Spoiler Alert: An RX-8 At A Crossroads
Waitin’ For A Mate

It’s a known occurrence that we often overlook what’s right under our noses; the grass being greener on the other side and all that.

When you’re exposed to something for so long, you sometimes take it for granted and fail to appreciate it properly. I think this is one of those cases. This isn’t a typical spotlight for me, because this car belongs to a close friend of mine, Flip. You might remember him from my Project GTI updates. A few of you have been asking for a closer look at his RX-8, so I figured it was about time I dragged him aside for a quick look.

2015 Mazda RX8 Flipsideauto by Paddy McGrath-2

I’ve watched the slow evolution of this Mazda for quite some time, but it was only as it rolled out of Flip’s garage that I really began to appreciate the care and consideration that he has put into this car. It has been a slow burning project for sure, but I think his patience has been rewarded.

2015 Mazda RX8 Flipsideauto by Paddy McGrath-1

Probably the biggest alteration to the original car was the full colour change to Lamborghini Grigio Telesto, which Flip undertook himself. In fact, he’s responsible for all of the work that’s been carried out, because aside from it being his personal car, it’s a promotional tool for his own business, Flipsideauto.

2015 Mazda RX8 Flipsideauto EXTRA by Paddy McGrath-1

Inside, a sole Bride Zeta seat resides on a custom low rail facing into a Nardi steering wheel. There are other details too; a custom handlebar gear shifter, GReddy gauges, Razo pedals and a Broadway mirror. I’ll preface the rest of this feature by adding that Flip has just a tiny obsession with all things JDM.

2015 Mazda RX8 Flipsideauto by Paddy McGrath-8

The exterior modifications have been chosen to enhance the RX-8’s relatively aggressive factory styling. A Shine Auto front lip is now finished with Flip’s own custom made winglets. The headlights have been sharpened with Kei Office eyebrows and that front grille is custom.

2015 Mazda RX8 Flipsideauto by Paddy McGrath-11

The custom rear wing is a recent addition, with a 69-inch-wide blade and completely custom fabricated mounts and legs, created to suit the RX-8’s shape and lines. In a quite clever decision, Flip designed and fitted the wing to a second boot lid, so he can change between the big wing setup and a far more subtle boot lid that’s fitted with a TK-Style Aero-Workz carbon lip spoiler. Personally, I’m a big fan of the wing, and I didn’t think I would be.

2015 Mazda RX8 Flipsideauto by Paddy McGrath-6

The CST Hyper Zero wheels measure in at 18×9.5-inch all around, with a +15 offset. The wheels were painted white upon their arrival and before they were fitted beneath the Racing Logic coil-overs.

2015 Mazda RX8 Flipsideauto by Paddy McGrath-10

The rear diffuser has been enhanced with TK Auto Style diffuser plates, a relatively simple addition to the factory item.

2015 Mazda RX8 Flipsideauto EXTRA by Paddy McGrath-3

Ireland is quite limited in experience when it comes to rotary engines, so Flip has decided to keep things simple for the meantime. On the breathing side, a Nakamura Racing factory air feed has been coupled with a custom cold air box and exposed filter, while on the exhaust side a custom stainless de-cat system has been fitted using a modified SW20 Toyota MR2 exhaust. An ACT paddle clutch is the sole transmission modification, allowing the 250hp generated to be transferred reliably to the rear wheels.

2015 Mazda RX8 Flipsideauto by Paddy McGrath-7

It’s at this point where Flip has reached a crossroads. Satisfied with the aesthetics and what he considers to be the finished article, he’s now stuck between selling it and moving onto another project, or turbocharging the 13B-MSP and giving the RX-8 a whole load of boosted powers. Just don’t recommend he should stick an SR20 in there, it won’t be received well…

Paddy McGrath
Instagram: pmcgphotos
Twitter: pmcgphotos

Cutting Room Floor
2015 Mazda RX8 Flipsideauto by Paddy McGrath-3
2015 Mazda RX8 Flipsideauto by Paddy McGrath-4
2015 Mazda RX8 Flipsideauto by Paddy McGrath-5
2015 Mazda RX8 Flipsideauto by Paddy McGrath-9
2015 Mazda RX8 Flipsideauto EXTRA by Paddy McGrath-2


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boosted it up #WeHaveBoost


Love how the RX-8s look but the reliability on these cars has always frightened me.


