Time For Another Video Break

A new week of Speedhunting is about to kick off, but before we get into it, it’s time to take a look at some of the videos we’ve been checking out over the past 7 days.

Let’s get things started with a new clip from Blackbird

In the 27 years he’s being trackside shooting Formula 1, Darren Heath has seen a lot. For this interview though, the British photographer was asked to recall one press of the shutter that really stands out to him. Can you guess who was the subject?

Next up, we’ve got some in-car footage from this weekend’s Rally Otago in New Zealand. The opening round of the NZ Rally Championship runs on some of the country’s finest gravel roads, and when you put Hyundai WRC driver Hayden Paddon (a Kiwi who learnt his craft in this part of the world) in an AP4-spec Hyundai i20 built in NZ by Force Motorsport, driving magic happens. What’s remarkable though, is that prior to the event Paddon and his co-driver John Kennard had only completed 60km of testing in the brand new car, and that their run through the final special stage resulted in a new stage record. Hit play and you’ll see why though!

Sad news from Japan has revealed that Mazda rotary legend Yoshimi Katayama passed away late last month. Katayama, who was 75, competed as a works driver for Mazda for a long time – first in 1969 in a Mazda R100 where he placed fifth in the 24 Hours of Spa, through until 1990 when he drove 767B and 787 Group C cars around Japan and in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. He returned to racing with privateer teams in the late ’90s, and then back in 2011 got behind the wheel of a 787B for a demo drive at Okayama International circuit, which you can watch above. Gomeifuku wo inorimasu, Katayama-san.

Finally this week is footage of yet another record-setting GT-R drag pass in the USA. Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS) have held the top spot before, but with AMS and T1 Race Development also having enjoyed the glory and still gunning for honours, this three-way duel is getting crazy.

As always, if you’ve watched a cool clip online this week, don’t forget to share it in the comments section below!

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Holy shit! that rally vid I've never seen anything like it. They are going backwards through some corners I swear.


Thats one way to fry a handbrake in that GTR


The angles in the rally vid is crazy


Hayden Paddon is a beast! Only his rookie year in WRC and he's doing really well. Looking forward to seeing more from him. I've heard him refer to that style of stage as "Playstation Stuff"....you don't say!!


7.326 @ 190+ mph is pretty rad.

I was also impressed by this R35 I came across...there's a new top dog for world's fastest drift car (like that record needed to be set in the first palace?) by Nissan Middle East...take a gander:



Mooaarr rally! Padden looks to be channeling his inner Walter Rohrl. Wouldn't mind an article about the navigators and their course lingo translated, too.


Papamoeziz Do you even parachute, bro?


The lingo is pretty easy to understand, it's just hard to keep up with.
The numbers are the degree of the corner, 1 being a sharp hairpin, 6 being flat open.
"Opens" and "closes" refer to the corner either increasing or decreasing in radius.
"Keep left/right" means just that, it's usually an instruction to avoid an obsticle or to get the proper line into the next corner.
"Cut" means the ditch is safe to use, meaning the driver can hook the inside wheels into the ditch to both cut distance travelled, and gain lateral traction.
"Crest" is a crest, meaning the car will get light going over it.
"Jump" is a jump :D
Aside from that, every driver/co-driver combo has their own specific lingo that they use. There's no magic formula, it's whatever works for each individual team.


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Pete the perfect pilot

RIP Mr Mazda Yoshimi Katayama who was Mazdas Mr rotary. He set the groundwork, along with yojero terada and yorino

Pete the perfect pilot

RIP Mr Mazda Yoshimi Katayama who was Mazdas Mr rotary. He set the groundwork, along with yojero terada and yorino, under the Mazda auto Tokyo dealership that became Mazdaspeed, under the late toshiaki ohashi. All Mazda rotary legends, Mazda now needs to get the next rotary "vision" to market, and back to rotary racing to truly honour these great Mazda ambassadors. Mazdas current race programm needs to get back too rotary, and whilst it's fantastic that mad mikes got some Mazda support, we need to see more Mazda rotarys competing at the highest levels.


Oh, and the big numbers, like 80, 100, 150, 200, etc, are the length in meters of a strait.


I've seen this monster at Le Mans museum at the race tract. its absolutely beautiful ! the real beast .love the Mazda 787B <3


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