A Bug That’s Armed For Battle

Volkswagen owners have a thing for accessories. Head to a VW show and you’re bound to see Bugs and Buses fitted with all sorts of roof racks, vintage luggage, air conditioning units and more. And while I certainly understand the appeal, I’ve always liked it better when the cars speak for themselves.


But with that said, at last weekend’s VW Spring Fling I came across a car that has taken accessorizing to the next level. It also happened to be pretty damn cool, and that’s why I decided a quick spotlight feature was in order.


It’s a ’66 Beetle owned by Joaquin Jimenez of Fresno’s Rat Bastards Car Club, and as you can see, this Volkswagen has taken the old school military theme to new heights.


Even without all of the accessories, Joaquin’s Bug is an eye-catching machine. That’s thanks mainly to its dumped stance and deep-lipped Fuchs wheels cambered into the fenders.


He’s also added a single-wheel trailer painted in the same shade of weathered tan which makes the Bug look like it’s heading off on a mission across a barren landscape.


There are lights, mirrors and racks everywhere, and all have enough patina to match the theme of the car itself.


The roof rack is filled with military surplus containers, and the rear rack holds sleeping bags and other supplies needed on the front lines – or just for a weekend camp session.


Inside you’ll find a couple of old flying helmets, a shift knob that nearly touches the roof and a gas mask hanging off the rear-view mirror.


One of things I love about the VW scene is the sense of fun and creativity that comes with a lot of the cars, and I think Joaquin’s Beetle has both of those in spades.

Of course, he might want to check his body clearance before heading out to the battlefield though…

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike



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yo i thought the gas mask was apart of the shifter

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

I know I'll have people hating me on this comment, but this is just too try hard.


I'd rather have the T1 next to it...


Cheap car, terribly forced patina/scratching on the paint, overdone, mishmash, bad style, just no. Compare this to the Tomkat S13 or Yuta's old Z, those cars show definite vision. This looks like a 20% effort.


Chris 'Haffy' Hafner first thing I thought.


That windshield visor really sets it apart. Nice touch. Truck mirrors never looked so good lol. Is that a siren on the front!?


What is a good resource for finding all these awesome events in Northern California?



Ummmm, more like an army of the goose-stepping variety.


D1RGE EXE  The Tomkat S13 was pushing it too.  Kinda strained, honestly...
Not to mention the paint covered engine bay of that car was nightmare worthy! 
Yet, it was massively popular.  Yet, it was massively popular?

My brain hurts...I may be having a stroke now.



Chris 'Haffy' Hafner  YESSSSSSSS, only your hatred can destroy me!!!

If people hate you for having an opinion, that's their problem. 


Chris 'Haffy' Hafner Yeah, this just strikes me as an exercise in forced trendiness.  Patina is not spraying a car and then carefully sanding it off down to the original color in carefully selected spots...


Well, I like it.


I genuinely like this car and what he's done...but don't in any way think it's feature worthy. Kinda like how you really dig a chic and the two of you hook up on the regular, but in no way would you brag about your relationship, nor tell her it's anything other than what it is...?

Yeah, that's it...cool, but so what?

That said; keep it up SpeedHunters! Frankly these kinda finds are what yall do best. I may not see it worthy, but I'm sure it will inspire or at the least provoke others to do better.


Just Enjoy!


H8rs Driving around in there prius cause it gets good gas mileage wishing they owned something half as cool at the end of the day. Good job Speed Hunter for finding this work of art and featuring it. Not feature car worthy? Lol yeah OK


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Cant find the owner on Facebook.... Whant to ask him some things