Hey Car People, Let’s Be More Positive

Have you taken look at the news, social media, or just about anything else in recent weeks? You’ll probably see that the stuff going on in the world can be pretty depressing. Is the world a darker and scarier place today than it was in the past? I’m not sure. But the constantly connected nature of life today can really make it feel that way at times.

It’s not just the news that makes us feel depressed and uneasy, but how it seems impossible to get away from it all. Regardless of what your political/cultural views are, it’s impossible to go on the internet or social media and not be overwhelmed with propaganda memes and videos,  bitter arguments and a whole lot self-righteous fluff from all sides – regardless of whether you’ve asked for it or not. Throw in the fact that we are in an election year here in the States and it’s even worse.

What does all this have to do with cars you ask? Well, unfortunately a lot of the same stuff can be said for the automotive hobby these days. While the car hobby should be seen as an enjoyable escape from the crappy stuff going on out there, more and more it feels like the negativity you find in the online car community drags our hobby right down there toward the other bad stuff in this world. Is that how we want it? Aren’t we better than that? For all the good that the internet and social media have done for the car hobby, the negative side effects are impossible to ignore.

Do you hate ‘stance’? Do you hate V8 engines? Do you hate wide-body kits? Do you feel that people are ‘ruining’ the cars you hold sacred by attaching certain parts to them? Do you hate cars that aren’t built exactly the way you would build them? I’m really sorry about that.

I completely get it. With anything you are passionate about, there are going to be strong feelings one way or the other. I certainly have plenty of opinions about the automotive scene myself, but rather than focusing on the stuff I don’t like and preaching about how bad I think it is, I simply move on to the stuff that I do like. Turns out the car hobby is a lot more enjoyable that way.

The vast majority of people on my social media networks are there because of cars, and they come from all over the world. Naturally, I have many Japanese car enthusiasts in my circle, and there’s something I’ve noticed about their tendencies when it comes to the online side of the car hobby. It’s something we might be able to learn from.

These days it feels like everyone posting memes of cars crashing, ‘shaking their heads’ at modifications they don’t like and going on long-winded tirades about how cars should or shouldn’t be built. The Japanese? Not so much. Nearly all of their car-related posts are documenting their own experiences in the hobby or sharing cars that inspire them.

That’s not to say they don’t have their own unique tastes and opinions. Naturally, I’d assume the ones that spend their weekends trying to shave lap times at the track aren’t too interested in the stance and car show scene, but I’ve never heard them talking about how dumb and pointless it is. Because that would be a waste of time with no benefit to them.

Many of us take inspiration from the way the Japanese build their cars, but maybe we should take some more inspiration from the way they act? That’s something that can be done regardless of what kind of car you drive, where you live, or how much money you have. Maybe, just maybe, that attitude could be the secret to their success.

Will a quick piece like this change anything? I doubt it. The wave of short attention spans, anger and entitlement might be too strong to overcome. But that shouldn’t stop us from trying to be a little more positive and level-headed when it comes to the hobby that we all love.

Why not save the bitterness and negativity for other parts of life and make car culture fun again?

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia



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You think those infighting are bad? Just wait until your environmentalist friends find our about your car culture hobby.


You think the infighting is bad? Just wait until your environmentalist friends find out about your car hobby.


"Why not save the bitterness and negativity for other parts of life and make car culture fun again?"
Or just don't be negative. The fact that you can have such a hobby is enough to be grateful for.


I'm glad I'm not the only one who's fed up with propaganda memes and automotive snobs. Since i first started reading speedhunters articles about two years ago, nearly all of my prejudices regarding car culture have been torn down, and I've become far more open to different styles. I still don't like drag cars or $100k pro-touring builds as a whole, but i respect the guys who invest countless dollars and hours into chasing the highest quality and lowest quarter mile times. Can't we all just admit cars are great and leave it there?


I tend to Use terms like HYBRID and just accidentally forget to add the TURBO to the end....
My battery is now a power cell also.
and if they ask about the stripped interior.... It's because of the ever quest for power weight ratio which returns better milage.


