Return Of The Canyon King
Finding Satisfaction

When it comes to the world of cars, what is the most satisfying thing you can do? Finally buying your dream car after years of saving? Putting in a new best lap time at a track day? Successfully completing a difficult DIY project? Saving an old car from the scrap yard? The answer will vary for everyone, and that’s the great thing about this hobby.


It’s hard, however, to think of something more rewarding than building your own car. I’m not talking about simply modifying an automobile to suit your tastes. I’m talking about creating a one-off machine from the ground up – designing, fabricating, and finally driving a vehicle that no assembly line could ever produce.


Now obviously this isn’t something that everyone is capable of. After all, you need a lot of money, a lot of time and some serious mechanical ability – or at least some combination of the three. But if you are able to successfully do such a thing, the results can be magical. Just ask Frank Profera – the owner of the heavily-modified Lotus you see here.


If you are thinking that name sounds familiar, you’d be correct. Frank is the owner of an amazing Lotus Elise that Larry stumbled across a couple of years ago – a machine that went on to win our 2012 Street Car of the Year award. Actually, the car you see here is the very same one – albeit in a very different guise now – which begs the question: how exactly did it wind up like this?


Well, not long after our original photoshoot Frank was driving the Lotus on the freeway when he was involved in a hit and run accident with a Porsche driver. The Porsche essentially clipped the Lotus, which sent it careering into a concrete barrier. Luckily Frank wasn’t hurt, but the same couldn’t be said for the Elise’s customized bodywork which was significantly damaged.


Given the amount of custom work on the car, repairing it would not be as simple as ordering some new parts and making a visit to the local body shop. So after surveying the damage, Frank and his friend Mike Stafford decided they would completely rebuild the car into an even more aggressive creation.


Unlike some builders, Frank and Mike did not have a specific vision of what the finished car would look like. There were no concept renderings or blueprints – instead much of the design was thought up during Frank’s long drives from his home in Sherman Oaks to Mike’s workshop in Lancaster. Once he arrived at the shop, he’d say ‘Give me the saw’ and the cutting and creating began.

Version Two Emerges

The basis for the new look came from Lotus 2-Eleven body panels that Frank sourced from contacts in the UK, but the final shape would be much more aggressive than that. Yes, he’s somehow managed to make the body of Lotus Cars’ dedicated track day special look tame by comparison.


Frank actually describes the appearance as a modern day Can-Am car, and when you look at the ridiculously wide tail section and open cockpit body it’s hard to disagree. The custom-fabricated carbon fiber wide body is both longer and far wider than a stock 2-Eleven, and by the time Frank and Mike finished the exterior work it had became hard for many to identify the car as a Lotus at all.


Of course, it becomes even harder to identify the car when you see it fly by on one of Southern California’s mountain roads – and that’s where so many people encounter Frank and his unique creation.


In its new stripped-down, open cockpit guise, the car tips the scales at just 1,700lbs – some 450lbs lighter than its previous iteration. At that slim figure even a modest amount of horsepower is enough to make for a thrilling ride, but the engine setup Frank’s running is anything but modest…


When we last encountered Frank’s Lotus it featured a turbocharger and supercharger in a compound charged setup. But along with the exterior makeover the powerplant has received some changes too, and these days you’ll find a more traditional turbo-only setup in the rear.


Although it was extremely responsive, the compound charged arrangement produced too much low-end torque for the 1.8-litre Toyota 2ZZ’s rod bearings to handle, so Frank decided to remove the blower and allow the Precision Turbo 6262 ball bearing turbo to handle forced induction duties alone. To counter this change, he installed a Kaaz close-ratio gear set which helps keep the car in its powerband at the cost of reduced top-end speed. Removing the supercharger also shaved weight in the engine bay and reduced the load on the motor. The current setup makes 680 horsepower to the rear wheels and Frank says the car is smoother and more responsive than it’s ever been.


One of the really interesting touches when it comes to the engine is the fuel system. It actually uses a staged injection system which draws an alcohol mixture from a separate tank at high boost levels. This essentially serves as on-board octane booster that converts pump gas to 104 octane on the fly. This is important as the car was built with street driving and road trips in mind, and we all know race fuel isn’t easy to come by roadside.


Of course, a well-rounded build is about more than just the power to weight ratio, and the Lotus is equipped with Nitron 46mm race shocks with Eibach springs along with custom A-arms and bushings.


Getting all that power down to the ground coming out of tight corners was another challenge, but 345-width DOT slicks mounted on 18×12.5-inch wheels certainly help in the rear grip department.


1,700lbs is not a whole lot of weight to slow down, but with so much power on hand the AP Racing calipers and rotors are a very worthwhile upgrade.

Nothing Compares

Part of the rebuild also included the installation of an integrated rollcage that not only helps in the safety department, but provides additional reinforcement between the front and rear sections of the chassis.


