When A V8 Swap Just Isn’t Enough
The Struggle Is Real

Italy is a great holiday destination, but if you live in this country you have to fight on a daily basis with a government that just seems to be there to cheat and swindle its citizens out of as much money as possible. And that trickles all the way down to cars. Rather than supporting and letting the tuning industry grow and flourish, the government prefers to over-regulate every single aspect of it, from ownership to the blocking of any sort of modifications.

Let me give you an example. If you own a powerful car, and by powerful here I mean anything over 180hp (yes, go ahead and laugh), you have to pay an additional tax for every kilowatt over and above that number. So, if you’re lucky enough to drive an Nissan R35 GT-R in Italy, you have to fork out 4,000 Euro (approximately US$4,500) a year just for road tax. Want to change the wheels on your car? Maybe an inch bigger all round just to give it a little point of difference? Well, no you can’t, because any size that’s not homologated for your car simply isn’t allowed to be fitted. And forget slamming it out too; the police will slap you with a fine and order that your car be put through the annual compliance test. And everything’s like this. Of course, the government could support it all and enjoy the benefits that an industry with big potential could bring them, but they’d rather control it all.


The answer, of course, is to build cars for purposes other than driving on the road, and when that’s the only choice you’ve got you’re probably going to go a little overboard. That’s what Enrico Sartori’s Nissan Silvia S14 is. It’s stress relief; it’s a car built for the sole purpose of shredding as much rubber as possible every time it hits the track. Except when it came to building up his little toy S14, Enrico approached things in a slightly different way than most people would.


If you haven’t already figured it out, Enrico is the man behind Brill Steel; a shop that for years has been building some of Italy’s most extreme drift and time attack cars, with a very evident theme around big American V8 engines. You may even remember the all-carbon S14 it created a few years back.


Enrico obviously hasn’t stopped playing since then, and after putting the final touches on a number of high-end builds, he thought it was about time to create something just for fun; a car that he wouldn’t be afraid to properly lean on at the track. That’s how this project came to be.


Looks-wise, aside from a few additions that include a custom front splitter and massive rear diffuser, the car is still very much recognisable as an S14. Then you notice the curious stance and the omission of the headlights… But wait – what’s that sticking out of the bonnet?

Built To Impress

Yes, Enrico is a guy that likes to approach things in a slightly unconventional way. And that’s a good thing, because this is the sort of outside-the-box approach Italy needs to get noticed. Quite simply, this S14 is one of the freshest builds I’ve seen in a while.


At the heart of it all is a 5.3-liter GM LM7 V8 set as far back as possible in the chassis on a set of custom engine mounts and a modified front subframe. To prepare the motor for a touch of forced induction, Enrico opened it up and rebuilt the bottom end with choice components like Mahle forged pistons, Manley H-section connecting rods and a Callies billet forged crankshaft. The heads were ported and polished and the valvetrain upgraded to ensure it was able to take the sort of abuse an engine built for drifting is subjected to.


The next step was to position the single Garrett GT45 turbocharger; Enrico eventually deciding to mount it in the bumper where it could feed directly into the intercooler’s intake end tank. This position would allow all the exhaust piping to fit in front of the engine and keep the intake section nice and short. Plus, there’s nothing quite as dramatic as having a big snail sticking out of your bumper!


The exhaust manifolds, which have been ceramic-coated to keep under-bonnet temps as low as possible, snake through the engine bay and meet in the front right-hand corner where the turbo resides. Boost control is achieved through a pair of 38mm TiAL wastegates.


Spent gasses are dumped through what may well be the shortest exhaust ever to be used on an S14. That is, straight through the bonnet via a big slant-cut pipe. When the engine is nice and hot and you give it some proper revs, this pipe shoots out big flames that at speed are dumped up the windscreen and over the roof.


The GT45 runs 0.8bar (11.7psi) of boost pressure with the charge distributed to the eight cylinders through a custom, black-anodized aluminium intake. A 90mm Fast throttle body juggles all the power which tops out at 816hp to the rear wheels, with a gearbox-shattering 1120Nm of torque available whenever the turbo hits peak boost, which is most of the time. With the boost turned up to 1.2bar (17.6psi), the setup can easily produce more than 1000hp. Quenching the engine’s thirst for fuel are 860cc/min injectors fed by a Bosch pump with a GM Performance ECU taking care of management.


