Project EcoBoost: TE37 Everything
The Joy Of Wheels

Wheels are awesome. So awesome in fact, that if you’re anything like me you’ve probably spent almost as much time thinking about wheels as cars themselves.

Well before I even picked up my 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost project car, I was scheming and making crappy Photoshop renderings to try and figure out what sort of wheels would look best on it.

Ecoboost-Mustang-Project-5 copy

As I’ve covered in my past project car updates, the EcoBoost version of the Mustang is really a whole new entity. It’s part iconic American Pony Car and part European/Japanese-esque turbocharged sports coupe. I even wrote about how in some ways the Mustang EcoBoost can be seen as an

American version of the Nissan Silvia.

With that in mind – and considering that I’m still a huge geek for Japanese car culture – I thought a set of Japanese-made wheels would be the perfect way to give Project EcoBoost some unique flavor.

Ecoboost-Mustang-Project-9-2 copy

And when it comes to Japanese wheels, there’s really no model more iconic than the Volk Racing TE37. From the moment the idea of picking up a new Mustang crossed my mind, I had visions of bronze-colored TE37s filling the fenders. So almost immediately after taking delivery of my Mustang in January, I wanted to get in touch with our partners at RAYS Wheels to see if they’d be interested in supplying some forged Japanese goodness for this project.

Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-8 copy

Once I learned that RAYS was happy to be onboard with my plan, I was ecstatic, but then came the difficult task of figuring out exactly which wheel and size would be best suited for this car. The factory wheels on the EcoBoost Mustang with Performance Package are 19 inches in diameter, and research told me that stepping up one size to a 20-inch wheel could easily be done. Once upon a time the notion of a Mustang with 20s would, to me, be out of place everywhere except a rap music video, but today it’s a common wheel size for a number of performance cars. Oh how things have changed!

Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-2 copy

It’s only recently that the TE37 has become available in a 20-inch size – and that’s all thanks to the introduction of the new TE37 Ultra last year. While the 20-inch-only TE37 Ultras were originally designed for use on the Nissan GT-R, they’ve also become available in fitments for other cars, and I was pleased to find RAYS offering sizes that I thought would work perfect on my Mustang.

Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-7 copy

After finalizing the sizes and color I waited patiently for the wheels to arrive from Japan, and on the day the UPS guy showed up carrying these four boxes I had the same level of excitement as when I picked up the car itself. Of course, before I could actually put them on the car, I’d also need to find some tires to go with them.

Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-11 copy

That’s where our friends at Nitto Tire come in. After looking through Nitto’s line-up and size offerings, it seemed that the Invo would deliver a good balance of grip, comfort and longevity for my daily driver Mustang.

Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-10 copy

I was tempted to go with the grippier NT05 tire, but swapping over to those can always be done should the car start hitting more track days. For now, the Nitto Invos seem to be well-suited to the car’s power and grip level in street driving. And how about that tread pattern?

Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-12 copy

When I was choosing the specific sizes for the TE37 Ultras, I had a few different options. The majority of Mustang owners opt for a staggered setup with wider rear wheels to fit as much tire as the fender will hold. But I liked the idea of going with a square setup with identically sized wheels and tires on each corner.

Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37 copy

Even with performance upgrades I didn’t think the 2.3-liter engine would need steam roller tires to put its power down, and I also favored the more balanced handling characteristics that a square setup gives. Each of the wheels measure 20×10-inch with an offset of +30, and while that’s slightly more aggressive than the recommended fitment, I felt this size could be pulled off without looking awkward. In this particular size the TE37 Ultra also comes with the ‘Face 3′ design, which to me gives the spokes the perfect amount of concavity.

Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-3 copy

My cat also seems to approve of the wheel design, along with the RAYS classic bronze color. I considered going with the matte blue gunmetal, but in the end I thought traditional bronze was the ideal color for the TE37. Also of note is that in this size each wheel weighs in at 24lbs – not bad for a 20×10-inch!

Made In Japan
Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-9 copy

Once I had the wheels and tires, I loaded them in my brother’s truck and took them to the local tire shop so they could finally be mounted and balanced.

Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-13 copy

It’s always a little scary watching someone mount tires on your brand new wheels and hoping nothing goes wrong, but once you find a tire shop you can trust it becomes a lot easier.

Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-15 copy

Before I knew it the TE37 Ultras were fitted with the Nittos and it was time to put them on the car.

Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-21 copy

But before that I wanted to see the weight differences between the factory wheels and tires and the new setup.

Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-16 copy

While the factory 19×9-inch Ford wheels and 255/40R19 tires are actually lighter than many OEM setups, I still hoped there’d be some decent weight savings between these and the TE37 Ultras.

Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-6 copytr

As you can see, the stock and wheel and tire combo weighed in at 59.6lbs.

Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-20 copy

As for the new ones: 54.6lbs each. That’s five pounds of unsprung weight removed from each corner, which is even more impressive considering the new wheels and and tires are significantly larger than the stock stuff.

Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-22 copy

Once that was done, it was time to bust out my new set of Gorilla lug nuts and locks and see what these iconic Japanese wheels would look like on my iconic American Pony Car.

Dat Fitment Tho
Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-31 copy

Boom! First up the fitment. While the 20×10-inch +30 size in the front and rear is slightly more aggressive than most of the Mustang setups I’ve seen, I’m quite pleased with how the wheels fit. There’s no sunken feeling, nor is there much ‘poke’. To me it’s perfect – and just different enough to stand out without looking strange.

Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-37 copy

One thing that’s a bit unusual about the S550 Mustang chassis is the rear fitment in relation to the front. Despite the fact the wheels and tires are the same size all around, the rears actually look a bit wider due to an increased track width.

Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-32 copy

The tires measure 275/35R20 all around and to me this sizing makes for a perfect middle ground between thick and meaty and thin and stretched. It’s all about balance.

Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-33 copy

Because the car is still running the stock suspension, I was more than a little worried about the how the new wheels would look with the factory ride height. But it looks surprisingly good considering the car isn’t lowered. That said, I’m still very much looking forward to dropping her down once the parts arrive.

Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-41 copy

I was also curious to see what kind of difference I’d feel while driving the car. 20 pounds of unsprung weight savings might not sound like much, but it’s immediately noticeable in terms of steering feel and response. Overall, the car feels lighter on its feet, and while I’ve yet to really push it, the added grip of the 275 Nittos on each corner is noticeable even during moderately spirited driving. I’m certainly looking forward to my next expedition into the hills!

Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-25 copy

And how about the color? Well, not only do the bronze TE37s give the car an unmistakably Japanese look, they match up great with the Ingot Silver bodywork. It actually reminds me of some of the Camaros and Corvettes I’ve seen at Japanese track days wearing bronze TE37s.

Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-30 copy

While I’m personally in love with the new look, I was curious to know what others thought about it. From what I’ve gathered so far, the reaction has been positive. It’s certainly not the expected look from a Mustang, but at the same time it’s not so different that it feels wrong or unnatural. I guess many of those things could also be said for the turbocharged four cylinder Mustang itself.

Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-39 copy

Of course, I’m also looking forward to hearing what you guys think about the new setup. Personally I feel like it’s one of the most satisfying upgrades I’ve ever done to one of my cars.

So there you have it, a bit of Japanese style and quality for the new globally-minded Mustang. Stay tuned to to see what’s next for Project EcoBoost.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike

Cutting Room Floor
Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-4 copy
Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-5 copy
Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-17 copy
Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-24 copy
Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-26 copy
Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-29 copy
Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-35 copy
Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-38 copy
Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-40 copy
Mustang-Ecoboost-TE37-42 copy


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Fixthe Fernback

Stop. My penis can only get so erect.


I really wish they had brought back the SVO badge for this car.  Looks killer either way.


Bronze looks perfect against the Silver.
Great Job!


Oh yes. Looks good...


Cool rim choice mike. I will say eco boost mustangs have been receiving a ton of attention lately just the other day i saw a goy with a single turbo swap on his four banger. Cant wait for the next article and great job!!!


you need to throw some black into it to brake up all that gray but keep it subtle


I would have gone Gunmetal personally, but the Bronze looks alright too. If it was blue, bronze all the way! Not that I could afford those wheels anyhow haha. Can't wait for the next installment, I'll hopefully be getting a 2016 and your posts are great for ideas!


Just an FYI, the presentation mode for this article is broken.


