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It seems to be a busy time around the garages of the Speedhunters crew lately. You may have heard that Keith just picked up a bitchin’ Lexus IS F with V8 thrust to haul the family around, and now I’m here to tell you that I also acquired a silver Japanese four-door sedan. Only mine is from 1993, has oxidized paint, bald tires and a factory tape deck that no longer works. Feeling jealous?

But before I get into the details lets backtrack a little bit…

Project-Yankee-6-2 copy

As you know I’ve had my Project Yankee Dodge Dart since last fall and my goal for 2016 is to make some serious progress on it. I don’t want to give anything away at the moment, but I’ll say there’s some pretty cool stuff in the works. I’m really looking forward to sharing when the time is right.


But in the meantime, as things began to get more serious on the Dodge, I realized it might be wise to say goodbye to my 2015 Ford Mustang, known around here as Project EcoBoost.


As much as I enjoyed the performance and amenities of the Mustang, my heart was committed to Project Yankee and I knew my pocketbook needed to be as well. Yes, I’d miss the turbocharged fun of the ‘Stang, but saving on car payments and insurance would free up some money that could be invested into the old Mopar. So off the Mustang went.


There was one little problem though: I was now without a daily driver. So to continue with my genius money-saving plan, I thought I’d find some cheap and reliable transportation to get me around town and maybe use on the occasional short distance Speedhunting trip. The most logical thing would have been to get the cheapest, most boring car with working air conditioning that I could find – but that wouldn’t be right. There was no way I was going to get a car that was only a transportation appliance. Could I find something that was cheap, reliable, reasonably fun and had enough potential to replace the Mustang as the ‘modern’ project car in my garage?


Not surprisingly, my search led me to something Japanese and manufactured in the 1990s. I briefly considered the usual suspects with big aftermarkets and huge followings – Miatas, 240SXs, Hondas and so forth – but my heart was set on something else. A car I’d yet to own for myself but had always been interested in.


I’m talking about the Infiniti G20, or more specifically, the first generation P10 model sold in the US between 1990 and 1996. Basically a rebadged version of the Nissan Primera sold in Japan and Europe, I’ve always had a soft spot for the P10. Here in the United States the G20 was never one of the most popular platforms for modification, but its owners are passionate and the cars offer a surprising amount of potential when you dig into them.


Sure, it may not be lusted over the way other Japanese cars from the ’90s are, but the P10 is a pretty adept machine out of the box. It came equipped with the naturally aspirated version of Nissan’s venerable SR20 engine, fully independent suspension, and European-esque styling that’s simple but also handsome in that 1990s way. The problem is that older G20s aren’t easy to find these days – especially if you want one with a manual transmission as I did. That’s why I got so excited when I found a 1993 model 5-speed for sale locally on Craigslist. The moment I saw the ad I called the seller to arrange a meeting.

Finding The Right Candidate

There’s no such thing as finding the ‘perfect’ used car, but when I went to take a look at the G20 all signs pointed to the positive. It definitely wasn’t one of those cream puffs that’s been babied its whole life, but the guy had owned the car since 1995 and had a folder full of receipts spanning a couple decades of maintenance.


Mechanically, everything seemed pretty sound. There’s some clicking from the front axles suggesting some work needs to be done there, but overall the little G20 drove great and felt damn tight for a 23-year-old car. The odometer read a relatively low 117,000 miles, and better yet it had cold air conditioning and had just passed California’s dreaded smog test.


There were also some not-so-good things. The stock stereo no longer worked and some of the power window motors and power locks were acting up. But I guess that’s all to be expected in a car of this age. The biggest negative about the car was the body. Being California there was no rust, but there were dings and dents and the most noticeable thing was the paint. The car was still sporting the original paint job and the sun had eaten away at the finish like you so often see on cars from this era. Nothing an inexpensive repaint wouldn’t take care of though.


