What Makes A Car ‘Cool’?

As a few regular readers will probably know by now, I come from New Zealand. For all the things you know about the place – the sheep, the hobbits, the Mazda rotaries and our thriving car scene in general – there’s also another side that’s somewhat less endearing… We just love to rag on pretty much everything – especially when it comes to other people’s cars.

‘What was he thinking?’ ‘I hope he didn’t pay for that body kit’ ‘Who painted this, Stevie Wonder?’ et al. This need to knock everyone else’s stuff is completely ingrained in our culture, and from what I’ve seen in my travels, in many other western cultures too. I should make it clear that I’m in no way exempt myself; I can’t count the amount of times in my life that I’ve seen a car at a show or on the street back home and shaken my head, chuckling under my breath. Maybe I grabbed a photo on my phone so I could send it to my friends and we could all have a good old belly ache about how bad it is. With that said, I’ve definitely become far more accepting as I’ve got older, and realised that to a certain extent, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


I’ve mellowed with time certainly, but in truth it’s been all the months spent in Japan over the last few years that has really changed my point of view, and indeed, made me question what ‘cool’ actually means, how something becomes cool, and exactly who decides what is cool in the first place? While I could wax poetic about the benevolence of the Japanese scene and how accepting it is of all different tastes and styles – which it really is, by the way – that’s been done at length in the past. I’m instead looking inwards.


I have to ask myself – why is a car somehow subconsciously better to me if I know it’s been built in Japan, by a Japanese person? Why is it that when I come here, my feelings on what is acceptable completely change. Suddenly, enthusiasts can do no wrong, and everything is cool. No amount of under-body lighting, graphics or outrageous body work can put me off. For some reason, in my head – and I suspect in the heads of many others – things I would normally laugh at get a free pass in Japan.


Take some of the stranger vehicles that I’ve swooned over during my visits to Japan over the last few years out of this country and plonk them down at a meet somewhere in the western world, and we’d all be screwing our noses up, looking at each other mouthing “WTF?” So why is it okay for one part of the world, and not for another?


Maybe Japan can get away with whatever the hell it wants to because that’s our vision of the country – full of all that trademark weirdness that we, as outsiders, can’t get enough of. Maybe it’s because it’s their style. They started it, they own it, and they continue to push the boundaries whilst us westerners simply appropriate small parts of it and try to make it our own.


Whatever the answer, I think it’s a perfect example of how completely subjective ‘cool’ is. Whilst the internet has definitely made car culture a little more universal, different things will always appeal to different groups for whatever reason.

Japan-Batman-Van-6 copy

I’m of the view that if you like it and it’s what you want to do with your car, time and money, no matter how ‘uncool’ it is, then have at it. That’s what car culture should be all about…

Of course, it’s a curly one for me personally, because while I think everyone should be able to do what they want without judgement, it’s also my job as the Editor in Chief to judge what is and isn’t ‘Speedhunters-worthy.’ Sure, good engineering, beauty, a great story and of course pure, unadulterated power all factor in, but I’d be lying if I said I don’t also judge a car on how ‘cool’ it is. An unquantifiable measurement, but one I measure whether I consciously know I’m doing it or not.

So, what’s ‘cool’ to you? Have you ever hated something at first and then began liking it as it became more popular? I know I have… Is something acceptable for one group of enthusiasts to do but not another? I’d be interested to know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Peter Kelly
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Not gonna lie this made me laugh: 'Who painted this, Stevie Wonder?’

Watch out for them COLD BLOODED KIWI's.


HELLA CAMBER YO! just kidding
different cars need different things to make them "cool"
Turners: 240sx, R34
:some stance
:widebody kits
:and wheels that suit it not like those civics i see with stock steelies thats just gross
Muscle cars: Charger,69 camero
:fat rear tires
:and a air scoop or bug catcher
:dog dish rims
Classics: Bel air,Monte carlo
:lettered tires
:also dog dish rims
:and air suspension
Exotics: 458,Huracan
:HRE wheels
:candy paint


I don't really have a standard. I'm like you, I look at a car, say a donk, and I know I wouldn't do it but someone likes it. And here in Detroit there's some pretty clean donks. I mean put on some normal wheels and suspension and you have a show car, clean. But even with the donk someone put time and money into it and they're proud of it. That's pretty much how I look at all cars now. The cars with the broken unpainted over sized body kits might be an exclusion to that, but I mean they must've thought it was cool at one point. So I really can't say what I think is cool. Also because my tastes change every week I can never actually pin down a specific style.