NicholasDixon Reliability issues, along with a few other stories are over exagerrated, although I would highly recommend alot of read up if you consider one.
I've owned mine for a year and a half, 20k miles, a bit of track time, never let me down!
It's all about the smiles per gallon, and there's never a shortage of those


One of my favourite 8's!
Job well done, looks amazing.


Wow, what gets a feature these days is pretty sad.  Of all the properly built RX-8's around, this one gets featured?


ScottRedmond You know a car doesn't need to be the flashiest, the most incredible or the best quality to get a feature on Speedhunters. It just needs to be done right. That's why I love speedhunters so much! Also, opinions are different.


hcram39 ScottRedmond

But what is done right about it?  An Ebay lip (not even Shine but Shine is also Replica crap for the most part), gauges stuck to the dash, a huge useless wing, stick on wannabe diffuser looking things on the rear bumper?  IMO, done right means done with quality parts using a high level of attention to detail in the application and installation of parts.  This car is clean and has potential to say it is done right or that it is feature worthy is pretty sad compared to other proper cars that have been featured here.


ScottRedmond hcram39 All your opinion. I think its great that SH features cars liek this. Yeah I love seeing 1000hp drift wepons and old dragstars, but somtimes its nice to be brought back down to earth with a car that realistly is much more like the kind of thing the Average SH reader could do themselfs. Whats wrong with a knock of lip if your on a budget and just liek the look of it? he isnt exactly entering it in WTAC.


NicholasDixon Its because there pretty reasnobal price wise so loads of people snatch them up, thrash them with no knoledge of rotarys and complain when they throw a seal after 10k thrashing without a single oilchange or service. They are awsome cars and will last forever as long as you regularly service them and keep on top of things.


Elonexx NicholasDixon yeah same boat...on the fear side of thins...i've always thought these things were cool but being in the position where i pretty much have to import everything for my Z32; i wonder how hard it would be owning a rotary...that said i have seen a couple around...maybe some day


To each their own on that space wing :)


seal fish ScottRedmond hcram39 Well I disagree and that is kind of an insult to the average SH reader.  The problem with knock off stuff is that is sucks all on fronts.  And using budget as an excuse for being lazy and not being patient enough to save, is lame. If you want to build a legit car on limited income it is very possible and there are many examples of this.   

I know plenty of normal RX-8 owners with legit builds.  This cheap drift culture halfassness.


ScottRedmond hcram39 Do you realize the cost of "doing it right" as you would define it? Because not everyone can afford to pay for top of the line parts. For things such as a lip, it really doesnt matter what brand you buy, they all do the same thing. That being giving a new appearance to the car. What I am still failing to understand is why you find it necessary to pretty much disrespect someone's hard work. I'm sure you've done something that people didn't agree with, such as this instance, where you are being "that guy"


I think if you absolutely need to criticise a feature you must, A: have a better car, B: have a feature car on a website, C: prove you have 'A' or 'B', or D: have all of the above...
I suspect you dont. Cuz if you do, you would be a bit more humble and let others have their day on Speedhunters..


I dig it. I can see where it might not be as visually appealing as some other builds but the guy made his own mods based on his own ideas.Props to him, It looks like a blast, I love seeing this level of a build. Something we can all relate to. Great article!


ScottRedmond seal fish hcram39 "Well I disagree and that is kind of an insult to the average SH reader." 

You must be the only average reader than, because what your doing right now is exactly what the real average readers cannot stand. Bashing another's build because it's not built to your liking.


CharlesChris15 ScottRedmond hcram39 They can afford top of the line parts, they are just too lazy or don't care enough to save for it.  And to say the difference between a cheap Ebay lip and a legit quality lips is just nonsense.

And it's not disrespect to call something out as what it is, it's just that there are a ton of whiners now days.  This a clean RX-8 with potential, it's just nothing special.


