Type R Meets Porsche: The Ultimate Integra
Saved From The Dead

If you’re at all familiar with the modern Honda performance scene or the American tuning industry in general, then you’ve likely heard of Ryan Basseri and his company Rywire. The story of Rywire is one of a man finding something he’s extremely good at and making a successful business out of it. Ryan’s specialty is custom wiring harnesses, and while that might sound oddly specific for some, the quality of the cars he’s worked on shows just how important his contributions are.

At SEMA last week, Ryan showed off an Integra Type R build that redefines what’s possible with the venerable DC2 platform. Say hello to the Rywire Integra GT3.


People who grow up driving and working on inexpensive cars like Hondas often move on to more exotic machinery when they have the means. And in a way, that describes Ryan.


His dream car was the 997 Porsche GT3 RS, and after working tirelessly to get his business off the ground, he had the opportunity to make that dream a reality.


But while Ryan considers the Porsche one of the best cars he’s ever driven, he wasn’t about to leave Hondas behind. In fact, his experiences with the GT3 RS turned out to be a huge inspiration behind the Integra build.


At some point long ago, Ryan’s Integra began its life as Japanese market Type R, but it was nearly destroyed when he acquired it. After making its way to the US, the Integra served as a demo car before falling into disrepair and being stolen. When it was recovered by the police, it was essentially a bare shell with no usable parts. Ryan bought it for next to nothing, wondering just what the hell he’d do with it.


In between various customer projects and life in general, Ryan slowly began to piece the car back together. Because there was pretty much nothing left of it, the Integra would actually serve as the perfect canvas to show what he and his company are capable of.


More recently, he got in touch with Ravi from CSF Radiators and they came up with the idea of turning the Integra into a SEMA build – one that would be displayed in CSF’s booth at this year’s show.


Knowing that the Integra could potentially become his magnum opus, Ryan refocused his efforts on completing the build and ensuring it would be unlike any Integra before it.

Next Level Stuff

When it finally emerged from the workshop, it was clear that the Honda was going to shake things up. The GT3 RS inspiration is impossible to miss with the Pure Orange paint and Porsche-esque graphics, but this car would go far beyond just being an Integra with some 911 influences.


Because he was essentially starting from scratch, Ryan was able to fully run wild with the build, and the madness starts right in the DC2’s engine bay.


That’s where you’ll find a hard-tuned K-series setup that uses a fully-built K24 block with a ported K20 head and just about all the performance upgrades you’d expect. But this car is about doing more than what you’d expect. That’s why there are radical bits, like a Honda HPD dry sump system which allows for an external oil tank and virtually no chance of oil starvation.


Boost comes from a Precision Turbo 6265 turbocharger mounted on a JDL manifold and dumping right out through the top of the engine bay. Needless to say, Ryan handled all of the car’s wiring and electronics with a custom-made chassis harness. You can take a look at the ‘Electronics’ category in the spec list to full nerd-out on his work. But that’s just the beginning of it…


One thing that Ryan is especially proud of is the transmission setup; not the usual Honda 6-speed gearbox you find behind K-series engines, but a fully sequential racing gearbox from Quaife. With Ryan’s electronics expertise he was able to set-up a fully-functional paddle shift system.


Not only does the unique transmission solution help the car stand out, it further builds the connection between the Integra and the Porsche that inspired it.

Form, Meet Function

With racing plans in the car’s future, Ryan knew he’d need more than just a serious engine and drivetrain setup. The chassis has been fitted with a set of Eibach R2 adjustable coilovers, along with a set of prototype upper control arms from PCI and custom rear lower arms from ASC.


With so much power on hand, braking would be crucial, and in this department Ryan fitted a set of IndyCar-spec brakes from the experts at AP Racing. It’s just one more example of the exotic componentry you’ll find throughout the vehicle.


As for the wheels, they’re 17-inch RAYS Volk Racing ZE40s finished in black to match the GT3 RS theme, and shod with high-grip Toyo R888 tires.


