Defining Function:</br> BSK’s Type015 Orange Exige

It’s not often that I concentrate on just one shop when hunting out spotlight features at an event, but at the recent Lotus Day at Fuji Speedway, BSK Performance made it very difficult for me to do otherwise – and you’ll soon see why.

The other two BSK (Bodyshop Kobayashi) cars I’ll be showing you next week have both been built around engine swaps, but the Lotus I’m going to kick things off with – BSK’s Exige-based ‘Type015 Orange’ – still uses the 1.8-litre Toyota-sourced 2ZZ-GE it was originally specified with.


That doesn’t make it any less interesting though. In fact, it’s even more impressive, as the work that has gone into this shop demo car is unlike anything I’ve ever seen the Exige chassis exposed to. Quite simply, if someone showed up at a Lotus tuner with a road-going car and requested to have it transformed into an all-out race car, this would be the result.


And that’s exactly what you are seeing here. This is bonkers-fast, not because it has a powerful naturally aspirated engine bolted in the back of its aluminium tub, but because every component has been designed and developed to maximise the car’s performance. It’s as true to Colin Chapman’s original philosophy for his cars as I’ve ever seen, all pulled together with some unique Japanese flair.


I had the perfect opportunity to grab some detail shots of the car while it was parked up in the paddock, cooling down after a few spirited laps around Fuji. The Exige runs BSK’s Type015 wide front cowl with integrated carbon front diffuser all held in place by their own racing-grade latches.


The sides are pumped and flared too, with a carbon fiber underfloor that sticks out to meet the skirts. But it’s the sheer width of the rear cowl that sets the stance of the car apart from any other Exige we’ve ever seen.


You don’t realise how wide it is until you look at the Exige from the back. If the rear design and exhaust outlet reminds you of another British car, it’s not by chance. The McLaren MP4-12C inspired rear section is a great touch, but I wonder how many people would actually notice it with the massive rear carbon GT wing and extended diffuser taking center stage?!


Later in the day the car had its BSK louvered engine cover removed, so I finally had a chance to check out the motor.


The 1.8-litre 2ZZ-GE has been fully reworked and now features a fully-bespoke forged and balanced bottom end, and a ported and polished head with high-lift/long-duration Piper cams. BSK even made the big carbon intake to feed the mid-mounted motor, and can also puts its name to the titanium center-exit exhaust. A MoTeC M400 engine management system is at the heart of the setup, and subsequent tuning has revealed 245hp at 8,000rpm.


The engine sends drive to the rear wheels via a Sadev sequential transmission and LSD. You can see the massive billet shifter in the cabin that allows the driver to machine-gun through the gears. The cabin is all about performance, and whatever little equipment the car had stock from Lotus has been removed. There’s now a custom rollcage, Kevlar seat, carbon dashboard and to finish things off – a MoTeC C125 data logger unit.

This build is defined by function in every possible way and has just been added onto my ever-expanding ‘must-feature’ list. Stay tuned for more Lotus goodness from BSK Performance…

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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The average guy

this car has such an innocent face..


that seat is insane!


Thdonny thing I have to complain about is that I don't own it


*if* I had unlimited disposable income this would be at the top of my list.  What a car!  The first thing that jumped out at me was the MASSIVE skirts/side sills you have to get over to actually get in the car!  That has got to be a challenge for those of us with larger dimensions.

I could pretty much rant forever about this Lotus--the stance, the well executed aero, the color, the wheels. I love it all!


245hp at 8,000rpm is from NA or SuperCharged ?


NA. It's impressive.






God, looking out my window in the office to look upon some MP4-12C GT3 cars its like someone has taken a photo into BSK and said "I want one of these please". It's even in the same Papaya Orange as a McLaren.

Incredible build. Dino please do a full feature if you can, it's one of the best builds I've seen on here that deserves one.

The average guy

by the way, how hard is it to drive this thing? midships can be tricky, especially with tuned power


NO MOTEC System exhaust?! This thing is NUTS!


E P I C !

Chris Nuggets

Thank you, thank you, thank you Dino for FINALLY spotlighting some of the rarest and finest offerings from these quirky Japanese Lotus tuners! I look forward to the BSK EJ20 swap car as well... it'll be tough to pick my favorite between them.

I've seen this car in its 2014 spec on their website (shown here but it's nice to see it's being continually developed, with an even bigger wing and side skirts now!

Having a BSK engine cover on my car, I know how well crafted (but EXPENSIVE) these JDM Lotus aftermarket parts are... and can only imagine the cost of that rear clamshell...


Taryn Croucher Pretty sure that said it all.


Must see/hear.


Chris Nuggets No problem, it was a bout time right? Car deserves a proper feature though...


GregoryS :)


ra64freddy! What is that?


@Sherlock It shall be done!


silveradotx Taryn Croucher LOL


RDS NA, look at the engine bay shot


zephoto It's all about throwing your ass over the sill, then the legs will follow lol


The average guy It all depends on how it's been set up. Might be a bit twitchy on the limit, but then again some drivers like that for adjustability


speedhunters_dino ra64freddy!

A Fast and the Furious quote. Made me chuckle. :)


Woah , that's an impressive number for 1.8L !


the car was very good 
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