Random Snap: Rollin’ To Formula Drift In Style

For my first Random Snap, I wanted to announce that the 2016 Formula Drift season has started. This weekend, all of the big names in the series – including defending champion Fredric Aasbø – will battle it out on the streets of Long Beach, California.

Before first championship points are on the board, we already have three new-build car feature shoots in the bag, one of which may very well be the most powerful drift machine in the world. And if you were wondering, yes, that is a Miata. And yes, it is owned by our friend Linhbergh. It’s only fitting that he uses his slammed Miata on HRE wheels as a camera car.

Stay tuned for more coverage!

Larry Chen
Instagram: larry_chen_foto



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The answer is always Miata


Love this picture!
Curious what the purpose of these "Random snap" are, just a teaser of upcoming content? Not complaining, but isn't that a perk of following contributors on social media?
I also like this photo because of the "behind the scene" aspect, you guys should bring back the photography articles. I still go back and read the one you and Patty did;"How to Shoot Cars: All The Gear, Some Idea?"


LOL, that's the coolest thing I've ever seen!


KennedyCao Always.


KennedyCao Especially that Miata.  Nice and low, perfect fitment (not REALLY wild), clean fenders.


Rolling shot of a rolling shot. New plot for Inception 2? I like.


*Paddy U0001f44dU0001f3fb


Steve Hayward KennedyCao Not wild? That thing is in no way functional for serious driving.


CodyRinaudo Roll-ception!


SN95 Lover For me I used to post random snaps because I would shoot a photo that would not fit into a story. Otherwise this photo would go to waste, but I just happened to be there as this was going on. So I figured might as well shoot it. This was not planned.


At first I read a miata would be the most powerful drift car in the word.  lol that would be a handful.


Paddy McGrath cakes


Option13 yep he's definitely faking that smile as the road actively reduces curb weight by abrasion.


Larry Chen CodyRinaudo lol


Err.. isnt that NSFW?


Larry Chen CodyRinaudo

Maybe we're in the Matrix.. Matrix confirmed?


Paddy McGrath


These Random Snap's must be open for wallpaper download Larry!


Would it be possible to get a high res of this photo? Look amazing.


AaronRexx I think it's more DTTAH.


That is a variation on this I think:


EmmaMacki They are, scroll down until the toolbar appears at the top of the page, then open presentation mode (it's the white icon beside the SH logo)


New skill picked up XD


So...I know Speedhunters has stepped away from FD quite a bit in years, but are we gonna get any coverage at all? You used to post stuff in the days before the event, usually a quick something announcing the winner on the day of, and build shoots and full pics in the week after.

Now, we get a single snap one day before, and nothing else for days. Can we please go back to motorsport coverage and less parking lots and RWB/Kei Miura beauty shots?


Larry Chen SN95 Lover Just throwing up a cool pic. No problem with that.


Option13 Steve Hayward KennedyCao And anybody that buys a car and doesn't drive it seriously must not seriously be serious about seriously driving serious.

Really dude? Its a MIATA. Disposable, cheap, who gives a crap what anyone does with it. Dude has a heck of a lot more cred with his many other builds than probably every single commenter combined. Oh, but he did something with his miata you didn't like. Boo hoo.


D1RGE You are definitely an exception. Most people don't like reading that kind of stuff. Plus we used to have the entire team at FD. Now it's just me!


Except when it's S2000 U0001f600


Larry Chen D1RGE I think you guys always had the best coverage and ALWAYS the best photography. Sad to think you guys (and your readers) have moved on so far from the site's roots. But I know you need to adapt with the times. When Rod was in charge, there was a moment or two where I think Speedhunters may actually get to an F1 event, but alas...


Paddy McGrath EmmaMacki Thank you for the reply


D1RGE Larry Chen I did get to an F1 event for Speedhunters in 2013, but again nobody was really interested in the coverage: http://www.speedhunters.com/tag/f1-spa-2013/

It sucks, but it costs so much money to cover these events and when nobody really responds or reacts to them, they don't make any sense to cover. I do think you're going to see a return to what makes Speedhunters great this year mind. I definitely want to get to more motorsport too.


Paddy McGrath D1RGE Larry Chen I remember that coverage now, and enjoyed it. 

I've said it before, but I think it bears repeating:

The meets and internet-cool articles do generate more discussion, but its the real motorsport coverage you do that bring the real substance to the site. The "meat and potatoes" if you will. No, they don't generate the discussions, but they ARE a very important part of what you do here, in that it grounds you to the real side of speedhunting. I mean, how fast can you really go in a parking space [ahem, SPEEDhunters]?
I love hearing about the controversial, interesting and hardcore builds happening around the world. But if I only wanted the flavor of the day, I get that through my faceballs, twitcher and instacramp feeds. I come to Speedhunters for thqat next-level of coverage and info.
I'm not saying you guys are doing a bad job, not at all: still my daily go-to for countless reasons. But there is always room for feedback and discussion. If we didn't say anything, you guys would think you're perfect and nobody is :) And if you're perfect, you don't have a reason to grow!


@nickgenerazio Larry Chen CodyRinaudo Nope. Car shooting a car shooting cars. 3 subjects/3 subjects. Half-life 3 confirmed.


D1RGE Paddy McGrath Larry Chen I agree with you D1, It would be nice to see more Motorsport coverage. You guys (Larry, Paddy SH team) are doing the best you can based off the readers and that's awesome, keep it up.


Slappy_Pistons  What manual is that? The text seems particularly informative for an mx5 potential buyer ;)


D1RGE Larry Chen CodyRinaudo  35mm film roll with a negative of a rolling shot of a rolling shot. Keeping it all about the roll.


Lachys114 D1RGE Paddy McGrath Larry Chen Yep I completely agree with D1RGE here. SH seems to have moved away from motorsports in favour of hard parked shots and shows. I'll not go over old ground as it was perfectly summed up with reference to keeping SH grounded and 'meat and potatoes' etc. 
Larry's coverage of FD is second to none. NONE. It seems he's at every event, so SH should get out the cheque book and pay for a write up to go with the pics he's filling his SD cards with. 
FD in general seems to have taken a step back this year too, little coverage on SH, the livestream sucked and the play back options are worse than they've been in years. As a UK viewer who watches everything after the event, the massively cut down coverage is a big shame. I'd regularly have the Qualifying and the full Top32 on in the background while I worked. Now you've got 10mins of highlights on a tricky to use website. 'Livestream' and 'Dailymotion' were both better then what NetworkA are offering this year, which is a surprise given they're a modern, media based company.


I'm More Interested that NB lol


Goose 944s agreed


JakWhite Slappy_Pistons the only difference should be two guys instead of a guy and girl in the example lol


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