Time For Another Video Break…

We’re very close to kicking off a new week of Speedhunting, which means it’s time to take a quick look back at some of the videos we’ve been watching over the past seven days.

First up, we’ve got a behind-the-scenes clip from the recent Daigo Saito vs Vaughn Gittin Jr. Battle Drift short film…

Late last year, Larry gave us his perspective on the production, and this new clip from Monster Energy is a nice follow-up to that with comment from both drivers, director Luke Huxham, and others involved in what was one of the best viral automotive videos of 2015.

Porsche’s 17th overall victory at the iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race will be one that’s remembered for a long time, and this official full-length documentary, titled Our Return, explores the three years of development that went into the 2015 challenge.

What does the future hold for car design and technology? Blackbird Automotive posed that question to one of the most revered designers of the modern era, Frank Stephenson of McLaren Automotive, resulting in an extremely interesting watch where nuclear power and active exterior form doesn’t go unmentioned.

Finally this week, we’ve got a new clip from Red Bull Racing Australia, shot at the recent Summernats 29 event in Canberra. If you’ve caught Blake’s coverage, you’ll already know that high power V8s reign supreme at this multi-day festival of tyre smoke and fire. So what can a 640hp Holden Commodore V8 Supercar driven by RBRA’s Jamie Whincup do on the burnout pad? Click play to find out…

Watched a cool automotive video online this week? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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LOVE the V8 Supercar clip. No more tyres? No problem! Up on the jacks, for a fresh set of rubber!


BT180 What a great interaction with the fans, complete with a pitstop demo!! Hope there's one of those 360-video-thingamabobs to follow :)


How the f... is Vaughn JR "World Champion Drifter"?
Again with that crap that if you win something in the States, you are declare "world champion"?

Well, I'm the "World Champion" of eating french fries on MY sofa in front of MY tv set.
Also, of typing words on MY keyboard.


greenroadster What is drifting.


greenroadster Well, he did win the 2010 FD Championship, so I guess the title just follows him now. I'm not entirely sure if they had the World Series at that point though...


How hot is Ruby Cornish!?!


The "World Championship" (which is a complete farce) didn't start until 2015. Vaughn is not the World Champion of anything.
The only person in the world who can claim "World Champion" in the drifting world is Fredrick Aasbo, and anyone who follows drifting knows that title means little to nothing.
My little home town had a pie eating contest, which I won, so I guess I'm a world champion pie eater now. Shit is fucking rediculous. Where are the journalistic standards guys? Just making shit up, handing out titles like they're participation medals...That's some shit you'd see on WreckedMagazine, I expect more out of SH.


Forgot to add, this video really highlights the difference in levels between Daigo's driving and Jr.'s.
You can literally see Diago thinking "why did they stick me on this mountain with this guy," when Jr brakes his rear suspension.
Meanwhile, Kawabata and Gushi were ripping up Hakone at probably 3x the speed lol.


greenroadster i cant remember what year, but around 2012-2014 he competed in japan with a whole slew of international champions and he either won 1st or 2nd i cant remember. but that's just my two cents