On the other hand the interior was in surprisingly good shape. What I really liked was this particular car was a base model with cloth seats and no sunroof that would leak, add weight and cause headaches when it inevitably stopped working. This car didn’t have the limited slip differential of the G20T models, but that’s something that can be addressed later.


Like I said a moment ago, the car wasn’t perfect, but I didn’t hesitate to make an offer, and $1,400 later I was the proud owner of a 1993 Infiniti. More specifically, this is a ‘93.5’ model that had some things from the ’93 models like high-port SR20 and some things from the ’94 models like the body-colored side trim. Apparently the 93.5 is considered one of the most of desirable USDM P10s, but I was just happy to find a decent 5-speed model of any kind.

Nissan’s Golden Era

I’ve been driving it for a few days now and I’m liking the car even more than I thought I would. It’s certainly not fast; in fact by modern standards most would consider it underpowered. But the SR20DE is a wilful partner that’s happy to climb towards the tach’s 7,500rpm mark and makes a nice growl while doing so.


And while the car is currently riding on a set of worn out, undersized 14-inch tires and the stock suspension, you can still see there’s some genuine handling capability there. Even when it was new, the G20/Primera was never praised for straight line performance, but its handling earned it a lot of respect around the world.


I’ve also been impressed with just how refined this car is for an almost quarter-century-old, front-drive, compact sedan. It’s amazingly quiet and composed at speed, the trunk is huge and it’s got that great outward visibility that cars used to have.


It’s a car from a time when Nissan was truly at the top of its game – something I’m not so sure is true nowadays. So what’s the plan for it? Well, as I said earlier, my Dodge build remains at the top of my priority list, but that doesn’t mean there’s not some fun to be had with this one.


There are a few things that need be addressed pretty quickly, like the clicking axles, dead stereo and also the oxidized paint job. But longer term there are all sorts of possibilities. Ideally I’d like to have something that looks cool, handles well, and can still function as economical transportation. I figure the low purchase price means I can do plenty of cool stuff to this car without breaking the bank.


The suspension and wheel/tire situation will likely be the first things to upgrade, and while the G20/Primera aftermarket isn’t huge there’s stuff out there if you know where to find it. I’m thinking Yahoo! Japan auctions is going to become a close friend of mine in the coming months…


There’s also plenty of room for substantial power upgrades down the road if so desired. The later model SR20VE is a popular swap for P10 owners, and given its relatively low cost and simplicity it’s definitely something I’d like to pursue at some point. This chassis with around 200 naturally aspirated horsepower sounds perfect to me.


Inspiration isn’t hard to find when it comes to the P10. The model was well known for its use in touring car competition both in the UK and Japan, and capturing some of that ’90s BTCC/JTCC style in a street car would be a lot of fun. On the other hand, I also like the idea of keeping it clean and understated with some old school Japanese wheels on the 4×114.3 hubs and a few subtle retro themed touches. As always, I’m interested to hear your ideas.


Additionally, I also asked for some help on social media to decide on a name for this project. A few of the suggestions I like so far are ‘Project Prime Time’ and ‘Project Prime Era’. Anyone else have any good ones?

Either way, I’m feeling way more excited than I should be about a cheap daily driver. But isn’t that how it should be? Stay tuned.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia



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Project Primera.  Nice and simple.


Man, dude if you had lived in sacramento (idk if you do or not) you could have bought this little peppy thing.


You know, something like that happened to me 5 weeks ago. I'd started working and saving for a Nissan S14 but, just the first day of work, my car broke down so I started searching for a new car while borrowing my dad's.  Four weeks later, I leave the job because it wasn't what I expected. So now I had no job, and no car. My dad told me he would help me to buy something economical, not over 4000euros... So I started searching for some daily, boring car. And almost three weeks ago, I found a 1998 T200 Toyota Celica 1.8 ST for 3000€ with 146.000Kms and very, very good condition, just a couple of scratchs.. So now is my car!


but get this: ricer looks but with real performance upgrades. definitely nothing irreversible though.