Dimitry Mochkin

Owners. The car owners themselves make the car cool. If the person invested into his car to make it something he likes - be it insane amount of fake vents bought at local Canadian Tire and slapped onto his Honda Pilot or a Rocket Bunny bodykitted 86, the owners did that stuff because they make the car cool in their eyes. And if the owner believes that his car is cool - it's cool!


The Japanese have become known for attention to detail, completeness, and overall quality of parts/work. It would seem that the crappy 'what were they thinking' rides in other countries are trying to bootleg the radical styling. It reminds me of the term German Engineering, and how people think about it compared to other nations.


Passion and unicity wathever brands, styles, cultures,countries or time...Enough passion enough unicity


Everyone has it's own perspective of cool, it's relative. 

Those japanese tuned cars with a million leds on them may need their own nuclear power plant, WTF


Turd is turd however much you polish.  But the way you polish it, that could be cool.  The way you do anything is the way you do everything. 
Having said that, I can never fathom things like Onikyan and Takeyari, and that sort of things - I do laugh pretty hard at them, as well as am mightly amused by them, but beyond that, well, you know...


What makes a person attractive? What makes a song good to listen to? What makes food delicious?

All subjective things in life have basic rules and foundations to judge them by, while also having those few instances of perfection through imperfection. You can take all of the separate elements into account, tell the whole backstory, and stage it perfectly, but it's still going to come down to personal opinion.

Most of all, stop caring what people think. My opinion of your car should be insignificant to you, regardless of whether it's good or bad. If all of the joy you get from building your car comes from others' approval, then you're just as bad as the people who get butt hurt when their replica wheels and excess of stickers get ridiculed online.


You know you are humble when you can compliment some aspect of a car you wouldn't typically call "cool". More times than not, it's good to stop and take the builder and/or owner's persective to appreciate what they have. With that, I know that contradicts things I've said and thought before. I'm coming to terms with the fact that not everyone builds a car I think is "cool" and they shouldn't.

We do what matters to us and who ever likes it is welcome to join.


johnbezt from what I have seen and heard of cars that were bought in japan and imported, the above first statement is false. They can and do take shortcuts just like everyone.


Modifications are always subjective to the owners taste. A lot of people do things to their cars to stand out, but it's when you as the third party can identify with that owners decisions on customizations and have your a-ha moment... That's when a car is cool.


Don't ask Fluid Motorunion whatever you do. I found out they make their money off of porn sites and only pretend to be mechanics.


@Jeffy Damher  please explain, I'm intrigued.


You can't rationalise coolness. It just is.


What's cool isn't the actual car or the sum of the mechanical parts. What is cool is the fact that people have enthusiasm for their cars and driving as a whole.

Because of this outlook I can respect 99% of builds enthusiasts undertake even if my own taste is polarly opposite.


hi kane


If someone builds a car for themselves it is cool.  If a car is build with motives to impress or go along with a trend it is not cool.


To me personally, what makes a car cool is if the owner clearly put his passion in it. If you can see that he cares about it, that he puts in blood, sweat and tears to get it to look like the vision in his head. 

As long as that is a given, I can pretty much appreciate any car and I feel that's what being a car enthusiast is all about. 

What I really don't like however, is people who just do stuff because it's 'cool', because they just try to emulate others without their own thought, all just for a few Facebook likes. These people are not enthusiasts in my eyes, they are just bandwagen jumpers.

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

Absolutely, who gives a rats arse whatever is said/thought about your car. If you think its cool, it's indeed cool.




Seeing someone spending their time and money to realise a dream, is cool. Making sacrifices, and being brave enough to walk into the unknown in hopes that they'll come out the other side with what they went searching for. You can tell when someone has achieved something special they didn't know was possible. It just shows.

What it actually is, is irrelevant. A new 911, or a V10 swapped Volvo? Shakotan or OEM? a red Ferrari or a blue Alfa Romeo?

If you could write a formula for cool. It wouldn't be cool.


Its a very very hard thing just to put on just one thing and even break down as to what is kool. 
The media tells most people what is kool and like sheep they follow.
Most of the people i have looked up to have not gave a fcuk about looking kool thats what i think makes them soo kool.
With cars i feel the same the less you try the more kool they look and its like fashions and they come and go,when everyone jumps on whats kool and all of a sudden its not anymore,  they get re-invented and everyone goes backwards and then the hole cycle starts again.
A kool car for me is seeing a race car on the road its not ment to be there, its out of place in a land of people are all driving dull steel boxes.