Aside from the aforementioned Porsche paint and graphics, Ryan has done a beautiful of job of functionally upgrading the Integra’s exterior without breaking the ultra-clean look. The front bumper and fenders have been subtly widened and the nose also wears a Spoon lip with a custom-made splitter.


A set of PCI side skirts help improve the aerodynamic profile, and out back, rather than a massive GT wing you’ll find a classic Mugen spoiler hanging over the hatch.


The interior is every bit as impressive as the rest of the car, and it’s finished with the same sense of detail that Ryan is known for. There’s a custom rollcage that should be suitable for any type of driving event he wishes to enter.


The dashboard is fully custom, as are the door panels which feature fabric door pulls as another nod to the Porsche GT3 RS.


The Integra runs a MoTeC digital dash to match the rest of the MoTeC electronics that are on board. The seat is a Recaro bucket complete with HANS device, and the OMP steering wheel has been fitted with a variety of driver control functions.


Now that the car has officially made its debut, Ryan is planning on taking the Integra everywhere he can. Along with a number of car shows and meets, he’s also looking forward to working with a pro driver to see how everything works on the race track. Whether it’s show or go, Ryan’s quite proud of how he revived a machine that was once left for dead.

For more on the build, check out this video where Ryan talks not only about the project, but also his beginnings and the link between his Porsche and the Integra.


I love this build; not just because of the Porsche connection and all the trick stuff Ryan’s put into it, but because it shows that Hondas from the golden era of the 1990s can still be built into incredible vehicles that turn heads and drop jaws 20 years later.

Never forget your roots.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia_media

Photos by Louis Yio
Instagram: lusciousy

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This build has set the bar so high for custom Honda builds! I love it, I feel it has made the iconic integra move more into the realm of the classic restorations, with the level of build quality Ryan and everyone pulled off.
I followed this build on The Chronicles and had no idea this car would turn out how it did. The fact that you could put this car in the same realm as custom camaros, chevelles, Mustangs, etc makes me so giddy!
Time to pull my ITR out of storage...and dream of someday being at this leve!!!


Wow, great feature guys! Thank you, and thanks for the kind words!


Epic build.  I would love to see it with a hood on it though, lol.


I never thought I'd like a bright Orange Integra !
I always prefer Yellow or White color of Honda , because that is the color they always come with , that is the color that IMO fit the best ... and this Honda is one of the cleanest Honda you guys ever featured on here , the other Honda I like , was a purple K-swap Civic , article from 2011 , I think ?

Just a question though , where's the radiator fan ?


F**k me!!!!


The fan was left off to display at Sema so that the radiator would be more visible. It'll be going back on soon!


Wild just yesterday I was wondering where more completed pics of this were.


The level of the build of this car shocked me since the first time i saw it on the stickydiljoe's youtube channel, the amount of work and attention to detail from the exterior to every interior bit is simply incredible.


Rywire You are going to put a hood on this car right? Also hurry up and get it out testing and get some videos posted up of it on track!


Superb work. I reckon in years to come the DC2R is going to become a real JDM classic, not in the KPGC10 realm, but perhaps somewhere around the S30/AE86 level. Right now they're cheap as chips, and given the chance I'd be tempted to snap up a couple - one to keep stock (or more likely return to stock) and one to go nuts with.


Welcome folks to the future of honda tunning....


That specs list...oof


Wow what an amazing build ! Massive props to the builder


I thought that this monster will have a boxer engine... :(


Give up on your dream of having a "JDM TYTE YO" Integra because it will never be this cool.


Gross, mad tyte JDM Vtec yo.


So hard to do an ITR in a new way anymore, like the VW scene....but this right here is absolutely next-level stuff. Way to hit it outta the park Ryan!


The builder deserves credit for working nice a nice build out on such a gross platform.Unfortunately, placing the Integra next to the GT3RS makes the Honda resemble a bright orange kitchen appliance.


Trolls have already left the dungeon and invaded the comments it appears.    

This car was incredibly well done, regardless of the badge on the hood.  Was one of my favorite cars at sema, respect your roots.


