Aston Martin & Red Bull Racing Join The Hypercar Game

The hypercar scene just got a whole lot more interesting…

Today, Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing announced they are collaborating on a brand new road car that will be known as the AMB-RB 001, and it sounds like it’s going to be incredible, even by the standards of the genre.


The work of Aston Martin’s greatest minds and legendary Formula 1 designer Adrian Newey, the AMB-RB 001 is a cutting-edge modern hypercar, but also a throwback to a simpler era of performance cars.


That’s because rather than running a hybrid system like the LaFerrari or McLaren P1, this bespoke machine will be powered by a high revving, naturally aspirated V12 engine with a final power figure that’s yet to be revealed.


Even the design, while clearly including all of the aerodynamic tricks that Newey could throw at it, still has an elegance that you might not associate with other in-your-face hypercars. And the goal is also to have a car that’s as adept at a being a comfortable tourer as it is a race track weapon.


Detailed specs have yet to be released, but the plan is to build somewhere between 99 and 150 examples, with deliveries to begin in 2018.


And don’t bother asking about how much it’ll cost either, because there’s little doubt that every single example will be spoken for regardless of the asking price.

We’ll certainly be keeping our eye on this one.

Mike Garrett
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Even though im not that big of a super/hypercar fan, I really like this. N/A V12 is probably going to be amazing. And I really like that design. Good job Aston Martin!


Has a LaFerrari/SSC Tuatara vibe going... I like it!


The lights don't sit well with me but the rest is lovely, the bubble looks spectacular, I hope it does come to fruition.


Adrian Newey is involved, you bet your ass this will be an awesome car for the generations.


I thought they said this would be a hybrid drive system because the transmission. Will not have a reverse gear?


some crazy aero going on underneath this car... this a single seater? lol..


It's like an updated Maserati Birdcage concept!  I have not been this moved by a new car in several years.


I always wonder how they block rain from running into that exhaust...


At least one MUST be painted in "British Racing Green"!


also... what's the distinction between "hypercars" and supercars... I know it's mostly superfluous, and we all kind of have our own definition.. In my opinion, there have been only three.. the holy trinity: P1, La Ferrari, and 918. For me, the hybrid supercar segment are the only one's with a need for a new name.. after all we didn't call the mclaren f1 a "hyper car" back in the day did we(honest question)?.. I love old fashioned NA power, probably more than the next guy, but I'm a little disappointed that this one doesn't have a hybrid drive train.. which is probably everyone elses favorite part... I guess I have a hard on for the technology aspect of "hypercars" and it doesn't seem like this one has the drivetrain to match the hi-tech looks. Just seems kind of lazy. I dunno.


obviously I understand, this car is going to be crazy since it looks like it's going to be lightweight as a mothertrucker, and using a throwback engineering philosophy.. just saying... aston, build a hybrid "hypercar"


You always aplly full throttle. ;)


earmenau So you dont classify things like Koenigsegg One:1, Hennessey Venom GT, Pagani Huaya or Bugatti Veyron as hypercars?


earmenau Hyper car is just 1 performance step above super car.
Ferrari is the best example to use.

F40 > 328, F50 > 355, EZNO > 360, LaFerrari > 458.
There are definitely "non hybrid" hyper cars, if not, whats a Veyron? I would say F40 and Mclaren F1 were the first hyper cars.


Est price is £2-3Million with over 300 people already wanting it it's well and truley spoken for. Also it's a 2 seater, can see some design cues from the 570gt which makes sense for the touring aspect but this is going to be a game changer for sure!


No_Chance earmenau... I see cars that are at the forefront of technology, as hypercars... If it doesn't have an alternative drivetrain, than in my opinion, it isn't at the forefront of technology.. There was a time, when we called the best of the best "supercars"


Yeah, but when the F1, F40, and F50 first came out, we just called them supercars. Hypercar is a term that I've only started to hear recently. So you can't really go back in time and put a new title on something that is already established in history, can you?