Elsewhere, the cockpit is more like that of a racing car than anything you’d expect to see on the street. There’s a custom dash panel with all the instruments Frank needs to keep an eye on the car’s vitals, and the seats are raw carbon fiber buckets, which I’m told are surprisingly comfortable once you strap-in with the Takata harnesses.


If there’s one thing Frank likes more than taking the Lotus out for a day in the canyons, it’s taking people for rides in his creation. It seems like Larry had a pretty good time during the photoshoot!


You’re probably thinking that this car would make for an absolutely wicked track weapon, but Frank actually has no interest in lap times or other performance figures. Instead, he uses the Lotus exclusively for sunny weather weekend drives in the hills. The Lotus has racked up thousands of miles on the open road, which is where Frank finds the most joy.


Driving such a radical and heavily-modified machine on the street, I was curious if Frank receives much unwanted attention from law enforcement. But he says the only times he’s been stopped by cops is when they’ve simply want to check out the car.


And that’s pretty much the same reaction Frank gets from everyone. Despite the fact that the Lotus is painted in relatively subdued shade of gray, every time he stops for gas or a bite to eat, the car is instantly surrounded by people – most of them trying to figure out what exactly they are looking at. Frank wouldn’t have it any other way. There’s nothing he loves more than sharing his creation with others, be them fellow enthusiasts or just strangers on the street.


The list of Frank’s lifetime of automotive adventures include everything from being a New York City cab driver to owning and racing Group B rally cars, but there’s nothing that can compare to the satisfaction he gets from this machine. For Frank and his Lotus it’s been a long journey full of ups and downs, but looking at it now it’s hard to believe that this car began life as a bone-stock US market Lotus Elise nearly a decade ago.


He’s broken rules, he’s broken parts, he’s built and rebuilt – and he can’t think of any other vehicle he’d rather have, at any price.

Why buy your dream car when you can build your dream car?

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike

Photos by Larry Chen
Instagram: larry_chen_foto

Frank Profera’s Ronin Lotus

680whp (36psi boost pressure)

1.8-liter Toyota 2ZZ-GE, Darton sleeves, Carrillo rods, Wiseco 9:1 pistons, Ferrea valves, ported head, stage 2 cams, custom intake manifold, custom charge cooler with four Pro Alloy heat exchangers, two water pumps, custom exhaust manifold with equal-length runners, Precision billet ball-bearing 62/62 turbo, Precision 46mm wastegate, 3”-inch stainless exhaust, AEM Series 2 ECU tuned by Mitch Pederson, custom staged alcohol injection system, Pro Alloy fuel tank, two fuel pumps, 1,000cc injectors, one alcohol fuel pump

Modified Toyota MR2 E153 gearbox, close-ratio Kaaz gears, custom axles

Nitron 46mm Pro Race shocks, Eibach springs, custom A-arms, custom bushings, AP Racing calipers/rotors

Wheels / Tires
Custom forged wheels 17×9-inch front, 18×12.5-inch rear, Kumho V710/BFG DOT slicks 245/40R17 front, 345/35R18 rear

Custom hand laid carbon fiber wide body by Mike Stafford and Frank Profera, blown rear diffuser, front splitter, NACA ducts, racing mirrors, Paint by AR Auto Body in Lancaster, California

Custom-built rollcage, custom instrument panel, carbon fiber bucket seats, Takata harnesses

Canyon Carving King
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Cutting Room Floor


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Love franks car. One of my favorite /drive episodes.


Don't forget to check out presentation mode for some high res wallpapers.


You guys need to start making some videos. This would have been perfect.


That car was epic in its original form, and now it just went beyond ...


Yeah this guy is living a dream that's for sure.  I've got to get out to the canyons of socal in my car.  I'm of the same mentality as he is--make your car the way you want it.


Smiggins There's already video of him driving it on the internets.  Head on over to youtube and do a little searching.


zephoto Smiggins Right and Im sure there were already photo shoots of the car too. So I guess that means Speedhunters shouldnt have done this article using your logic.


Larry Chen Thanks so much for the article Larry, it really does the car justice and makes it all worth while..
Mike and I put so much of ourselves into this build that it's hard to believe two chuckle heads could pull this off.   I'm glad we can share this with like minded gear heads...

You forgot to mention it was the fastest car "you" had ever been driven in. Maybe we'll have some time to take a proper drive to show ya what the new tires are like....

Thanks again to both you and Mike Garrett for sharing the Ronin RS211....

PS: I never raced Group B.....but I did drive the shit out of the cars I've owned.. ;-)


Should totally call it "Boner pictures" instead of bonus pictures...


Larry Chen I'm sorry, but I have to ask: How do you engage presentation mode? I've tried clicking that screen icon at the top of the page but it doesn't work, nor a presentation mode option when I click on an image- is there a certain browser required? Sorry for the noob question haha.


