Uphill With The Tires Roasting: <br />Tuerck’s New Toy

Ryan Tuerck might be a Formula Drift driver, but thanks to his series of Tuerck’d web videos, he’s also becoming a globe-trotting destroyer of tires and purveyor of automotive mayhem. In his latest video he can be found ripping around in his new 2JZ-powered Scion FR-S street build on a stretch of scenic Vermont mountain road. There’s even some tandem drifting with Pat Goodin driving Ryan’s 1JZ S13 thrown in for good measure.

In terms of automotive fantasies, it’s hard to ask for much more than a 600 horsepower tire smoker and a closed off strip of winding road to do whatever you please with.

Livin’ the dream baby.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike



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His s13 is one of my favorites and I still prefer it to the FRS. However, that exhaust is sick


On Google maps- that road looks like a blast!

Absolutely must be grip raced style hill climbed.


I love that the solo footage is clearly the first take as you can tell from the tire marks.
Unlike any of Ken Blocks video's, its always the 2nd, 3rd, 4th.... and so on that makes the cut.
Mad props.


Love Tuerk's vids, always seem to just be a guy having a blast with some friends and some cool cars. I still struggle with the front track of the FRS though, kind of ruins the build for me. (yes, yes I get that it's for function...blah blah).


ChristianBissett That isn't the exhaust, it's the screamers for the external wastegates


Tuerck should be sponsored by SH! His show at Network A is the bomb. Now, if we could only have Mad Mike and Ryan Tuerck as a team at the U.S. Formula D championship. This would be rad.


Lukey_J It looks like the production quality is a bit lower, though. From what I understand, it is often the filming crew that asks Mr. Block to take more runs.


scion fr-s or toyota 86 or subaru brz??


No doubt its the production crew telling block to make more runs and they would be working with a huge budget compared to this, its just refreshing to see something so raw and uncut.


This guy has too much money.


@TROLLS ROYCE im pretty sure he already is.....


@JJFIZZ not really. he has a house and a couple cars.


Absolutely love all the videos Ryan puts out, seems like such a genuinely nice guy who knows how to have a lot of fun with anything he get's his hands on. Looking forward to watching this at lunch!


@Pushrod36 Lukey_J Lol ofc it is - did you read the SH feature on Ken Blocks latest - didnt it say he had a team of 80- people? Tuerk has a few buddies and a Phantom drone with him.


@JJFIZZ Money that he's earned pursuing happiness and having fun.


Robo_No1 No you're right, it looks absurd. Still a cool car, but it definitely looks ridiculous.


matthewyaa 100% agreed matt. Ryan is a great guy. I remember a few years ago at formula d irwindale I was talking to him before he had any huge sponsors and his show was fairly new on youtube and he was super laid back and willing to talk to anyone and just overall pretty cool guy. I remember he had said to find good questions to ask on his youtube channel. lol.
Ryan great job you have earned it!


That 2JZ is a screamer.


Why does the Retaks car and this white car have what looks like (to me) off road stance/front wheel gap?
So front wheels can turn at sharper angles?


CharlesChris15 He's not, look at the masthead at the bottom of the page.

Fredric Aasbø, Mattias Ekström, Vaughn Gittin Jr, Kei Miura, Charles Ng, Peter Pentell, Edward Sandström, Mad Mike Whiddett


Holy crap Pat Goodin is a MASSIVE NERD.
I love Tuerekerkesks old 1J S13 but the front of the FRS looks like Pat Goodin's teeth.


I really hope nissan and/or Mazda comes out with something to compete with the frs/brz. The FRS is a nice car that we (the tuning community) needed for a long time! But honestly I'm starting to get sick of seeing it so much. I need some variety.


@tom miata?


@SW1 think its for clearance....more lock means the tyres may hit the frame on full lock. so they move the wheels out a bit


Too much smoke.  Would much rather watch Chris Sideways Harris


I feel most the people that get featured have lots of money


MrSOLOMON85 or sponsor's money.


MrSOLOMON85 step one, rent a mountain.


@ClaytonPayton and @zapsnyder either way someone has more money than I do:(


DevBizkit Thanks! I know drifting is also a spectator sport and I look at the Retaks car and can't help but think it is super ugly, but hey function>form to get the job done!


Miata is OK but I was thinking more along the lines of rx7 fd3s. I know the rotary engine has its pros and con's but I still admire it. Plus the miata is a convertible and I think Mazda needs to come out with a complete shell like the rx7. *Remember this* when the new miata comes out, even though I think it does look amazing, its not gonna get the attention the FRS got let alone the attention it deserves. Time well tell but we all will just have to wait. I should just be happy that there are still cars out there that are rwd and come in a stick shift.


Awesome video and car.


Sick ass edit and machine. I swear I watched this video over 10 times already lol.


I live in/love Vermont and have been to hill climbs there.  There's a bunch of great roads, with no traffic, no cops, and no shoulders.  Check out 302 from Barre towards Groton and then 232 back to Rt 2 - great roads!  The App Gap on 17 is even more gnarly balls but a bit more 'discovered'.  If you're in the Northeast and want to run flat out on mountain roads -> http://www.hillclimb.org

*Oh and Bolton Valley's access road is pretty nuts - at the top there's a 4x4 driving school in case you want to escape the pavement


JoshuaWhitcombe ChristianBissett Meybe he is talking about the actual exhaust piping.


@tom I really believe that a car that needs to be sold is the nissan Idx.  It looks like it would be a good competitor to the frs and nissan really wants to make it from what I have seen but the challenge is making a profit while keeping the car affordable. If it does get made then the soonest youll probably see one for sale is 2018 though.


@NFSKING scion fr-s


KeithCharvonia CharlesChris15 not that VG or Edward Sandstrom have really given us much in a while.....I really miss when SH was a sponsor in the FIA GT3 series and the ADAC.


@tom unfortunately you wont see a lot, if any, cars like this come out because car manufacturers are a business and they need to make money and cars like that don't make them money. i know it seems like a lot of people want this sort of car because you are involved in the tuning community but is really small volume to them and is a miracle that toyota/subaru joint venture ever came to be in the first place.


@Beany Haha too much smoke? No such thing mate!


This community appreciates and loves cars more than the general public, but you're right, car companies are just a business and in it to make money. Such a sad truth.


Now Tuerck needs to get approval to do this at the Biltmore Estates. That beautiful 3 mile entrance that curves up the mountain side in NC to the main gates of the biggest house in America. It would be a great juxtaposition for sure. Kick more arse Tuerck.