This is just the most beautiful dc2 I've ever seen
Except for the color ... I guess some people can become blind observing this car x-)


@Hakunamatadamachida here's your reply


I'm not usually one to get excited about front wheel drive Hondas, but I can't stop staring at these pics!!!! And don't even get me started on the specs list...I'm beyond jealous lol. The level of detail and build quality is exceptional. No area was overlooked.
My favorite part of the car is that the outstanding looks are derived from genuin performance upgrades. Everything Ryan has done has track performance in mind....the way Civics and Integras were tuned by track day warriors and club racers in Japan, before "JDM" was even a thing. The whole Honda tuning movement has gone full circle :)
I would love to see some video of this beauty at a track day. She'd look real nice at Leguna Seca or Sonoma.


WOW! You have outdone yourself Ryan! Such an epic build. Attention to detail 100!


See now, THIS is why Indepth articles on cars are so welcome, and why video can never replace the written word IMHO. This car caught *puts on his yoot hat* "major shade" in the few places I've already seen it in video form.
I like Hondas and really respected the build already as - come on! Look at the thing! And that engine! The work alone...... And thought the remarks pretty disrespectful. I like it even more now I have an insight into where it came from and its previous state - to seeing it now.
It would be hard for the same commenters to throw the same remarks around with any validity whatsoever when presented with this depth of information.
Brilliant! Love it all! Paint my crx for me?
Well written article too. Cheers!


All this work into a FWD car? Can someone explain *why*? I love FWD but with this much money I'd have something RWD or at least AWD.


w3rrd Well...
- Why not?
- Because he could
- Because he's fulfilling a dream
- Because it's great advertising
- Because his other car is a Porsche GT3 RS
..etc. If logic ever entered the build process for a car we'd all drive beaters and live in very nice houses instead. ;)


w3rrd because, why the fuck not?


Quite possibly the greatest Integra build ever.


That's like asking a junkie why they chose crack over heroin...
Or to put that in a less dramatic matter: whos more attractive: blonde, brunette, redhead, aurbern, pink, blue, green, purple, blue and is that shaped like an ornate shrubbery (hehehe) or is cut short, long, shaved, dreadlocked, made of snakes...
It's personal preference, we can't all like the same thing.
For the record Short cut, blue, glasses, and I like the action upfront.
(that's cars and life partners incase you were wondering)


absolutely glorious


CJC_Matty w3rrd "- Because his other car is a Porsche GT3 RS" winning SH today.


RenaudTignol Kinda like the sun. Go blind by looking at something that's too beautiful.


From the Motec in the passenger compartment to the fuel pumps and surge tank, I LOVE the way he routes his lines.
This should be called the OCD GT3 Type R! ; )
Way to represent man.




I like 95% of this car, the work is fabulous. However, you don't see anyone running a GT3 RS with no rear deck lid and the turbo outlets sticking straight out the top (yeah they don't really have to since they can just hang the turbo off the back with a pipe sticking straight out). This is a painted carbon hood and nice exhaust away from FWD perfection. I think a nice pair of tips poking out under the rear plate would have been the way to go, just like the GT3 RS. Sure, you might lose a few HP that way, but methinks losing 10-15 HP for an exhaust that doesn't exit in front of the drivers window wouldn't make much of a difference. I'm assuming just by the injectors, fuel pumps and turbo that this thing is putting down at least 5-600 WHP, which is certainly more power than those tires can cash. I'm sure it can afford to lose a few to a properly routed exhaust and still be a menace!


It's right hand drive.. So the exhaust would be in front of the passenger seat.


Prob the best track influenced Integra I've ever seen. The only thing I would add is a custom awd setup/different custom driveline with a fabbed rear subframe(fabrication to chassis/floorpan)....then I'd go eat some Evos and Imprezas alive during time attack competitions.



I'd love to see how it perform , some video showing it run .
K24/K20 with turbo , it should sounds good , too !


CJC_Matty w3rrd


Deffinetely one of the best Integras ever. If not the best!