Thank you. I used to love reading the comments section. Nowadays, I skip it altogether because I always seem to come across people behaving like spoiled brats. Rather than be grateful for these great contents that we get for free, they constantly whine about everything - from the features to the ads and promos.
Honestly, I think the Speedhunters staff have been too nice to these brats.




Good article.  What would be helpful is that people need to learn is that there is a difference between opinion and fact.  

Different societies value things differently, just because it is different doesn't make it wrong.  

"The world would be a boring place if we were all the same."


@John Im enviromentalist with everything, cars can be enviromental e85 ;)


Clearly it's the dark side.


yes. yes. YES. like seriously guys. if you have nothing nice to say about a person's car or type of car, just move on. it's that simple. obviously there are some who don't think that. just move on. not everybody is like you. you'll have a different taste in cars than the next guy. i mean i like stanced and lowered jdm and euro cars a lot, yet people shit on me for what i like. yet i just ignore these trash comments and just move on. i mean i personally don't like american lifted trucks, but that doesn't mean i have to just vent and rant about how stupid they are. i just keep my mouth shut and move on. people should do the same.


Unfortunately because of the anonymity of the Internet, there's always gonna be haters. Whether it's against certain types of cars to certain types of racing. Really what does it matter? All I care about is that I'm happy (or unhappy due to funding) at my place in car culture. If you surround yourself with people who share the same interest as you then it's even better. In this day and age of crime rates/murder rates rising due to governors letting criminals out of jails/prisons because they "really aren't that bad" when it's really all about money, we need more car comradery.


Good article---fast read and without a ton of extraneous exposition.
Unfortunately, what we're all witnessing is "FREEDOM" or at least our crude interpretation of it. The same individuals and media outlets we condemn for their negative behavior are entitled to the same rights as those who are more positive.
No nationality can hold the solution to any issue out of context, however.
If the Japanese are generally viewed as more respectful online it's a faint reflection of their society offline. The two are inextricably linked.
Respect can be given as easily as it's received yet mainland United States culture tends to reject both.
If people en masse refuse to give respect, they won't be the recipients of it either. It's that simple.


The Sad Truth:  
Speedhunters,Society,trends,fashion..its all the same.

Its easier to criticize or be negative.....than it is to put in effort and be creative yourself.

It always show in their comments,builds,lives,etc.

Great article Mike, we all feel you.


Mike you were doing so well. 

Don't do the Paddy thing...

Deep Dishin It

Get rid of the comment section. Problem solved.


THANK YOU! The automotive world needs more of this! This message needs to be shared around and promoted! Statistically I dare to say there are few of us car enthusiasts for who this hobby, this passion has become something we are almost forced to keep to ourselves because of all the hate going on... One can barely set a foot right these days because there's surely someone who's not gonna like it, hate it and a whole crowd will follow suit. Sad but things need to change.


@SW1 I hope we have less of your kind of behavior. Anyway, you are always free not to read if you are unhappy with the content. Better yet, why don't you put up your own website and read your own material?


Superb point!!
Im lucky that i love most car related endevours and cant get enough of all of the awesomeness you guys post, but it does seem there are some out there that arent that good at life yet.
Hopefully like you they will eventualy work it out.
Thanks for your work guys, it brings me nothing but inspiration and enjoyment (even if it does encourage a few sighs from the wife ;)


exactly!  the thing that I envy the most to japanese car culture is it's variety and lack of prejudice, when I see posts from daikoku I'm still blown away by the fact that in japan you can gather in the same parking lot race cars, vans, itasha cars and so on! thats amazing and really inspiring.


People hate so much on what ever 'scene' they aim for. I for one I get annoyed when people talk crap on what other people have done to their car. There is so much to enjoy in the modified car scene, it's more diverse than it ever has been and it's expanding and all you guys at Speedhunters show this. Let us all love cars together.


