Wrong-Wheel Drive Warrior: JDMYard’s Giant-Killing Civic
Defying The Odds

Front-wheel drive. Those words alone are enough to prompt a tirade from some so-called ‘driving purists’ who believe that rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive platforms are more deserving of circuit pedigree.

But what if I told you, that at the 2015 instalment of the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge, the intensely competitive Open class silverware was hoisted by a team campaigning a front-wheel drive car – a 22-year-old one at that…


This is exactly what the Sydney-based team from JDMYard achieved with their Hardrace-backed EG Honda Civic hatch campaign.


Traditionally, all classes at WTAC have been dominated by four-wheel drive machinery; the perceived traction advantage an obvious attraction to the would-be competitor looking to construct the ultimate lap time conqueror. It was close in the Open category this year too; JDMYard driver Adam Casmiri, an accomplished gravel-specialist, put his skills to the tarmac to reel off a 1:30.701, bettering RevZone Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX pilot Eiji ‘Tarzan’ Yamada by a scant hundredth of a second.


The EG chassis Civic hatch is one of those cars I’ve long harboured a soft spot for. With styling that I personally believe is near timeless (especially for early-1990s organic trends) and a chassis lauded for its capability, the EG remains a cult favourite. With the installation of a serious K24, however, the JDMYard team have brought the powerplant forward a couple of decades. Internally, the 2.4-litre four-cylinder is bristling with heavy artillery; a proven combination of Darton sleeves, Wiseco pistons, Carillo rods and bearings that have been given the Calico Coatings treatment.


Sitting low against the alloy block is the K-series’ trump card. Turbo lag? No thank-you, sir! This particular K24 punches out a stout 550hp with the assistance of a Rotrex C38-92 centrifugal supercharger, flowing compressed air through a Speedfactory intercooler, sizeable Skunk2 70mm throttle body and then into the combustion chambers via a CNC-ported head.


To maintain meaningful adhesion to the tarmac, giant 18×11-inch RAYS Volk Racing TE37SL forged wheels wear a pair of 295/30R18 Advans at the pointy end, while wheels of the same style measure a more restrained 17×9-inch at the rear. JDMYard’s development for 2015 saw careful attention paid to the aero, with Topstage Composites stepping up to create an elaborate canard/splitter arrangement at each corner of a revised front bar.


Slung beneath the rear bumper, Topstage also provided the exquisitely crafted rear diffuser. This works to transition high-speed airflow from beneath the Civic into the turbulent wake created by the gargantuan carbon spoiler supported by the roof and rear chassis structure. Notable here also is the large (and loud) straight-through titanium exhaust, routed down into the diffuser airflow.


Turn one of Sydney Motorsport Park looms quickly in the wake of the lengthy front straight, specifically more so in a creation with the kind of power-to-weight ratio possessed by this Civic. Keeping things settled, the JDMYard team elected to run Tein Super Racing suspension, plus a full complement of Hardrace alignment goodies including sway bars, LCAs, camber arms, spherical RTA bushes and more. Stoptech 330mm front brakes teamed with standard-issue rears haul the Civic up effortless, proving simple can be better, particularly where a lightweight base is concerned.


Digital displays fascinate me for reasons even I’m not sure of. In this case, a personalised display appears on a MoTeC SDL3 unit positioned strategically behind the wheel with only necessary information on offer.


A sure-fire sign of a genuinely well-prepared competition car is a tidy workspace for the driver. As to be expected from a hardcore Honda track car, inside the cabin the EG features everything a Adam needs and absolutely nothing he doesn’t. Keeping the center of gravity low, the battery and Haltech Platinum plug-in ECU share space in the left-hand side footwell, while a Mugen steering wheel and Bride fixed-back bucket retain a race car tactility. The sculpted billet alloy shifter picks ratios from a new-for-2015 PPG straight-cut 6-speed gearset.


While the alterations JDMYard made for this year’s WTAC assault focused largely around improved aero and the removal of much maligned weight, upon being asked what they viewed as the most important changes, the answer was clear: seat time and development. Aided by Phil Armour of Armour Motorsport Services, the JDMYard team used their time wisely, tweaking and tuning the Civic into perhaps the most potent circuit-slaying example of its ilk.


For now then, a two-wheel drive, no… a front-wheel drive machine stands at the top of the Open class podium. It’s a given the four-wheel drive brigade in the category aren’t going to relinquish sovereignty that easily, but the JDMYard team aren’t going to rest on their laurels either. The benchmark continues to be raised year-on-year at WTAC, and I’m already anticipating a closely fought 2016 battle for the Open class title.

Richard Opie
Instagram: snoozinrichy

Cutting Room Floor


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Killer EG... Nothing else.


Boyah! honda content! I love that EG, and that K series install is possibly the tidiest I've seen.... and that clean spotless interior is lovely too. top work JDMYard!


I love everything about this.  I know it's necessary to proudly display sponsor information/livery but man would this thing look insane completely grey with the raw carbon and red TE37s...phew.


No Video? :(


Im digging the interior. About what I wanted for the creation of a high mpg dd. Just change the aero and put in a fuel sipper powerplant.


CharlesChris15 go to http://www.worldtimeattack.com and open the 'view from the inside' article. Has in car of this civic, byp's clubsprint winning car, as well as a few other cars.


Under Suzuki runs a side-exit exhaust and this Civic hatch has an exhaust-blow diffuser..?


As a Honda tragic this pleases me greatly.