Car + Watanabe/BBS + low = cool. A formula tried, tested and true, that's why it is so commonly used.


A true petrolhead respect every car




Cool is full commitment. Whether its clothing, music or cars, to me complete commitment is what makes something "cool". Whether it's donks or low riders or demon camber, if you're going to do it, commit all the way. People who are indecisive and look to others for validation are never cool.


I believe no matter the opinion, if it turns heads, its cool. My car turns heads, my car is cool. period.


JoeDeVido Really good point that rings very true... It's the same with everything really, the key seems to be not trying too hard, or at least, not looking like you're trying too hard!


smithadamb "If you could write a formula for cool. It wouldn't be cool." Brilliant.


I used to hate VIP style, but I've start to appreciate them, no thanks to you guys. :P


Nick. Agreed, especially on the contradictions point, I'm exactly the same. and if everyone did build a car that you personally thought was cool, they'd all be "mainstream", and therefore not cool anymore.


PolyMEDrummer I think not caring what other people think is a very hard thing to do. As much as people post memes about haters on their Facebook wall, it's still just human nature to want to be liked and accepted by the group. 

The difference is that those who have built a car for other's acceptance and appreciation suffer the most from someone else not liking it, whereas someone that built a car for the right reasons, for themselves, probably isn't going to be too bothered.


EricSeanDelaney Do you think it's a maturity thing in that case, like I mentioned at the start of the piece? If you were to be honest, did you think differently a few years ago, or have you always been very  accepting of other's tastes and style?


Abezzegh87 Haha, it sounds like you could create a mathematical formula for cool in that case!


I had a smile on my face reading this because I was thinking about almost the samething.
It wasn't as broad, it started off with drifting, and I might sound like a jdm fan boy. But to me drifting outside of japan always seems like it's missing something, it's fun and exciting and I still like it and watch it, but it just never seems to be the same as Japanese drifting. And I wondered why? Because non-Japanese drifter use the same cars and engines more or less, the technics are the same more or less so what's different?
And a long story long, the answer I came up with was; something's just don't work outside of japan. Anime/manga, vending machine for anything and everything, willing throwing your car side-ways to "have fun", over-fenders and exhausts that take out low hanging branches, and hello kitty dash orniments. Sure these things are fun, but you'll always seem a little weird if your not doing it in japan. That's my opinion anyway.
Long story even longer, something's just don't translate properly out of japan.


I can agree with the maturity aspect. I'm middle class but live in a prominent area in south Florida. I grew up loving Lambos, Ferraris, Porsches, etc and there are plenty of those around here. I even catch a Veyron every now and then when rain isn't on the menu.
I still like these cars very much but, i get way more excited to see a mild s13 or a tastefully modded Honda. I know someone put their own work into making that vision.
I caught a 90's honda hatch-thing (I don't know hondas) that looked to be restored to factory spec, with a set of nice wheels. That to me, is WAY cooler than a new Porsche, although...i would rather have a new Porsche lol.
At the same time, i can't look down at someone with a "ricer" or something lame that I used to laugh at. Maybe he/she loves it, maybe thats all they can afford, who knows.


lol it's a cool-paradox.


Nick. I assume you can pose that question to a robot if you want to blow it up...


miksfield I like this, that's a really good point.


"We just love to rag on pretty much everything – especially when it comes to other people’s cars."
This is no more evident than in the Australian rotary scene, where a lot of you Kiwi's live, but are forever ragging on the way we do our rotors(yet Simmons are just as popular and commend even more money in NZ). I'm definitely not a huge fan of the cookie cutter rotary most would visualise as being built in Australia, but Kiwi's rag on them hard. It's even more amusing when they claim NZ stylez because they bought a Simmons wearing, typical Aussie Mazda and lowered it another inch claiming they'd Kiwi-fied it and taken all the Aussie-ness away.
You're right though, Japan can do no wrong in many peoples eyes, and if you literally took the crazy cars out of Japan and put them here they'd get laughed at, but over there, it's all excused. Perhaps because we know that they are so accepting of every car and every scene that we tend to just adopt that mindset about their scene as a whole. Although many don't, and still think the Boso and Demon Camber cars are stupid and will gladly hate on them. For me I think that way a little bit about the over-neon-ed cars, neons should never make a comeback! But to each their own.