Been waiting for an article on this car for a while.  After following his build thread, I knew it was going to be another extreme creation but this... this is something else! Every detail is exquisite. Just wow!


Check out the Roads and Rides video coming out on You Tube soon...
Here's a little taste..


zeal041 What browser are you using? Try chrome. If you can't get it to work let me know.


Just finished watching Speed Racer when I pulled up this post an man this car blew me away. 
And wait, did I read that right??? Current set up is pushing 680hp? On a turbo 4 cylinder?! Good lawd man!

Tip my hat to the builder, one day I hope to do something like that. 
Great post.


kphillips9936 It was without a doubt the fastest car I have ever ridden in.


This is probably my favorite car on SH this year it ticks all the right boxes, built out of an unexpected situation, fast, lightweight, no monster engine, alcohol and the builder for once is older than me.
My dream (more modest) is to build or modify some tiltable three wheeler either electric or E85.
Also congrats to Larry's dentist!  :)


roninrs211 amazing job....what a great build!


koko san Some of us old dogs still know a few tricks.... I'm glad you guys dig the build.


This is easily one of my top five favorite posts.  Outstanding!


roninrs211 You sir, have my utmost respect.  I wish I could have met you when I was stationed in California, keep up the great work!


zephoto wow ur mentality is so great! applause for u sir!




So much inspiration. This guy is my hero.


@boron zephoto Yeah, why follow stupid dated trends when you can live out your dream.


There is exhaust silencer, then there is exhaust loudener. Love this beast <3 :">


1700lbs and 680hp is just ....... For some reason I feel like this car is meant for hyperspace, not asphalt.


The only difference between us is that I like less traction aka 4 wheel drifts and I don't have the cash he does. Lap times and performance figures just get in the way of real backroad or canyon ass kicking.


Smiggins zephoto I've seen hints that tell me something is going to be debuted in the next months. I bet the contracts have been signed for at least one videographer to follow Larry and another to follow Dino, and a third deep in with the Gatebil guys. Rodzilla probably had it floating in his head a year and a half ago.


what a dude.


IMHO he destroyed the car's previous design as a Lotus. He had to keep it like it was from the factory and after the crash to return it to the original shape of the Exige.

I have spent a few hours on the forums reading about this guy and his history with some other guys from the Canyon and the around area.


GregoryS The really fast guys won't ever show up in features Gregory. We like to stay a bit more under the radar due to our..."history." Fun read though.


I reckon there is no Hennessey Venom and no street legal Gatebil build that will surpass this one in terms of cornering performance. Although I was never interested in the personalities behind the featured cars, these pictures illustrate something that cannot be measured in dollars. Frank seem like a very interesting persona. 
With that being said, if someone's aspirations are embodied in an acronym T.B.E. (THE BEST EVER) and if you are a showcar person like me, Ring Bros' Recoil is the next level when we are talking ''modified cars''. 

The biggest reward for us SH readers, is getting to read about Gymkhana 7, Recoil and Frank's Lotus within the same month.


@Mulholland Ghost GregoryS TROLL!


GregoryS Dude if you want to know about me talk to me not some guy that has never met me.... I don't drive with other guys or do I cross the center line ever... History class has ended.


Quote: "I couldn't find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself". { Ferdinand Porsche }

I hope you guys get the chance to do this also....


It reminds me of those awesome Can Am cars from the 70s


680Whp in a over grown go kart! nuts!!


@TROLLS ROYCE I built this car for "me", not to be better than anyone or anything else. I'll leave that for others to debate..
This is the best car I've ever owned or driven in. To be honest I can't believe it myself.
Hopefully other guys will buy used Lotus chassis and do their own thing.
If you want to read about the entire build check it out here..  If ya have any questions join and ask away and I'll do my best to answer you..


roninrs211 I have no doubt that it will be tough to find a proper antagonist for your car. Moreover, I am fully aware of your car history. It is unquestionable that you are a genuine automotive enthusiast who knows his stuff (better than me at least). Take care, my man!


roninrs211 Oh, I am fully aware of your car history. I am not here to doubt you or question you. You already earned my respect.


Best few weeks of car features ever hands down. I was a big fan of this car in its former guise so this article makes me pretty excited. Frank Profera, the Ring Brothers, Ken Block, and all the people involved in building these past weeks feature cars, and those covering them for Speedhunters are all total badasses. Not to mention the Creators Theme was really awesome. Speedhunters is on a roll right now.

Operation Safe Canyon

roninrs211 GregoryS


After the recent feature of the Recoil Chevelle, I thought there would be no way SH could cover a car that would pique my interest anywhere near the same level. I was wrong. This is another super strong contender for Car of the Year (different category though, this is street driven and I love that)


Yea this car is cool, but what about a Group B car? What car? The car here is awesome, well, amazing. But that color combo is what really does it for me. It looks awesome, but the grey and orange together just look epic.