1400 dollars well spent. This thing has P10ntial (I'm extremely ashamed of myself right now bt f**k it).


I always liked these. 

Once everything is refreshed, get some touring car inspired wheels. I always liked these...


First thing I thought of when I saw this on the front page was "BTCC ahoy!" You've got to to do it. No, you really do. Really.

No, really.



first some drop :)


This needs to be a BTCC rep. Those things were/are bad ass. Would be perfect alongside project yankee. Don't even paint it. Rat look BTCC car would be awesome (to me at least).


Sweet.  LMK if you need anything.


@ericlastname got DAMMMMMM son!!!!!!!! JESUS GOD THOSE ARE GOOD


Very nice find! You'll definitely need to sign onto There are a few of us who still mess with these on a daily basis. I (and others) am more than happy to help!


That's awesome, congrats. I've owned one with a det for awhile and had a 180whp n/a build in it for awhile. Has gone through many changes but I absolutely love this car and the skies the limit. Launch beautifully, handles beautifully and very easy to upgrade, just have to think outside the box with sentry shit here and there and primer parts


I'm watching for sure. I love me some low buck builds.


Nice , the 93 P10 we built back in the day ran 12.0 with full leather interior, AC etc ... Was a blast ..


SR20VE with N1 cams, 18" wheels with huge brakes. Do it.


Nice find Mike! My first car almost 2 decades ago was a b13 Nissan Sentra. Your project makes me reminisce those good old days. Just a slammed sentra since there are no aftermarket parts during that time here in the Philippines. Right now I have a g10 or n16 Nissan Sentra (Sylphy on JDM) Sunny Neo in Indonesia which I daily and an r35 GTR on the weekends which is currently on surgery for more power. Go Nissan!


Totally dig it. Go grey with white wheels. I love the simplicity of these types of cars.


Transverse sr20det. Do it!


jbfromsiliconvalley +1. Had a P10 with that swap a while back and its one of the few cars I really regret getting rid of.


"Project Prime Era" is the most perfectly fitting choice for a project name. 1990-1996 was Nissan (as well as the rest of the JDM Five) at their PEAK in terms of forward thinking engineering, design and desire to advance automotive performance.

Quite literally the "Prime Era" in the minds of 99.9% of Japanese Automotive enthusiasts.

Also, the 90's JTCC Primera you have pictured as inspiration is amazing! 
But, as a TOTAL 90's Nissan fan, an Infiniti I30t/Nissan Cefiro and S14 240sx owner... I may be just a little bit biased. lol


@ericlastname HOLY HELL... those wheels ARE desire.


Glad to see the p10 getting such attention..
if you havent already, I suggest joining it's a slow forum, but it's a tight knit community where the gurus and the rare parts hide away.
I also like Project Prim-ERA for much of the same reason in the comment below.
Can't wait to see more.
I own the DET p10 on instagram btw.


You should join
sponsor up
Check out project snickers.


..excellent choice!  We've been racing ours since 2008!


oh boy this is going to be very interesting. i cant wait to see what you do with this p10! i love these cars... enough to have 3 of them


Australia has a series with the Nissan Pulsars (similar to this but hatches) called "Australian Pulsar Racing Association" have a look here.


Fantastic cars, these. have a great suspension buildup for their P10 race car. You're underselling it at 'fully independent' suspension; the front multilink is more sophisticated than 99% of cars today. Also the rear is crude which is, you know, fine.

If you install a turbo, say goodbye to your 3rd gear. Bangclatterclatterclatter.

I had an old B14 with that SR20VE. Sometimes at night, I can still hear the exhaust.

I recommend: wheels, shocks, bushings, VTEC, chassis bracing. And then sell me the car when you're done.

