Meet The Honda Odyssey Type R

We all know that customizing minivans is an extremely popular pastime in Japan, so it came as no surprise that the recent Wekfest Japan event held at Port Messe Nagoya had more than its fair share of modified people movers. But rather than being built in the usual fashion with gigantic wheels, luxury-appointed interiors and massive sound systems, the vans at Wekfest were modified with a different mindset.


As evidence of this, I want to share with you guys a first generation Honda Odyssey that’s been built more along the lines of an S2000 or an Integra than it is a family-hauling minivan.


Body-wise, the van was all OEM, but it possessed the immaculate quality that so many of the cars at Wekfest had. Very impressive for a van that’s about 20 years old now.


Things get interesting with the wheel and tire setup, which features RAYS Volk Racing CE28RTs wrapped in Yokohama rubber. If you look closely, you’ll also see that the front brakes have been upgraded using NSX components.


Under the hood sits an H22A DOHC VTEC motor – a perfect choice that provides torque to move the van around while still having the high-winding response that defined Honda’s great motors of the ’90s.


Perhaps best of all, the formerly automatic Odyssey – the only way they came – now has a manual gearbox conversion. Because what’s better than a minivan with a stick shift?


Aside from that, other changes to the van’s cabin include a Momo steering wheel and a pair of tan-upholstered Bride bucket seats which I absolutely love. How awesome would it have been if Honda actually built something like this? Odyssey Type R: it would have been the coolest production minivan ever.


This is the perfect vehicle to symbolize what I love about the USDM scene in Japan. It’s a well-known platform, but it’s been built in a fresh, new way with style, character and plenty of attention to detail. In my eyes, the result is damn near perfection.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike



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I get the same feeling. It seems like it could be factory, but its unmistakably modded by a Japanese visionary. It's almost a cliche at this point, I love it.


Super cool, can't wait to see the new group of Odyssey Kanjo racers, haha.


The Honda Odyssey pace car from the Gold Coast Indy a while back was cool to see!


I'd rock a minivan to work everyday if came like this. The world needs more fun utility vehicles. I also, nominate the Pikes Peak Honda for the next minivan showcase.


I'm a bit lost when it comes to claiming USDM style with a Japanese car. I get it when they use American parts etc, but this is a Japanese car with a Japanese engine, it has Japanese wheels and seats and therefore couldn't be more JDM, no?


Spaghetti It's not necessarily when they use American parts, but when it's modified to look how one modified in the USA would look.

Fixthe Fernback

Spaghetti It has more to do with the ride height/wheel fitment than it does anything else.


@Fixthe Fernback crispykrem3 But USDM doesn't have a specific ride height/wheel fitment all of their own(the Japanese have been doing camber/flush/stretch etc for just as long if not longer).....nor can you say how one would look in the USA as such, and even more so when using ALL JDM items like this one. This is why I say I get a bit lost on something like this being called USDM in Japan.
A Civic with bright paint, US bumpers etc, CCW wheels and a shaved bay, I can understand, but not in this instance. But that's just me


He probably got the idea when he saw Bisimoto's 1000hp Odyssey but chose not to go all crazy like Bisi.



100% agree. I mean you could call it a "Modern domestic (for them) retrotech" 
both would be about as far fetched.


that is proper impressive, not sure on the biscuit interior as they get dirty very easily but hell, imagine the screaming passengers you could carry! ......I am getting really bad ideas about my CRV now, Hmmmmm bags and and an engine swap wouldn't invalidate my warrantee right?!


Spaghetti  Another USDM influence is the totally stock but clean body with big rims and stance (even though in this case it's a functional stance)


That's what I want my wife to drive. lol


Lacks power IMO should have put a J series engine or at least a boosted H, B or K series


awesome, absolutely love it!


AntoineStyves  a "H" series alright thats what is installed in it. but ok. just type words with out looking or reading


"Boosted H" that's what he said.....
I think you are the one that need to read and look before typing


Spaghetti It's just another way to put it into a category by the type of style, (low amount of body mods, special wheels, subtle interior/engine changes)


AntoineStyves The H22A/H23A VTEC/F20B is just a very easy swap in these. As far as where different pieces mate up, it's got pretty much the same physical dimensions as the F-series engines that these came with from the factory. At least in the 90-97 Accords (4th gen, F-equipped 5th gens), which are very closely related to the 1st-gen Ody, you can even use the stock engine mounts and axles. The simplicity was probably a big decision behind the swap, but also because in Japan, swapping a modern engine into an older car is a much bigger legal headache than in other parts of the world.


Spaghetti Most street/show Hondas you see in Japan these days, especially with shaved and tucked bays are primarily influenced by the So Cal Honda scene.


I'll just leave this right here...


Speedhunters Van belongs to my buddy Tommy from Torrance, CA. RA1 Odyssey with a reverse-head H22. Yes, the head is flipped around, just like Neil Brown Engineering did with the old BTCC cars.


i actually wanna see the mazda minivan next to it instead.


Just pure awesome. What a post.

Guransh Singh

What about a srt8 dodge grand caravan


what kind of key is that in the ignition?


That van was done far before bisi's odyssey even existed.


KU_S4M ちょっちシンプル


goodharu1 こういうのをSleeper(外国版羊の皮を被った狼的な車)っていうのよー




the car was very good 
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Where did he get the center console from?


I'm trying to modify my honda Odyssey but no idea where to go


WIshing so hard that a build thread was linked to this story. Currently dreaming about a manual ra1 oddy as the family transport and a honda acty for the dd.