Haha. Well I've seen the same Veyron on the road more than once. I'm bound to either get struck by lightning or battle a robot.
With that said, I'm dually noting this conversation.


Passion makes a car cool
Can't buy it. Can barely even build it...passion comes from the time, effort, love, tears, sweat and dedication of the owner
...its an external X-factor that only the owner can imbue their chosen hunk of metal with...
IMO that's what makes a car *cool*...if it rocks their world it rocks


jay8393 You're welcome :)


Lowed to the ground with an engine that sounds like a boss.


Drift spec. Oldskool. R31, jzx81. Mas stance. Wide wheels. Streched tyres. Full cage. Brides. 1jz. Screamer.


As others have indicated: passion, commitment, blood-sweat-tears, no-half-stepping, effort, honesty, being true to yourself, without fear, pride, self confidence with respect for others, no shame. That is cool. True for all domains: not just car culture.


something that someone had thought about doing that no one else has or thought of or done before, and when they see it, everyone agrees that they like it, they might not be able to tell you why they like it but they do. Its happened a few times on here before which is why I keep coming back :)


Good read pedey, i think social media has made it 10x worse we are all quilty of bagging other peoples cars its just now theres places to write it down. We need to try appreciate the greater picture and thats a common love of cars, if somethings not to your taste then move on or perhaps take a closer look you never know what u might find.


If it's built do burn rubber like a boss, that's cool. If it's built to do 7 seconds on the strip and performes like a boss even though I looks like shit, it's cool. If it's built to look cool, but is built half heartly and only to win prizes though, that's not cool. You're beard is cool as well


MagnusJohansson Thank you Magnus, I've been working on it for quite some time now.


Spaghetti You're right. In New Zealand, "Aussie style" is definitely a term we use quite a bit, usually in a derogatory way. I think it's a throwback from the Autosalon days and it generally means big wheels/flashy/showy.


MagnusJohansson i like this definition


This question really strikes a chord with me. I love all aspects of car culture. If people built it with passion I want to see it. But I've seen way too much of the other side with my own build: My dad was a custom painter back in the 80s and has a number done some incredible paint jobs back when the insane street freak style. So naturally I got into cars and wanted to out a wild paint job on my car. Well together we built one: An mx6 with a swapped motor, pearl orange and covered in airbrush work.
And dear lord does it get a lot of hate (love too though). I'll be the first to admit it has some appearance issues, and I am working hard to improve it now that I have an income. But still, getting flamed by people online or receiving a thumbs down from someone because your car doesn't fit the "mold" can definitely be disheartening, especially when the car took 2 years to build and another 6 months to paint, all done by my dad and I in our garage. Long story short, I am glad to see Speedhunters posting content like this and I think the community will be better for it.


Aesthetics and proportions go a long way to making a cool car imo.  Bit of a quirk here and there, job done!


Basically not just in car culture but in general there will be people anywhere that hate on you for absolutely anything and most of the time the reason is totally in their head and they had to make all kind of stupid assumptions to justify it to themselves.  You do something a bit different?  You look a little awkward?  You speak differently?  You smile too much?  You drive a modified car?  Shit son, you must be the devil himself.  I don't know - if you wanna do anything that involves leaving the house this is just part of the price of living.  In fact, sometimes you have to do nothing at all to wind up in the sights of someone's hate gun.  It's a sick sad world, but what we do here is just get on and do our thing because haters gone hate regardless, so chin up and illegitimi non carborundum :)


Actually Japanese car culture taught me a lot about not judging, it's probably an Asian thing. Cool is very subjective, I only now that if the atmosphere is one of not judging, the probability of something outstanding being created is much bigger. That's what I see in Japanese car culture, lots of little surprising details that wouldn't be there if everybody was worrying about what others may think.


I used to hate Classic minis and never understood what all the fuss was about. My ex-girlfriend had a really beaten up one, the rust bucket from hell!!! but after lots of time spent stripping it and seeing how it was all put together and unchanged in design for over 50 years, I began to understand it..........now I own one!!!! and I frickin love it! My wife and I drove in it all the way to southern Italy and back to the UK over 10 days and its now a big part of our life, understanding the car made me appreciate it more.

Perhaps understanding something and realising why things are done goes most of the way to liking it and thinking its cool!

I wish the UK car scene was more accepting of the Japanese, maybe they understand car culture more than we do?


