Z Car Garage: Where Datsun Geeks Rule
For The Love Of Datsun

Tucked away in a quiet industrial area near downtown San Jose, California, is one of the most impressive automotive shops on the West Coast, and last week I had the chance to spend the day hanging out there.

I’m talking about Z Car Garage, a name which some of you Datsun and Nissan fans might already be familiar with.

Z-Car-Garage-121 copy

I’d known of the shop for quite some time, and after seeing one of its incredible project cars at the SEMA Show last year, I knew it was time to head to San Jose and check it out. And after spending a day with Z Car Garage family and riding in a few of their cars, I was simply blown away. These guys know how to do it.

Z-Car-Garage-10 copy

There’s no shortage of cool shops and builders in the San Francisco Bay Area, but when you pull up to Z Car Garage you know this place is special. With a mint BNR32 Skyline GT-R parked out front and a wicked looking Hakosuka parked nearby, I knew this was going to be a fine day of Speedhunting.

Z-Car-Garage-12 copy

And just beyond that, you can see a storage area full of Zs and other Datsuns spanning from the 1960s right through to today. It’s enough to make any Nissan lover swoon.

Z-Car-Garage-40 copy

Heading inside I met Alvin Gogineni, a local Datsun enthusiast who handles the shop’s social media, and the owner and founder of Z Car Garage, Rob Fuller.

Z-Car-Garage-39 copy

Rob is a Georgia native who quickly discovered the joy of owning and driving a Datsun 510 back in the 1990s. In high school his buddies all drove Camaros and Mustangs, but he marched to the beat of a different drum. In 1998, Rob took a job as a Datsun mechanic and relocated to California; then in 2004 he opened up Z Car Garage. Since then he hasn’t looked back.

Z-Car-Garage-52 copy

Today the shop handles everything from oil changes and basic maintenance to dyno tuning and ground-up builds. And Z Car Garage’s customer base extends not only to the Bay Area or California, but throughout the entire country.

Z-Car-Garage-38 copy

And in addition to that, Z Car Garage also offers its own original parts, namely a big brake kit that makes early Zs scrub off speed much more like their modern successors.

From Carbs To Turbos
Z-Car-Garage-24 copy

Naturally, vintage Datsuns are one of the big things that Z Car Garage is known for, and on the day I visited there was a mint right-hand drive S30 Fairlady Z occupying one of the shop’s lifts. While it still has L-power under the hood, this particular car sports a number of handling and braking upgrades.

Z-Car-Garage-20 copy

And sitting on the other side of the shop was a slightly more radical S30 customer project; one that’s being built with heavy track use in mind.

Z-Car-Garage-21 copy

This one is also going to be L-powered, but rather than a simple naturally aspirated carb setup, this fully built L28 is going to have a big turbocharger hanging off the side.

Z-Car-Garage-22 copy

And if you had any doubts about how it’s going to run, just check out the big brakes, big RAYS Volk Racing TE37Vs, and the Kumho slicks sitting under carbon fiber over-fenders. I can’t wait to see this one when it’s done.

Z-Car-Garage-55 copy

Along with the wide variety of work it does on vintage Datsuns, Z Car Garage is also well known for working on modern Nissans; from the iconic machines of the ’90s right up to the current GT-R.

Z-Car-Garage-54 copy

Here we’ve got a beautiful Z32 300ZX twin-turbo with period correct aero parts, a set of TE37s and plenty of boost under the hood. Rob considers the Z32 one of his favorite cars because of the way the chassis handles all the power you can throw at it.

Z-Car-Garage-56 copy

And here we have a heavily modified G35 coupé, along with a brand new Nismo 370Z. Whether it’s superchargers and turbo setups or stroker kits, the Z Car Garage crew is well versed in VQ motors and how to hot rod them.

Z-Car-Garage-46 copy

There’s also an in-house dyno where all the tuning takes place, and sitting on the rollers in this shot is a 370Z with a freshly installed blower.

Z-Car-Garage-122 copy

While it was the old school stuff that got him started in this whole thing, Rob says he loves the balance of going back and forth between vintage cars and modern cars. With everything that’s going on, boredom certainly isn’t an issue at Z Car Garage.

JDM Icons & More
Z-Car-Garage-8 copy

And keeping things even more interesting are the imported JDM machines that can be found in the garage at any given time. There’s the aforementioned BNR32 Skyline of course.

Z-Car-Garage-17 copy

But what struck my fancy even more was this RNN14 Pulsar GTI-R – an all-wheel drive, turbocharged hatchback that many consider the ‘baby GT-R’.

Z-Car-Garage-117 copy

Seeing any GTI-R on American shores is pretty rare, but this car is something else. It’s in completely original condition and has just 30,000 kilometers on the odometer.

Z-Car-Garage-18 copy

Hopping inside the little pocket rocket, I couldn’t help but remember just how amazing Nissan was back in the ’90s. I love everything about this car.

Z-Car-Garage-9 copy

While Z Car Garage is a successful business that’s made quite a name for itself among the Datsun and Nissan community, talking to Rob, Alvin and the rest of the crew, it feels more like a tight-knit family than anything else.

Z-Car-Garage-15 copy

A family that just happens to share a deep love for the great automobiles that wear Datsun and Nissan badges. From lightweight 510s and Fairlady Roadsters, to tech-laden 300ZX Turbos and GT-Rs – the passion is never hard to find around here.

Z-Car-Garage-134 copy

And we are just getting started. Stay tuned for more stories from Z Car Garage, including full features on a radical L-powered Hakosuka and a car that I consider one of the world’s best S30s, built with the help of the folks at OS Giken. You’re going to love it.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia_media

Cutting Room Floor
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simply incredible... i could get lost for days there just looking around. 
aren't there a few pulsar gti-rs running around with a skyline face swap?