ScottRedmond CharlesChris15 hcram39

 Hey Scott,
FWIW, I think it's important to keep a stream of street cars on Speedhunters. Big budget demo and race car builds are awesome, don't get me wrong, but street cars and daily drivers are a huge part of what we do. Cars that are built to reflect current car culture and trends, cars that most of us can look at and think 'I could build something like that' are of huge value. We are not elitists around these parts, we prefer to look at the big picture rather than debate choices which are clearly personal preference.
My e-mail is paddy@speedhunters.com if you want to talk privately about this car, rather than dragging the topic down the gutter.


formsrbp This is it sans-wing:


@Milano I do have a better RX-8, getting "featured" on the internet is pretty vague in terms of if that even means anything.  I only criticize because because it's annoying to see such a poor example represented when there are so many builds out there that have never been featured.  It's not an elitist thing, it's a showcasing quality and hard work thing.  But yes, anyone with an  Ebay account could "build" this car, I agree with that.


Paddy McGrath ScottRedmond CharlesChris15 hcram39

It doesn't have to be a big budget race car build or a demo car, just a clean purpose build car using quality components and hard work.  And appreciating quality and hard work doesn't make you an elitist.  Rewarding laziness does make you lose credibility IMO, but I guess it's about who know right?  But these comments are for opinions and these are just mine, so really if someone disagrees it should not offend them.


I've always wanted to see somebody put an MZR motor in an RX-8....... as daunting of a task as that may be.....  but he could put a 4G63 in there - that I've seen quite a few times

without a rotary guru in your area - I'd just leave that motor alone... or toss it


ScottRedmond Paddy McGrath CharlesChris15 hcram39 You're making a fundamental mistake of confusing your opinion with fact. It's arrogant to insinuate that someone hasn't put hard work into a build and to call them lazy when you've never met them or know anything about them. Parts are completely subjective too, what might not suit one person might be perfect for the next.

That's not having an opinion BTW, that's trying to hide behind an invalid one.


Looks great, but that wing is way too high...


Paddy McGrath ScottRedmond CharlesChris15 hcram39 IMO apart from the wing, its a clean and well built car. and Scoot we know you jealous, We can see you know how to use the internet, but think it time you stop hating just  cause you have nothing feature or received another rejection.


Paddy, any chance there will be competition for some new FREE speedhunters gear, I love free stuff... and the down link/message is making me excited.


FWIW, I'd rather see a new story on here that features a nice street car, than have no new story at all.  Thanks Paddy for taking a bit of time to give us new content :)


ScottRedmond In no way, shape or form is the RX-8 a rare car. I keep a pretty close eye on what is going on in the rotary scene, owning several rotaries myself, and visually, this RX-8 is among the best. This is as far from a poor example as you could get. The finish is spectacular, it would stand up against any other paint job, the front lip and diffuser looks anything but cheap and it has a lot of unique, trick touches. Extra points for a beautiful dolphin tail twin exhaust system. Interior is neat and purposeful with the Bride seat and Nardi wheel. I don't get the hate for how the gauges are mounted, look fine to me for a street car. On top of that, it sits great, spins wheels and shoots flames. It's a quality RX-8. 
To call the builder of this RX-8 lazy - after he custom fabricated many parts and carried out all the bodywork - is a pretty bold claim. If that's lazy, then I don't know what I am! 
I'm not sure what the big deal with being 'featured' is - Paddy McGrath  is sharing a very visually impressive RX-8 that he had the opportunity to shoot, through a very visual medium. I don't see the big deal. Just enjoy looking at it.
That wang ain't for me though, prefer the carbon lip version :D


Nice car, I'd rock that in a heartbeat


Lets see it, lets see your 'better' build. You are lying and you not posting pics of it in this thread only proves so. Your response: 'well i dont care about internet recognition'.
Well you sure do care about your opinion bein known on the internet...


ScottRedmond He literally said people asked for a closer look at the car. He gave the people what they wanted. To say its nothing special is just a dick thing to say.


takahashitothetop I shall pass your request along to the powers that be!