It's not what a car is that makes it cool, it's how it's used.


Peter_Kelly miksfield I modify my car based on balance, I want it to be tasteful and appeal to more than just people in the car scene, yet also have some unique touches that set it apart. I'm fully committed to making my car the best I think it can be to the above criteria, but compared to cars I see at meets, shows and on Speedhunters, it is fairly conservative.
I love the variation from all the different scenes and the inspiration that comes with it, however I find most of it is too much for me to ever do to a car I own. Does that mean I'm too conservative? Possibly, but I also think cool can be understated; just the right wheels and the right colour combination, combining parts that compliment the original lines of the car, not fight against them.
I think 'cool' is almost an intangible element, because although I don't want to go crazy with my current car, I appreciate it when other people do, even if I wouldn't!
How about a feature on more reserved rides where they might not shout at you but have an almost 'under the radar' cool?
Keep the great articles coming.


I can better that. Coolant. U0001f601


Spaghetti Peter_Kelly

Personally I think a lot of the global acceptance for Japan comes from execution of the builds we see. Either the standard is better as a whole, or we only see the really well-built cars on the internet, but things in Japan and the US just look better to a lot of us over here in the UK. So many builds here just don't look quite "right", especially the homebuilt cars. They're nearly there, but there's something missing in the execution. 
Going against your theme of acceptance for a second; Mike, Dino, Pedey, are there ever any really badly built sh*theaps at these Japanese meets that we just don't get to see?


From cars, to motorcycles, to art, etc. the cycle is and always will be that something is profane, obscene, or ridiculous... until it's cool. As far as measuring cool in this society of "likes" and "up-votes" the only thing that means cool to me anymore is haters. If it doesn't have haters, it's boring, traditional, classic, expensive, exotic, etc... Is there stuff that I hate on? For sure... and that makes the guy I hate on cooler in his own mind.

If there weren't haters how would people #aintcare ?


To fully understand why a car is modified a certain way it is important to hear the story behind it and know the owner before you judge


SonnyNguyen That just keeps yer engine cool, and actually helps you warm up the cabin when it's cold via the heater matrix so actually it warms up the car but yes I see where you were going with that :)


TurboHippie we Just need to kick start it properly.

I don't think Cool is quantifiable - look at how varied society is, so many different little tribes and scenes... anything that can appeal to all will never look cohesive and well built. So Screw appealing to others, as that way madness lays....
doing it for yourself has and will always be the only way to build a great car. 
Besides, trying to be cool is the most uncool thing I can think of.


koko san fear of judgement stifles creativity - makes you wonder what kinds of amazing things could have been created had someone been in a more positive/supportive environment.


TurboHippie oh and I had to have a tetanus shot because of that rust bucket from hell.


milkplus  you mean like everything is made up of opposites and the opposites pushing against each other is what causes change to happen yet keep balance at the same time and I don't know I was just trying to pay attention to what Ryan Gosling was trying to say in that film Half Nelson.  Good movie.

I see what you mean but also there is a worse, more vindictive kind of hate from people that are totally ignorant etc etc.  These are the people that call you a criminal, that automatically side with the person that rear ended you and claim it must be your fault for driving a modified car.  These are the nasty people we must consolidate our forces against; the regular embittered, pompous, sanctimonious, vidictive sh*theads out there that feed on the misery and pain of others.  It's one thing to trash talk someone's ride because it's not your cuppa, but quite another to harass you and lie to the police just to get your car towed because they've got it in their head that you're some kind of psycho with a four-wheel death trap who bought that exhaust to "intimidate other road users".  These are the people that are beyond salvation, but they control the narrative; a narrative in which 99% of people reading this are malicious threats to society, not just motoring enthusiasts.  As real car culture becomes ever more threatened by NIMBYs, ignorance, and prejudice, we ought to put all these petty differences aside and keep on actively enjoying our cars as much as we can until they tow 'em, lock us up, ban us, or god knows what.  Freeeeeeedooooooommmm!


Slappy_Pistons milkplus The problem is that I actually AM "some kind of psycho with a four-wheel death trap who bought that exhaust to "intimidate other road users".


milkplus Slappy_Pistons you're my fucking hero <3 <3 <3


Slappy_Pistons milkplus i wish, that soarer's not mine, i was just sayin' in the abstract sense... but, the very nature of what I consider cool is how anti-social it is (especially in music and motorcycles). "Cool" should offend as much as it inspires.


milkplus Slappy_Pistons #thuglife


I would have to agree with you on the whole 'if it's from Japan it gets a free pass'. I've kind of taken that attitude lately. Generally, I would say anything is cool unless it's from Volkswagen, Škoda or generally Subaru


Screw what others think man, it's what it means to you that matters, also it has a pretty cool story behind it and I'm envious you have a father who you would let near your car.