ATTENTION SPEED HUNTERS!!!! I was going through jam ads as usual and i found a amazing site called car on track were they have jam rides straight from the mother land at cheap prices and with the site it has a help board that will do part of the process for you on importation I found a NSX for example lightly modified for about 25k and a r34 for even cheaper!!! Also don't forget the supras go quick and feast your eyes on these bad boys!!! heres a link below and a pic of that nsx


Perfect wheel and color choice but they should have been 19s imho


TE37's really do look good on anything. Can't wait to see this lowered!


Geez Mike -- -- $5000 worth of rims,,,,  $6000 with tires,,, really???? -- -- (I'm thinking here with my wallet) there are so many other places, mainly in the performance area, that I would be throwing $6K at (like buying the GT instead) !!!!!!!!

My pointed little head is saying to me that there's not that much improvement (looks or performance) over the black stockers to justify $6K, .....

But it they are giving them away,,,, please feel free to send me a set in Porsche bolt pattern for my Ghia,, Just saying...


LOVE IT! Waiting for it to be lowered. CE28Ns would look great too, imho. Good taste man!


Amazing. When you said 20's I was a little iffy..but they look great. With a slight drop the wheel/tire combo will look even better. But theres nothing wrong with wheel gap when it's functional.


I've been eagerly waiting for this update! Those look fantastic!
They look great at stock height, but with even a tiny bit of lowering they'll really pop.
I'm not normally a silver fan, but the s550 really wears the ingot silver nicely. The bronze further highlights the colour.
Well done.


@Fixthe Fernback I see your Archer reference.


There isn't a single car on earth that can't be improved with TE37s. Nice work, Mike!


The TE37s are perfect fit to the 'Stang! Can't wait to see the car lowered!



Looks good Mike and no doubt it will only get better with a little drop. Personally I would have gone for a higher offset, something like a +40 would have been perfect, but I'm really just splitting hairs. I also love a good tread pattern and those look pretty awesome, shame we don't get Nitto here in the UK.


@Fiatdude +1... much as I love the TE37 (and they look great - can't wait to see it after suspension mods), the cost/benefit just isn't there for me. 

I'd be pretty shocked if he paid retail. e.g. "I wanted to get in touch with our partners at RAYS Wheels"


having a sponsor wont hurt either.


Paddy McGrath Yes! Especially the classics. There are rumours that Ralph has already ordered a set for his Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic.


get a carbon hood now


slap TE37s on any car = always looking awesome
talking about the drop, I would actually just drop it by an inch or 1.5, I thiink it will looks perfectly fine then


"I was also curious to see what kind of difference I’d feel while driving the car. 20 pounds of unsprung weight savings might not sound like much, but it’s immediately noticeable in terms of steering feel and response. "



Now it just needs a proper suspension.


@Fiatdude  I'm going to bet that there will be clearance/rubbing issues when you drop this 'stang -- the stockers tucked up nicely under the fender lip -- these new ones, wider and the offset ,,, nope -- gonna rub


What do I think? I think Nissan needs to build the S16...


From one S550 owner to another, your car looks GORGEOUS. Wish I could've gone this route for my car, but Volks were way out of my price range :/ Can't wait for the next update.


EvolveWRC I was thinking the same thing


I dig it... I'd consider powdercoating the calipers a different color though, but the fitment and look is totally on point. Will look even better with more low. Good job!


I dig too! Speaks to the overall unique approach you are taking on this car. Definitely will look nice when you get the suspension set up changed. Always looking forward to the next update on this project.


Don't lower it. It looks perfect


Looks good. Enjoying following the build. Well done.


Good choices - looks good.  I don't think I would lower.  How is your front tire-to-fender clearance when cornering over a bump or dip?


@RonMen No rubbing at all right now. Seems to be enough room for a modest drop - not sure about slammage :)


TheWedgeShop Thanks much!


matthewyaa Thanks Matthew!


@Allen S A brake upgrade is actually one of the next things in the works :)


BrienHenry Thanks a lot!


Luka024 That would be fantastic.


EvolveWRC It's a comin'!


jdmRob Yeah it doesn't need much. Just enough to get rid of the modest wheel gap that's there.


Robo_No1 I was originally planning on getting the +40s, but I'm quite happy with the fitment on these.


SeBaBunea Thanks!


Paddy McGrath That is the truth. Thanks buddy!