Paddy McGrath ScottRedmond CharlesChris15 hcram39

Hard work is obvious.  None of the modifications to this car outside of the paint require any hard work.  Choosing knock of parts is laziness, and yes, that is an opinion.


DieterManero Paddy McGrath ScottRedmond CharlesChris15 hcram39

My Rx-8 would wipe the floor with this stock (performance wise) RX-8 in any category so there is nothing to be jealous of.  And to be a hater, there has to be something to be jealous of.  It does have a great paint job though, that I will give credit for.  Like I said, lots of potential, it's disappointing.


rv_zenki ScottRedmond

What people?  His friends?


@Milano My car is all over the internet.  Just google image search turbo RX-8 and chances are you will see pics of my car.  And I don't care about my opinion being known, they are just comments, so if you only like positive comments that's cool but my comments are my comments.  My point is that there are some quality RX-8's out there built by regular guys and if you are going to feature and RX-8 it should be one of those, not this car.


Jason Marah ScottRedmond Paddy McGrath That lip is an Ebay special (not sure wht the article references Shine either since they don't make a replica or and ABS lip of this design) and that is not a functional diffuser so I don't know what you think is so "trick" about it.  The stuff you mention is all stick on.  The paint job does look like quality work as I said previously. It's not a big deal, it's just what I think about it.


DieterManero Paddy McGrath CharlesChris15 hcram39 ScottRedmond In my opinion, your RX-8 isn't as visually impressive as this RX-8. Maybe that is something you need to learn about opinions. You're going on as if it is disgraceful that Speedhunters feature this car. But take a look at the other comments. Overwhelmingly positive. Maybe it isn't some travesty after all, right? And just because this 8 gets featured, doesn't mean that another 8 can't. 
Not all cars featured on here have to be the best version of that particular marque or whatever, they just have to be interesting enough to share. That is exactly how it should be, too. This is an interesting looking RX-8, built in a country with little love for the rotary, and even less for the RX-8. 
Speedhunters have a ridiculous throughput of content too, so you won't have to deal with having to look at it for too long. Don't stress.


ScottRedmond Jason Marah Paddy McGrath I see a lot of RX-8s everyday. It sold in big numbers. It isn't rare. 
I'm not sure what the issue with the lip is? The misrepresentation of it in the article? It looks great, that's all I know. The 'trick' bits I'm referring to are the likes of the winglets, for example, and the other custom touches.


CharlesChris15 ScottRedmond seal fish hcram39

Bashing it?  Come on man. And do you speak for the average reader?  I have read plenty of articles about the replica parts and their effect on the industry, safety, etc. But now all of the sudden I'm the bad guy for saying shit parts are shit parts? Ok.


CharlesChris15 ScottRedmond hcram39 Again, the "some can't afford it" excuse is a lame one.  People can afford it, they just can't be bothered to be patient and save for it.

Legitimate parts can be had at a fairly low cost, especially when you consider the cost of time and materials needed to make replica parts work right. And again, it's not disrespect, it's just the way I feel about the car and it speaks for itself.  And I assure I am not the only one who thinks the same.


CharlesChris15 ScottRedmond hcram39 And if someone can't be bothered or doesn't care to install quality stuff then that is perfectly fine.  But it is also fine for people to disagree with it and not like it.


FYI, fake bride seat as well.......


DieterManero something about being above roof height for greater effectiveness but I'm not an aero expert.


So glad i read this, if nothing else for the cool handle bar grip shift knob and wing riser fab. Also I've never heard of CST wheels and didn't know eyebrows looked so good on rex8s.  Notice what he used to seal the airbox? Never would have thought about foam!  thanks sh!


ScottRedmond nice brakes. brembo or wilwood?