Brayden Pimlott

looks like a pretty neat little rig mike as long as you dont put a massive exhaust tip on it 

As for a name what about Project Primate


Fix it, run it into the ground, finish main project. Other than seeing them win the btcc in some 1995 btcc video my uncle used to have, the road versions have always seemed a little un-inspiring to me, seems there are people who like em which is ok I guess.


LeeSusca VTEC? Not sure if serious...


BTCC style Primera or SATCAR in South Africa!


Remember those racing in mid 90's...    in BTCC.


I like the 'Project Prime Time' would go for it


simple but cool


Its 'prime' time to get cracking! Awesome purchase Mike, looking forward to seeing what you come up with. A good friend of mine had a Primera GT for about a year before he acquired his M6 MPS. What a laugh it was, really wish I could have saved it from extinction :-(


lucky bastard, no rust... I have two of these here in east europe, both rotten as hell :(


Project BTCC!


i like that stance... or maybe it's cause of the turn ?


VivienMercier You are correct. Those touring cars generated amazing front end grip for FF cars during races, so I guess the huge camber was set for the very high speeds in the corners.


Spray it black, change the grille get the Primera spoiler. I used to own a p10 GT Primera it good fun.


I have fond memories of taking my sisters g20 equivalent in australia out for joy rides, with sr20 and 5 speed manual. It went pretty hard for back in the late 90s. And would keep up with v8 commodores of the time, the engine revd out so nicely aswell i can remember.


VivienMercier Sorry about the poor quality and the South African accent!


Fantastic condition car to start with Mike. 

An out of hand "street" legal BTCC Primera build sounds great...Always loved watching BTCC videos and playing TOCA Touring Car on PS1/2 with the Primera.


On the one hand, P10. On the other, manly tears were shed for the departure of EBM.


I bet you know Minkara, plenty of P10 owners and some wonderful examples for either style, performance or both. The guys from Team Wonder Land are pretty shocking:

As a P10 owner myself, I look forward to finding what you'll do to yours. Mine is here:


Oh hell yes! This is the most interesting project on Speedhunters ever! (coming from a former and current Primera owner :) )


Great choice! I own a P11 But always wanted a p10. Great peppy engine. You probably dont have much time for forums but is where youll find everything youll need. 

BTCC remake is such a great idea. 
Fortune coils, 
Kidney Grill, 
Sr20VE and you have a basic recipe for a great! DD


P10 Primera! Calsonic livery and a set of Impul RSs? XD


ITBs pleeeeeeease! Some simple wheels in a couple inches bigger and wider, coilovers and hillclimb-spec NA engine tuning is what I'd probably go for, I just want to hear it scream from the front and roar from the back....


gazserm ITBs would be so sweet. Maybe in time!


Anthony959rs It's crossed the mind ;)


+123 for outward visibility.  Touring car all the way! Coilovers, compomotives, bumpers.. what budget?


@Teachmehowto20 Some of the things you mentioned might already be in the works ;). I actually have an account on that I must have made a decade ago. Time to dust it off!


Ewottaja Haha! Glad you are excited! Any photos of your car(s)?


Mike Garrett Fate.


TravisBickle1 That VE on Weber 50s... Yes. Yes. Yes


milkplus Had some great times with that car. Here's hoping the next S550 I get will be a GT350R. Someday...


mykrrrr I remember watching the races on "Speedvision" when that channel first debuted. Good times.


awesomefearwave Are the sentra brembos a direct swap!?


Fd3s Yep. It's not massively quick, but it's quite fun to play with.


mindstorm7 One of the good things about being in California. The emissions laws on the other hand though...


Love this! I've always liked the look of these primeras too and the BTCC look is defo the way to go, look at this beast:

Please go all out with a livery, pretty please!


TurboHippie Thanks for the support! Hope to deliver.


JDMmonkey Beautiful.


JPRedhead I'm liking it as well.