Larry Chen CJC_Matty w3rrd


Fwd's are already eating evo's in time attack, just look at this years results U0001f609


Am I the only one who would like to see a naturally aspirated engine in a build like this. Especially with all the Porsche GT3 influence. Maybe it's the internet that has spoilt us with ridiculous numbers and builders feel forced to slap a massive turbo to everything in order to stand out.


w3rrd The 2015 Civic Type R lapped the Nurburgring in 7:50

At a time of 7:50 on the ring, the 2015 CTR is faster than the following cars: 996 Turbo, 997 Turbo, R32-R34 GT-R, all BMW M cars except the E92 M3 GTS, WRX STI (3rd Gen), Gallardo LP560, NSX-R, F430, and the infamous Toyota Sienna. 

We're not in the 90's anymore. FWD vehicles have caught up and, in some cases, surpassed its RWD and AWD competitors.


Excellent! Nerdy Integra DC2, the layout of all the parts is just superb!


Why build a show car and then turn it into a racecar, is that not backwards?


Slackinfux Its a clear hood


Rywire Great job!


@loisyio, so right!!! With a modern diff, suspension, and tires, FF cars can bang!
Civics, Focuses, MGs, Passats got the better of the BMW and Merc in BTCC this year. In PWC GTS, Kia Optimas were consistent top 5-10 against the likes of Camaros, Mustangs, Caymans and Astons.


Yossarian Cyclops has much great foresight than those born without eyes...

Gianluca FairladyZ

"Mugen" still alive in this Honda!


Great article.  This is one build I really wish we could get a driving impression of.  I know it's impossible for you guys to do this for all your articles but if you could partner up with an automotive reviewer and get a sense for how these cars drive, even at 7/10ths, it would really make the articles stand out.


Vittorio Jano I was thinking the same thing.  If you're going for a GT3RS homage, I would have stuck with a high-revving NA engine and a manual.  The build is very impressive though, don't get me wrong.


Don't get me wrong, this is a great built, but i'm 90% certain that this car won't see a racetrack in its life, considering Honda scene in US.


abezzegh87 Vittorio Jano It's more about the spirit than actual parts. And what defines both the Type R and GT3 brands better than high screaming NA engine in a balanced chassis. Not the ultimate power but the balance of chassis dynamics and exploitable power. Just my two cents, but i feel the turbo looks out of place on this build..


GregoryS Hard pass.


How on earth did he manage to import a car that is less than 25 years old and register it legally for road use?


FunctionFirst GregoryS LOL


My reason for saying this, is that my friend drives a Miata, and hates everything FWD, saying "why bother, you can't drift and you understeer everywhere, not to mention they handle nowhere near as good as RWD". I myself love this car!!!! I'm glad to see all the comments haha. Awesome integra, hope to own one someday.


Booo! What a let down, title had me thinking ... Hmm, rear engined? 911 motor swap? I have no gripe with the car per say, but paint alone isn't such a "Porsche" connection. U0001f622


@Hakunamatadamachida Seriously? GTFO dude. This is a phenomenal build and all you can do is crap on it with F&F references, you're much better off finding an article about a car you DO like rather than repeatedly be an idiot on this one. We get it, you don't like Hondas or FF cars. As you can see from the comments, you are totally and utterly wrong.


Some of these comments are absurd... This level of this build can top any great builds accoss any platform, origin, and era. This car is built very purposeful and I can appreciate every inch of it. Great job on building your dream car Ryan. You are legendary in the Honda community. You are a great representation of well thought out build. I can't wait until you start burning that image of the rear of your integra of enthusiast you face at the track!


Garagisti there are a lot of RHD cars in America. You can get a Japanese version of car sold in USA easier than a car that was never sold in USA (skylines etc).


@TJ Completely agree. Ryan is the top of the Honda game and scene and this ITR is king of em all.