Swap a turbo 13b or better yet, a turbo 20b into it.


bluestreaksti ScottRedmond Thanks, They are Racing Brake, front and rear.


i have a thing for rx8's its just a beautiful car, coming from its almost as beautiful counterpart. That being the 3rd gen rx7, i personally like the 2nd gen the most. Just something about it. Anyway back to the build. Amazing, im personally not a fan of the wing, but i understand the why he likes it. My god those rims, just beautiful. I like the front bumper, but would be better with a racing style rear diffuser (if that is how you spell it, because apparently it isnt.) His build and not mine, or yours, anyone other than him, but i feel it would match the wing a bumper better. (just what i think, go ahead internet sack me for my opinion whilst still respecting what he has done.)


The car has a very aggressive and purposeful look.  Why not back it up with a big shot of HP?  A 3 rotor w/big turbo or na w/itbs would be pretty cool.  If more power isn't in the cards, I'd say leave it as is and drive the wheels off of it while you work on the next car.  There's ALWAYS a next car ;)

turbo BEAMS ae86

wing distress me

nice paint men


Funny how he's talking about knock off and cheap parts and he had a turbo xs exhaust on his "well built" 8 at one point......aren't they a knock off version of an exhaust that another company did all the r and d on??


ScottRedmond CharlesChris15 hcram39 Jason Marah Paddy McGrath 

Guys, let's just take a second to acknowledge that the person we are arguing with contributes this https://youtu.be/KdGytnsLHJ4 as content for the world to enjoy, so is hardly in a position to be policing other peoples content.


ScottRedmond I agree.  I didn't know all it took to get on Speedhunters was to have a big wing, intake pipe, Hyper Zeros/Battles and Razo pedals.  Why is it all excused because it's a "street car"?  I don't think people come on here to see cars they can see at any mediocre car meet.  Paddy, this makes Speedhunters look like an amateur car blog.


I like it. It's a very striking car that clearly stands out in a crowd, and clearly the owner enjoys it.

As far as the "quality" argument goes, as long as a car isn't sporting stick-on hood scoops, stick-on chrome trim, plasti-dip, or cheap TireRack wheels, I'd say it's a quality build. In other words, no AutoZone crap. If it requires automotive tape, it doesn't belong on your car.


Paddy McGrath love the photos, thanks! I normally don't bother with the comment section, but after seeing so much rubbish i wanted to give you a shout out. Love the photos, love the car and love speedhunters #iamnotthewhingehunter


Oh ya? Which one? Post a pic of it here. Let us see your 'better' build


Speedhunters looks good!


David K ScottRedmond It's funny. SH literally can't win.
Car built with quality parts but not intended to race = wasteful poser
Built for mainly for shows = why is this on speedhunters
Built with sponsor parts = accused of selling out
Good looking street car built with a mix of parts = again why is this on Speedhunters.
Harshest peanut gallery in all the land.


SnapOverSteer ScottRedmond CharlesChris15 hcram39 Jason Marah Paddy McGrath

LOL, that's not me.  But keep on.


RotaryNissan Those are cheap wheels and that lip is "stick on".


ScottRedmond RotaryNissan

and fake Brides, knock off chin spoiler, and eBay wing, but yeah owner is totally all about JDM lol


@Milano No need to fake the funk and try and pass fake parts as real on this build either.  And there are plenty of builds better than mine.


Jason Marah ScottRedmond Paddy McGrath The issue is that it is a cheap knock off Ebay stick on lip.  The "winglets" serve no purpose.  But if you like that kind of thing it's cool.


JamesOConnor Please tell me what exhaust the Turbo XS exhaust for the RX-8 is knock off of.  There are three versions BTW.


GTAutoDesign This car is an all time favorite of mine and a prime example of done right and very custom.


MPistol Where have you seen a 4G63 swap in an RX-8?  Just curious, thanks.


Probably 3 different knock offs so! Don't try justify a sub standard part that you are bashing one minute........unless you're using it!!


ScottRedmond GTAutoDesign yeah its pretty easy to see that quality builds get pictures of actual parts unlike this article which has 3 pictures of stickers,,, your build is ultra clean, which I guess to SH equals boring.


GTAutoDesign ScottRedmond RotaryNissan That's not a fake Bride, it's a custom made wing and I'm sure Shine Auto wouldn't be too pleased about calling their products knock off either.