As you can imagine, the driveline needed some rethinking too, and here Enrico continued to think differently. At the center of it all is a 5-speed manual transmission from a BMW E39 530D – a very sturdy gearbox capable of taking serious torque and abuse. Fitted to the engine via a custom adaptor plate with a Tilton triple-plate clutch sandwiched in between, drive is sent to the rear wheels via an R33 GT-R Nismo 2-way limited slip diff. The rear subframe was modified by Brill Steel, and is therefore sturdier with more aggressive geometry for the suspension pick-up points.


Each corner of the S14 features a Wisefab suspension conversion kit which replaces all mounting points, spindles and lower arms for a drift-oriented setup. Bilstein adjustable coilovers take care of the damping, while the stock Nissan calipers have been retained but are mated to high-friction pads and plumbed using stainless steel braided lines.


It all makes for a very well sorted machine.

Focused Interior

Any major project at Brill Steel always starts out with the car being fully stripped down to the bare chassis, which is then straightened out, seam-welded and reinforced with the addition of a rollcage. Enrico’s S14 got the same treatment; a few coats of metallic silver paint applied inside and out before the rebuild commenced.


Just the top part of the stock dash remains, and it’s equipped with only a few pieces of instrumentation, including an AIM digital dash/data-logger, Stack boost gauge, and a simple switch panel on the center console.


Much like the mechanical components, it’s all nicely and simply laid out.


To add an Italian touch to the build, Enrico went with a pair of Sparco bucket seats and 4-point harnesses, plus a suede-wrapped Sparco steering wheel mounted on a slightly extended boss to push the driving position back a tad.


A Wilwood hydraulic e-brake ensures that the S14 is always ready to be flicked into a drift, no matter the speed it’s travelling at.


Visually, the rear of the car works rather well; the bumper having been removed in a Rocket Bunny sort of way to expose the back of the painted shell.


The fabricators at Brill Steel then went ahead and constructed a rear diffuser which extends well under the car. It’s main purpose is not for aerodynamics, but to channel out the clouds of Achilles Radial tyre smoke that are produced when Enrico jumps on the loud pedal.


The same goes for the drag-like trunk spoiler; it does all sorts of cool things when the car is drifting at full power, keeping the tyre smoke down before releasing it vertically through the upward push of air being extracted by the diffuser.


It also gives a cool JDM profile to the whole car.


As you probably noticed, with all the piping in front of the engine there wasn’t much space to position the radiator, hence its relocation to the back – a common placement in high-end drift car builds these days.


Pop off the trunk lid and you can see how it was all laid out; the radiator core mounted at an angle to take full advantage of the flow of air being channeled in. At low speeds, or when temperatures get high, a pair of extractor fans take over.


Next to the radiator are the fuel pumps and swirl pot, with the overflow tank being positioned on the opposite of the trunk.


When I asked Enrico to drive the car around in the private carpark we were shooting at, he didn’t hesitate to give me a quick demo of how easy and effortlessly his S14 is to throw sideways, and then hold it there.

As you can see from the video, it was a lot fun, especially when we threw some test plates on the car and took it out on the roads that snake around the big industrial estate where Brill Steel is based.


Despite what all Italian enthusiasts have to go through with the country’s current situation, it fills me with joy to see that there are still people that manage to create these sort of cars. I really do hope it all changes soon, because where things are at right now, the Italian government is suffocating people trying to make a living out of tuning and modifying cars. Italia, é ora che ci svegliamo dai!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Dino Superb Article Man! I saw the video on your youtube channel, 2 days earlier, and couldn't wait for the feature. very cool Pictures and writeup! Bummer that the italians are so anal with their car regulations, and i Thought us germans had it hard.


Last shot...


Amazing car *.*  Working even on holidays Dino?  You should drop by in Croatia while in neigbourhood. We have some nice builds too.



Dino, I know you laughed when you first saw thoes words on the car.


This is overwhelming!


It sounds like a brushless r/c car


Great looking build! Really like all the well thought out details. Except only 4pt harnesses...?


This isn't car culture.  this is a hodge-podge of parts.  Wanna be mad max shit.  No real vision.  Just a bunch of parts with now continuity.  I'm done with speedhunters.


Holy sh.. bad ass car made in italy


So I'm assuming you also believe traditional hot rodding and the custom scenes to not be considered car culture? Fords with Hemis, Chevys with Ford rear ends, Mopars with Pontiac engines. Car culture is centered around mixing and matching parts and makes to produce the fastest and most insane cars. This is a tried and true recipe for success that's been there since the beginning


Funny how everyone's switching to the 5.3 now; even better since it hasn't driven up the prices of them. Beautiful car, beautiful pics!