SH Car of the Year contender right here.


I wonder how many of these cars had takata harnesses before the shoot?


Nice Yota... hahahaha this just melted my freaking mind!


Yeah but what's the drag coefficient without the moustache?


thecottonmouth So sceptical hahaha :) and if the guy got flowed some product in exchange for taking time off work and gassing up + cleaning the car who cares?


Brett Allen Need a "Street Driven" car of the year for real car people who can't help but use it :)


Pancakes thecottonmouth not saying anything bad about the car owner. the car is totally badass. im just observing that most of the cars speedhunters shoot have takata harnesses and saying maybe speedhunters puts them in for the shoots.


HA!!!!! YESSSSS!!!! I"m so happy to see this car covered. I have been a fan of Frank's build for years now. I look at his build on his website and if he is reading this, I just want to say that the build is inspiring! Thanks for documenting the build and congrats on building your dreams.


Larry Chen zeal041 Yup, am using chrome but the screen icon is still doing nothing


Slappy Pistons active aero my friend..;-)


thecottonmouth I did and paid full retail.


I have a bunch of questions for Frank!

-What kind of bushings is he running in the control arms?
-What is the ride height of the car? 
-What are the spring rates front / rear?
-How is the rear diffuser blown? The exhaust exits above the diffuser. From my understanding blowing exhaust directly into the diffuser will produce a very sensitive car on/off throttle. It doesn't go around the tire either so I'm confused.


@Operation Safe Canyon  roninrs211 GregoryS As you can see it's always best to wait and get the lead slower vehicle to give you wave on and reduce speed in order to make a safe pass.. You can see there is no other traffic on the road...
Safety First.....


I have no problems answering questions about the car if I know who I'm talking to... anonymous trolls are a waste of time.


roninrs211 I'm an engineering student and was just curious, jeez...


I have been following both the original build and rebirth of this car over on the Lotus Sport forum for some time, great to see the "new" car on Speedhunters. 

I loved the Lotus in its original form - and I have to admit I was sceptical when I first read Frank's intentions for the car after its little prang - but the more I look at pictures of it, the more its new form has grown on me. Can clearly see Can-Am styling in it's new look, which is more than enough to endear it to me!


90% awesome 10% too much wing just my 2c...


Amazing machine with some very nice detailing..

My one big question though - you can run full slicks on the road in the USA?!?


Adamlstr not legally, but it's done. This might be a special occasion for him because of the shoot.


Larry Chen, Gary Kubo asked me to tell you hi.
Mike and Larry, great article on the car!


thecottonmouth Pancakes it wouldn't be a sound business model if speedhunters/takata was providing the harnesses for that many cars.


@Chris roninrs211 try using that link on his name to message the guy? Jeez...I mean, look at the crap people are giving him below, you wonder why he may be getting testy? This car is fantastic and some of these people are just being bitches....


2xthefun Ah, understood. You'd never be able to do that in the UK, it's never dry enough!


Adamlstr 2xthefun There is actually a tiny 1 mm groove down the middle of the tire, so they are street legal.


@ I saw you in the 2-Eleven on Saturday on Riverside between Coldwater and Fulton, I recognized the car instantly and have to say it was quite a sight having you in my mirrors, great looking car that gets properly street driven on some pretty unfriendly streets around Sherman oaks, thanks for sharing Frank!


shiftyXTI My pleasure dude, if you haven't seen it close up and would like to send me a message with your contact info and I'll give you the tour. Hit me up after Turkey Day...I'm just a few blocks away.


WOW!!! I spent the good morning of my day here at work looking through the build on the Lotus sight... and watching the vids... So much RESPECT!! Frank, This car is Beast and I love what you did with it.


D1RGE EXE roninrs211 I thought some other people might want to know since the article didn't say. Judging by the weight of the car and the shocks he's probably running something like 400-500 in the front and 700-800 in the rear. I didn't realize we were that sensitive about talking about our cars :(


roninrs211 I have become a bit of canyon carving geek myself these days, having relocated a stones throw away from Skyline Blvd, HWY9 and and HWY 1 in Northern, CA. My little tuned FR-S is quite up to the challenge, but I hope someday to build a more unique 911 or Lotus to become my weekend car. 

Great stuff and an inspiration for me to get out there and drive more!


roninrs211 I have become a bit of canyon carving geek myself these days, having relocated a stones throw away from Skyline Blvd, HWY9 and and HWY 1 in Northern, CA. My little tuned FR-S is quite up to the challenge, but I hope someday to build a more unique 911 or Lotus to become my weekend car. 

Great stuff and an inspiration for me to get out there and drive more!