ScottRedmond That's not a knock off Bride. But please continue to keep showing your ignorance, so people know it's okay to ignore you.


Paddy McGrath GTAutoDesign ScottRedmond RotaryNissan

cutting out custom wing stancions for a eBay universal wing does not make it a custom wing.  As for Shine, Shine knows they make knock off kits, they only make replicas of Japanese kits because its way to expensive to take international legal action.  This has been beaten to death ad nauseum on just about every import forum out there.   To make it even worse this isn't even a Shine kit, its the damn replica of the Shine kit which is just laughable.


DaveT Well, this car is none of these.


So because you THINK your car is better you get to try discredit others? Move on to the next feature if you hate the car. Personally i think 8's are ugly as fuck, would never own one but i wont go about to talk crap on others cars..and thats the point. Live and let live. Get off your high horse about your car and let this guy have his day on SH.


Too bad you had to TELL me your car was featured in SS cuz i wouldve never known...and i read SS too. I mustve skipped past it. atleast this article grabbed my attention enough to click on it. I didnt even give yours that much.


Thanks for the spotlight Paddy. Car looks good and is a nice inspiration for my own build. I didn't know that rear diffuser setup existed and now I really want it. Glad to see it still has the renny. Should be interesting to see what he chooses to do next.


@Milano  Original article was Modified, but now migrated to SS.  Look I met your silly standards to be allowed to criticize and now your even trying to back out of that.   My 8 was regarded as one of the best built in the world within the community, but like ScottRedmond pointed out the 8 community is such a small niche group we don't expect the other import marks to know who we are.


Awesome! The wing is ridiculous and I love it!

Great photos as always Paddy!


David K DaveT I'd put it as a great (sans big wing) looking street car with a mix of parts (auth and non).
But you disagree. For the sake of not wanting to go round and round I'll just stop here.


You're fun :)

You've got a lovely Rx8 buddy. Not 100% how I'd have mine but that turbo kit is very impressive.


@Milano I am just pointing out the facts and BS in the feature referencing passing fake parts off as real.  I am sure if bride or any other original companies were partners of this site they would have a problem with it too.  Not to mention passing off a fake safety device as real is pretty irresponsible as well since these fake seats can mean the difference between life or death in the event of a wreck.

You can like it all you want and try and excuse the sub-standards all you want, and others can hate it all they want. And if you hate 8's that cool too, some people have good taste and others don't.


You realize you just sound angry because this car was featured and yours wasn't, just saying.


Paddy McGrath ScottRedmond Showing my governance?  Are you for real?  Oh wait, let me guess, you consider "Bride Canada" a legit Bride product?  Trying to pass of a fake seat as a legit safety device is horrible and you should be ashamed of yourself.


Someone's jealous their car didn't get featured. You sound like a teenaged girl citing reasons why this car shouldn't be on here and better rx8s should (obviously not so discreetly talking about your car)


wojcei20 And why would I care what I sound like to random people I will never know or meet?  If this is the type of thing (fabricating details for the sake of building up a car for an article) SH condones then I want no part of it.  The lack of integrity is very surprising to me and very disappointing as I have been a daily visitor for several years.


Wow. A very nice take on the RX-8. A car I once foamed over til I decided to chase other stuff. With a few subtle changes they can be made to look very aggressive. The later models look nicer with the Spirit probably looking nicest but hey. What he has done is awesome. I love the paint and wheels.


wojcei20 No, he doesn't imo. I agree with him on this car, much like a certain BMW that Larry featured a while ago.
Yes, the car looks nice. Bit it's just cotton candy, all flash and no substance. This article, like Larry's, smacks of a favor owed. In the hundreds of drool-inducing builds that SH throws at us yearly, you can tell when a softball is thrown.


Holy fuck, a 10 photo spotlight shouldn't cause this much bitterness!
The way I see it, these features are used to do exactly what the name says for a car that has something cool about it. The cool thing about this is the overall silhouette hits the mark perfectly. My car has way more stuff done to it, but looks not half as cool... That's why we have a quick snapshot article to spotlight this car.