You can't be serious: this is like 7 minutes drive from the Santa Clara convention center. So when I'm visiting SC in April I'll definitely pay a visit to this amazing garage!


GIMME S30FEATURE PLIIIIZZZZ!! *dies n comes back*


That Hakosuka reminds me of the one from Fast Five , but this one is L-powered .


I really got stuck on the Nissans from the 90s, I've had a Nissan B13, A32, Z32, and they were all of them great cars! cars today look, and feel really cheap in terms of design, quality and spirit...

I really hope Nissan wakes up from the coma...


I visited Z Car Garage a couple of years ago and met the owner. He is seriously one of the coolest guys I have ever met. He loves hearing about other people cars and stories just as much as his. He has anothet whole garage that is just filled with cars. Awesome guys over there in San Jose.


This place looks incredible.

Isn't that brake caliper and rotor just a StopTech ST40 and Aero-Rotor with a different sticker on it?


Heaven! I should send them one of my Z-Car calendars, or maybe a Skyline GT-R or Z-Car poster?


Yes giwe us more garage stories???


All the yes.


Thanks for depicting those Z32's. It's a car we hardly ever get coverage for on Speedhunters. Now if only Nissan would make a modern day kind of Z32, keep it a Twin Turbo, and make it a M4 killer. Give it a nice modern design, but one that still reminds you it's a 300zx, double clutch and of course, a manual transmission.
They also need a modern version of the 240z. Give it a nice, reliable N/A Inline motor, I4 or I6, and design it to be a direct competitor to the FR-S/BR-Z. It cant be too hard to make some kind of cheap N/A, RWD car. Toyota/Scion and Subaru can do it, so surely Nissan could.


Imagine being a car guy , living in those apts across the street and seeing those cars every day? ahaha


Maybe it's time to make a trip up north.


That GTI-R is the ultimate stealth car. Most people would see it as another grocery getter, especially with those plastic-like rims. Nissan was on point back then.


Nissan should revive Pulsar GTi-R including TCR version.


Yes, yes, yes, YES!!!


Really some of the coolest guys out there.. And they build some amazing cars.


Yes Mike!!

I visited Z car Garage 6-7 years ago and was totally blown away.  Rob is a super nice guy and very passionate and excited about Nissans.  That day he had 4 S30 Z cars in for RB26 conversions.    I.   Counldn't.   Even.    Talk about a dream car!  Awesome shop, great people and amazing cars.  I'm a fan.


i want to LIVE here.


I would love to live in that apartment with the balconies facing the garage, i'd sit there all day. This is a awesome place though, owner is super laid back, glad I only live 30 min away and I'll drive past to see what cars are just hanging out front. Man I'm digging all these garage stories lately


Long live the glorious Hakosuka! With its good 'ol rival in the same house, the mighty S30Z!


That Pulsar checks all the boxes :/ need it.  Truly has no equal before or since - 2dr hatch, awd (attessa!), sr20det!!!, and 2,600 lb


bluestreaksti it does have ATTESSA  but its d different variant then the ATTESSA -ETS


As a Nissan fan, I believe the world is a better place when shops like that exist :-)


bravo bravo!


nice post Mike. Love seeing articles of different shops and what they have laying around


Looking at the picture alone made me blown away.the RNN14 GTI-R, The 510, the U13, the P11 & The RPS13 always have a special place in my heart
Thanks for sharing mike!! Made my day indeed


I just wish I could afford to insure a z let alone buy one :(


That Z32 is beautiful - from an MR2 driver.

They remind me of a Mitsubishi GTO though looks-wise and they're both 6 cylinder having things, does it handle as bad as the Mitsi?


So, I'm definitely putting together a road trip.

As I was going through this, I kept adding after each segment that it couldn't get any better, and it kept did. Everything about Datsun and Nissan I love just kept marching out at me, and then the cherry on top was the GTI-R, one of the unicorns I've been chasing lately.

The anticipation for future Z Car Garage articles is palpable, so glad you caught these guys Mike!


I think I just found my happy place….. I wanna grab my 260z and do a cross country trip right this second );


Wow. Amazingly awesome shop !  A visit just got added to my bucket list. And some Datsun stripes are going to be added around my new workshop home. Almost looks like my Datsun/Nissan collection line up albeit on a larger scale. Even the RNN14 is identical to one I previously owned (until I was punted off the road by a dickhead RangeRover driver and it was a total loss) probably explains why a few weeks later I purchased another one.
Nice Shop. Well Done !!
To bad Nissan's are sooo shit these days :(


PS, Hey Mike, did the RNN14 still have its factory umbrella tucked away in the B pillar ???  They resell for absolute moon-beams here downunder  (As I notice it's a early model version)

Gianluca FairladyZ

so much YES!


Z Car Garage Rocks!!  I love Rob and the crew.  They take very good care of my stock '78 280Z with 23,xxx orig miles.  I recommend taking your car to them if you want quality work.  The good news is he's not too far away!


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@Guest Reading this article again almost a year later, it's sad how far of the path Nissan has fallen.
In the same year, Nissan manufactured multiple variants of 3 sports cars, the S13, R32 and Z32! They raced the Terrano, GTI-R, the R32, the Z32 & the S13 in Japan, North America, Australia & Europe on dirt & pavement.


hi there
i have a ford mustang 2017 and have upgrade the shape to shelby GT350
i faced a problem which bothers me a lot.
the cruise control stopped working and there is the engine check sign is showing.
i suspect that there is something to do with the front bumper replacement.
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