Make sure you guys check out presentation mode for high res photos.


Passing is not the same as crossing the line. When he says crossing the line, he means in a corner.


B_Dol roninrs211 Very cool just remember to not cross the centerline and if you do dial it back and ask yourself is the car setup all it can be ? 
If it is then slow the hell down because centrifugal force is not your friend..


I love every aspect of this modified Lotus! 680HP on a street Exige?!? I don't think I could imagine driving such a beast on the mountain roads.
I have one of the previous Larry Chen photographs of the version 1.0 on my desktop at home, so it's a nice contrast to pickup the new and improved look for my work machine.

Last but not least, very appropriate to show Frank's luxurious mustache for Movember as well! :)


roninrs211 B_Dol Agreed, I try to get out in the early hours or later afternoon when bike/tourist traffic is gone. After driving the car 15K miles bone stock, I threw on some suspension improvements (better spring rate, polyurethane bushing, etc.) and stickier 245/40/17 tires to get an extra 2" of grip on each corner. Night and day difference.
Still all about having fun and I take it to the track once or twice a year to wring it out. I've driven the same backroads in a GTR and Z4M, still enjoy it more in the little FR-S, too narrow for those big boys. Hoping to rent a Lotus for a run this winter.


B_Dol roninrs211 If you do rent a Lotus make sure the alignment and tire pressures are set to spec... Before you push things, these cars can feel tail happy if not dialed in properly. Easy in hot out..


zeal041 Larry Chen I had this problem once, goto settings-advanced-
privacy-clear browsing data.
fixed it up for me


1.8L 4cyl
1000cc injectors

= 680whp?



roninrs211 : I've loved this car from the first time I saw it in all of its forms. I've always wondered how you and your friend were so adept at making the carbon fiber body panels. Do you think you could show or elaborate on your use of bucks, wet/dry layup, and generally how guys like "us" could shave weight and learn a skill by learning how to make carbon fiber parts? Thanks!

Operation Safe Canyon

Larry Chen It's pretty stupid either way. What you're saying is if a motorcycle rider was in the opposite lane doing 60-70 through the corner in the photo there would be no danger to the rider. I'm glad you took up photography instead of driving as a hobby and I'm glad Frank doesn't live anywhere near the roads I frequent. 

Funny how all the videos where he went over the double yellow without a point by were deleted from his original youtube account.


ThomasKuse No matter what info you give the writer they alway leave something out or miss quote you..
The gasoline system runs 2 fuel pumps with 1,000 cc injectors. 
The alcohol system runs one fuel pump with 850 cc injectors.
Charge temps never rise more than 15*f about ambient at 36 psi. due to the charge cooling system  efficiency.

All the build info in on


pmhkitchen roninrs211 Thanks, the entire build process is on join and be a part of the conversation. Have a look at Maine Lotus's project carbon fiber work..
I use 2 part urethane foam, wet lay up.... no molds the car was done free form..


Funny... you guys will promote garbage ass Vossen wheels on your site, but won't mention that the wheels on this car are high quality forged CCW wheels made in the USA.  Not cool.



Yeah theres no way this 23 year old guy would have a chance against Frank in the corners. Look at how slow this car is. Especially through those slaloms. What POS...doesn't even have a turbo.


ChrisGentile CCW were the only guys that would do a 4x100 forged center and any size shell I needed.. They are not cheep but they are strong and run true...


shiftyXTI Adamlstr 2xthefun He is correct, I checked the pics for the markings and it's a Kumho Ecsta V710. DOT legal here in the states but yeah I'm sure he doesn't want to get caught in the rain with those on.... also the no roof thing.


For all the trolls out there try and wrap your tiny minds around my response .......
All these guys are better drivers than me and have faster cars...Yes it's true I've said it but do I give a shit ? ...nah


Larry Chen You mean greater than 1920 x 1200?


Yeah I thought it was odd too, not that I care for orange wheels tho, but nonetheless you expect a description to match the picture y'know.


I met Frank briefly at the LA AutoShow in 2011. I was just a measly pedestrian (not press) who was super excited to see the Ronin on the show floor. He saw that I was interested and eagerly sharing what I knew about the car to my cohorts and so he advanced towards us and kindly invited me to cross the red-rope. Awesome!

He not only talked to me like a fellow petrolhead but like a long lost friend. He opened up every nook and cranny and actually took the time to share with me all his love and passion for the car. His enthusiasm eagerly rolled over his tongue as he poured over every detail and explained to me the countless hours of dedication that when into crafting such an amazing machine. He was very courteous and while my car wasn't there, it was clear that he was eager to talk to like-minded individuals, even ask about my projects.

I was only 24 at the time and it was really cool to see an idol talk to me like we were on the same level.

roninrs211, Thank you for being awesome and sharing your love for cars with everyone. I hope that someday I can provide the same influence.