ScottRedmond Paddy McGrath Scott people like a budget build. Not everyone has 1000's to spend on a car. When you can spend £900 on a genuine bride seat or get two replica's for £500 you'd have to be a mug to buy the genuine. All seats sold in Europe have to be CE marked and that means they go through rigorous testing. The worst thing of all is how nobody questions, how these people sell replica's for less than half the price of the genuine. Because I know for a fact "inferior" materials would probably make up only 5% of the overall cost. Instead of hating on people not as rich as you try and be a bit more humble and appreciate what they've achieved on the budget they had.


Because some people just have to be dicks!

Pete the perfect pilot

Keep it rotary. There's no way there's any other!


daz215 ScottRedmond Paddy McGrath If someone wants to endanger their own life and their passengers life by running a cheap knock off seat then that is on them.  But for a representative of a what I considered to be legit site tries to pass them off as real is what I have a problem with.  This seat is not a Bride seat, period.  Any importer or distributor can put a CE marking on it, that doesn't mean this cheap ass has been crash tested or meets certifications required to run in certain classes of racing.

And the money excuse is BS, legit seats from respected manufacturers can be had at a decent price.  

This article tries to pass off fake parts as real and that is dishonest.  Had Paddy identified them as they were then it would not be so bad.  But as you can see here, he doesn't even know that Shine makes replica body pieces.


D1RGE wojcei20 Exactly.  And yet he is still not willing to amend the article to make it accurate.  But fuck the guys who work hard and spend a ton of money to engineer and design quality parts right?

If there is no problem with this car as so many seem to think then why is there a need to lie and try to make into something it is not?  If you are proud of your "custom" Ebay parts, fake seat, etc. then just just describe those parts accurately, don't try and fake it.

But yeah I'm the asshole.


SnapOverSteer ScottRedmond Thanks man, it's never done and resisting the urge to constantly change things is very difficult. A custom top mount turbo kit and BW7670 will be going on soon.


ScottRedmond daz215 Paddy McGrath

This is getting boring.

I can go take a picture of the all the proper markings on the Zeta (Flip brought it over from his DC5 and has had it for quite a while) but you'll just find something else to whinge about or make up lies about. The passenger seat is factory, BTW.  

I don't get why you're so contrary and are genuinely getting so worked up over what was only ever intended to be a quick look at an interesting car, which the majority of other readers have appreciated. 

Would you like us to feature your car? Would that make you happy?


JonathanW Thank you, really appreciate that you've taken the time to explain what others can't seem to get.


ScottRedmond rv_zenki Nope, several comments across different articles.


ScottRedmond D1RGE wojcei20 No need for an amendment. Just maybe more thought when handing out features to friends, hookups or sponsors. Sh readers are pretty knowledgable, thanks in large part to SH themselves. The bar is too high nowadays here for mediocrity.

To the owner of the car, please don't think I don't like your car, its nice! Just....well.....
Paddy, ask yourself. If you were at UK Dubs or a Players event, would this still get a feature? Worthersee?



It's not a feature though. It's a spotlight on a car that you don't see too often around these parts. Spotlights are only meant as a quick look at something interesting.

If I saw it at Players or Worthersee etc.? Abso-fucking-lutely. I don't give a shit who owns it, it's a cool looking car. The fact that he's a friend is irrelevant. 

Just ask my other mates who I have turned down.


Paddy McGrath D1RGE EXE Thanks for the direct reply. I guess being in SoCal I'm spoiled. These are all over the place here and I see many at local meets that look as good but would never get a spotlight, hence my question.


If you want no part of it why would you even comment, why wouldn't you just stop coming to the website? See your comments speak to the contrary and say you very much do care, you care enough to keep reiterating your views over and over on how there are other rx8s (mainly yours that's more deserving) should've been featured. When I compare your car to the feature I think yours falls short. Other than the turbo setup your rx8 just looks like a car with some wheels on it and that's coming from an unbiased perspective. There's no need to rip on someone's car because you perceive the parts used as knockoffs. This guy clearly put a lot of work into his car although you seem to blinded by your overwhelming praise of your own car to recognize this


Paddy McGrath ScottRedmond daz215 Just can't admit it's fake huh? I don't need to see the markings, the picture of the seat is proof enough and I am well aware that the passenger seat is stock.  And no thanks.