@Deep Dishin It Communism


I have a passion for engineering and technology. When looking at a car I look at it with my engineers eye trying to find some sort of a technical purity. If I see something that makes no sense, I may as well point it out. That is not hate, that's critique. If someone doesn't agree with my critique they may argue with me. If we argue using logic and facts, progress happens. Progress can be in our thinking process or maybe in our knowledge. Hate is something personal. Stop the hate, but please don't stop constructive criticism. If my car or my photography would ever get featured here, I would love to have all the armchair experts here tearing me apart. My butt doesn't get hurt too easily :)


Vittorio Jano


Vittorio Jano  It doesn't make sense that any street car have over 300hp, yet compared to stance styling, we revel and awe in cars with more and more power


Meaningful words Mike, and certainly ones which more 'car guys' should heed. One thing to note is the double-edged nature of social media and connectivity itself. I am grateful for enthusiast-driven platforms like Speedhunters and MotoIQ etc. But I will say that I believe the age of instant gratification has also somewhat diluted the narrative of project cars and builds.
It's not necessarily a bad thing, just a sign of the times, and a logical evolution to stay relevant with content and layout. I remember anxiously awaiting the latest issue of 'Turbo', or hearing rumors that a local build would finally be revealed at an upcoming event. There was no Instagram to document every step of the project for tens of thousands of people.
These days, it seems we may have lost a bit of that anticipation grown from mystery. It is fair to say most people have 'seen it' even before a car becomes a feature or has an official debut. To be candid, I am thankful and proud that we as car guys can communicate with our peers around the world, for that social media is a blessing.
But I do think that same connectivity also contributes to the 'hate'. Flipping through 'Import Tuner' or 'Sport Compact Car', I am sure plenty of us might not have cared for a particular car, but it was in the isolation of our homes. Now, there are legions of keyboard critics who heckle from the safety of a monitor or smartphone screen.
Human nature is also such that most people seek normalcy and acceptance as part of a crowd, so the first dose of negativity exponentially grows as more and more sheeple join the bandwagon. Personally, I do not believe 9/10 of those same folks would have the courage to make their derogatory comments to the owner in person.
Our mission as enthusiasts should be to promote the fundamental ideas that make cars so awesome in the first place: creative freedom and expression of individuality, no matter the purpose. There will always be trends and those who follow them, but that doesn't discount the time, effort and resources it takes to make a car your own.
Just my 2 psi.


Paddy McGrath Haha knew you'd like that one!


@Rufusone1 cool your jets it's an internet forum.


Turbology Agree completely. I also agree it's funny that you'd never walk up to a car you don't like at a car show and tell the owner how much it sucks, but on the internet it's often the first thing people do.


Vittorio Jano Sure, there's always room for constructive criticism I'd say.


RayGoodwin Pretty much this.


importfan It is something I've been seeing a lot more often in Japan. Very cool.


Poootins Thanks!


@Deep Dishin It Hmmmm....


@SW1 It's all Paddy's fault!


@Jdmturbo Thanks much!


@Uh huh Yep absolutely. Japanese culture is by no means perfect - no culture is - but their general respectfulness is so easy to admire.  Or maybe I just notice it more these days where it seems everyone in the US wants to bite each other's heads off?


awesomefearwave Well said.


JackScharr That last part so much!


@Nate Agreed.


Mike Garrett Glad you agree Mike. I know plenty of people who wouldn't agree. Awesome article by the way, hope the Primera gets an update soon.


EvolveWRC Close. Totalitarianism. But he's still got a point (kinda).


I like they you had a suggetion at the end of this piece Mike, I think when people sit back there will be quite a few that realise they have been too quick to poke holes in someone else's work.,.


I love it Mike, outstanding post.  But lay the blame where it belongs.  The people who are out there begging for approval.  If you live this life, and you built your car for YOU, odds are you couldn't care less what anyone else thinks about it.

As a rule, I try to impress those who impress me.  

90% of haters are sitting in the stands watching the game, the other 10% sitting on the bench, wishing to participate. The Japanese have the luxury of weeding out the posers and wannabe's with countless hoops to jump through if you wanna be a car guy/girl.

If there was a silver lining to bureaucracy, I guess that's it.

reverend sexpleasure

If minds had buttholes... then you just sodomized a fuckload of people with this crap.


If you are posting your car online you are inviting comment. Can't handle some criticism or advice? Don't post!
I have no sympathy for someone who enters a car in a show and then expects nothing but adoration. In the real world everyone needs to handle criticism, you're gonna get it sooner or later.