SN95 Lover Agreed, silver wasn't even one of the original colors I was considering but once I saw it seemed to work so well with the S550 lines.


@SW1 Thanks. Stay tuned!


thankins Yes, we are extremely happy to have Rays on board as a partner, but I still think of you are going to spend a lot of money it's hard to do much better than a nice set of wheels. Not only do they completely transform the look of the car, but a quality wheel will generally hold its value quite well should you ever change things up.


musgravecycles Nothing wrong with 19s, though I prefer the design of the Ultra rather than the 19" TE37 myself.


skylinersx Glad I could inspire you a bit!


joabotman Agreed. Adding a bit of contrast to the exterior is on the to-do list.


ra64freddy! Thanks man!


slammmmmm it, and get rocket bunny to design a front lip for you.


20s!!!! Rolling dubs, popping corks, burning rubbah!!
It sounds horrible to me 10 years ago but it looks great today Mike.


Wow, just wow. As a fan of Japanese car culture these are by far my favorite rims of all time. They look SOOOOOO GOOOOOD on the mustang!!! It has the perfect muscle/tuner look, and the colour is perfectly matched (Good colour choice on the 'stang too).


Speedyquest Seems to be working now.


As an ex-Silvia owner and general JDM guy, that looks great!  I was going to suggest Longchamps XR4s as the classic S-body wheel, but I don't think they come anywhere near big enough.

The reason that 20" wheels used to look stupid, and now look great, is that in the old days people would have to fit stupidly low profile tyres to jam 'dubs' into wheelarches designed for 15"ers.  Now that arches are bigger because factory wheels are so large, you can have a 20" wheel with a sensible amount of sidewall - so the proportions (tyre/sidewall/gap/arch) are perfect.  It's not the absolute size that matters, it's the proportions.

Anyway great move, will look forward to the next update.


Tires that fit the rims. What a concept. Love the way they look on that body. Makes me want a Mustang.


Well done, they look awesome. Been in love with the TE37 for many years and had always wanted a set for my old 180sx. Never really imagined they would suit anything but a Japanese car/style but they look really good on the 'Stang.


I think a 20in wheel is still to large for the car, but that color is not sitting well.


It's interesting to see the development from Rays in the finish of their wheels. It wasn't that long ago that TE37's had a sticker on them to display they were from Rays.


I'm impressed with the color choice and also the size works really well with the larger body of the mustang.

I'm a fan of big meaty sidewalls usually and I'm finding that the look and finish of 20x10 goes really well on your mustang.

It reminds me a bit of a genesis with those wheels on it.


The stance looks great in stock form with your wheel/tire combo. I am not a fan on 20' rims but wouldn't have known those were that big with out being told. Your Mustang is coming along nicely. Looks very drivable right now hope you aren't lowering it to track only use.


Dat Fitment Tho......hahahahahah that chapter title was hilarious. 

Mike your mustang is looking great! Can't ever really go wrong with a set of TE's.


Excellent choice.  It's refreshing to see something outside of the ordinary on the S550.  Personally, I went with some Rays Gram Lights for my Ecoboost.  It seem's as if most guys are doing the same thing, it's nice to see someone else think outside of the box.


Looks good!


Looks bad@SS!


She's a beauty!


Looks great. But I almost feel like you took the easy route lol. TE37s look great on pretty much anything you put them on! They are a universally sexy wheel.


Nissan.. Please bring back the Silvia


Where'd you pick up the little ding on the rear right? :(


Looks good to me, I like the tires. The car looks high but mainly because we are used to see slammed cars all the time, I wouldn't care too much. Wonder what the stock rims would look like in another color....LOL don't throw them away!


Needs moar lowz!!!


Love the fitment, but would maintain the black look.


Nice Rota's


what a waste of metal .


A little drop, front and rear diffusor and a ducktail. That would make one mean car.


Any decent UK distributors for Volk?
I'm after TE37SL in 18 x 9.5 +40mm for an RX8 R3.


Mike Garrett jdmRob agree. maybe even half an inch is enough. just a little bit.
damnn this is just sooooo gooood Mike!!!! The TE's really brings Japanese feel to the 'Stang


Looks OK, wheel choice seems pretty much standard for SH now.. Im sure there are better wheels that suit the mustang more or that would add something a little different to it. It seems the TE37 is a default wheel. Just like everything in the UK is on Rota Grids.