@Derpderp If you took the time to read my comment, you would see that I am referring to street legal cars.


All due respect,
But those are drivers on race / rally courses, not on public roads,
Incorporating jumps and obstacles. How does this remotely relate to a crash of a car that is solely - solely - used for use on public roads where people aren't wearing safety equipment and are not regularly expected to risk their lives (or have someone next to them do that) in pursuit of a rush...
I keep seeing that you say you were going 60 or 65, which amazingly is just at or slightly above the speed limit. I don't know anything about the accident, but wouldn't you agree that entering an onramp with a car faster than a Bugatti you might have been not exactly at 60 mph? Not trolling, literally just a question. In the canyons, that car is regularly seen on video exceeding 65.
Not trying to flame or troll - I'd be really interested in a reasonable discussion! Looking forward to it :)


Let me fix my typos and clarify;
All due respect,
But those are drivers on race / rally courses, not on public roads, incorporating jumps and obstacles in pursuit of beating an opponent. How does this remotely relate to a crash of a car that is solely - solely - used for use on public roads where people aren't wearing safety equipment and are not regularly expected to risk their lives (or have someone next to them do that) in pursuit of a rush... Could it be that showing us the underlying issue? Why is there a race car (which is beautiful) wearing DOT slicks and which is regularly filmed doing high speed maneuvers on roads with motorcyclists, other cars, and cyclists, when it could result in crashes akin to the ones you have just shown us. I appreciate your need for a rush, but what of those who are put in danger so that you can achieve that rush? Should we be encouraging and covering this? It is a work of art, but it's a work of art purposely meant to do unlawful things. I like going fast as much as the next guy and am by no means a saint, but there is a spirited test of your cars cornering, and racing (even against yourself). Would you disagree?
To that end, I keep seeing that you say you were going 60 or 65, which amazingly is just at or slightly above the speed limit. I don't know anything about the accident, but wouldn't you agree that entering an onramp with a car faster than a Bugatti you might have been not exactly at 60 mph? That sounds a bit like when videos say "filmed in Mexico" for fear of law enforcement finding their video and seeing or determining exactly how fast they were going. Not trolling, literally just a question. In the canyons, as that car is regularly seen on video exceeding 65.
Not trying to flame or troll - I'd be really interested in a reasonable discussion! Looking forward to it. Have a nice day!


@TROLLS ROYCE Thats a Fiat X1/9 manufactured in 1972. It is smog exempt because of this. It has a GSXR-1000 engine and weighs in the neighborhood of 1000lbs. You could easily attach side mirrors and make it road legal. There is one that roams around the area I live in. It's pretty clear from this video that the cornering speed this car is capable of is tremendous. You can also fit the Honda K20 engine into this car and you will still weigh under 1400lbs. 

The Light Car Company Rocket is a single seater road legal car that weighs 800lbs and was designed by Gordon Murray. This is also a road legal car powered by a 1 liter motorcycle engine. There are plenty of cars out there that would give this 211 a run for it's money, especially on back roads where driver skill matters more once the car is built within a certain amount of spec. The Ronin 211 is a cool car, but it's not like theres nothing out there that will match it.


pmhkitchen But you are "trolling" or maybe you need to look up the definition....
Have a super sparkly day...Troll


I'm sorry - I thought "discussion boards" and "comment sections" were for both discussion and comment. My questions were either rhetorical and directed at the speedhunters community or were actual questions. I am trolling by saying something like "ford sucks chevy rocks" on a mustang post.
I think your car is beautiful. I have a great respect for your skills and I literally have been a huge fan of your work since the moment I saw it on mulholland. What a story! Two guys making not only a faster but also a prettier car than lotus or any other manufacturer could shake a stick at.
I guess my overall thrust is, I have regular cars that are quick for driving, and several track day cars I use for racing now in northern calif


Reihen roninrs211 It was the same for me when I randomly ran into him in the canyons, after shooting the car it became Speedhunters car of the year. I wonder if it's possible to win street car of the year twice?

Return of Troll King

pmhkitchen Don't bother. Ronin trolls too. He drives like an ass hat and is the canyon equivalent of guys who say "It only makes 800hp? I have 1000." They crop up in all aspects of the automotive world. A lot of guys won't even feature him anymore because he's been such a headache. A lot of older men who haven't really done much with their lives need this kind of unwavering attention and praise. At least he wished you a super sparkly day.


