An Unquestionably-Japanese Lotus

Before I started taking a real interest in the Lotus scene here in Japan, I assumed that owners didn’t really do much with the popular Elise and more extreme Exige models. They both are, of course, rather well-sorted and involving packages from the factory, so aside from a wheel change and a few little carbon additions, what else would you want to do? Oh, how wrong I was…


Once again, Japan has taught me that when it comes to cars, there is nothing that can’t be customized, personalised and improved. BSK Performance – or Bodyshop Kobayashi – has single-handedly illustrated this notion with three cars that I just couldn’t pass up spotlighting at the recent Japan Lotus Day. We’ve seen its Type015 Orange Exige, and its EJ20-powered Elise work-in-progress, so now it’s time to wrap things up with an Elise 111 based build that really caught my attention.


I actually spotted it at a local 7-Eleven the same morning, while grabbing some ice coffee and a little food for a very early breakfast. Sitting low and extremely wide, and wearing what looked like a custom set of exquisitely-executed body panels and cowls all bolted down in place with quick-release recessed mounts, I was intrigued.


Being Japan, it could really only be sitting on one type of wheel, right? The owner’s choice to go with RAYS’ iconic Volk Racing TE37 was a very good one – especially given their bronze colouring which always looks great against a black car.


But then I spotted the interior. What can I say, except for that I’ve really seen it all now! I instantly baptised the fluffy leopard upholstery Donkihote-spec. For anyone that’s been in Japan, that should make a lot of sense. But jokes aside, everyone is free to do what they like with their own car, and to be honest, seeing this just put a big smile on my face.


It’s obviously been done for fun and perhaps to get a reaction – something it really succeeds in doing.


I’ll leave the rest of the assessment up to you!


More custom body parts followed with a lightweight carbon roof panel, which almost blends into the rest of the black exterior.


Upon closer examination, the ‘Powered By Honda’ and ‘Type R’ stickers on the side of the car weren’t placed there just for fun. That is in fact a Honda K20A joined by a multitude of top-shelf parts.


The rear too is extremely wide, and again it’s a BSK Performance part that dramatically broadens the Elise’s overall stance to the point that the Neova tyres look a little too narrow.


I’m so interested in this particular car that I will be heading to BSK to see if they’ll allow me to run a proper feature on the little Honda-powered beast. The JDM scene can do no wrong, or can it?

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Pimpin ain't easy....unless u have a leopard interiored k20 lotus.


Want car


oldschoolcat owner has his own taste and a sense of humour. Try it sometime, you might enjoy it.


Rad car. That interior isn't for me but you can't deny how funny it is to have such a serious track weapon with a crazy ass interior! Ha ha. Cool story Dino


jbfromsiliconvalley I'm not sure the Rings would fit... or the walking cane for that matter.


There is a very Orange "POWERED BY VTEC" emblasoned Lotus I see quite often on the A3/M25 quite often over in the uk... it certainly has a look, where as this one defines it look, sure the interior is a bit wild (eh? EH?) but then, the rest of the car, cockpit and its tools are clearly a place of work, and who doesn't personalise their work space? 
- Mine was the only chair in the NOC with a Leopard print cover and headrest so the jux' of the interior rings a chord with me. top work, hows it handle??


and where can I get one of those flask holders? GENIUS!


It never fails to amaze me just HOW MANY different cars the bronze TE37 works on.

It's the modern, Japanese version of the Cragar SS.


Love that interior!


TarmacTerrorist jbfromsiliconvalley At least there a holder for your pimp cup.


Seriously ?


roninlotus211 seriously. the entire thing is like a hidden message or something..if you think my car looks wild on the outside, wait till you step into the car! japanese tuners definitely have the craziest sense of humor when it comes to tuning.

dino i know what you are thinking and you should line your interior of the r34 with this awesome leopard print too O_O


The interior ruined that car :(


the interior wow, nice to see a race car with character rather than an industrial machine!

Chris Nuggets

The rear shot looks tame in comparison to the Type015 but I guess the interior makes up for that! Curious how their swap approach compares to the one I did, especially the gear linkage.


Would love to see the pink OuterPlus Exige on here


I'm more curious about the white car it's parked next to, which appears to be sporting quite the widebody itself...


Is it just me, or does anyone else think, when they swap Honda motors into these, they spit in Toyota's face? (so to speak) lol


Anyone know what type of panel quick releases are used?


d_rav roninlotus211 I guess I must be turning Japanese then ?


i23sonny The K-series are easier to play with, although the original 2ZZ motors have serious potential if you know how to work with them.


i23sonny The Honda swap is done for a better gearbox not power... Swap in a Toyota E153 gearbox and the Toyota 2ZZ can make all the power you want and the E153 is stronger than any Honda gearbox..

Chris Nuggets

emotional_r Yes! It's all over my collection of minkara favorites


I see what you did there. Is it sitting on volks or rays though???
All jokes aside that is one mean looking ride!!! Any other shots of this car


Lollipop I remember this build!!!! You are a legend!!! Is that Angels crest? I think my friend almost killed us here!!! We were headed back to Palmdale from Pasadena and got stuck behind some traffic... He wasn't paying attention on the turn and the rear caught some gravel and we went into a drift but luckily we didn't hit a Guard rail or oncoming traffic.
Anyway.... I remember this build back when it had the top n it was still badass!!!!!


the car was very good 
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