ScottRedmond Paddy McGrath daz215

So, I'm offering to provide you with proof it's a legit seat but now you don't want it?

Right, I'm just going to ignore you now as you've proven what your opinion is worth.


D1RGE EXE Paddy McGrath You've been around here a long time and I always appreciate your feedback, good or bad. 

You're right in that the Speedhunters audience definitely keeps us honest. I've often shot cars or events which I ended up dumping because I knew they weren't up to scratch. If I post something, I hand on heart believe it's something interesting and worth talking about. It doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be the best thing in the world, but it'll always be something people can at least relate to and hopefully respect.


What the hell!
I can't believe you would post a car with that. It's terrible, how can he present the car with non-symmetrically lined up bolts on the wheels like that.
You should be ashamed, infact I'm writing to the IPSO regulatory body as soon as I post this message.
Sick. The whole dammed lot of you, sick.


BradPage Paddy McGrath Appreciate that, Brad. Thank you.


Paddy McGrath ScottRedmond daz215 Stickers on a seat is not proof of anything as most of the replica Brides have faker stickers as well.  It's well documented on Brides site as well in hundreds of forums over the years.  The "Bride Canada" story is well known, I suggest you look it up.  And you can ignore me if you choose, but you still wrote a dishonest article and it's a shame you are trying to harm a company like Bride Japan but representing fake parts as legit.


Nice quick-feature and I guess it will be interesting to see it develop more.  The Rx8 is under appreciated, but here is one of the more comprehensive and best street driven Rx8's that someone put together in the US: 


ScottRedmond Paddy McGrath daz215 Scott do find me evidence of a side by side crash test of a fake bride and a real one, seeing as your such an expert on the matter I'd like to see the proof. And no I don't want to see 2 separate pictures of 2 completely different crashes. 

If someone was ripping off my seats I'd want to discredit there safety credentials. Especially if they're selling them for half the price as my greedy ass.

I'm beginning to think you work for Bride....

PS do also if you can find me some legit brides at a decent price in the UK it would be much appreciated (Or discount me from the factory?).


Paddy, imo, if you didn't mention the fact that the car belonged to a friend then people on here wouldn't be hating as hard. If I saw it at the supermarket I would think it looks sick, at a car show I don't think I'd even see it, and I'm a rotary fan. It's a nice car, the owner should be damn proud and I'd be glad to park it in front of my house, but it isn't spotlight worthy based on the article. Aside from the paint it's just a ricer rx8, and I could find half dozen ricier ones within three block. Just saying, nice enough car... You could have sold it better.


Yes, love how Greg's car looks photo shopped in every image, but it's just that flawless


ScottRedmond I don't like it, wheels looks like shit, nothing special.




Blah blah blah
Right so who makes "real CST Hyper" wheels? I like the design!
I am interested how someone can tell the seat is "fake" from the photos. I have no idea but that seems to have been missed out (?) just a "belief". Beliefs start wars science is definitive!


I think it is clean and tidy, purposeful and aggressive looking but most of all - different

I know in the US you probably see a truck load of these around the place every day but over here the RX-8 is a rare car. A modded RX-8 is even rarer! 

I personally am delighted the car got a 'Spotlight' feature because it shows us people on a budget that it is possible to build something to get featured. It gives us people struggling to put a decent set of wheels under us that there is hope for us and with a bit of hard work and carefully chosen mods, that we too have the possibility to get our hard work appreciated on a global scale. 

Anyone that sees that as a bad thing doesn't understand the struggle to build a car on a budget. Whether you agree with the owners styling choices or not, or whether you agree with the parts he has used or not, it does not give you the right to say that his car is not worthy of a feature. If you do not like the feature or you do not like the car, click onto the next feature, or click off the site completely. A little bit of respect for people goes a long way.


My favourite car......


I'm going to be that guy; why not sr?


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is there something wrong with the sr20? or just the guy that loves mazda hates sr?