^ This is the real story - what is constructive criticism?


Criticism is fine. Rudeness isn't.
Also, our defnition of beauty when it comes to cars (and most things actually) is subjective. Criticizing as if you are 100% right on a matter that is not black and white like math is just plain ignorance.


To you it is just a forum. To the guys behind Hunters, this is their vocation - the thing they dedicated years of their lives into.


Very well said Mike. I like to think that we are similar in our automotive ways of thinking. I am into hot rods and customs (mid 60's style stuff mainly) However I have also modified late model stuff, owned a low volume Japanese import. I dig Euro, JDM, Old and new stuff, Restored, Modified, Overfenders, Stance, Onyikan (although tyre wear and strain on suspension components concerns me) I dig it all! One needs to look at a car for what the owner has achieved with it. Not for what badge it has, or what wheels or engine, blah, blah, blah. WE ARE ALL THE SAME-WE ALL LOVE CARS!! SO LETS ENJOY OUR HOBBY!!


rook56 Agree, but also respectfully disagree. As Rufus states so well, criticism is acceptable as long as it is constructive and considerate. I do, as stated, agree with you that criticism is necessary and needs to be expected. Instead of accepting everything with open arms and no critique, let's just show the world what it means to respect the choices others make and celebrate the diversity of our car culture.


Vittorio Jano the flaw in this argument is the suggestion that anyone cares about technical "correctness". if we cared about our cars working well, we'd all drive gently-used, completely-stock Corollas, because nothing else works better as a car.

on the other hand: sometimes we just do things we like. that it's not "better" is besides the point. on the internet, many reflexively "critique" these things with words like "ruined" and "useless". to them i can only say: enjoy your Corolla.

Deep Dishin It

@Mike Garrett
No one has ever really learned anything from the comment section except for who is a so-called engineer and who is a hater. Very rarely does anything constructive come out of these comment sections.


Mike Garrett Turbology 
It takes a lot less courage to be a cunt when you don't have to worry about getting decked.


@jk Vittorio Jano Cars have different uses. If it's only commuting, I'd say take bus or cycle. 

Saying something is "ruined" is not critique. Saying "That wing would probably work better placed elsewhere" or "Less power with better responsiveness would maybe make that car faster around track" is.


To sum it up a little better i feel that the Japanese car scene is a lot better than the U.S scene to be honest, because everything turns into a pissing match or run way show of who's better than who, who can run faster lap times than the other. It's really gotten to the point where the word ''Fun'' has been taken out of context and everyone is just so so serious about everything. When it comes to engine modifications, real wheels vs fake wheels. Opposite lock summed it up in a paragraph  There's a culture that we often see in the modified car scene that maintains that unless you have [insert turbo car here] with [insert cool list of JDM mods here] that you are somewhat a second rate citizen.. It's a culture that we believe is unhealthy and not serving anyone well, except for the egos of the elitist minority who feel that their way of modifying cars is the only way it should be done. And to further compound the elitist regime, to truly qualify yourself as being passionate about cars, you need to spend all your money on [insert cool expensive JDM product here].


Mike Garrett yep




Dubai Desi Escort


I hate this mentality of how people are supposed to be okay with everything done to cars. Lets face it, some things just look bad. This "kumbaya" way of thinking is how dumb trends like "stance" and kids purposely rusting their econobox cars to turn them into "rat rods" got started. Maxing out the camber and putting wheels that don't fit your car and destroying the quarter panels by making the tires rub and a half ass fender rolling does not look good. Not saying people should speak in an intelligent or constructive manner, but if something looks like garbage, it looks like garbage.


Paddy McGrath Mike Garrett OMG! SO lucky that I saw this a few nights ago. Spoiler supreme!


Ban people from commenting if they're negative. (or at least put a big red 'TURD' stamp over their comment) 
Like all of our moms' say, "If you can't say anything nice... don't say anything at all."
*Oh and I hate 'stance'... hah ah aha haha


Paddy McGrath Mike Garrett ps judging by the sheer number of responses you are fielding...an "emotional check" like this article from time to time looks beneficial for both SH and its commenters...well played! 

