It’s Not Easy Being A Rebel

The whole idea with me dropping by Fighting Star the other week was not only to get a glimpse at how Shinichi Morohoshi is expanding the persona he’s created, but also to have a casual sit down and chat. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do ever since meeting him a few years back, and his subsequent involvement in the latest Need for Speed.

Morohoshi’s style is best described as unique; he has chosen to do what many label as unthinkable with the best that Sant’Agata Bolognese has produced in recent years. But what’s it all about? Where does it stem from, and where is it all going? Read on, and you’ll find out what Morohoshi had to say when I posed these questions to him while we waited for his 50th Anniversary Aventador be serviced at Lamborghini Tokyo…


First and foremost, what exactly was it that sparked your love of Lamborghini in the first place? 

Morohoshi: It all began from the first encounter I had with a Lamborghini; I was around 17 years old and very much into bikes. I was out at night riding through some Tokyo backstreets when I saw a low, angular black shape. It drove past me creating the most incredible sound I had ever heard. It turned out I had seen my first Countach, and that was the moment I decided that no matter what, I would one day own one. It took me years of hard work, but just as I was getting close I ran into some trouble and the possibility of owning one almost slipped away. But I didn’t let that discourage me, and by the time I was 33 years old I had picked up a blue Diablo SV.


That’s impressive. I guess if you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything! So where was it on to from there? 

Morohoshi: I wanted to drive the car as much as possible, so that’s what I did. I didn’t want to keep it hidden; I began going to car meets, places where people weren’t quite used to seeing Lamborghinis. And then came the craving to stand out even more and I slowly began developing my personal style.

So what is the Morohoshi style?

Morohoshi: Well, I prefer to call it Morohoshi bunka [culture]. That’s actually how people are referring to it out on the streets and in the car world. It’s all pretty simple; it’s a mix of flashiness, lots of pika-pika [sparkles] and as many LEDs and you can possibly get in there. It’s basically just a way to show off and attract people to my style and the Lamborghini brand. I started off doing it alone, now the Morohoshi crew has more than 100 members and we are getting well known both in Japan as well as in many other countries.


Shipping your car to Italy for the Lamborghini 50th Anniversary event a few years back must have done a lot for your image, right?

Morohoshi: Yeah, to say the least! It was such a fun event. I shipped my purple Diablo over there wanting to show the rest of the world what Morohoshi style was all about. Italy is such a great country you know; you can see how people love cars there, and I was getting cheered on from all the people that showed up at the main event start as well as along the way. However, my reception wasn’t as hot with the president of Lamborghini; he probably thought my style was a little too loud. It all escalated when we were driving past Milano. I decided to do a detour into the city as I needed gas and I got such a great response from people on the street I revved my car and made some noise with my custom exhaust, and played The Godfather air horns I had also fitted to it. Everyone was cheering me on and giving me thumbs up, it was such a great experience. But once Lamborghini heard what I had done making such a spectacle, they weren’t too happy.


So what sorts of issues did this end up causing you? 

Morohoshi: Repercussions followed me all the way back to Japan where I was no longer being welcomed at official Lamborghini events. My style is obviously something they want to keep a certain distance from, but I don’t care. This is the way I do things. So I ordered up another car straight after, which is the yellow 50th Anniversary Aventador I drove here today. I went even crazier with it adding my own custom aero and a pretty big fitment of LED lights.

Ah yes, the lights! I definitely need to follow you to one of your night gatherings as I don’t think showing your cars in the daytime really does them any justice.

Morohoshi: Yes, absolutely, come along, we meet all the time!


One thing that I’m sure our readers would love to know, as I do, is whether you are interested in actual engine and performance tuning? For example, in the States there are some that like add twin turbos or superchargers to Lamborghinis, be them V10 or V12-powered models.

Morohoshi: I’m more than content with the 700hp the Aventador has, and I have yet to lose one battle on the Shutoko [expressway], so I don’t think that’s something I’d pursue in the future.

Incidentally, what is your favourite engine from Lamborghini, the V10 or the V12?

Morohoshi: The V12 for sure – the sound is unlike anything else. I have a Gallardo and the V10 is nice, but the bigger brother is another thing all together.