@Jay Saw one of these cars in the Nissan DNA Garage in Japan. Legend.


iProGam3r thanks for the link. My favorite


bluestreaksti iProGam3r No problem, found amazing cockpit footage of this beast, the noises are awesome


bluestreaksti iProGam3r

So many awesome videos


JonoNic VivienMercier This era was so great!


LeeSusca Was just reading up on that. Good stuff in those stories. Dreaming of a VE right now!


manjuice Nice!


@Chris10101 Nice one! What all has been done to it?


@Snickers Been a member for a while actually. Time to get active again!


Deltyn Miller Nice car!


eejjkk Very well said!


icobird A buddy of mine had a B13 Sentra SE-R when were in college. Loved that little thing!


niZmO_Man Yes yes yes.


@FMDivision Mega sleeper!


@FMDivision Mega sleeper!


@DtchmstrKillah Great to know there's people who have experience with these cars around here!


@trbobrk Have an Autech front bumper? haha


Riddlah It's being arranged!


CJC_Matty For real.


@ericlastname Lovely.


AaronPTorres Enjoy it!


awesomefearwave Actually saw that one for sale, but I was kind of stuck on a P10.


bluestreaksti iProGam3r That picture. So gooooood.


iProGam3r bluestreaksti Stop posting these! Not gonna get any work done today!


go for the Autech look in/out with rims to your taste :)  and lower it more than the autech

Tom Westmacott

Mike Garrett gazserm If you want to get started cheaply, get an HKS 'mushroom' air filter.  I had one on my SR20DE Silvia, it howled beautifully on an open throttle (I miss that car a lot).


Mike Garrett bluestreaksti iProGam3r When this project is done. Please take it to Knockhill, the best BTCC track ever!!


" Nothing an inexpensive repaint wouldn’t take care of thoug "  I'm just curious, how much is a complete repaint, in the same original color, in the USA? In Italy it's everything but "inexpensive", we are talking about 3500 - 5000 € for a small car,  obviously depending from the conditions, rust etc.


Project uber? lol


MartinBG Really want those body parts!


importfan It depends obviously, but for a basic repaint at a budget body shop will likely run between $500 and $1000 US. Results will vary, but most of the difference comes in the preparation work.


Wow! Talk about bringing back memories. I still have my 93.5 P10 sitting in the garage collecting dust. It hasn't seen daylight since 2004!


Mike, if you're a Facebook man search for the New Zealand Primera and Pulsar car Club. Tones of knowledge and experience from some great people. There's a forum available too :)


Mike Garrett 
They aren't cheap!  Ha ha


My first car was Nissan Primera P10 2.0D (non turbo diesel) :D
It needed half a mile to overtake a truck, at least. 
But never missed a beat, cheap and frugal.


Mike Garrett Yes I do, thanks for asking. No, you can't have it.


Gotta love that press-on wood grain dash. It's as 90s as Seinfeld. Good luck!


This makes me sooo happy. Speedhunters giving the P10 some love. We have a pretty healthy club here in NZ who love the FWD Nissan chassis' so will be watching with interest.


Nice to have a relate-able project car for the less financially endowed of us!


Mike Garrett bluestreaksti iProGam3r Right? That pic is MANLY


Mike Garrett Fd3s Just tidy up the body, maybe fix the stance and thats it. Be a nice car to drive as a daily.  The interior looks nice,


I like the G20, I've considered buying one a couple times because they are so damn cheap now.


So what drew you to the G20 as opposed to the B13 Sentra SE-R? Similar platforms (maybe even the same in many regards), but the B13 was certainly a little more sport in outward appearance and has a more prevalent racing/rallying pedigree.
I also have to believe that the aftermarket on the B13s is much more expansive...


Have to go with the btcc replica or something along those lines. Could make this look awesome man


The b13 and b14 are phenomenal platforms but they are McPherson strut setups whereas the primer has a wishbone. Makes the handling and launching much more superb.


