The King Kong ‘Cuda Is Coming

I typically prefer not to hype cars, but I feel that this one is special.

By no means am I a connoisseur of vintage and classic American automobiles, but then again, you don’t have to be to appreciate this. I’m currently working through editing the images for an upcoming feature and I’m practically jumping out of my skin with excitement to share this car with you. So much so, that I have to publish one picture of this 1970 Plymouth Barracuda – better known as King Kong ‘Cuda – to alleviate some of the pressure. I’ll make no apologies for it either as this is quite simply the best car I’ve personally ever featured. Bar none.

At Fitted Friday IV, we awarded Kong the Best American, Best Engine Bay and Car of Show trophies. To be honest, it could have comfortably won a lot more, but we felt that we had to spread some of the love elsewhere. Plus, people would probably have been suspicious if it had won Best JDM…

Prepare yourselves folks, Kong is coming.

Paddy McGrath
Instagram: pmcgphotos
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I'm expecting a twin turbo GT-R motor then xD


My god!!


Is this the old Rocket Industries Cuda?  I remember seeing this a few years ago at SummerNats and half way finished it was still an amazing machine!
Can wait for your feature Paddy!


Endless_Drift the very same (June?? 2010 Street Machine cover)


ggcniks Endless_Drift
Haha! thats the one, pretty sure I still have that issue in the garage! Look forward to seeing it totally finished.


I can see how that car can be a big deal in Australia, but you really need to delve deeper into the high-profile pro-touring scene in the US. Builds like that are kinda the norm, and we seldom seem them here, yet we have the australian 'Cuda because it's in Australia, like when we see avergae-at-best american cars because they are in Japan? I'm not saying the Kong 'Cuda doesn't deserve the feature, it is a top-level car. I'm saying there should be more content like this car, and it's all readily available in the United States.


Best jdm huh.... i'm listening...?!...


Excitement when I loaded the homepage. Shock at a tease.

Breath remains held.


Paddy and his Mopars


Considering he's featured a 918, this one must be something really cool...


Now that's King Kong smiling at you now.  :D


Excitement soars when I loaded the homepage. I thought you've finished the feature haha


@Cano 10 pages to look through of "pro touring material"


Cant wait! The suspense is painful!!


johnbezt That was the joke. I need to work on my sense of humour. It's awful.


Oh I can't wait!....


JakWhite Nooooooooo.


Endless_Drift The very same car, it's an absolute work of art.


@Cano That's a fair enough point, but there's only so much we can cover with finite resources.


DaveT You might want to exhale at some point, don't want you passing out.


90nissanS13@my350z Literally the first Mopar I've featured. I think.


Mayank0809 This is waaaaay better than the 918.


rally2727 I'm still working on it, it's coming though.


Seen this at Fitted Friday IV love it, cant wait for the FEATURE....


Looks a lot similar to the Cuda that's on Power Tour right now. I had the chance to check it out last Saturday; it's twin-turbo Cummins powered.


Oops! I was thinking of Mike G!!!


Did King Kong ever fight Godzilla? ...and eat his heart?


Mayank0809 Man,this is Speedhunters,its only cool stuff.And couldnt care less for 918.


good car for the race and I'm sure very fast


with a very nice speed  sure the car could be a champion one


the car was very good 
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