Dill Pickle You assume too much.  This is just a tasteless ugly as fuck build.  My daily drive is an widebody LSX RX-7, so I know about hot rodding, but my build doesn't look like shit.  This S14 is full of bravado, which disgusts me.


Lol still has the fugly pen valve covers ... Matches that ridiculous fitment
I'd rock it though 8-P


5point7LiterSleeper Dill Pickle thats one of the ugliest rx7's I've ever seen in my life, is that a Cavalier behind it is well? you tasteless american. people like you disgust me with your lack of taste and style.


fueleconomykilledthecarswelove!! You're amazingly ignorant.  It's a Honda Accord you dope. Any real car guy could recognize that in a split second.


Easy there buddy.....this is car expression!everyone has different tastes my friend that's what makes speed hunters so awesome!they cater to everyone's style whether you like it or not.most people would bag your ride because you dumped the 13b for a anchor but each to there own.the way I see this car....its a big ass middle finger...to people like you lol!!


TonyNZ It's just tasteless.  Just like everyone is on Rocketbunney and Liberty Walk's nuts,


To you maybe...but to people who are obsessed with things on wheels its EXPRESSION.rolling art no matter how you build it or what it is.like I said each to there own but you can't bag other people's rides especially something like this.give props instead.we have enough hate in the world and we don't need it on speed hunters bro


Onecton Yeah Italy needs to change many things if it wants to pull itself out of the very deep hole it has dug for itself!


BozoMotosport What is a holiday? lol


@tom I did, haha


staticsocks That's a weird way to put it but I think you're right!!


Dill Pickle Thanks!


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; I'm sure someone probably thinks your car looks shitty and and tasteless AF just as much as you hate this car. Nothing on this build from what I can see and read appears to be half-assed, in fact it looks very well put together. It was built with a purpose, and from the video it looks like its goals are met. I for one would change a few things if it were mine, but I'm not gonna let that detract from the overall car.


5point7LiterSleeper fueleconomykilledthecarswelove!!

....hold on I need to grab some popcorn


with a single 044 you are maxing it out at around 650-700 real hp  800+ don't think so...
also its a shame to mount that gearbox, strong but cant stick it in gear at high revs, better a g420.


if its not a 2jz its an ls.

too plain for me but im sure it performs well.


speedhunters_dino Onecton its not that deep...they got the best super cars around..lambo, ferrari, pagani, cant remember if in the states is one that compares to this.


speedhunters_dino It's sort of universal....in Spanish it has the exact same meaning...


An LS swapped track oriented JDM car?!
That's totally thinking outside the box!


@ohwow an LS swap is thinking outside the box? Theyve been doing them for like 20 years.


Smiggins not familiar with sarcasm?


5point7LiterSleeper so what? i think its pretty rad if that is the case.


Nemes speedhunters_dino Was about to ask why they wrote that in spanish, porca miseria


timwise83 Smiggins apparently not


Fuck me, the noise it makes!


Hexer Also, the 860cc/min injectors.  700hp safely, at the most.  At that's on non-thanol based fuel.


Not car culture?? The fuck are you smoking. By saying "it's a hodge podge of parts, therefore it's not car culture" shows your ignorance, and shows YOU are the one who knows fuck all about real car culture. Some of the most succesful racecars in history have been a "hodge podge" of parts. You clearly dont follow Japanese Super GT, as cars like the GT300 Toyota Prius is probably the most hodge-podgey racecar ever, but it's bloody brilliant. The BMW 1M, a brilliantly handling car, is a hodge podge of parts that ///M found in the BMW warehouse.
At first glance I thought your RX7 was aight...then I looked again. You purposely painted the headlight tunnels, hood scoop, mirrors, door handles, gas cap, and side skirts (side note, unless they generate downforce, what the fuck do you need sideskirts for? Poser) BLACK to, I dunno, add some contrast or some shit, because you have zero creativity on how to actually style a car. My 12 year old cousin paints his cars in Forza like that, all fugly as shit.
Lastly, you say "I'm done with SH", and then you turn around and throw up a picture of your ugly ass, butchered RX7, in some pathetic attempt to get validation or something. "My car will never get featured on any website, so here, I'll throw up a pic myself, on a website which I just said I'm done with...Ya, that'll show them!" Fucking loser.