Can we go back to more "Wordly" content? You know, like the images of Japanese folks imitating cholo low rider culture here in LA?


Dubai Desi Escort Actually clicked this one and hoped to see some cool ford escorts :( Idiot!


Sorry but as a puriest i cant stand someone who builds a car for complete show and ego!! And also who completely doesnt apprecite the design and engineering of their car and hack it up. EX: ricer widebody Porsche 911!! What happened to that connection, appreciation of good design ?But when i get anxiety from this ricer bull shit, i site back, relax, and visite Petrolicous!! All the car features and videos are perfect!!!


Petrolicious` line is "Drive Tastefully". How I wish its readers have better tastes in terms of personalityand character.
You do not like other people`s work. Fine. There is no reason why you should be rude about it.
Moreover, car design is subjective. If you do not think so, how about outlining the objective "laws" that make car beautiful to enlighten us?


you cant expect to build something and have everyone like it. thats not the way the world works, not everyone is going to like what you do and when you put what you do out there dont expect everyone to immediately praise your work. if youre going to build something whatever it is dont expect participation trophies and be grown up about criticism.


JohnKrzeminski  Who said everyone is supposed to be okay with everything? Who said anything about faking admiration? The message is to not be rude even if you a disagree with certain styles. Aesthetics is subjective. This is why people had different notions of beauty in different parts of the world. (This has been lessened with mass media.) Vincent Van Gogh's paintings were considered garbage at one point. Now, people pay millions of dollars for a small piece. The point is that we shouldn't be too arrogant about our opinions because opinions are different from facts. It varies from person to person and period to period.


QuattrogroupB I forgot to ask - do I take it that you do not like the 1974 Porsche RSRs either? Since you do not like "ricer widebody Porsche 911".


QuattrogroupB what may have been the designers choice at that time, doesn't mean we cannot improve upon it, they do appreciate the design, otherwise they would have chosen a different car. Sorry you can't wrap your head around it, but unless you were the original owner and ordered the car to your liking, then let them build THEIR car to THEIR liking.


Vittorio Jano yeah, but who cares about going fast around a track? most of these cars are built to just look fast on the street, and that's fine. i say that with no intent of shaming the builders.


One side effect of automotive social media/forums/blogs etc is that people overestimate the importance of sharing their opinions.


Sacred cars got quite cheap, young kids buy those, and they dont have a good taste yet.
That it.. The world isnt a darker place than it used to be.


QuattrogroupB I do not personally like the static look and would never do that to my car, but I don't go around acting like a pretentious snob everytime I see a dumped car. You get anxiety over what other people do to their cars? Then you should probably go see a psychiatrist.....  You sir, are a corn ball.


I've browsed Speedhunters for years now and as far as my memory serves me, this is my first time commenting. Reason being is this whole topic is so ridiculous.
I genuinely don't understand why people give a f about it all. It astounds me how offended some people can get over how a stranger has modified a car they sank their own money into. It didn't cost you anything.
Taste is subjective, why do people need to preach about what defines good taste?
That's the attitude that needs to change. It's childish. If someone is that upset about something that has zero effect on you whatsoever then they need to start reassessing things.
Fast or slow, sideways or straight lining, bouncing or scraping... Who gives a f. Enjoy your own pride and joy.


Well f said.


JohnKrzeminski That Civic is pretty tacky indeed. But I just kinda treat that stuff they way I would some ignorant or flame-baiting tweet. I just move on and ignore it. Highlighting how crappy it is probably feeds the owner's ego more actually.


Well done. I like all modifications people do, personally I wouldnt do everything I see being done to certain cars, BUT I wouldn't trash the whole scene, I like stance I like all sorts of kits, some things are more tasty than others, but no need to panic over it.

Good post, these days a lot of things seem out of control. Its good to know Im not the only one feeling it.


Unfortunately most people who post have more negative things to say. This reminds me of restaurant reviews where you would only post a negative review if the food was bad or you received bad service. Most people wouldn't take time to write on Yelp about the delicious and satisfying meal they had at the restaurant last night. That's just my opinion.