Thanks! Besides the donkey ass intercooler haha. Before the turbo when it was n/a caught ppl with their pants down all the time. Had an sr14ve tranny and a built head with 300zx pistons. Real cheap build. Also a very in that chassis with stock everything and a 75 wet shot will go 12's all day! Good luck man super excited about this build!


importfan at least in sunny California there are less problems with moisture if it's a cheap shop without a proper booth U0001f44d


I'm glad you chose this platform. Will not disappoint. I had a p11 and i truly regret selling it to get a bigger 4door.
Gas mileage is great for a 4 door. Handles really well with upgrades. The usual essentials are , crossmember motor mounts, Header, coilovers, brakes (brembo's SE-R). 

The g20 always gets looked down upon because of its boxy and boring looks but its fun to watch peoples reactions as you pass them in a turn.


Mike Garrett 
Or this one:


i picked up a in NY a 92 B13 SE-R for 400 bucks sadly the passanger side is the only means of getting in the car  rusted door hinge (unless i pull a dukes of hazzard and jump in thru the driver window) but  lsd trans motor doesnt burn a lick of oil and i get close to 300 miles to the tank on 93 2.70/ a gallon  26 bucks to fill up the 9 gallon tank.... oh i forgot to mention its got 217k and ran better than my 2002 altima with half the miles, car is absolutely fun to drive just  dive into the corners and no body roll thanks to the bigger swaybars its pure bliss!


MTDatsun b13 SE-Rs are a needle in a haystack.....


Project Worlds Biggest Backwards Step has a nice ring to it


Mike Garrett AMR coilover Suspension, solid aluminum motor mounts (DIY grassroots style), offset caster bushings from whiteline, superpro bushings elsewhere, removed ABS, added power steering cooler, cheap ebay 2.5" exhaust header w/custom home made 2.5" exhaust the rest of the way, autometer oil pressure, and then oil and water  temp along with digital voltmeter (also relocated battery inside behind passenger seat on floor).. then the race goodies (such as gutted and caged, cutoff switch, Cobra Evolution race seat, 6 point TurnOne harness)

Janne Koskinen

is no one else here getting the obvious reference to inital d in the title?


I own a Nissan Almera/Pulsar N15 GTi with same SR20. great hatch, I'd love 90's style race replica, and I like p10 very much. a BTCC replica would be awesome


Slappy_Pistons I'm not sure why but everything car related in Italy cost twice the price you can have it in America, which is something pretty sad. It's like someone is trying to tell you that since you are a car enthusiast you need to be punished no matter what you're doing.


DanieleScozzaro Nice! Wish we got the Pulsar here in the US.


Janne Koskinen Haha. Was wondering if someone was gonna get that.


hypodermic Project Downgrade.


RBPS13 Even stock the SR20DE is damn fun little motor isn't it?


MTDatsun I wanted a sedan and while G20s are getting hard to find in decent shape, it's even harder to find an SE-R that hasn't been hacked up.


@Delusion77 Better get one now while they are still around!


MilesHayler Ballin on a budget.


RobThow Will give that a look. Thanks for the link!


Matt_Redondo Haha. As far as I can tell that's the only aftermarket thing on this car. I actually found the receipt for the install done back in 1996 lol.


ChrisWheeler Will check it out, thanks.


georgechen64 Nice setup!


importfan Slappy_Pistons That does sound crappy. But then again California is not a paradise for car lovers by any means. All those cool JDM cars that are know legal in the US? It's nearly impossible to legally register them in this state because of emissions rules.


2_Liter_Turbo Mike Garrett Tell me about it...

Omer (beercoozie)

one of my co-workers has G20t that I believe she got when it was new. I have to admit to really liking her car and yours.


As soon as I saw it I went: Supertouring Supertouring Supertouring!


Mike Garrett You break the internet every time you buy a project car.