Twitch_6 My RX7 is more than alright.  What do you drive?  Throw up a pic, bitch.  I was trying to make the point that a wide-body, doesn't have to look like tasteless shit.  He doesn't even need fender flares with those stretched ass tires and unnecessary negative offset.  My sideskirts are carbon fiber, and made by RE-Amemiya, so obviously they fucking work aerodynamically, or they would never have put them on their race cars.  The buckets and gas cap are carbon wrap, to accent the sideskirts, and it actually does look good, even if it's phoney.  The hood scoop is black, because it's all a work in progress.  Again, what do you drive?  Let's see.  It's easy to be critical, it another thing to make something in fucking reality.  Keep living in your dream world.


5point7LiterSleeper fueleconomykilledthecarswelove!! Why would a car guy be interested in your bog standard usdm grocery getter? cavalier/accord who cares both garbage... you need to relax, maybe go for a dive in your accord, buy something from costco.....


Twitch_6 obviously painted them on the driveway as well since its covered in overspray..


5point7LiterSleeper Twitch_6 putting wheels and skirts on your car doesnt make it a "build". we also dont care what Twitch_6 drives cause he's not on here paying out a legitimate build then countering it with a crappy rx7 and his moms accord. please actually be done with speedhunters as you're messing up the comment section with your rants and tantrums.


Dill Pickle if its made for legit drifting possibly not the greatest idea putting the turbo right in the front bumper, I havent seen many d1 cars finish a season without removing the bumper a couple of times, could become a costly exercise real quick!


fueleconomykilledthecarswelove!! I like how you're trying to make me out to be this "ignorant American" stereotype, and yet you prove how ignorant you are with every post.  It's a widebody, which I molded in myself, it has a 2001 LS1 with CNC ported 243's and a cam that I installed myself.  All the bodywork was done by me.  Again, what have you done?  Let's see a pic.


@ohwow 235s and wide fenders, and his tires still stick out an inch.  How legit...


5point7LiterSleeper are you still on here? I thought you were done with speedhunters?


5point7LiterSleeper fueleconomykilledthecarswelove!! wait so, an american put an american engine which hasnt really changed since the sixties into a japanese car? woah, groundbreaking stuff, just the one camshaft was it? im sorry but thats been done before, not very original, whats a cnc ported 243? you seem really proud of yourself for no reason,ive done lots of things, travelled through europe, canada, asia, dont think you really want to see my pictures though? I bought a house recently? want pictures of that?
thought you were done with speedhunters?


@5point7litresleeper, that's all well and good. I'm happy for you that you enjoy working on your car so much. However, not your widebody, nore your engine swap, nore your RE Amemyia sideskirts (they're RE Amemyia, so oooobviously they work. Do you notice a different in top speed or an increase in fuel economy from reduced drag? Or higher cornering speeds from increased downforce? No, you saw it in a magazine or on Initial D and thought "that looks cool", so you slapped them on your car...kinda hodge-podge, no?), none of that makes you any kind of authority on what car culture is and is not. If you have nothing constructive to contribute, keep it moving.
I thought you were done with SH...why are you still commenting? "Baby, I've had enough of you!"...5 min later... "Baby I miss you".


Dill Pickle You. You are good guy. Kudos.


Wow, the heat this post generated is incredible. Why do people think they know better than other when it comes to "car culture"? This car is a creation. Someone spent countless hours of making it and instead of appreciating it and saying "Damn, not bad...not my taste though, kthxbye" they go full shenanigangs. You never go full shenanigans.
P.S. Dino - great pictures as usual!


I don't think it was made for real competition, it was probably made just for goofing off on track days


5point7LiterSleeper Dill Pickle lol. Hating on an Italian for bravado.


royaltyralph I know this guy. He got a S15 with a V8 too with some MONSTROUS cams. It's so dirty.


LiuKangKicks that shits like a hot rod Chevy v8 BMW transmission. You heard the sound from the video?


LiuKangKicks Some guy in my neighborhood building a 240sx drift car got a huge wing in the back


royaltyralph his diffuser was actually functional for what it was used for. More of a filter for smoke rather than downforce.


LiuKangKicks the whole setup is so unique and takes time and though to craft. One of the better builds i've seen on that site.


LiuKangKicks the car slides literally with no effort at all!


royaltyralph yea. Their S15 is better to me. It's looks like something out of hell. Seriously. It's a beast


royaltyralph that's real power under that hood.


The attention to detail is insane!