I walked into that - It is NOT like I'm trolling ford posts. Maybe I've got this all wrong and you never cross a yellow line and you were doing 65, in which case, my apologies. My intuition, however, is that you feel that street racing is awesome and therefore I'm just "hatin" and am a square. So be it.
Larry - you've driven in it - you felt like it would be appropriate for everyone to drive the way you were driven on streets every day? Didn't ever feel like your safety or the safety of other motorists (who might come across a crash, in case your response is "my safety is my business") was in danger? If I have it wrong then I'll go back in my cave. Awesome feature, awesome car. Wish the owner would leave the racing to the track and hopefully everyone who says negative things about him is wrong about his attitude. I kinda just got the feeling one gets when you find out your favorite musician or sports player is actually a total dick in real life. Or, to put it in racing terms - why can't every featured builder or racer be a little Mark Webber and a little less Schumacher?
I am gonna go watch some more rally crashes and give the logic some more thought....


Even "hatin" on speedhunters!


2xthefun shiftyXTI Adamlstr Ya got that right. I've since changed tire brand due to the V710 /345 no longer being imported.
I'm now running the BFG g-force R1S and I gotta say these stick so much better than the V710 .
Lemons to Lemonade ;-)


pmhkitchen I'm going to answer this and if you feel it's not enough a response then continue to troll on and be ignored by me.....

I never cross the centerline unless it is to make a safe pass with a wave on by the slower vehicle ...Period
I never street race since that's for Aholes with ego issues.
I don't time myself or do I care how fast I drive from one point to another.
I always drive according to road conditions and I never exceed my abilities..
I have not had any tickets of any sort in the last 10 yrs.
The one and only accident I ever had in 45 yrs of driving was being hit by the Porsche on the Hwy. 

The rally crash video is to show the fools that "race/drift" in the canyons that real shit does happen when you drive like an ass... I couldn't give a shit if someone is a faster driver or has a faster car. It means nothing to me...
Try a bit harder to not post like a troll if you want respect...
I hope that cave is heated


Well, then honest apologies for being presumptuous. I'm glad the owner of one of my favorite cars had a cogent and truthful response - progress in Internet land. Thanks for responding, I think it makes the whole scene and website more interesting. I've been reading your site at lotustalk and the build quality really is amazing. Apologies if I jumped on what I took to be a weak analogy and made assumptions based on Internet talk. Good luck to you and your continued work ; it is really fun to witness. And to your last point - no, my cave isn't heated, unfortunately - took out the heater and A/C to save weight - I'm sure you can appreciate that :)


pmhkitchen All is forgiven.... Ever since the car was noticed by the press I've had to deal with the haters and trolls.. It get's old and pisses me off..

I just wish the title read "Mad old git builds his own car"...[and drives the shit out of it]


Hey Ronin i'm from Australia and I saw your car last year when it was painted white, I took a bunch of photos and hung around until you blasted off. Ignore the haters, end of the day your doing what you love, you passionate and you've built an amazing car.


loslogo Thanks dude....what haters, they just make me famous :-)


yunusjambangs i dont remember it not having a roof?


Gareth36 Thanks man, but no luck so far :/


I think you guys might like the sound of this..... turn it up


I'm surprised they still use the Toyota engine , I thought they would have dropped a 1000hp LS engine in it by now .


roninrs211 pmhkitchen Yes, you've certainly educated us with your great wisdom about "the canyons" and what can go wrong with them when you drive like an idiot. I suppose the best advice comes from those who have experience. No wonder you chopped the roof off, a lot easier to spot those pesky 911s now. Cheers.


RDS Why ?


syed_yasin yeaaaap the latest version of it. Am ultimate racecar already now do


syed_yasin jap not sure which one but i think I've seen it hahaha. But i love how the old guy setup the lotus do.


syed_yasin it's like the ultimate homebuild machine siot.


@yunusjambangs syed_yasin I like this kid...old guy...why ya :-)


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roninrs211 loslogo The ones who laughed you off the Pelican Board.


RDS It's called an Ultima GTR


TrurlConstructor RDS The difference between that car and this car is they aren't afraid to track the Ultima and actually beat records. They didn't build the GTR 720 just to run their mouths. The speeds Ronin goes could be achieved with half the power. Because remember....he doesn't "race" the car even though there is a video of him doing over 100mph on public roads and passing in the oncoming traffic lane.The Ultima is a car for people who want to go fast. The Ronin exige / 211 is for people who want to jerk off to a spec sheet while they get passed by people who actually drive.


roninrs211 ,
I think it is because LS-swap is quite mainstream nowadays ? Haha


TrurlConstructor ,
Without roof , it should be Ultima Spyder or Ultima Can-Am , haha


RDS roninrs211 Dude there is nothing mainstream about this car....
Here is a pic of my buddy's GTR with his mainstream LS setup.


roninrs211 ,
When I saw your word of "GTR" , I only thought about Nissan & forget Ultima exist ... haha ... Ultima GTR with LS setup , pretty much at home , since Ultima GTR already come with Chevrolet V8 . :P

Indeed there is nothing mainstream about this car ... I meant , it's currently full on rework , looks amazing , I don't like it , but that's not important , it is still epic .