I've got two matching p10s right now, both 97 the turbo one is getting slightly modified for 400-500 and a six speed swap if all goes well and my newest one is getting a p12 six speed on a stock block and built head with a tune so don't really care about power on that one, just wanna see what that tranny will do! Any questions hit me up man dtchmstr02@gmail. I've been in these things to win it for awhile


Mike Garrett The US never got the Pulsar?
Man you guys are missing out on a quality small car!!


Project Past Prime...


Go VIP man...


Optimus Primera... ?


Project Nice-San?


Project "Stagecoach"


Lol that's my g20net user handle.


My snowboarding daily.


Definitely not what I would expect to find as a project car on Speedhunters. >.<

I used to own a 1990 Stanza, I think it was a 1990. I got it in 1996 after a drunk driver totaled my CRX. The Stanza which cost a whopping $2000 used was an upgrade from my 87 CRX. I think on the day I rolled the Stanza into the junk yard it had 250k miles.


Your goal is to spend more time on the Dart this year? Have fun with that now that you bought a DD that'll be in the shop
More than on the road.
I was hoping to see the stang brought to the next level.

Project AT180R

Well i am quite suprised that you decide to sell your mustang sir. Its a great Daily driver already, hope this is a good decision
I preffer the P11 primera, but then again p10 models are also good, i would suggest BTTC inspired exterior since it was the main reason i love primeras
Engine upgrade, SR20VE & 6 speed manual from a jdm P12 would be nice
Base model is the best choice for tuners, no sunroof, no heavy luxuries too, i even convert power windows to manual windows if i can
I am pretty sure silvia brakes can fit there, i do read nissan forums sometimes
Well this is my dream mods for a p11 primera, wish you luck & success


I've always found that eras touring car suspension/wheel size situation ridiculous yet extremely cool. Would love to see you pull that off, if at all possible in a daily.


JustinMcDermott Mike Garrett We got the Pulsar NX in the '80s, but none of the cool hatchbacks from later.


Omer (beercoozie) Nice to see there are still people holding on to them.


Larry Chen Mike Garrett hahaha


greenroadster Hmm. Haven't thought about that, although there were some pretty cool VIP style Primera kits made in the '90s.


Smiggins Expect the unexpected.


xrockonx We shall see...


Project AT180R Thanks a lot!


Karl Hakk It would definitley take some work. Wheel tubs maybe? But anything is possible.


Mike Garrett Karl Hakk I'm sure you have a better idea at how to make it a reality than I do. There are a lot of ideas floating in the comments, but either way it's your car and your money - I'm sure we will be reading your updates regardless of what you choose to make of it. Congrats with the purchase!


Good thing I have 10 g20s


Really nice to see how much love the Prime is getting from all of you guys. I own a P11 GT model myself. In my opinion the Primeras are really underrated cars. I'm really looking forward for some news from this project. Enjoy it and take good care of it


Janne Koskinen I just assumed everyone got it XD


Mike Garrett JustinMcDermott here's mine GTI. pure 90's :D
I also have a k11 little bit pumped.


Mike Garrett JustinMcDermott nissan micraaaaaa powaaaa


NA (with higher power than stock)  with 6 speed gearbox and perfect handling is 10/10 if my humble opinion is to be accounted in

You should check this guy out, he specializes in Primeras and Sentras of that generation


What happened to the civic wagon/shuttle?


ill be following this build!
just purchased a fun daily myself after not having "fun" cars for around 5 years.
cant wait to see where this goes!


To bad for the ecobust.. but will be paying attention to this one!


These are such cool little cars. I really wanted to build a similar year SE-R and go with the FWD SR20DET, but alas, I got a much newer car (Honda Fit) and had fun modifying there. Check out JGY Customs in VA, they have a bunch of parts for these and have an SE-R drag racer.


the infinity valve cover is a nice touch


oops infiniti


The Infiniti valve cover is a nice touch


@GetWell Luxury baby!


Bridges Will give it a look! Thanks.


@CJB Thanks. It really is amazing how much fun you can still have with a car for a few grand.