Lower it! Any further plan on weight reduction?


with TE37s, everything is awesome (tm) hahahaha.  just a question though - no rubbing on the rear fenders?


I dont like fords and i dont like your mustang....i mean its ok but i wouldn't drive it or anything...for long... Tell anyone and i will find you.....=P


smdandb2 love the look of this, just so right


Mike Garrett Luka024 Maybe it's the wheels but the new 'Stang just has a very Japanese feel to it. The Ecoboost lends a lot to that personality as well.


Liking the look, looks better from some angles than others but i think it's the ride height throwing me, can't wait to see it after a modest drop


20"?! Wow. I'm surprised such a large wheels looks so at home in those wheel wells. I would've still gone smaller, but besides that the Volk TE is a timeless wheel that can pretty much make any vehicle look great, not to mention serious engineering and strength. Besides that, a whole article about mounting the tires and wheels? Was it necessary? Maybe to you though considering the first statement. Thumbs up!


good start! congrats!


ok ok.. that was waaaaay too many pics of wheels and tires... whoa.. saved 5 lbs!


The age of domestic imports has begun...


Stuntdrvr Well that's what this story was about so...yeah. And it saved 20lbs of unsprung weight total which is not insignificant


rkd350z Yep! Looking forward to seeing how that comes out.


TheRace Thanks! And don't worry, there have been lots of articles just about wheels and tires in the history of SH.


TatendaJinyaZ32 Me too!


nugundam93 No rubbing at all right now, even with a few people in the car.


rally2727 I'd like to trim some more weight, but will have to see what's realistic considering it's a daily driver.


Jason Hardy Not too standard on a Mustang ya know.


OJKD All in the works!


koko san Don't worry, will keep the stock wheels/tires around for the inevitable drift session.


MilesHayler Good question actually. But it seems like some idiot hit it with a shopping cart or something. Such is the pain of a daily driver.


MrTanuki Agreed.


meal stub Thanks!


smdandb2 Nice. Love this!


Corbin LOL, was wondering if anyone would catch that.


hypodermic Thanks!


curtisjennings Thanks much!


Brocky_X Yeah the Ultras actually have etching, which I think you can see in the photos.


@Tom Westmacott Thanks. And yes it would be cool to try some 17s or something with big fat sidewalls sometime, though brake clearance might become an issue.


jameskovolenus Thanks a lot!


AM81 Haha. Thanks!


Mike Garrett MilesHayler That sucks! Especially so soon!


If you ever want to test out figment go to there are a lot of cars and wheels. Endless possibilities.


smdandb2 AWESOME wheel choice! They match the overall styling and character of the car perfectly.

I feel that too often, aftermarket wheels are picked with next to no consideration of the actual visual character of the vehicle they are installed on. These are dead on. Almost 'OEM plus' in the overall enhancement of your car.


Mike Garrett MrTanuki Looks great though man, keep it up. Nothing wrong with different region wheels on a car. Thats like saying BBS should only be on euro cars. I think Ronals look great on certain Japanese cars. People just like to bash shit for no reason. The same people probably forget American Racing wheels were the wheel of choice for MGB and Datsun racers back in the day.


Mike Garrett rally2727 as for downforce/style you should put an angular carbon lip/splitter and a ductail spoiler integrated into the trunk (boot) lid.




Mike, I love the look. Always a good thing to be a bit different. Also, most of your shots look like they'd make good wallpapers! Downloading now...


At first i was like no, that's just not right. But by the time I finished reading the look had started get better.  Can't wait to see it low!


I can't wait to see it sitting pretty... what route did you go to address the suspension? Or are you teasing us with the next feature??? Looks goood. I see a Ford dealership too and from work everyday and I'm thinking of ditching my Acura for a Ford. I can't wait for the next feature. I like where this is headed.


LavarBowers it's this mustang and the new focus that's coming out.... this will probably be my first American car I purchase. I said it.


Mike Garrett You have me counting the days till I can get one here in Aus.
Love the Look of the TE37's Im thinking Shiny Black Chrome RPF1's on a white Mustang will look the Business.


JDM styled American muscle!