To finish up, what are your plans for the future? 

Morohoshi: Well, I’m currently working on an aero kit for the Huracán, so that’s what I’ve been concentrating on. That should make a debut in mid-September.


As I ended the questions, Morohoshi’s driver arrived to pick him up as the Aventador would need to stay overnight at Lamborghini Tokyo for its maintenance. For extra safety the car was put in the elevator and taken all the way up to the roof along with the other customer cars Lamborghini had in for various services.

It was cool to have a quick chat with a character like this, as Morohoshi’s style and approach to life almost challenges most opinions and beliefs people in the Western world would call normal. But meeting different people is what makes life interesting, and Morohoshi is without a doubt is a very interesting man. Now, I better go LED hunting the next time he and his crew are out for a play on the Shuto!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Gianluca FairladyZ

i think mr lambo ceo stephan winkelmann will regret his decision of no longer welcoming him to the meets. for me morohoshi did everything right, besides one the thing to play the godfather horn. In italy where the people still suffer under it, this was maybe not the right decision.
but by far, this is not a reason to ban such a great personality that brings in some diversity to the game.. and helps the brand even economical with buying all these super expensive cars!

Morohoshi san, next time you're in italy play something from Adriano Celentano ;) They'll not only admire it, they'll love it ;)!!!! Azzurroooo........................................


His ideal are very western, but it makes sense why he is someone to be looked up to in a refined and uniformed culture. Love his styling for his Diablo, which I personally think is the pure Lamborghini aside from the Countach. Something about the Diablo sticks out among the rest of the models, it's looks, and performance really live up to the name, Diablo. Great article of Morohoshi and delving into his character on a more personal level for us readers to understand more about him. A true uniformed rebel in his culture.


Please do a feature on his diablo!


Great reading as usual. Would love to meet Morohoshi-san in Tokyo next year. Maybe he can give me some interesting ideas for my 997.


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Great Read !


Pedders Pay him a visit to his shop...which is by the way moving in a couple of weeks. I think he's found something bigger in the same area


psikyo It's in the works, just have to wait till hi pulls it out!


Gianluca FairladyZ I think if you get in any way or form offended by the Godfather theme then you have a problem. Haha it's all for a laugh ;)


I didn't 'get' it before meeting him, but this chat really highlights his passion and dedication to doing his own thing. And this made me smile, I can imagine the reaction he would have got in Milan! "I revved my car and made some noise with my custom exhaust, and played The Godfather air horns"


At first I thought he was a typical shady man associated with the underworld, doing all sorts of evil stuff. But since reading this, it turns out he's quite the humble guy despite getting into trouble. He has a passion for Lamborghinis and goes with a style that truly expresses his personality of what car customization should be. (He should look at what DMC here in Hong Kong offers, they make crazy spoilers and exhaust kits for Lambos here too!)


This man is legendary. A true leader of flash and style. Sure many will hate, but as I've always said, haters hate what they can't be. Great job as usual Dino. Can't wait to see the coverage of when you get to meet up with the while crew.


The man who is more Lamborghini than Lamborghini.


Good read Dino, cheers. I think this interview completes the circle relative to Mike's article about more positivity in the car world. Morohoshi-san is no different than Nakai-san.
Their respective approaches may differ, but their muse is the same: expression of individuality. At the end of the day, that's what being a car guy is all about, no matter the make or language.
Celebrate bunka, not conformity!


....But why did you kill Morohoshi's colours?


Slappy_Pistons I was thinking the same, I cannot believe some one from Lamborghini said its too flashy, but i guess the new regime there doesnt want the craziness anymore


This guy is whats modifying scene is all about - being YOURSELF. 

You know, I like a good stanced car, too much stance seems like fun and brave at the same time, I was never into it like into other aesthetics like euro hill climb look, but I never hated it.

On every stanced car on facebook, there are this little f*cks complaining about car not being drivable or calling every car with a big spoiler - riced...

It angers me to be honest, I remember when rice was another name for something truly hideous with poorly fitted kits that dont flow... Now you put a spoiler or a sticker on your car - they say rice... God damn them.