Twitch_6 I'm just letting the author of the article know, that SH has gone to shit.  And this is the last time I'll be checking the site for legitimate tuner cars. Peace.  Glad to know you people don't build shit, you just comment, otherwise you would have posted your builds.


5point7LiterSleeper Twitch_6 or maybe we just arent full of ourselves like you you self righteous little twat. see ya.


Now that's insane! 
Tip of the hat to the builder!


The Bullox


i wish i could work with u pple..im impressed


@5point7litresleeper, I'm sure @speedhunters_dino really appreciates your "constructive criticism". How immature and insecure are you that a couple posts containing cars you don't necessarily care for, would cause you to freak out to the point where you're like "I'm taking my ball (or RX7) and going home." With an attitude like that, how are you old enough to even have a driver's license??
What is a "legitimate tuner car build"? Actually don't answer that, I don't care to dumb myself down to try to understand your reasoning. I'm guessing that someone, your's is 'legit', and whatever you don't like is not legit. What about builds that are too legit though...too legit to quit man!! FOH lol.
As far as my "builds" (again, you don't need a "build" in your driveway to be an authority on car culture, and it doesn't make your oppinion any more or less valid), I have an '02 Impreza, baseline model, bone stock except the floor mats. Also have a '92 Loyal as a bush vehicle, and a '90 golf that I haven't decided what to do with (maybe I should drop an LS in and bang out the fenders?): None of them are anything special, so I don't go posting pics of them on SH lol.
I assume your response is going to be "haaa you drive regular cars, therefore you're not part of the 'scene'" or some shit like that. Wouldn't be the first time I've caught flak on SH for driving a regular car. I guess I'll never understand the arrogant and ignorant concept of how what you wrench on someone sets you apart from others.
Why do I care so much about your shitty attitude? Because the world, especially the Internet, is full of brave souls such as yourself who are willing to cut other's down at a moments notice, simply because you have different taste. Car culture and motorsport, while in some regards are making a comback, are not exactly the largest communities in the world, and there simply isn't time or space for your kind of negativity. No amount of hating is going to cause a "trend" (again, another kid who thinks rocket bunny is a trend....that style has been around for 30+ years!) to go away. If you want to make a difference, build your RX7 so badass that it gets featured on SH and maybe inspires someone to go your route as opposed to RB or LW. Start a YouTube channel and teach people how to roll their own fenders or make their own widebody fenders like you did. Do what you can to build the community up, stop wasting time trying to cut it down.
Not sure why I wrote all that, seeing as you won't read it because you're done with SH lol.


Can you modify a car in Italy so that it doesn't look modified ? Hybrid Turbos,Hi Flow cats that kind of thing


JDMDONG Not actually, there are some guys building sleepers here in Italy, but most of the times they'll get caught after 1 or 2 years due to very strict inspections...


Grande DINO!!!!


Nicely executed S14. But I have to admit the title of this piece, "When a V8 Swap Just Isn't Enough" - made me click on this expecting to find a V10, V12, or W12 stuffed into this little S14. So to discover a turbo'ed LS, I'm a tad disappointed.


REALLY!?! XXR Wheels!? With all that money crafting a fabbing a beautiful car, I'm very surprised he went with XXRs!

julian barometer

real wheels are for fanbois, this guy has the right idea. when a wheel shatters during a run, you can literally have a buddy run over to discount tire (there's one on every block it would seem) and grab a brand new wheel and tire in minutes flat.


@julian barometer DevinJordan Real wheel fanbois? Besides the fact that XXR's are structurally inferior to most wheel manufacturers, they are borderline stealing from other companies. Their designs are not original and are clear knock offs of other wheel companies that spent countless man hours developing wheel designs. The RD involved is a lot of work. Then here comes XXR and just makes a shitty, brittle wheel that mirrors reputable companies. The way XXR's break and shows off how shitty they are made do not compare to most legit wheel companies where they either bend or break in a way that won't kill you. Your mindset on this is what is wrong with the community. Stop contributing to this poison.


@julian barometer People that say that sort of shit about "real wheels" are just simple. They're not for fanbois(mad douche spelling BTW), they're for people that don't want ratshit china wheels on their cars and for those that support the industry. XXR's LOL. 7.5's that fit like shit LOL. Nice car otherwise.


RB430 Oh come on, not even a little impressed? lol


RiccardoMazzetti :)


JDMDONG That's the only way can have fun, but yeah they get busted at times. So sad.