TE37s?  This is my shocked face :|
I'm just giving you crap, they do look good!  I'm even more impressed by the weight savings.  I'm glad you're enjoying Mustang life!
Please, please, please don't put it on bags or slam it.  I'm begging you.  It's becoming a trend in the Mustang community and it really strikes me as strange.  It works on a number of cars, but a Mustang with just the right fitment looks way better than something that is slammed.
Here's my S197.  It's not perfect, but I wouldn't change it at all (so I guess it's perfect for me, and I apologize because I am no photographer!).


I forgot to mention, I too went with the square setup (18x9.5) for pretty much the same reasons.


So you've shortened the sidewall reducing ride quality and then went to a square setup to increase over steer - this sounds like the perfect "street car".


Mike I love the rims. I've been keeping up with this project and I must say, I really appreciate the uniqueness. You've got the 4 cyl ecoboost.....on a Mustang for that matter, you've properly tuned it, and you've got a clean set of rims that are not typical of mustangs. Its just different and thats what keeps me interested. I really look forward to reading more about your stallion.
Btw please please please build the engine to handle high revs before's too pretty to kill it this early lol


Mike Garrett Stuntdrvr and rotating weight too... definitely an improvement.


TheRace they are 19s


I'll be honest, I wasn't sure about how they would look at the start of the article, but by the end you managed to convince me. The 'stang looks fantastic!


curious, what are those notches on the inner bowl of the bolt circle? are the spokes hollowed out and just showin' it off?


Mike, I loved your project from the firs day. But you are a lousy photographer when it comes to the wheels :)
WE need a rear three quarters photo with light under the car so we can see how the car sits with this set of awesome wheels. Man....what a shame..


Nice to see the match between an american car and japanese parts! This car have the potentiel to be great with that setup. RWD and 4cyl turbo classic silvia setup! Can't wait to see the next step!


If anyone had asked me five years ago what I thought about a 4-banger in a mustang I would've called them crazy. And if anyone had showed me a picture of a mustang sitting on rims like those TE37s I'm not sure how I would've felt about it. That being said I've loved every second I've spent reading about your 4-cylinder JDM-inspired pony car! The way you romanticized the 4-cylinder engine in the last article truly impressed me and made me take on a whole new appreciation for the new mustang. Now I just can't wait to see that wheel gap disappear!


is this is my type of builds if you pair the aggressive wide look of the american cars to japanese styling it just works wonders. Makes me remember JONSIBAL's challenger well My dark blue 5th gen camaro have bronze painted step lipped wheel to add to the mix! lol


Hey if you want to sale those black rims I will by them from u email me


Love that gold on silver!


Looking great! Awesome choice of wheels, I don't think its so much about where the wheels are from but more about if they fit the car; and these wheels look great on the new Mustang! Now what I would like to know is are you going with coilovers?


Honestly...these wheels look ABSOLUTE GHEY...leave them on jap cars.


TheRace No, the factory wheels are 19, the Volks are 20s.


I was just having this discussion with my girlfriend the other day! She wondered why wheels like this were never put on muscle cars, and I stated that it seems like there is some unwritten rule about putting an even-number of spokes on anything american. It just isn't done. We laughed and laughed.

In all honesty, I'm glad you took the plunge; these wheels look absolutely fantastic! My only gripe is the color, but that's going to be a "to each his own" category (I would have gone gloss black ::cough cough::). The fitment is spot on, and it was interesting to hear that even 5 lbs/corner could make that much difference in the overall feel of the car.

I'm having a great time reading your updates to this ride, and each installment makes it a bit more ok to have a turbo-four in a good ol' boys' ride, haha


@Jefe  The six-spoke American Racing TORQ Thrust ST are commonly put on muscle cars.


Mike Garrett  , I want to thank you for your articles which inspired me to order my own 2015 Ecoboost in Deep Impact Blue.

I live in Germany and have Owned an R32 and R33 Skylines and Two JZA80 Supras (Still own one but it's the wife's now). I don't even have the car yet and have ordered the MAP 1.5 kit
Albeit without the Catback.

I look forward to Seeing more from about your Ecoboost


the car was very good 
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Ive got the same color mustang but im gonna get somewhere around a 12 wide in these and get the gunmetal blue in a 19"