Rotary Aspirations:</br> RE Amemiya’s 13B Roadster

I really feel for rotary tuners in Japan. Back in the day when Mazda was still producing cars like the RX-7 and Cosmo, they had plenty of customers coming to them for work. But now, since the RX-8 has even been discontinued, specialist rotary tuners are doing it tough. Many have moved on and others have started to work on other types of cars – some the diesels that Mazda is all about now, others fettling with the Toyota 86.

RE Amemiya does not fall into this category. They have always been about rotaries and will continue to dedicate themselves to them for the foreseeable future. Even if Mazda won’t…


Yes, that sinks down RE Amemiya’s potential market penetration to a fraction of what it could potentially be, but then again, if you have a rotary – of any generation – there’s a pretty good chance you will be running at least one of their products. But with his latest project car, Ama-san is also sending out a very clear message: if you don’t have a rotary, we’ll make you one! Which is how this Mazda NB Roadster came to be.


Built for the Tokyo Auto Salon, it features a huge number of custom touches, including an aero conversion with RX-7 DNA, executed with the usual flair that RE Amemiya has always been known for.


Check out the venting on the front fenders…


And the integrated roof spoiler on the hardtop…


Out the back there’s wider integrated over-fenders merging into a rounded-off rear end.


LED taillights are the final piece in a puzzle that has transformed the little MX-5/Miata/Roadster into something truly bespoke.


But it’s actually the Renesis 13B from an RX-8 that really seals the deal for Ama-san’s latest project.


Talk about being the perfect power plant for this compact and lightweight chassis. Sure, 250hp might not sound like much by today’s standards, but it’s still 50hp more than what a new 86 has, in a chassis that weighs a little less by comparison. If that doesn’t spell out fun, then I don’t know what does. This is the engine that Mazda should have really offered from the factory!


Maybe RE Amemiya should offer complete rotary conversions for the soon-to-be released new-gen Roadster? Surely they would have people lining up at their shop’s door… Even better – offer turbocharged options for those that like to be scared every time they drive.

RE Amemiya, do it!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino

Tuning Car World Showdown 2015
RE Amemiya



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Dear pants needed now.


This would be my favorite Miata of all time ! Sorry Mad Mike . XD
Why I like it ? NA 13B , this is all about fun , powerful enough to have fun & can be daily in ... well , more afforable . :P
I also love the Alfa Romeo Mito (I think ?) headlight , looks absolutely match in this bodykit !


foot to the floor useable car. love it,
good to see them back with something fresh yet reminiscent of their FD styling of past.

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

A RE-Amemiya kit I actually like! Lately (the last few years admittedly) the kits have been a little too crazy for a proper street car come track car, but this nails it.
And kudos to Amemiya san for sticking with rotors when almost everyone else has jumped ship.


Looks very much like it was made to look like a modern version of the Cosmo - not to sure about it.


How are they going with the Europa?

The average guy

i love their FD which was featured in BMI videos around 2003. that yellow car. jesus that was sounding crazy


Finally an RX-5 spolight!



and Amemiya do it again, a collective drooling from across the world. Is there anything they have done with a Mazda/Rotary combination that isn't awesome!!!


Somehow, the bodykit and the paintwork makes the MX-5 look cute/kawaii

Wirenfeldt Jr

A properly set up MX-5 with a RENESIS engine has been near the top of my automotive wishlist since i built exactly that, (in Forza Motorsport 3), gimmie that and a Suzuki Cappuccino tuned and set up for track use and i will be the happiest of campers.. *sigh* one day


Not a huge fan of the rear, but I love the arches and the engine conversion is always a winner. Are they planning on offering a drive in - drive out service to fit these, or are they developing a kit to make them work?


Robo_No1 It's just a one off, I hope they do realize how much potential for awesomeness all of this is. I just saw 2 new-gen Roadsters on the street today and it really looks sensations. Few choice tuning bits and a 13B swap is all you need haha


simplyraka Yeah I know what you mean. They should drop these sort of colors and graphics and make something that appeals more to grown ups Then again, this is Japan ;)


TurboHippie They had me at the VI-AZ-1 they built with GReddy! Man those were the days!


@Kenny Haha come on, I used to do a ton back when the Rotary and Roadster Day was still happening in the now closes Hiland


The average guy Their touge monster was always my favourite. Unstoppable


emotional_r They never continued it....


Chris 'Haffy' Hafner agree. Now dump them into everything haha

Tasos Papazachariou

speedhunters_dino Absolute beast!

Muhammad Haqy Aunoora

I wish they put it on production


Dino, it's time to ask Ama-san for a drive in this thing. :)


speedhunters_dino emotional_r : (


RE-Amemiya is love. RE-Amemiya is life.


Great article!! I love this car. Its not way over the top and its got that rotary engine in it. Love it!! I agree with you Dino, Mazda really needs to start working faster to get the new rotary out.


Some automakers are utilizing turbo charging to get economy and power. I think Mazda should try doing that with the next rotary engine. Although rotary engines were not really about fuel economy, it would be great to see a new generation come out that are turbo charged.


I've grown in love with this styling, such a staple of performance/fun. These chassis needs more respect.

Pete the perfect pilot

This is what the mx5 platform SHOULD hVe had from day 1. It's not too late Mazda. The market wants another rotary or two. There's space enough for an entry level mx5 running a rotary option, and a genuine rx7 replacement. With Mazda holding the spotlight at the goodwood festival of speed next month, there would be no time better than now to announce a couple of new rotary Mazdas..... Especially with Mad Mike in attendance doing his thing, spreading the rotary awesomeness! .... Leading by example. Cmon Mazda, rotary rules!


@tom hydrogen rotory


Turbo rotary hybrid mx5 fixed roof coupe. Call it the RX 9. Do I have to think of everything?


I need that hardtop for my NA


jbfromsiliconvalley not quite, it should be a diesel-rotary to line up with the direction Mazda is going now (at least in Japan)


Pete the perfect pilot Yes, come on Mazda!


@tom Emissions too lets not forget, that's a big issue.


luissk82247 Simple and sweet lol


jay8393 You know what, you are right!


Would that actually work? It's an interesting idea....


Muhammad Haqy Aunoora Get REA to make you one


prazzi haha probably not, I guess there would be way too much stress/pressure on the seals to hold the sort of comp ratio that diesel engines require


This is such an amazing looking little thing, and being the rotorhead I am I'm glad they put a Renny into it. I just love it. Makes me want to build one. lol


Novel idea, but hydrogen rotaries in the past have always been not worth the effort. Mazda had hydrogen fueled rotaries in both the NA Miata and RX8 as concepts and all the road tests came up with that they were too sluggish to get out of their own way.


If the mx5 had a rotary from day 1 the rx7 would have been a car that weighs 1000lbs more, with the same engine. Bad buisiness


Now that's a miata! I'd even trade my s2000 for this one; wish I could see it running in a best motoring togue battle.


speedhunters_dino Consider me a new convert Dino, must go look this up now.


She is Glorious :)


Hi Dino, do you know whether that kit is going to be available to buy or whether it's just a one-off?


No hood down shots? :(


Alfa Romeo 4C headlights? I love how these guys mix and match for their kits :).


-drool- Normally I'm not into aero mods this over the top. But this is just plain genius!


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