AM81 I actually bought that with a buddy of mine, and it will be surfacing soon.


oneraceing Nice.


mbretschneider Yep yep.


guerillero23 Thanks! Should have another update on this one coming pretty soon.


LOL I've that one for years and build it ALL motor European spec eGT, at the end it was more than 220 N/A horses 
and 1000kg amazing car all multi-link suspension very durable it was raced literally every day


I second this. The "realities" of building on a budget might actually tempt more people to the built not brought ethic.


Nissan spent INSANE amounts of cash on BTCC cars, to move the entire suspension inward for 19" wheels, but they ONLY did that because the rules wouldn't allow them to move the bodywork outward at all. Go widebody flares with Calsonic blue paint, and add a cage and a disco potato. That's what Nissan racing engineers would've done if they had that choice in 1995.


Good night.


Japanese PRIMERA.


eizi Love the rims! :)


Love the new daily! "Project Prime Era" sounds fitting considering the latest news form Nissan. 

Being a Nissan fan (and owner of a couple Nissan's myself), I love doing the simple touches with period correct/retro styling that keeps the cleanliness and nostalgia alive.


Project Buzz Lightyear - "To Infiniti and beyond"

JMax Paint Garage LLC

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Yeah, I'm old. Nice Primera!


I was pretty bummed to see the S550 go, that silver and bronze match was heavenmade, and TE37s just look incredible shod on those hooves. However, not only is freeing up some obligations for the Yank very preferable, this Primera has a load of potential I am excited to see explored, especially after seeing some of your inspiration shots. As always, looking forward to where you go with these Mike!


Watanabe 8 spoke wheels, slight drop with street ride oriented suspension setup, refreshed paint, head unit update (MiniDisc at least.), And maybe some refreshed interior cloth (Just say no to Alcantera)


BTCC style is how I've ALWAYS viewed these cars - but - I prefer street driven cars - so it's possible to pull off the entire BTCC look, but forget about all of the race stuff like caged interior etc., and go for that look, with a street driven flare


1. GM0ney
2. Primeval
Can't wait to see what happens with this!


I've always had a soft spot for the p10. I will own one one day, it is on my bucket list for sure. 

Personally I would go for a SR20VET (yes VET, it has been done) with AWD. I know there were very few factory AWD p10s, but I'm thinking the drivetrain would be similar to the Pulsar GTiR. It sure would be awesome if it was as easy as swapping the rear subframe and having the driveshaft lengthened. Still probably pretty hard to find those parts though. I bet it helps with you having such ties with japan though. 

Still I guess with deep enough pockets the custom route is always there. An Audi 6-speed AWD trans mated to the SR... EVO perhaps.... Now I'm really stretching it. One can always dream ;)

Nice buy my man.


I didn't know you bought a G20/Primera! I only learned through one of the other posts and I probably have overlooked this one...
Anyway, that paint peel is quite familiar. I just made a (horrible) video on an Infiniti G20 that was parked next to my hotel in San Mateo:
Similar like yours the paint has suffered badly from the Californian climate. Too bad I couldn't pack it in my suitcase and bring it home. ;)
Good luck with the P10!


The first thing I thought when I saw this article was 'touring car.' 1993 was quite a few years before my time, but I recently found a YouTube channel that's uploaded the '93 season and mostly avoided copyright strikes; it has me hooked, and I think it could possibly be the most exciting season of motorsport I've ever watched.

Anyway, since you're going for a repaint... and why not a simple badge swap while you're at it?


Bruh. Emotional check dually noted. Can we get an update on the P10, the instagram update wasn't enough :)


with a driver that is very reliable car that can drive very well


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the car was very good 
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4 months and no updates.....
Any progress on the car Mike?


more SE R ^ ^ long live sentra


this is the closest to an sentra sr20 highport in speedhunters a g20


was this ever continued ?


Any Updates to this project?


Any updates to this?