Ford is best!! No, Chevy is the best!
It's all about preference. Especially on a race track. Of course there are certain things FR can do that FF can't, but FF can do things FR can't. Both layouts have strengths and weeknesses, and of course require different technique.
With racing, certain tracks favour FF, and certain tracks favour FR.
FF cars bring their front tires up to optimal temp quicker than FR, so they tend to do well at the start of races. In a sprint race, gaining track position early and then driving defensively can work very well on tracks where overtaking is difficult.
FF cars also tend to be a little more stable on their feet, better able to take some bumping and rubbing while still maintaining control.
If you want to see FF cars battle with FR cars, watch British Touring Cars. You'll see how competative they are with each other, and how they use different techniques to achieve the same ends.


@LS You don't know RYWire then.


D1RGE EXE Don't feed the troll.


@TJ Don't feed the trolls man. Anyone who hates on Honda is not a true car enthusiast, seeing as Honda is the reason why we have affordable supercars today.


Perfect example of a 2,000$ car with upgrades north of 30,000$.
I would love to drive it! :)))


greenroadster 30000$??

I'm pretty sure more than a thousand hours was put on this build and more than 50-60k$ on parts/machining.


Totally agree and it's plays into Honda's strengths.


missing a hood..........


As a former electrician, I appreciate so much the time and attention that is taken for wiring to be properly done-- with ANY application. This is excellence. Cheers, Ryan


Twitch_6 Sanctioned motorsport is always sanctioned. Meaning the rules dictate what is possible and what isn't and usually the rules favor the inferior, for example lower weight for fwd compared to rwd. More often than not if you loosen up the rules everybody ends up with MR layout for obvious reasons. FF has it's upsides of course especially on low grip situations, but in high grip, high speed situations the more balanced layout usually wins. I personally favor FR layout for the predictable handling characteristics in real world situations. FF used to be awesome on winter but modern cars don't allow left foot braking which means that I will never own fwd car, thanks VW..


I prefer the Integra


@The troll It's missing the to showcase the engine bay and Ryans expertise in wiring num-nuts.


@The troll The hood isn't installed to showcase the engine bay and Ryan's expertise in wiring Num-nuts. Car was on it's way to SEMA the day after these pics were taken.


@LS You are so wrong.


Garagisti  Did you not watch the vid?


all that and the video doesn't even show the integra running much less driving, sounds like it's not as good as he hoped.


Drivetrain layout has little to do with handling, setup is key.


I think they compliment each other rather well, both cars being the best examples of their respective drivetrain layouts.


Some of the comments here make me weep. That is an absolute beast of a car and something most of us could only ever dream of creating. Well done, Ryan.


dir911d Because the video was made before assembly was completed on the Integra. Most of you guy's ragging on the car have no clue how much more involving it is to setup up the the standalone, switchboard, tuning, and in this cars case the sequential transmission. You and the others ragging on the car are a bunch of ignorant haters.


i was hoping it had a porsche engine but otherwise its really nice, i bet its really fast on track also.


I was lucky enough to shoot this car recently for a magazine, it's absolutely stunning in the flesh. I've shot literally hundreds of builds, but none has exceeded the fetishistic level of detail that's gone into this. It'll do the show car thing whilst it remains a pristine showcase, then the gloves will off and we'll see what it can do on track. It will be immense. The Porsche connection is not just paint, it's the RS philosophy that's gone into the build...


Well it's an integra type r so minimum you'd be looking at 10k for a JDM one and only God knows how much more for a usdm one


Awesome build but what is it with US cars and having the windscreen bar of the roll cage a mile from where it is supposed to be? Serious question, not a dig.


Hey speedhunters editors, you guys need to invite special purpose built cars like this one to a track day with proffesional drivers who can compare and critique the cars. How they really drive etc. Speedhunters is about speed and when this article was done this car wasnt running making it a very exotic paperweight or superb car porn; but this car was meant to be driven right?


I second this. It would be awesome


Honestly, it doesn't even need to be pro drivers. I just want to see this thing on the track.


Badass car with a soul. Very nice and complete build. An 199hp "muscle" cars fanboys are getting a hard time...


This is an awesome build but the only things I see Porsche related are the paint and graphics on the side. Not saying I don't like the car, just pointing it out.


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It really doesn't matter what kinds of cars you like. If you can't appreciate a build like this, then there's something really wrong with you.


what font did he use? like in porsche gt3 rs