The McLaren 675LT Unleashed

Ever since McLaren Automotive announced the 675LT at the Geneva Motor Show in March, we’ve been itching to see the machine designed with a focus on “light weight, optimised aerodynamics, increased power, track-focused dynamics and driver engagement” in action on the track.

Finally, a new clip from the UK-based supercar (and hypercar) maker is giving us a taste of what to expect from the limited edition longtail – and it’s all good.

Built around a carbon fibre MonoCell chassis and featuring a 3.8-litre V8 twin turbo engine pushing 666hp through a 7-speed SSG transmission to the rear wheels, when the 675LT goes on sale (it’s in production at the state-of-the-art McLaren Production Centre in Woking, England, right now), it’ll immediately become the fastest and most powerful of the manufacturer’s ‘Super Series’ cars. With run of just 500, it’s destined to be the most exclusive too.

But enough talk – switch the quality to 4K , crank the volume and hit play!

The Speedhunters



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My biggest issue with the car, given the "LT" moniker, is the complete lack of long tail. A couple of extra inched of airbrake isn't really enough to warrant being called an "LT"


Oh I thought 675cc!


sivis Can we ever have anything posted here without someone bitching about something? There is literally nothing in this video that anyone can bitch about. Yet, here comes the internet experts to weigh in on their opinion on something they don't know shit about.  Jesus, your biggest issue with the car is two bloody letters? Really? 

Just realized I'm bitching myself. Eh, oh well. Sick video though


IanMacdonald1 sivis It's hardly "bitching". The thing is bloody awesome. It's just not a long tail, any more than a V6 is a V8.


sivis IanMacdonald1 I think hes just letting off steam from all of the comments from other articles, and he's right. When I'm scrolling through an article, I'm always thinking, I wonder what the haters are going to be saying below. haha


Well....that video gave me goosebumps. That thing is beast!


daileycon sivis IanMacdonald1 You pretty much nailed it. As I was watching this, I was thinking "i wonder what negative crap people are gonna say about this". It happens so much here and it gets old. sivis, maybe I was a little hard on you haha, I apologize and do see your point. But hey man, longer is longer haha


Wow, great video. The 675 looks as good moving and it does standing still, even with the Lambo-ish green paint.

Awesome work on the video and the content. :)

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

Well done on the video, very nicely done. Sweet sounds too.


Wow! Now that's some rare breed British beef and the driving skills!!


LOVE this. TBH for me the 650 was an uglier version of the MP4-12C (which I thought was a stunning looking car). But the 675LT seems to have gone back in the right direction. And seriously...that air brake!


the car was very good 
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