Being a speedhunter, being a car guy, being a tuner, its all about being a rebel... Most of us (if I dare to project) were on the loner side in school, obsessing over cars and our drawings of them, not following the mass media sports or events. We grew up with different interests than the masses, we loved different things. 
I love this article cause it shows the guy is loyal to himself, to his love. FU*K what others think.

It angers me to see any part of OUR culture attacked and ridiculed, I want to make an absolute horror of a vehicle just to fuck with them. But I wont, I'll stay loyal to my aesthetics (it will still do the trick tho ;). 

I guess we cant be rebels without society hating on us in some way. 

Viva la revolucion!


Speedhunters_Bryn Thank God for Japanese, breaking the mould, daring to stretch our perceptions.
What would world be without Japan? The car scene? Better not even think of it...


Good on him for not giving 2 shit's about what Lambo rhinitis think


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"he has chosen to do what many label as unthinkable with the best that Sant’Agata Bolognese has produced in recent years"
Hey now, what he does with pasta in his spare time is none of our business.
You have to love someone who can upset the president of lambo so much he gets banned from official events...... They still took his money for the next car though so they can't of been that mad at him ;)
I enjoyed that! Cheers!


I love you man, come here and give me a hug.


Mechanophile Speedhunters_Bryn Indeed!!


FrankensteinConnelly Thanks!


Slappy_Pistons Oh man isn't that a cool statement right there!


Slappy_Pistons Oh man isn't that a cool statement right there!


Turbology And that's what we should all strive to do and obtain. Never be afraid to do your own thing!


Turbology And that's what we should all strive to do and obtain. Never be afraid to do your own thing!


rally2727 haha simple, I wanted people to forget that and concentrate on his character and stories, which was the main point of this interview. Hope that makes sense...


Mechanophile Well said! Amen to that!


TarmacTerrorist ...and he's got another car on the way...


Slappy_Pistons You said it. Since Audi bought Lamborghini the range has over time, lost its' soul and the madness, chaos, or bewilderment that defined what they were as a supercar maker, and why so many bedrooms had cars such as the Diablo or Countach as posters on the walls. The Huracan and Aventador are great performance machines, but the "no f*cks given" attitude that defined their predecessors is absent no doubt.


It takes a lot to be a true badass and it looks like Morohoshi-san made it there.

Great article Dino


Cool car and no fax given attitude, but seriously - a Luis Vuitton ladies' handbag?? That ruined it for me. I saw that in the shop also and was hoping that it would be not his.


Is he going to put a website up? It would be easier to find his new shop.


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TarmacTerrorist Consider yourself hugged bro.  ; )


This is actually exactly the kind of attitude Lamborghini needs, and it's just telling that even when the President is turning his nose up at this kind of attitude that they've really lost touch with what the whole company started out as.


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Mechanophile  "It angers me to see any part of OUR culture attacked and ridiculed, I want to make an absolute horror of a vehicle just to fuck with them."

Do you remember that article on the Z32 that was slammed, had the spoiler mounted underneath like a diffuser, -33 offset truck wheels, and a hand-painted orange coat with runs all through it?

This is exactly why cars like that exist. And why all the hate that was directed toward said feature article was only serving to fulfill exactly what the driver was trying to achieve. He made that car as a statement. "Don't tell me what to do with my car."


Too much hate is happening when it comes to freedom of expression within our car culture. People are dividing themselves into groups and slating other people for thinking outside the box. It's such a shame.


I just want to say, I don't know how he manages to afford what he does, but props to him for not bowing to the societal pressure to conform.

We need people who have a zeal to live and live loud to remind the rest of us that you can't take life so seriously that you cease to enjoy it.


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There's no grace, elegance or beauty in anything this guy does. 

He's an automotive shock jock doing this stuff deliberately because there's no longer any way to stand out, other than to be significantly worse (louder, brighter, less tasteful) than the next guy.

He's foisting Weaponized Tastelessness on a world already desperately treading water in a sea of In Your Face, Obnoxious and Over The Top.


I'm guessing you've never been to Japan.


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mandeepchase IRONWOLF RD And that right there is the nail on the head.


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Mechanophile I love you too that was poetry


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