An Integra With More Doors

It would be impossible to share a selection of spotlights from Wekfest San Jose without having at least one Honda in the mix. High quality Honda builds are a cornerstone of the West Coast scene, and one machine that caught my eye in NorCal the weekend before last was Harvey Flores’ DB8 Acura Integra GSR.

Wekfest-SJ-15-122 copy

The two-door version of the Integra might be the most recognizable, but I’ve always liked the GSR sedan. And with heavy doses of both style and substance, Harvey’s car is full of the stuff that makes West Coast Hondas known across the world. Let’s not forget plenty of rare JDM parts either…

Wekfest-SJ-15-117 copy

Inside the immaculately finished and shaved engine bay sits a B18C DOHC VTEC motor with a gleaming valve cover and a Mugen intake – one of many sought-after Mugen parts found on the Integra.

Wekfest-SJ-15-123 copy

The car is running a JDM front end conversion obviously, but the real difference maker is the distinctive Mugen front bumper, which looks great covered in that midnight blue hue.

Wekfest-SJ-15-121 copy

Equally distinct is the Mugen Gen II rear wing, which actually looks right at home when modified for use on the four-door Integra. It has a bit of a Lancer Evolution feel come to think of it.

Wekfest-SJ-15-125 copy

As you can see, the short rear bumper gives the Integra a very functional look and nicely showcases the wide and grippy Nitto NT01 rubber.

Wekfest-SJ-15-120 copy

The tires are mounted on a set of 15×8-inch RAYS Volk Racing TE37SLs with no tire stretch in sight. And you thought Wekfest was all airbags and rubber-band tires?

Wekfest-SJ-15-118 copy

The rear section of the cabin has been stripped and fitted with a roll bar, while up front sit a couple of Bride buckets and a Personal steering wheel. Also note the radio delete panel.

Wekfest-SJ-15-116 copy

With the perfect balance of form and function, and an unusual base chassis, Harvey’s Integra is one of the more memorable Hondas I’ve come across recently. Given the crowded field, that’s saying quite a bit.

Yep, the West Coast does it again.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia_media



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Really cool cars


This car should be nicknamed "Sauron".  Because it has more doors.

*flies away, ashamed of his terrible pun.


Ah, the lesser spotted four door integra, what a great colour! There is a great little red 'teggy 'RS' with the flip lights that's running around the Sussex/Kent border. Until seeing that one (3 months ago) I had no idea the five doors existed. This one is brilliantly presented, top work - so damn clean!


TarmacTerrorist 4 door sedan...  it is not a hatchback, so no 5th door...


Gah. Mŷ brain some times.
Whoops, my bad, guess my brain got used to most 'performance' Hondas I like being a hatch!


@Silverspoon TarmacTerrorist you can say it 5 door. It doesn't have any backseats, so you can enter the car from the trunk. This means you can say that the trunk door is the car door.


I used to see this car driving around all the time! I remember it was slammed and even had a lowrider plaque.


Always loved tegs, digging the colours :)


Love me a Teggy. I didn't get too far with my DA 4dr Teggy, got totaled by drunk driver.


ShamWerks hahaha no worries, i'm sure some of us (including me) laughed at it :D

now that is one nice integra, and a rare one at that (since we usually see the 2-door ones).


This car nails it. Pure function (in appearance anyway, that gap is a bit close tho'). PLEASE tell me it has sick shocks and gets driven in anger at track days somewhere.


milkplus We can only hope it does. :)


Hm, I loved the lowrider influenced cruisey scheme this car ran previously, but I'm not sure this look works as well. 
I miss the SSR Schumachers the most I think
Still way nicer than my Integra so I really can't say shit. The Mugen bits are dreamy.


Thanks for the kind words. It's a honor to be featured on this site.


This car goes way back to when we used to say in honda community "that shi* looks titties".




milkplus For one, it doesn't have STANCE|WORKS or STANCENATION stickers anywhere, so that's a plus.


Yo ICB Motorsport! That guy sells shit out of his basement or something. Truly a brick and mortar shop.


@milano This car truly is TITS!!!


Proper, put a full cage in it and get that slut to a track!


That would ruin the point of it being a 4 door though.


@Silverspoon TarmacTerrorist More specifically, a 4-door hardtop, due to the pillar-less doors.

Hadi Kamaruddin

what is the spec of those TE37?


Hadi Kamaruddin Read the article again you'll see it...


A Harvey love the car... real nice I have a DB7 doing a conversion on it and I'm going DB8 with moon roof but wanting to know the color really like it...?


Really like the car I have a DB7 doing a conversion on it and I'm going DB8 with moon roof but wanting to know the color I really like it..


the car was very good 
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