I typically do not like hatchbacks, Honda cars and inherited location for a spoiler on a car like this but, wow. This car has the right amount of ingredients.

This car is very tastefully built for a track-car. Thumbs up.


Take a ride in a seriously modified eg, it doesn't even have to be over the top, and you will understand why Honda evokes such deep seated love from their owners.


robro Different engine setups, making power in different ranges, running different timing, the list goes on.


I was at WTAC 2015, love my GTR's, but this thing was epic, hauled all day, super fast, super loud and didnt miss a beat.


People who rag on FWD have never driven a well set up FWD car....or are just knuckle draggers obsessed with skids and drift y0.

This Civic is wicked!


Ironically, I was thinking to myself about something along those lines. My D/D is a 350z and my project is a 240sx track car. EVERYONE asks if its gonna be a drift car; the answer is NO and never will be.
One of my favorite cars to drive was a civic Si(fa5) and I thought it might be more pleasant to build a honda road race car. I'd rather be mistaken for rice than a drift car.
To add some validity to my statement, i have driven some awesome cars. A DB9, a lightly modified Murcielago and recently had a fully loaded C7 Z51 for the weekend. The Civic si was still a cool, simple car.



0:59 : D
1:05 O_O


Spaghetti Spaghetti  Well put! I've never owned a well built FWD car, but I've driven one. They are magnets to the tarmac and able to scream into corners when positioned for them correctly. That said, I have a built S14 that I'm setting up over the winter for timed track use and couldn't agree more with your "knuckle draggers obsessed with skids and drift y0" comment. The S-Chassis community is simply overflowing with these douchebags and their "sik JDM tyte DRFTMSL's breh" that it's made me reconsider my choice in performance project platform a number of times.


Kentwolves what a handful!!


abezzegh87 I feel bad for you being so small-minded


Awesome car! And for those who want more FWD awesomeness, google the Xsara kit-car - that thing could win rallies against WRC cars on tarmac.


@Stubsnz abezzegh87 No kidding. VTEC in a little Civic or Prelude is like crack. You can be at 4000rpms and stomp on the gas, it jumps like a scalded cat! And knowing you still have 3000rpms after VTEC engages? Whooooooeeeeee thats some of the funnest $2500 you ever spent.


What a beautifully focused race car. My hat is off these guys for flying the Honda flag high and showing what the old chassis can still do when constructed to the highest standards! 

I'm surprised they went with such a large wheel/low profile tire combo. Not saying they are wrong, far from it as results show!


Thommo it missed a few beats. They had clutch/gearbox issues during the event.


I've got my license since a year ago and I've driven all sorts of car, from family sedan to sport cars. Fwd, awd,rwd... Ive fallen In love with rwd, of course some fwd are really great, but not for me. Sticking to my rx8 for now. Who knows maybe one day...


A familiar layout for internet content these days:
1. Set up straw man (e.g. "driving purists")

2. Explain why straw man is wrong
3. Sit and wait for real opinions in the comments
It's a very successful way of getting people to engage with your website, lol.


A Clio Sport with an LSD is one of the most exciting things I've ever experienced. It's pretty difficult to believe you have any experience to say that...


FWD no thanks.


Spaghetti I was a die hard RWD fan boy until I actually drove a decent FWD car... I've seen the light


That's disappointing it being faster than Tarzan's Evo


LukeEVOVIII It was a pretty nailbiting battle to the end however... the kind of stuff I enjoy seeing


Slappy_Pistons so tabloid right now. But sweeping generalisation aside, it's actual fact that a FWD has never made the top step of a WTAC podium - until now.


D1RGE it's a wonderful achievement, and carried out with an infectious enthusiasm. The JDMYard garage was a good place to hang out for a short while!


Yossarian I actually came into contact with a Citroen C2 Super 1600 car a week or two back. What a fantastic thing, all angry and rev-happy and bloody quick!


bluestreaksti Kentwolves speaking to Adam, these guys were hitting turn one apex at 230km/h according to datalogging. Mental.


NCdreamin Spaghetti an open mind is key - I'll find something I dig in almost anything with 4 wheels and an engine.


Thommo VERY loud.


Nothing like the sound of a Rotrex =) 
i get tired of the typical drag race civics after awhile generally speaking


Slappy_Pistons  Is it worth complaining about? Considering Speedhunters want everyone to read the articles, not just people who are already into that scene, I think an attention-grabbing headline is hardly a crime.

Anyway, this is a cool looking car, and clearly very effective... thanks for featuring! I used to have a fwd track car and the way you can commit when guys in rwd cars are having to feather the throttle in case of the rear stepping out can really gain time. There are plenty of rwd cars with way more than double the power that don't give confidence to push, and on a track that is dependent on nerve like the Nurburgring they can get rather embarrassed.


Have these guys had time in a wind tunnel? Placing those high mounted front-arch turning vanes looks like something that needs a bit of science, and I'd be surprised that they arrived at that positioning from trial-and-error testing...


Anyone who can watch this video and then get on about FWD being boring are just hard parkers or drift kids that have never driven a race car in anger on a track. This thing looks like a blast!


Most internet warriors are narrow minded...hence...internet warriors...much props to JdmYard for churning out this killing time attack machine.  The talkers need to spend some time, money and efforts and come out with their own $hit...then you f&&& face narrow minded people earned a right to say "anything"...


Previously thought of as unbeatable 4WD and RWD time attack cars is now a myth. This EG right here will be the proverbial middle finger that proves them wrong. All hail JDMyard!


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