RDS roninrs211 It's cool as long as I do, that's what matters..  

Here's a low 27 psi. dyno pull..


roninrs211 ,
"low 27 psi" with that result ... that's epic !


roninrs211 RDS For a car built for the canyons this is actually pretty unimpressive. You've built a completely peaky car (@ 27 psi) where your mid range sees a huge spike which explains why you drive the car the way you do: scared. You would actually be faster if you flattened the torque, but you're God's gift to the canyons so you know this which is why you lower your boost pressure when you actually drive and raise it when you want to show off on the internet to kids who don't know any better. I would ask you to move out of the way if we flash our lights at you, but since you're too scared to go at night I won't. 

- Any Night From Dusk Till Dawn -




God this guy is nauseating to listen to on his site. He's gloating around like he's won 20 national titles. I've met a lot of people in the auto industry in the last 20 years, but no one as insecure as this guy. If he was any more of a diva the Kardashians would have to relinquish the throne. What a loser.


The real ronin Rs211 story coming soon.....
Great photos by Larry Chen..

Yo trolls show me what you've built.... :-)


roninlotus211 Show you what we've built? How about we show you how out driven you are in lesser equipment before you even worry about competing with another man's creation? Piuma to the last hairpin in 5 minutes you average 60mph. That's a joke. You're an amateur behind the wheel and even worse when it comes to understanding how aero works. Ever wonder how many real race engineers are laughing at your build and your "blown diffusor" behind your back? 

Keep finding refuge where you can, you provide a great source of entertainment for all of us. 

-Any Night From Dusk Till Dawn-


It seems the troll following me around is this guy Chris Hurst....
This is the chump....


@MRA roninlotus211 Chris Hurst, troll boy tell us all how super sparkly you are again in your Miata.

Ace The Snake..dude you are such a looser troll... :-)


Hey man, you re doing what should be done, awesome car!  Feeling the car, the response of throttle, rotational forces, powerband, all customized to your own satisfaction!  Totally the way we all figure things out, everything has it's sacrifices, especially in performance!  Your nice and smooth, is someone else's too slow.  Forget the haters, keep finding new edges!  Freedom of expression, no boundaries, you only live once!  The way this car was built, inspires me to keep going on my own quest for quick, useable power!!!  Power is only good if you can use it, forget the dyno number headlines, go by the seat of your pants, be the ball!:-):-):-):-)


Lol - wake and bake?

144 free....die faster!.....oh wait....dude!

145 free...die faster!......oh yeah wait one more thing.....dude!


namubros I just post dyno numbers for the haters that say it's not.. I use the dyno as a tool nothing more..
Fact is my just crusin nice and smooth is really faster than most have ever been, ask Larry Chen..

Glad to hear you like the car..


So much horsepower when you hit that rock wall. Good thing your active aero was there to help you.






Check out a new video I just did on the car and turn up the sound.


Hi Ronin, do you mind sharing the color (code?) of the car, I LOVE it!


@cmastor The grey is Ferrari  Grigio Medio.... but it is now Audi Brilliant Red...


roninrs211 OMG, I LOVE it even more in red!!  gorgeous..


cmastor roninrs211 Thanks, I should have done this from the beginning ...


cmastor roninrs211


Some people went on to race with legends while your blood pressure was sky rocketing. You've been long forgotten while a new chapter has been written in Mulholland's history. Your video was the only video to be removed from Jay's site for the record.


Dude who cares about racing assholes on Mulholland and your ego, I couldn't give a shit.
I asked Jay to remove it from YouTube due to all the jack off trolls.... It can be seen on the NBC website Jay Leno's Garage ....someone said they don't like me


Karmas a bitch eh Frankie? 3rd times the charm. Maybe the next one will be your last. Remember, Mul cam be hairy and her food source is ego. Tone it down before your dumb ass gets killed. We cant laugh if you die.


Lulz not talking about racing. This little tin scrap is all you have. #libtard


This idiot wrecked again. Apparently this time a truck was to blame for going over the double yellow line as clearly evident in these pictures that have been removed from social media. Looks like he has a wide open lane...or maybe his reaction times and ability are what we all expected in the 1st place. lmao.




"You’re probably thinking that this car would make for an absolutely wicked track weapon, but Frank actually has no interest in lap times or other performance figures. Instead, he uses the Lotus exclusively for sunny weather weekend drives in the hills. "

He's scared of the track because he's a little bitch.


What a moron the roll bar will crush his head if he crashes.

Baron von Rouger

Frank always says never cross the double yellow. Be like Frank. Honest. Trust worthy. Courteous to other drivers.

Baron von Rouger

Don't be like Frank kids. Always stay on your side of the road!

Jayce Deguzman Crisostomo

Really wished the tradition of the turbocharged and supercharged combo in this car was back.