@JohnKrzeminski You forgot about dangerously fitted seat belts and amateur roll cages.
But so long as their feelings aren't hurt...


I think you have really just identified the different cultures around the world. The Japanese are brought up not have an impact on other people - they will avoid getting in an elevator if somebody is already in there because it might inconvenience them! They are also taught not to step out of line, self expression isn't encouraged. And they have much more respect for others. Most of us will think of modifying our cars as being the ultimate self expression, so many Japanese will hold those who have modified their vehicle with much more reference than Westerns would, and wouldn't dream of berating them. I hate the preference for negative comments, but it's part of our culture, and the Internet provides an easy outlet.


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... except for bogan donk of course! That deserves ridicule. Joke. Sort of.


While some people would rather trample on a stranger's dignity and preferences so long as their big ego is stroked - playing the aesthetics expert, amateur police and backseat editor at the same time.


this post reminds me i am an egoistic person.
i hate how RX-7 swapped with V8s. i hate overfenders on old cars, its ruining it. and then i preach it with same people that thinks the same way as i am. Seriously, after reading this, i really think about it. why should i preach about this.
thanks Mike for reminding me. i shouldn't do that and i should accept the difference between us all. :)


Props to you bro. Sign of wisdom right there.


Apologies for beating the dead horse here, late to the game, slow on the uptake and so on; I agree with Mike's sentiment on this. His assertion is one I try to follow, "not" because I like everything I see, but because there is definitely a value in being respectful of/ to others. I believe it's a foundation for a civil society.

When I was young, we used to refer to this as having manners or being polite, which I guess has become passe' and horrifying for some strange reason. I've had a lot of experience with both sides of this coin and truly, life is so much better when folks at least try to exercise some restraint and a modicum of tact while expressing an opinion.

@ Tina_Tuner 
My short visit to Japan was one of the best experiences I can recall, if it weren't for the cost of living and the leaking reactor, I would want to stay longer.

“Opinions are like assholes—everybody’s got one”


ChuChu2 Thumbs up!


CozzyCozbourne Mike Garrett Bullying is the same in every language: anything to avoid introspection and acknowledgement of your own flaws, so point out someone else's, be they character or automotive.
What I find hugely ironic is that I'm certain any 'hater' in life enjoys something that others would consider 'weird'. You like anchovies on your pizza?! Loser! But again, it's much easier to create a false sense of self-confidence and esteem by criticizing those around us.
If everybody liked or did the same things, progress would not exist. My apologies for the anthropological diversion, I just believe that if more people understood the value of a mirror, our community and car culture would be a much better place.


Man, I totally agree with this. The car culture is a lot different compared to what it was even just five or six years ago. Definitely in the area I am of California it's all but went off the deep end. Pretty sad.


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The zionist jews have made the world a darker place, blame them.

Also, destroying cars with hellaflush style is enraging because we love cars, and we hate them to see them damaged. See? I'd like to own a S200 someday, but I'm afraid many of them will already be raped because the previous owners were all about that "life style". Fags.


When I see a car that someone clearly put a lot of effort into, I usually either love or hate it. There isn't much middle ground for me. Either way, those feelings of appreciation or dislike for the way a car looks are always strongly overshadowed by the feeling of respect for another person who loves their car, and respect for the machine itself. 

Who cares if us as individuals like it, that's what car companies should try to cater to - what a group wants. Someone who modifies their own personal car should be doing it for whatever reason they want whether it be for fun, for attention, to make the most powerful car, or even just to bug people.

I think the coolest part about car culture is seeing the huge range of different machines that are out there, and to see what people can do when they let their imagination take them on a journey to make something unique.

Thank you for sharing these views, Mike!


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Some kids always try to turn everything into a fight. It's human nature. Like any fight, very few are actually ever involved. Around ANY fight, you'll always find a flock of curious cowards who would never throw a punch themselves, but scream with joy at the possibility that somebody is about to lose- so that they can scream at whoever lost, and praise whoever won.
Those who bravely build their own cars usually have respect for other builders. The 'haters' are once again those curious cowards, standing on the sideline, hoping to make fun of someone who dared to try.


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