Also, I understand that 'people' do understand hypercars to be no compromise supercars.. It's just my opinion that the way people seem to be using the term is arbitrary and unnecessary. An exotic car is an exotic car, as a supercar is a supercar, and a hypercar is something different, but the distinction is arbitrary.. When new tech comes out twenty years down the line are we going to have a new term for hypercars??? maybe MEGACARS? & then the F40 will be the O.G. MEGACAR... & then some dull idiot from the future will say to the future me... "Is the new Pagana hiyawatha not a MEGACAR? surely there are non atomic hybrid energy MEGACARS, and obviously the F1 and the F40 were the first MEGACARS...


Also... it turns out, the physicist who established the term "hypercar" in the 90's defined it as a " vehicle would have ultra-light construction with an body using advanced, low- design, and" I don't think he had exotic cars in mind, but yeah... for what its worth. I honestly don't care, I will never own one. I drive a Honda.


The front and profile views are a little deceiving, that rear 3/4 shot is where it's at.


earmenau Fair point there. Although I myself and a lot of other people classify them by performance.


It may not be a hybrid per say like the 918, P1 or La Ferrari but it will have some type of ERS system in the car. Now if this system is just there for enabling reverse gear, we don't know yet. But it definitely will not be a sole ICE powered vehicle thats for certain.


Design looks Alien + Kodo mashed together.  Beautiful piece of machinery.  Perfect for short sprints and no long drives due to lack of interior space.  Looking forward to see how this car turns out.


Still prefer the 918


What you are explaining there sound like sports car vs supercars. Hypercars is just marketing spin as far as I'm concerned.


Are these actual photos or just renders?
I ask because AM has a track record of talking up concepts and quietly binning them six months later.


It's like an LMP1 car without a wing.


Looks good for first renders.
Let's not forget too, that when this project was first announced, Newey himself said that the goal was for the car to break the current F1 lap record at the modern version of Silverstone GP!! An absolutely monstrous task, but if anyone could pull it off, it's Adrian Newey. Guy is an automotive legend up there with the likes of Henry Ford and Carol Shelby.
Just my own personal theory, but I think there is a bit of a grudge between certain parties (various manufacturers and racecar designers) and the FIA/FOM/CVC regarding the direction the F1 regulations have been heading in recent years. F1 used to be a platform for the worlds best car designers to test their crazy concepts, but I think many of the current designers feel extremely constrained by the current rule set, and I think many of them feel that F1 design has become stagnant.
If this project can be succesful and they can actually get a road legal car to lap Silverstone faster than an F1 car, it represents a giant middle finger pointed in the direction of the F1 rule makers. Personally I wish AM and Newey all the best, and I hope they succeed!!


I just realised the whole nose section is "hollow". It's a giant cavity that vents out the sidepodes, like an LMP1 car, and it has F1 style looking front suspension! That is bad ass!!


is it gonna have a double mondeo engine like the other astons


Where do the driver's legs go?


Can anyone tell me the shade Colour/Color ?


rook56 Photos


DJJAW11 going by the Aston website's configurator it's between Hardly Green and Seastorm.


rook56 They also have a track record of putting out concepts that seem improbable and then showing up a little later with a running car. Think One77, Vulcan, and the CC100 is a full on runner, and they're even selling copies of the V12 Zagato. So, not entirely true.
Specifically though, they're retouched photos of a full size clay with a half interior; and cheap calipers for some reason.
Have you seen the unveiling video yet?


tenpennyjimmy Think F1, about chest height. They'll fit, just.


rook56 felt i had to come back and make an addendum.
I made that remark about the calipers because even though they aren't actually cheap, i was really expecting some race level Alcons or something commensurate to the outrageous level of performance we're expecting. It's interesting also that the model makes no suggestion of brake ducting at all. So I imagine that is definitely a part of the car that will change at the very least between the track and road versions. I suspect they may have judged the front end to be open enough and the space around the rotors to be sufficient that it won't be necessary. We'll see!


Mook Genius it would seem a false economy to have a big enough electric motor to move the car along with the extra battery capacity just to save a few pounds in the gearbox and yet carry around that extra weight all the time. hmm


good car for the race and I'm sure very fast