... certainly outlandish and wild, but nothing organic/flowing to me. the attention to detail is unbelievable. im very lucky to have seen a huayra in person and its quite the machine!


D1RGE EXE What people lol? I am talking about the production numbers.


People who work there must be the most happiest on earth.


Anybody know what the lizard / gekko is on photo 5 of the final chapter ?


SOS Bro 2 D1RGE EXE Some Americans are in those 500 people, and would like to drive their cars. Hence, US-spec so they can legally be driven on the road. Did I really need to spell that out for you? Besides, Pagani will do whatever you can afford with your car, so...


Beautiful in every way at every angle!  At first, I used to not really appreciate these cars and just came across them as another supercar asked for at a elevated premium just because they could.  But after reading several interviews with the owner and likewise of the new owners upon delivery, it was clear this company was separate from the other super car creators.  Their level of tailor made is truly a ground up customization for each owner and once you see the galleries of each car you can tell from all the carbon weave patterns, to the vent surround materials that they are such special vehicles.  Thanks for the great story and pics as usual Dino!  A factory tour is definitely a bucket list item for any auto enthusiast if they are available to the public!  I bet seeing this in person and interacting with the workers who are so passionate about what they do really does complete the whole appreciation for this builder.


D1RGE EXE They don't really need to make them US Spec to drive them, due to the Show and Display Law, which says in the link provided, as long as under 500 are made (knowing Pagani they are never going to make 500+ of the same model), and is driven maximum 2,500 miles per year (I bet you anyone who drives a Pagani doesn't drive it that much in 12 months), so it doesn't make sense for Pagani to make a US Spec car. Also personally those indicators on the sides of the front bumper look ugly.



I know I'm reading this a few days late but what an awesome birthday present this would have been (if I read it the day it was released!)


So many desktops, I hope I get the chance to do a factory tour before I die, quite the spectacle.


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Having worked in F1 I can tell you that F1 and factory LMP are a similar level of quality to each other.... And neither are finished to this standard. Yes the tech is far more advanced, but then neither can be started on a key by the driver and driven out the garage with a cold engine


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