Dimitry Mochkin Thanks man!


Colouryum Pretty uniques sound I thought :)


Smiggins Come on, there's a damn turbo in the bumper! lol


Hexer Since it's for fun I'm sure budget came into it too


diggin this set up, personally wouldnt go with xxrs but im sure he has his reasons, but either way sick ass build!


XXRs are fine for daily duties , but if counting on having your wheel shatter during a Motorsport event is part of your plan, you should think about your wheel choice. My background is in overseas manufacturing and China is a place we use quite often. That is not a country I shy away from. You can manufacture top quality products in china if you manage the materials and QC. Top brands have a much better QC process and I'm sure they control their material sourcing much tighter than a company that sells a $100 wheel. Teplica comoanies simply have to cut corners on materials sourcing to get the cost down. Cast is cast, forged is forged, but materials is likely the cause of failure with these wheels.


Please tell me they plan on fitting a rear bumper? The no rear bumper trend is one of the most retarded things to catch on that I've seen in a long time.


speedhunters_dino Dimitry Mochkin Welcome to the internet, where car culture is done behind keyboards.

I would kill myself pretty quick trying to drive this car, jeepers.


JonCeballos1 Well if I would have to make a guess I'd say no. One less thing to break when you drift lol


DrewLeague Yeah no comment on those...


this build is insane !!


devo ammettere che leggere questo articolo dall'Italia gli da un tocco di amarezza in più, e sono pienamente d'accordo con tutto ciò che è stato detto. La macchina è fantastica, mi chiedo quando inizieremo a vedere sulle nostre strade veicoli elaborati seriamente invece che passare il tempo a consumare video su youtube.


Lived my entire life in this country listening people saying to me I would never be able to build a supra.
You are not rich enough - they're going to arrest you - fuel cost too much - you don't live in America.
One of the worst thing about Italy is that you are not even allowed to dream about stupid things like cars, I mean come on...
So I've never bought a real car, I'm actually going to work every day with a stupid yellow ( It was the cheapest) scooter even in freezing cold, and I bought a six speed, turbo supra (which I didn't manage to finish restoring yet).
Am I an idiot? YUP!  Am I proud of it? YUP!
ps brill steel build some mental machines!! Keep up the good work guys!!

Gianluca FairladyZ

Bella questa! I thought in my country it was terrible for homologation of aftermarket parts, but the comments i read here make me cry! La gente in Italia e gia sveglia, sono gli politici che cagano il cazzo! Amen!


JonCeballos1 please tell me youll refrain from commenting "opinions" that end up sounding like bash comments. One of the stuppidest trends on the internet
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


during the video I couldn't help but think, man that looks a hell of a lot like Vicenza / Vento region. Google confirmed....damn I miss that place. The car is pretty alright too!!!


JDMDONG  After learning the laws, I was surprised by how much they let us get away with have our cars registered through the U.S. Military.


importfan Keep fighting the good fight man. Good luck with resto work!


Hey readers, wheels poke out cuz wisefab. Not cuz wheels.


Man, I'm totally in love with this car. The looks, the build... Just wow


Awesome build, needless to say!! But in my humble opinion, I think that for this much power, these brakes are not enough.. But the rest of the built is really special and breathtaking!!! I love it!!


Brill Steele always brings out the wildest cars! Awesome!

He can get better wheels later on.


I do not understand something, or wires on exhaust manifold is really bad idea? =)))


Great article, they make amazing machines. @speedhunters_dino with these restrictive laws do you leave the R34 in Japan?


blame it on the Wisefab!
Thanks for including a video Dino this thing sounds wicked!


That video clip did it for me, such a beautiful build!


AWESOME... the empty headlights make it look like the eyesockets of a crazy azz skull.


DevinJordan We use XXR's on our Chumpcar 280Z, they work fine as long as you don't wreck and any wheel will break if you crash it hard enough. XXR's are about a pound heavier but they have to meet the same road standards as any other wheel. I really don't think the cost of a premium wheel is always worth it, especially when you can get an Enkei with the same performance for 1/2 the price.


i know one place im never moving to is...


did every single person reading this article forget the point of it. It isnt becase its a silvia drift build, not becausthe fender flares. (im not hating on any of that, because i think its cool as hell.) No the article was because where it is, and the cost of owning that car would be to have a title for it. Dear god I started to trust people here, but then once more you showed me a reason to never look in the comments. (I still always will because of some people who actually put there two sense in it.)