What makes a car 'cool' is definitely unique from person to person, and as many others have said, it's subjective. I like to think that the way I car makes me feel when I see/hear/feel it, is definitely what strikes a chord with me. Ever since I was younger I can remember getting unexplainable goosebumps whenever I saw/heard a rumbly old muscle car, or the first time my friend took me out in his 325i when we were 17. To me, that was cool. It didn't matter how beat up his BMW was, or whether the muscle car I saw was a Mopar or GM or Ford... it was just cool for what it was, the pure enjoyment of a vehicle. As I get older my tastes have refined and I would say my 'cool' filter has changed as I've learned more about automotive history and culture, and grown to love certain things while growing away from others. But at the end of the day I try my best not to be openly judgemental when I don't like something, because as stated in the article, no one should be bashed for doing what they want to pursue automotive enjoyment. If I think it's cheesy, played out, cliche, half-assed, poser... I just let it be. We have great editors and contributors here on SH who have to make these distinctions on a daily basis, and even with that I see whiners in the comments who get all worked up about someone else's project for quite shallow reasons. Learn to respect others, and focus your energy on the good. There will always be scenes or vehicles out there that you don't like. 

As my wise grandmother (and surely many others) once said "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all".


Jagdroach Awesome story, exactly why I don't like to judge a book by it's cover.


mrwicksy Definitely! Having been to a couple of Japanese shows and just generally walking around the street there's some shockers.....but as per any meet/show coverage, you're rarely going to see photo's of the bad cars.


Peter_Kelly It's funny because "Kiwi spec" when used in a similar way would mean chopped springs/sitting on bump stops, modgies or similar wheels, matt black or camo paint, a bit of graffiti and mirror tint. The complete opposite to the over the top "sex spec" cars that were mostly found in Sydney 10 years ago.


TurboHippie That's awesome!


what makes a car cool is when you look at it breath out a bit and smile


What makes a car cool varies from person to person. I think AMG Mercs are really cool, my friends, on the other hand, don't. It's all down to personal preference. I think what makes a car cool is when the owner looks at it, straight in the headlights and says "You're amazing." What makes a car cool is the relationship you have with it. Cool is a word with many different meanings and ways of explaining it, that's how I feel about it. No matter what car you have, if it's a Civic or a Ferrari or a Corvette, whatever, as long as you have somewhat a relationship with it, to you, it's the best car in the world.


Yeah same Pedey... I look down on some stupid stuff and flag it as rice, I've seen weird bonnet scoops and giant GT style wings, as well as the huge exhausts and cut springs. Most times I don't say anything, I find the internet is a place where all the d-bags come out but would never really say that to your face. Personally I can't be bothered instigating an argument about someone else's car because it's their car and I don't have the energy for it. 

I used to think the Japanese train handle thing hanging off the back was cool, til I started seeing more of it locally in NZ. I don't like the non functional ultra low stance of some cars either, but to each his/her own I suppose. Personally I would not like to drive something like that.


Tastes, trends or even preferences... it doesn't matter if we are talking about cars, vans, bikes or even trucks! If you have a goal, you don't go being an outlaw and have problems with the police (depending on the country!) the "cool" factor will be there for the owner eyes alone! 
He/She will be proud every time leave's the house to go for a drive and looks at it with a smile in the face looking forward for whats coming next!


a medium drop, rims , and detailing


Japanese are really interesting people.The cars look either:)
In the meantime, I expect my site: http://www.autosworldblog.com/


danielfittipaldi99 Well said sir.


Passion and effort - if someone's put their heart and soul into it, you gotta respect that, even if it looks crap :)


Jet engines. Jets make a car cool.


I think in the end people need to do whatever they want. If you're going to get hate then you might as well get it for something you love looking at!


Idk, I think everything is cool. I tend to like anything from lifted pick up trucks to Kaido style cars lol. Either I'm still really young and inexperienced, or just really open-minded (maybe a mixture of both) i praise anything that looks like a lot of sweat, elbow grease, and love went into it. When I grow up I want to be among one of those who put their all into a build.


the car was very good 
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